Executive Guarantee


Howdy again! MedCanna here to help you understand the Executive Money Back Guarantee.

<h3> the money back guarantee is just what the name implies. You have no risk for 30 days.

Here’s how it works:</h3>

Once you take ownership of the website, and your membership is started, you will have 30 days to evaluate and see if you like what we give you for your money.
If you decide to cancel your account Within These 30 days, your entire first month’s fee will be returned. No questions asked! All I’ll ask for is a reason, and that is even optional.
Now, if you have chosen one of the month-to-month memberships, after the first 30 days, if you decide to cancel, the amount will be prorated by using a simple calculation. (Total days in current month÷monthly fee=amount per day to credit. Number of days in current month-days past in month=amount of days to credit. Amount of daily credit × number of days to credit = the amount of your refund.)
Obviously very easy, straightforward and transparent!

The three and six-month memberships are even easier then that. Quite simply, after the first month’s service is done, if you cancel within the first 15 days of any particular month you will be refunded the entire month. On the 16th day and thereafter on that particular month, you will forfeit the rest of that month’s fee. Any unused remaining service fees will be refunded regardless.

As a result of your cancellation, you will lose access to your website. I will keep it up and ready for you for a period of 30 days.
<h3> where else can you get this kind of guarantee? You not only have no risk in the beginning, but very little risk every month. The most you will ever be at risk for is the amount of days that have already passed in the current month. All I can say is, what a deal!</h3>