Website Features


Member Features.
These are the features that you get entirely for free!

Please note that these are the basic features you get when you first sign up. There are ways to get custom badges, titles Etc. Those methods are lined out on the website. Vendors or sellers also have other features that become available when you sign up for a vendor account.

Member Profiles.
Everything in a community website revolves around its members. All website users are given member profiles.

Edit Profile Fields.

Customize your community with fully editable profile fields that allow you to share details about yourself.

Account Settings.

You’re able to modify your account and notification settings from within your profile.


Notifications of relevant activity with a toolbar bubble and/or via email and allows you to customize your notification settings.

Social Groups.

You’re able to to organize yourself into public, private or hidden social groups with separate activity feeds and member listings.

Forum Discussions.

You can have discussions using Q&A style message boards. Forums can be standalone or connected to social groups.

Activity Feeds

Global, personal, and group activity feeds with threaded commenting, direct posting, and @mentions, with email notification support.

Media Uploading

You can upload photos, documents, videos, emojis and animated GIFs, and organize them.

Private Messaging.
You can send private messages. Messages can be sent to one member or a group of members.

You can make connections with one another and focus on those you care about most.

Email Invites.
You can send email invitations to non-members to join the network.

You can block each other, and report inappropriate content to be reviewed by the site admin.

Immersive Search.

You can search the entire network, along with custom post types of your choice, all in one unified search bar.