How to Run a Vertically Integrated Cannabis Company

Is vertical integration the right move for your cannabis business? MD Numbers Inc. started as a delivery service in 2015 and quickly expanded into a fully vertically integrated cannabis company. Marie Montmarquet and Allen Hackett from MD Numbers Inc. join to talk about vertical integration and California cannabis opportunities.

A vertically integrated cannabis business is one that owns and operates every aspect of the cannabis supply chain from cultivation, to manufacturing, to dispensing. In some states, it’s required to be vertically integrated which, as you can imagine, is quite expensive.

What do you think about mandated vertical integration? Let us know in the comments of this episode on YouTube!

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Growing Weed with Ed Rosenthal

Ed Rosenthal, the author of the highly revered “Marijuana Grower’s Handbook”, joined us on Cannabis Legalization News!

We discussed cannabis seeds, indoor vs outdoor growing systems, grow lights, germinating cannabis seeds, curing cannabis, harvesting cannabis, and how you can grow marijuana LEGALLY.

DISCLAIMER: Always comply with your state laws! Tom, Miggy, and Ed live in states where cannabis is legal for adult-use.

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Is Indiana 420 Friendly?

Indiana’s cannabis laws are some of the harshest in America! While their neighbors in Illinois raked in over $63M in cannabis sales in August, consumers in Indiana can face up to a year of jail time just for a single joint. Indiana NORML joined us to discuss their legalization progress.

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Thursday, September 17, 2020 Headlines | Marijuana Today Daily News

The U.S. Capitol dome is seen through a framing of leaf-less trees from a distance. The statue atop the dome is seen in the far distance in a clear spot of sky fringed by tree branches. The photo has the effect of making the viewer feel far from the Capitol.

Marijuana Today Daily Headlines
Thursday, September 17, 2020 | Curated by host Shea Gunther

// House Marijuana Vote In Question Following Leadership Remarks But ‘Schedule Hasn’t Changed’ (Marijuana Moment)

// Vermont Lawmakers Finally Reach Deal On Marijuana Sales Legalization Bill (Marijuana Moment)

// Illinois recreational marijuana sales hit nearly $64 million in August marking a new record (Chicago Tribue)

These headlines are brought to you by Curaleaf, one of the leading vertically-integrated cannabis operators in the U.S. With legal medical and adult use marijuana dispensaries, cultivation sites, and processing facilities all over the United States, Curaleaf has served more than 350,000 medical cannabis patients and looks forward to helping many more long into the future. Swing over to to learn more about this very cool company!

// Congressional Lawmakers Ask Supreme Court To Hear Marijuana Lawsuit Against DEA (Marijuana Moment)

// Is Arizona’s New Medical Marijuana Testing Program About to Cause Shortages? (Phoenix New Times)

// Canadian Retailer Fire & Flower Q2 Revenue Increases 24% Sequentially to $28.6 Million (New Cannabis Ventures)

// Trulieve Raises C$100.45 Million Selling Shares at C$24.50 (New Cannabis Ventures)

// Sheriff’s deputies are not serving warrants cutting down weed in wildfire evacuation zones (Growth Op)

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