C4B Strain DataBase and Guide

cannabis strains.csv

100-Oghybrid4Creative,Energetic,Tingly,Euphoric,RelaxedEarthy,Sweet,Citrus$100 OG is a 50/50 hybrid strain that packs a strong punch. The name supposedly refers to both its strength and high price when it first started showing up in Hollywood. As a plant, $100 OG tends to produce large dark green buds with few stems. Users report a strong body effect of an indica for pain relief with the more alert, cerebral feeling thanks to its sativa side.
98-White-Widowhybrid4.7Relaxed,Aroused,Creative,Happy,EnergeticFlowery,Violet,DieselThe ‘98 Aloha White Widow is an especially potent cut of White Widow that has grown in renown alongside Hawaiian legends like Maui Wowie and Kona Gold. This White Widow phenotype reeks of diesel and skunk and has a rich earthy taste with intermittent notes of hash. Its buds are coated in trichomes, giving its dark foliage a lustrous glint to go along with its room-filling odor. This one-hitter-quitter uplifts the mind with mind-bending euphoria that materializes in the body as airy relaxation. ‘98 Aloha White Widow is available from Pua Mana 1st Hawaiian Pakalōlō Seed Bank.  
1024sativa4.4Uplifted,Happy,Relaxed,Energetic,CreativeSpicy/Herbal,Sage,Woody1024 is a sativa-dominant hybrid bred in Spain by Medical Seeds Co. The breeders claim to guard the secret genetics due to security reasons, but regardless of its genetic heritage, 1024 is a THC powerhouse with a sweet and spicy bouquet. Subtle fruit flavors mix with an herbal musk to produce uplifting sativa effects. One specific phenotype is noted for having a pungent odor that fills a room, similar to burning incense.
13-Dawgshybrid4.2Tingly,Creative,Hungry,Relaxed,UpliftedApricot,Citrus,Grapefruit13 Dawgs is a hybrid of G13 and Chemdawg genetics bred by Canadian LP Delta 9 BioTech. The two potent strains mix to create a balance between indica and sativa effects. 13 Dawgs has a sweet earthy musk that brings a blend of woody citrus flavors. The effects of 13 Dawgs induce a happy, relaxed body buzz with a creative and focused mind that counters depression and stimulates the appetite.
24K-Goldhybrid4.6Happy,Relaxed,Euphoric,Uplifted,TalkativeCitrus,Earthy,OrangeAlso known as Kosher Tangie, 24k Gold is a 60% indica-dominant hybrid that combines the legendary LA strain Kosher Kush with champion sativa Tangie to create something quite unique. Growing tall in its vegetative cycle and very stretchy in flower, this one will need an experienced hand when grown indoors. Most phenotypes will exhibit a sweet orange aroma from the Tangie along with the dark coloration of the Kosher Kush, and will offer a strong citrus flavor when smoked or vaped. THC levels range from 18% to 24%; definitely not for novice users! 
3-Bears-Ogindica0NoneNone3 Bears OG by Mephisto Genetics is an autoflowering cross of Bear OG, Karma’s OG Cut, and Triangle Kush. This indica-dominant strain generates pungent, flavorful buds in a smaller, more manageable plant size. Mephisto Genetics describes 3 Bears OG as a cornerstone to their artisanal collection, blending the best attributes of the fabled OG Kush with a compact, controllable growth structure. The 3 Bears OG has an approximate 70-day growth cycle and offers effects that stimulate the appetite while leading the body toward sleep.
3-Kingshybrid4.4Relaxed,Euphoric,Happy,Uplifted,HungryEarthy,Sweet,PungentThe 3 Kings marijuana strain, a holy trinity of Headband, Sour Diesel, and OG Kush, is a sativa-dominant hybrid and genetic masterpiece. Sour tanginess reek from the sage green buds, and its frosty coat gives you a fair warning of the 3 Kings’ potency. Medical patients will appreciate the versatility of this strain’s medicinal effects as it relieves pain, stress, and nausea without heavy sedation.
303-Ogindica4.2Relaxed,Happy,Euphoric,Uplifted,GigglyCitrus,Pungent,EarthyThe indica-dominant 303 OG is a Colorado strain bred by crossing Pre-98 Bubba Kush and Chemdawg. Its parent strains pass on a complex flavor profile of coffee and spice with diesel undertones. Its buzz can be described as social and creative, a dreamy experience perfect for letting off steam at the end of the work day. The happy euphoria induced by 303 OG may help patients treating depression, anxiety, and stress disorders.
3D-Cbdsativa4.6Uplifted,Focused,Happy,Talkative,RelaxedEarthy,Woody,Flowery3D CBD from Snoop Dogg’s branded line of cannabis strains was crafted with patients in mind. With a THC:CBD ratio of about 5:8, this earthy-flavored sativa is preferred for treating pain, inflammation, and muscle tension. Consumers susceptible to THC-induced anxiety may also appreciate the sobering, relaxing balance CBD has to offer.
3X-Crazyindica4.4Relaxed,Tingly,Happy,Euphoric,UpliftedEarthy,Grape,SweetAlso known as Optimus Prime, the indica-dominant 3X Crazy is a three-way cross between OG Kush, Bubba Kush, and Granddaddy Purple. Its aroma is comprised of sweet grape, spicy pepper, and earthy notes passed on by its Bubba Kush parent. This indica will leave you sedated with soothing full-body effects, but not before a brief phase of clear-headed cerebral psychoactivity. The relaxing effects induced by 3X Crazy can be used to treat a variety of severe symptoms, some of which include pain, spasms, tension, and insomnia. 
3Rd-Coast-Panama-Chunkhybrid4.7Energetic,Happy,Talkative,UpliftedPine,Diesel3rd Coast Panama Chunk by Bedford Grow is a cross between East Coast Panama Chunk (Panama F7 x Deep Chunk) and Sour Diesel. This vigorous strain creates dense, resinous buds that reek of pine and fuel. Panama Chunk is a potent and versatile hybrid that provides immediate mood elevation and stress relief, making it ideal after a long day. The strain’s varied cerebral and physical effects help consumers abate anxiety and insomnia while also tending to migraines and muscular pain. 
501St-Oghybrid4.5Relaxed,Euphoric,Sleepy,Happy,TalkativeEarthy,Pine,Skunk501st OG, bred by Rare Dankness, is an indica-dominant hybrid that crosses Skywalker OG with Rare Dankness #1. The colorful flowers are tinged with a wide spectrum of green, blue, red, and purple hues that give off a deep piney kush aroma that mixes with the sweetness of grape flavors. The potent indica effects make 501st OG a great nighttime strain to help with pain relief and trouble sleeping.
5Th-Elementindica4.4Relaxed,Focused,Euphoric,Uplifted,ArousedEarthy,Woody,PineElemental Seeds crossed Blackberry with All Spark OG to create this impressive strain. 5th Element produces huge yields of sticky buds that feature a powerful earthy, lemony smell and flavor. The effects are quite strong with a good mix of cerebral and body highs.
707-Headbandhybrid4.3Euphoric,Happy,Uplifted,Talkative,CreativeEarthy,Woody,PungentThis strain emerged from the Humboldt County, California and that area’s telephone area code is the source of its numerical moniker. It’s a cross between Sour Diesel, OG Kush and Master Kush. 707 Headband plants flower in 9 to 11 weeks and usually have large yields. An indica dominant hybrid, this strain is known to have high THC levels and can be strong, but it’s balanced enough to leave most users feeling “heady” and creative rather than sleepy. Because of this, it’s often used to treat tension and anxiety.
8-Ball-Kushindica4.3Relaxed,Uplifted,Happy,Creative,EuphoricCitrus,Earthy,PineBred by Barney’s Farm, 8 Ball Kush is a pure indica variety descended from an Afghani landrace strain. Like many other cannabis varieties that come from the Hindu Kush region, 8 Ball Kush produces large amounts of crystal resin that blanket the buds. Its aroma is earthy and spicy, and you may find its effects to be more cerebrally stimulating than the average indica. A hardy and resilient plant, 8 Ball Kush has a 50 to 60 day flowering time indoors while outdoor gardens finish at the end of September.
818-Ogindica4.7Relaxed,Happy,Euphoric,Giggly,SleepyEarthy,Diesel,FloweryNamed after the telephone area code of the San Fernando Valley in Los Angeles, 818 OG is an OG Kush strain popular with patients for treating pain, loss of appetite, and insomnia. Not to be confused with the other OG cut named for the locale, the 818 OG has a very fruity flavor that is quite different from the sour, earthy fuel taste found in the SFV OG. 
831-Ogindica5NoneNone831 OG, aka Santa Cruz OG, is an indica-dominant strain developed by 831 Organiks. Created by crossing the rare and potent Inferno F1 cut with the West Coast mainstay, SFV OG, this combination of heavyweight indicas imbues consumers with deep relaxation that borders on sleepy, especially with continued consumption. The aroma is pure fuel while the flavor opens up with notes of pine, earth, and lemon. Enjoy this strain near the end of the day, but beware, this strain has been known to reach toward 30% THC.  
9-Pound-Hammerindica4.5Relaxed,Sleepy,Euphoric,Happy,HungryEarthy,Sweet,Berry9 Pound Hammer is an 80% indica strain that crosses Gooberry, Hells OG, and Jack the Ripper. These dense buds are coated in resin, offering sweet grape and lime flavors. True to its indica dominance, effects are heavy and long-lasting, useful for pain and stress relief. Best grown indoors, 9 Pound Hammer will deliver a heavy yield, flowering between 50 and 60 days.
91-Kryptindica4.7Relaxed,Euphoric,Happy,Hungry,UpliftedEarthy,Pungent,Berry91 Krypt by DNA Genetics is a potent strain by many names. Bred from the Chemdawg ‘91 stock crossed with DNA’s famous Captain Krypt OG, this strain was created for high potency cannabis consumers. It emits a deep, dank terpene profile that fills the room with skunk and swampy earth. With a THC content pushing over 20% on average, enjoy 91 Krypt to stimulate appetite while harnessing full body relaxation.
A-10indica3.8Relaxed,Focused,Happy,Sleepy,UpliftedCitrus,Pungent,SweetA-10 has an earthy, hashy taste that provides a very heavy body stone.  Frequently used to treat insomnia and chronic pain.
A-Dubhybrid4.4Relaxed,Happy,Euphoric,Uplifted,SleepyDiesel,Pepper,EarthyComing from the ever-popular Sour Diesel, OG Kush, and Chemdawg family tree, A-Dub has a solid reputation for its potency. This hybrid produces a well-balanced effect, creating a euphoric, happy buzz that is a great influence when expressing your creativity. Sour Double (a Sour Diesel/Sour Bubble cross) and Alien Dawg (Alien Technology crossed with Chemdawg) combine to birth this magnificent flower.
A-Trainhybrid4.1Creative,Euphoric,Relaxed,Happy,HungryEarthy,Woody,CitrusA-Train is a hybrid between Mazar I Sharif and the clone-only Arcata e-32 Trainwreck.  This hybrid gives you the classic stoned feeling.  Be ready for smiles and munchies when you jump on the A-Train.
Acdchybrid4.5Relaxed,Happy,Uplifted,Focused,EuphoricEarthy,Pine,WoodyACDC is a sativa-dominant phenotype of the high-CBD cannabis strain, Cannatonic. One remarkable characteristic of ACDC is its THC:CBD ratio of 1:20, meaning this strain induces no psychoactive effects. Tests have put ACDC’s CBD content as high as 19%, which helps many patients treat pain, anxiety, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, and the negative effects of chemotherapy, all without intoxication.
Ak-47hybrid4.2Happy,Relaxed,Uplifted,Euphoric,EnergeticEarthy,Pungent,WoodyDon't let its intense name fool you: AK-47 will leave you relaxed and mellow. This sativa-dominant hybrid delivers a steady and long-lasting cerebral buzz that keeps you mentally alert and engaged in creative or social activities. AK-47 mixes Colombian, Mexican, Thai, and Afghani varieties, bringing together a complex blend of flavors and effects. While AK-47’s scent is sour and earthy, its sweet floral notes can only be fully realized in the taste. Created in 1992 by Serious Seeds, AK-47 has won numerous Cannabis Cup awards around the world for its soaring THC content. For those hoping to fill their gardens with this resinous, skunky hybrid, growers recommend an indoor environment with either soil or hydroponic setups. AK-47 is easy to grow and has a short indoor flowering time of just 53 to 63 days, while outdoor plants typically finish toward the end of October.
Ak-48hybrid4Happy,Energetic,Uplifted,Creative,RelaxedEarthy,Pungent,CitrusAlthough it is a hybrid, the AK-48 high leans more towards typical sativa effects.  AK-48's parents are Ice and Jock Horror.  Its Ice mother has ancestors of Afghani, Skunk, Northern Lights and Shiva stock.
Aberdeenhybrid4.3Uplifted,Euphoric,Giggly,Energetic,SleepyMenthol,Blue,Cheese,ChemicalAberdeen is a variety of Agent Orange grown by Canadian LP Aphria. Like Agent Orange, Aberdeen combines the genetics of Orange Velvet and Jack the Ripper to create a mix of sweet orange and citrus flavors. The happy, uplifting effects of Aberdeen mirror Agent Orange and are regularly prescribed for anxiety, migraines, and gastrointestinal disorder.
Abusive-Ogindica4.5Relaxed,Euphoric,Sleepy,Happy,GigglyEarthy,Pine,DieselA popular Californian cut of OG Kush, Abusive OG is an indica strain that inherited the nickname of its original grower. Despite its violent name, Abusive OG will ease you into in a peaceful state of mind that fades over time to a full-body relaxation. True to its OG genetics, Abusive OG has an earthy spice aroma with subtle lemon undertones. Patients who don’t mind mental haziness might choose this strain to remedy pain, anxiety, appetite loss, and sleeplessness at the end of their day. Abusive OG may not produce the highest yields in the garden, but makes up for it with resin-caked buds.
Acapulco-Goldsativa4.5Happy,Uplifted,Euphoric,Energetic,RelaxedEarthy,Sweet,PungentOne of the most well-known strains, Acapulco Gold has been likened to dinner at a five-star restaurant. The strain comes from the areas in and around Acapulco, Mexico. Its orange hairs resemble a gold nugget, with gold, green, and brown colors of resin collecting on the buds. An aroma of burnt toffee lingers when the bud is broken up. Acapulco Gold has a reputation for being one of the best cannabis strains ever created, and is becoming more difficult to find due to more growers moving indoors. 
Ace-Killer-Ogindica4.8Relaxed,Sleepy,Euphoric,Happy,UpliftedEarthy,Diesel,Spicy/HerbalAce Killer OG is an indica strain that boasts a high THC content and a pungent diesel aroma. Bred from White Fire OG, King’s Kush, Kosher Kush, and a mystery strain, Ace Killer OG inherits a heavy blanket of snow-like resin and hard-hitting effects that can stupefy even the most seasoned veteran.
Ace-Of-Spadesindica4.1Relaxed,Euphoric,Happy,Sleepy,HungryEarthy,Sweet,WoodyAce of Spades is a creation from TGA Subcool Seeds that takes advantage of the popular sweet and sour combination that never goes out of style. A crossbreed of Black Cherry Soda and Jack the Ripper, this strain has an earthy berry and citrus smell that carries over into the taste with distinctly lemony flavors. Ace of Spades plants grow fast and need a lot of space because they will get both bushy and tall. Flowering occurs at 8 weeks and they are generally large and heavy. These buds are pretty to look at with a range of colors that can include purples, blues, and pinks all coated in orange hairs.
Acehsativa4.4Creative,Euphoric,Talkative,Energetic,HappyEarthy,Mango,LemonAceh, also called Atjeh, refers to the sativa varieties of cannabis that come from the Aceh region of Indonesia. These sativas typically grow tall and thin, and are considered the finest among Indonesia’s landrace varieties 
Acidhybrid4.4Creative,Happy,Euphoric,Energetic,UpliftedLemon,Diesel,EarthyAcid is Paradise Seeds’ take on the original New York Sour Diesel. Expect powerful body effects, including an uplifted, nearly psychedelic mental energy. This plant exhibits a metallic flavor that is representative of its namesake, with traditional notes of gas on the nose. Acid thrives in both indoor and outdoor environments, finishing in about 9 to 10 weeks. 
Acid-Doughsativa5Talkative,Giggly,Happy,Hungry,RelaxedNoneAcid Dough by Ripper Seeds is a sativa-dominant strain with energetic effects. Created by crossing Lilly (Queen Mother x Congo) x OG Badazz, this strain offers sweet, candy-like aromas with bright pineapple flavors and a generous yield. Acid Dough has an approximate 65-70 day flowering time and colorful foliage. This strain responds well to cold temperatures during the finishing process, creating buds with deep violet hues and extra resin production. Acid Dough won 2nd Place Best Sativa at the 2017 Spannabis Champions Cups and 2nd Place at the 2016 Expogrow Cup. 
Afcrackhybrid3.4Tingly,Euphoric,Happy,Relaxed,UpliftedSweet,Flowery,EarthyAfcrack is a cannabis “speedball” of sorts. This strain incorporates Afgoo and Green Crack, polar opposites on the spectrum of indica and sativa varieties, to create a pseudo-sedative experience that rests in the muscles while invigorating the heart and mind. With spicy earth notes that indicate its Afghani heritage, this hybrid’s effects are situation-specific and will offer energy or sedation depending on the consumer’s level of activity.    
Afghan-Big-Budindica4Euphoric,Happy,Relaxed,Sleepy,TalkativePungent,Lemon,PeachSpawn from Afghani and Big Bud, Afghan Big Bud (or Big Bud Afghani) is characterized as a large plant with broad leaves and thick stems. It has a dense appearance, similar to Big Bud, and maintains the taste of Afghani, resulting in the best of both worlds. The effects come relatively quick but usually dissipate under two hours. 
Afghan-Cowsativa4.3Focused,Uplifted,Happy,Euphoric,TalkativeSweet,VanillaThis sweet-smelling and resinous sativa breed from Dr. Krippling Seeds is sure to keep you off the couch. Afghan Cow is bred from Ash, Kaya 47 (an AK-47 phenotype), and the beloved Kali Mist. The cerebral effects of this sativa are great for clear-headed daytime use. Having a high yield both indoors and out, this is an impressive plant with even more impressive effects.
Afghan-Dieselhybrid3.7Euphoric,Relaxed,Uplifted,Happy,CreativeEarthy,Diesel,ChemicalAfghan Diesel is a hybrid strain with an aroma similar to a grapefruit and other citrus fruit. The taste has been described as light and sweet. This strain will have a more cerebral effect rather than body. The plant is characterized as having dark green leaves with purple colored buds. 
Afghan-Hawaiianindica4.1Tingly,Sleepy,Relaxed,Energetic,ArousedNutty,Earthy,ChestnutAfghan Hawaiian is an indica-dominant hybrid of UK Cheese and Lavender bred by Canadian LP OrganiGram, Inc. The sweet mix of earthy, cheese flavors has hints of licorice and caramel undertones and produces a rush of euphoria that levels off into deep relaxation. OrganiGram classifies Afghan Hawaiian with their NDS varieties and recommend it for neurological disorders and spasticity. 
Afghan-Hazehybrid4.3Sleepy,Relaxed,Giggly,Happy,CreativeEarthy,Flowery,TeaAfghan Haze is a sativa-dominant hybrid that combines a resinous Afghani indica with a sweet-smelling Haze sativa. Created by former Sensi breeder Nevil Schoenmaker and Shantibaba of Mr. Nice Seeds, Afghan Haze balances energizing cerebral invigoration with soothing full-body effects. Its clear-headed relief allows patients to treat pain, depression, and appetite loss during the day, and heavier doses can help ease the mind and body into peaceful sleep. Afghan Haze may have an excruciatingly long indoor flowering time of 10 weeks, but the large harvests of potent, crystal-covered buds are worth waiting for. 
Afghan-Kushindica4.1Relaxed,Sleepy,Happy,Hungry,EuphoricEarthy,Flowery,WoodyAfghan Kush's roots trace back to the Hindu Kush mountain range near the Afghanistan-Pakistan border. There its genotype has been perfected over centuries, making it the ultimate source for hash such as charas and the sticky black Afghani hash. White Label Seed Company, a Sensi Seeds partner from the Netherlands, made the seeds of this strain available for everyone to grow. The buds of Afghan Kush develop into massive, blunt-topped nuggets full of resin; pure indica goodness with a heavy yield. Revered for its heavy resin content and powerfully sedating effects, Afghan Kush is a top choice for anyone looking to relax after a long day.
Afghan-Skunkindica4.3Sleepy,Relaxed,Happy,Hungry,GigglySkunk,Woody,SweetThis popular classic strain was originally developed in the United States to cross the pure indica genetics of an Afghani strain with the durable genes of Skunk plants. Afghan Skunk quickly spread to Amsterdam and beyond and is now considered one of the “classics.” Its resilient Skunk genes make this plant a popular recommendation for new growers, and its legendary high yields make it a favorite all around. Flowering happens around 8 weeks and the buds will have a menthol smell combined with the “sweet stink” skunks are known for. Tests have shown THC levels of about 17%, so the stink isn’t the only thing that’s potent about Afghan Skunk.
Afghan-Sour-Kushindica4.5Hungry,Relaxed,Aroused,Sleepy,EuphoricEarthy,Diesel,PungentAfghan Sour Kush by MTG Seeds is an indica-dominant cross between Afghani and Sour Kush. Its heavy, relaxing effects are ushered in by a sweet berry aroma and a sharp spicy flavor typical of Kush varieties. Stout and sturdy, Afghan Sour Kush plants have tight internodal spacing and finish flowering in about 60 days.
Afghan-Widowhybrid4.5Creative,Energetic,Euphoric,Focused,UpliftedFlowery,Diesel,SweetAfghan Widow is a strain with deep relaxing qualities that immediately envelop the body in a calming aura. This mid-level sedation is pleasant but not debilitating. However, with continued consumption, this strain may yield benefits for patients treating insomnia, nausea, physical discomfort, and some cancer treatment side effects. Afghan Widows lineage is a common sense cross of Afghan Kush and White Widow.  
Afghaniindica4.3Relaxed,Sleepy,Happy,Euphoric,HungryEarthy,Sweet,PineAfghani is a heavy indica strain named after its geographic origin, where the earliest varieties of cannabis are believed to have grown. Breeders worldwide have come to treasure Afghani for its heavy resin production which is passed on genetically. With a sweet, earthy aroma, Afghani delivers a deep, sedating relaxation and euphoria. Patients most commonly turn to this potent indica to treat insomnia, pain, and stress disorders.
Afgahni-Bullriderindica4.4Focused,Uplifted,Happy,Creative,RelaxedLemon,Citrus,SweetThis strain has quite a few myths circulating about its original appearance. It blew up in San Diego before spreading to the rest of the West Coast. Afghani Bullrider is pretty to look at, with light green buds covered in orange hair, and has a strong sweet and sour smell with some piney freshness. This strain is a heavy hitter that delivers a strong body without the full sedative effects some indicas can have; it heads straight to the brain and may boost creative thoughts while providing physical relaxation. With its high levels of THC and CBD, Afghani Bullrider is recommended for chronic pain, insomnia, and anxiety.
Afghani-Cbdindica4.6Relaxed,Happy,Sleepy,Tingly,CreativeFlowery,Chemical,Spicy/HerbalAfghani CBD is a high-CBD variant of the landrace indica Afghani grown by Canadian LP Tilray. Named after its geographic origin Afghani CBD has relaxing, therapeutic properties that have shown potential to help those suffering with insomnia, chronic pain, and stress disorders.
Afghanicahybrid4.1Relaxed,Sleepy,Happy,Hungry,EuphoricSweet,Flowery,SkunkAfghanica is a strain created by Flying Dutchmen with a taste, form, and effects typical of Afghani varieties. Coupled with the yield, vigor, and general potency true to Skunks, it is a pleasure to grow and consume. This strain is cherished for its many medical applications including pain relief and insomnia, and its heavy physical characteristics are lent from its mother, Afghani #1.
Afghanimalindica5Hungry,Relaxed,Aroused,Sleepy,FocusedCitrus,SkunkAfghanimal by In House Genetics is a heavy indica-leaning cross of Afghani and Animal Cookies. This squat plant offers tight, rock-hard nuggets that reek of sweet, acrid earth intermixed with fruit and floral notes. It lends consumers heavy physical effects suited for pain relief, relaxation, and mood enhancement. Afghanimal’s smaller stature and snappy 7-8 week flowering time make it a perfect fit for indica-loving indoor growers seeking classic and modern indica-dominant genetics.
Afghooeyindica4.1Uplifted,Euphoric,Relaxed,Talkative,CreativeEarthy,Sweet,WoodyAlso known as Afgoo, Afghooey buds are light, fluffy, and heavily laden with a crystal coating of trichomes. Working this marijuana in your hand can become a very sticky situation. Smoking Afghooey provides you with a best of both worlds indica & sativa high.
Afgooindica4.1Relaxed,Sleepy,Happy,Euphoric,HungrySweet,Pine,WoodyAfgoo, also known as Afgooey, is a potent indica strain that is believed to descend from an Afghani indica and Maui Haze. Its sativa parent may lend Afgoo some uplifting, creative qualities, but this strain undoubtedly takes after its indica parent as it primarily delivers relaxing, sleepy effects alongside its earthy pine flavor. Growers hoping to cultivate Afgoo may have a better chance of success indoors, but this indica can also thrive in Mediterranean climates outdoors.
Afgooeyindica4.3Relaxed,Happy,Sleepy,Giggly,UpliftedWoody,Pine,PungentAfgooey, also known as Afgoo, is a potent indica strain that is believed to descend from an Afghani indica and Maui Haze. Its sativa parent may lend Afgoo some uplifting, creative qualities, but this strain undoubtedly takes after its indica parent as it primarily delivers relaxing, sleepy effects alongside its earthy pine flavor. Growers hoping to cultivate Afgoo may have a better chance of success indoors, but this indica can also thrive in Mediterranean climates outdoors.
Afkansastanindica3.8Uplifted,Euphoric,Giggly,Happy,RelaxedTobacco,EarthyAfkansastan is a relaxing Afghan landrace strain that packs a punch. It grows stout plants with dense, dark green buds that exhibit hints of purple and brick red pistils throughout. The smell is earthy and sweet, but shows off berry and stone fruit after grinding and on the exhale. This indica-dominant strain offers traditional sedative effects that curb physical discomfort, insomnia, and ignite the appetite. Utilize this strain later in the day to harness the best it has to offer.     
Afpakhybrid4.2Relaxed,Creative,Focused,Sleepy,HappyPine,Spicy/Herbal,EarthyAfpak, named for its direct Afghani and Pakistani landrace heritage, is a beautiful indica-dominant hybrid with light green and deep bluish purple leaves. The taste and aroma are floral with a touch of lemon, making the inhale light and smooth. Its effects start in the stomach by activating the appetite. There is also a potent relaxation that starts in the head and face, and gradually sinks down into the body. Enjoy this strain if you’re suffering from stress, mild physical discomfort, or having difficulty eating.  
Africansativa3.9Euphoric,Energetic,Aroused,Tingly,CreativeSpicy/Herbal,Pungent,PepperAfrican refers to the indigenous varieties of cannabis (or landraces) that grow natively in this region of the world. Because of this region's latitude and climate, these native landrace strains tend to be sativa in structure and effect.
Afrikanersativa0NoneNoneAfrikaner by Cannabaal and master grower Waldo Botha is a pure South African landrace strain. This tall strain produces high levels of THCV alongside a healthy 20% THC content. It has an earthy hemp aroma, but the flavor is a “sweet picante weed stench,” or so says the producer. A pure sativa, Afrikaner energizes the body with a euphoric lust for life while keeping the mind fairly clear. Utilize this strain in the proper dosage to harness the physical stimulation and mood elevation for productive means.  
Afternoon-Delighthybrid4.8Talkative,Relaxed,Uplifted,Tingly,CreativePungent,Citrus,TropicalAfternoon Delight, created by Colorado Seed Inc., is a difficult strain to track down. Noted for its small, dense nuggets and an aroma of pine and pungent terpenes, Afternoon Delight is described as an indica-dominant hybrid with a hazy aura that engulfs the mind and body. But indulge with caution, as this hybrid has also been known for its potency. 
Afwreckhybrid4.2Euphoric,Happy,Uplifted,Relaxed,SleepyEarthy,Pine,PungentAfwreck is a hybrid cross of Afghani and Trainwreck.  Strong sativa effects with immediate head-concentrated high.
Agent-Orangehybrid4.2Happy,Uplifted,Relaxed,Energetic,EuphoricCitrus,Orange,EarthyDon’t let the name scare you! The only herbicidal warfare Agent Orange will wage is between the excellence of this strain's flavors and uplifting effects. A well-balanced hybrid that combines the smooth Orange Velvet with the bold Jack the Ripper, Agent Orange will capture your senses. Wonderful smells of oranges and fresh-cut citrus fruit will entice you immediately, while the pigments of deep maroon and purple will make this bud stand out in a sea of green. The effects are uplifting and motivating, serving as a great mood enhancer if you are feeling lethargic or depressed.
Agent-Tangiehybrid4.5Uplifted,Happy,Creative,Euphoric,FocusedSkunk,Citrus,OrangeFor those craving a cerebral buzz with a citrus kick, 3C Agent Tangie is perfect. The glittery colas are light green with a zesty, floral flavor. Its effects linger in the crown of the skull and disperse throughout the body in steady waves of invigoration. This strain may assist those suffering from perpetual procrastination, depression, and fatigue. 
Air-Jordan-Ogindica4.5Happy,Relaxed,Euphoric,Sleepy,TinglyDiesel,Pine,Spicy/HerbalAir Jordan OG, grown exclusively by Good as Gold in California, is a pure indica strain that packs a punch. Don’t let the name fool you: Air Jordan OG’s potent, sedating effects will have you melting deep into the couch, priming you for a nap or good night’s sleep. This strain delivers its sleepy, relaxing effects with sharp aromas of wood and fresh pine.  
Als-Dreamhybrid3Talkative,EnergeticNoneAl’s Dream is rapidly becoming a Colorado cannabis staple. This cross of Albert Walker and Blue Dream yields a unique connoisseur-grade flower with notes of celery seed and pungent earth that opens up with notes of citrus after combustion. Offering consumers a heady euphoria that lends itself to creative tasks, it also has medicinal benefits that curb the effects of depression, nausea, and stress. Al’s Dream is also known to have mild psychedelic effects when its THC content passes 20%.  
Alaskasativa4.6Relaxed,Sleepy,Euphoric,Focused,HappyEarthy,Woody,PineAlaska, developed by Tikun Olam, is an Israeli strain comprised of 70% sativa genetics. With uplifting effects intended for daytime consumption, Alaska has been found to successfully treat an array of medical symptoms including inflammation, pain, nausea, insomnia, and gastrointestinal disorders. 
Alaska-Thunder-Grapehybrid5Tingly,Uplifted,Creative,Euphoric,FocusedPepper,Strawberry,GrapeFrom Sonoma County comes Alaska Thunder Grape, a hybrid strain that balances genetics from Matanuska Thunder Fuck and Grape Ape. With floral flavors of lavender and hibiscus, Alaska Thunder Grape delivers heavy euphoric effects that promote rest and relaxation.
Alaskan-Icesativa4.4Euphoric,Uplifted,Happy,Relaxed,EnergeticSweet,Earthy,Spicy/HerbalAlaskan Ice by Green House Seeds is a powerful sativa that crosses a euphoric White Widow hybrid with the energizing buzz of Haze. Frostlike resin blankets the buds in a promise of soaring psychoactivity, anchored only by its moderate CBD content. The intensity of this 70% sativa strain is recommended for evening consumption and unproductive weekends. Alaskan Ice is a slight variant of Moby Dick, but poses a greater challenge to growers; cultivators with the expertise to raise Alaskan Ice will be rewarded with a highly potent harvest of sour, spicy buds following a 9 week flowering period. The high resin content of Alaskan Ice has made this strain a favorite among hash producers and patients with severe symptoms.
Alaskan-Thunder-Fucksativa4.4Happy,Euphoric,Relaxed,Uplifted,EnergeticEarthy,Woody,PineAlaskan Thunder Fuck (also referred to as ATF, Matanuska Thunder Fuck or Matanuska Tundra) is a legendary sativa-dominant strain originating in the Matanuska Valley area of Alaska.  According to the legend, it was originally a Northern California sativa crossed with a Russian ruderalis, but sometime in the late 70s it was crossed with Afghani genetics to make it heartier.  ATF usually presents large, beautifully frosted buds with incredibly strong odors of pine, lemon, menthol, and skunk.  Known for possessing a relaxing yet intensely euphoric high, it is also described as having a “creeper” effect as well as pronounced appetite enhancement.
Albert-Walkerhybrid4.7Relaxed,Euphoric,Happy,Uplifted,HungryEarthy,Mango,BlueberryAlbert Walker is an indica-dominant hybrid with unknown origins, but is thought to have descended from Afghan Skunk and bred in the Pacific Northwest. Evidence of its lineage is found in its sour lemon and skunky smell and heavy full-body effects that can last for several hours. Albert Walker’s euphoric and relaxing qualities make it a go-to strain for patients treating depression and anxiety, and may also have benefits for chronic pain and appetite loss. This clone-only strain may come as a challenge for some growers as the plants tend to require frequent attention and maintenance. However, the high yields following its 8-week flowering cycle could be considered a satisfactory reward.
Alchemyhybrid4.8Relaxed,Sleepy,Uplifted,Hungry,TinglyCheese,Sweet,Spicy/HerbalAlchemy is a 50/50 hybrid cannabis strain that was conjured by combining Chemdawg and Querkle. This creation from TGA Genetics comes wreathed in purple fan leaves and lavender-tipped buds. With an aroma of sour grapes and earthy musk, Alchemy delivers a balance of relaxing body effects and engaged cerebral invigoration. Boasting high levels of THC, Alchemy is sure to restore both your mood and appetite.
Alfhybrid5Relaxed,Creative,Euphoric,Giggly,HappyDiesel,Tropical,PungentThe indica-dominant hybrid Alf was created by crossing Animal Pie (an Animal Cookies and Cherry Pie hybrid) and Black Raven (White Fire Alien OG x ’09 Cookies) from The Captain’s Connection. With dessert-like notes of cookies and sour cherry, Alf’s aroma is as enticing as its purple crystal-coated buds. Patients seeking relief from pain, spasms, nausea, and appetite may want to give this relaxing hybrid a try.
Alice-In-Wonderlandsativa4.5Focused,Euphoric,Happy,Uplifted,RelaxedPine,Mint,SweetAlice in Wonderland is a mostly sativa strain with euphoric cerebral effects. It provides an elevated sensory experience, making it a favorite strain for creative pastimes, outdoor activities, a laid-back weekend, or daytime stress relief. Said to be a descendant of Willy’s Wonder, Alice in Wonderland has many therapeutic qualities, especially for those suffering from anxiety or depression.
Alien-Abductionhybrid3.8Happy,Relaxed,Focused,Uplifted,CreativeEarthy,Nutty,SweetAlien Abduction is an OG Kush hybrid bred by So-Cal medical collective Ocean Grown Genetics, who crossed an Alien OG male with the Ether cut of Alien Dawg. These seeds have been highly sought after by growers, as they are known to have great germination rates and multiple excellent phenotypes, all of which are robust and vigorous plants. Most phenotypes exhibit typical OG Kush smells and flavors, and pack a high-THC punch that combines a potent head buzz with a strongly sedating body high. For many patients, Alien Abduction is a great appetite stimulant and sleep aid.
Alien-Apparitionhybrid4Hungry,Energetic,Euphoric,Aroused,TinglySweet,Pungent,SkunkAlien Apparition is a cleverly named cross from Franchise Genetics. This spectral anomaly is brought to the material sphere with the help of a Ghost/Natural Born Killer hybrid and Alien Technology. Known for its happy, relaxing qualities, Alien Apparition combines the OG Kush-like elements of Ghost OG and Alien Technology’s euphoric sedation to create a potent hybrid best suited to afternoon consumption. Enjoy this strain to enhance mood and subdue general aches and pains.   
Alien-Asshathybrid4.8Euphoric,Creative,Giggly,Relaxed,HappyPungent,Citrus,EarthyAlien Asshat is a hybrid cannabis strain grown by Sky High Gardens in Washington. With a staggeringly high THC content, Alien Asshat launches you into the cosmos with a powerful euphoric blast. Its buds are a tangle of green calyxes and leaves wrapped in a constellation of shining crystal resin. If you’re new to cannabis, be sure to start small with this heavy-hitter.
Alien-Bubbaindica5Relaxed,Sleepy,Euphoric,Happy,UpliftedEarthy,Woody,SweetAlien Bubba is the intergalactic cross of the renowned Bubba Kush and the heady space invader, Alien Kush. This two-fold Kush blend offers mellow sedation with a mental aura most would describe as introspective or meditative. Its bouquet is earthy and floral, and when combusted, Alien Bubba shows off a pungent tea and herbaceous grassiness that is smooth on the exhale. Enjoy this heady heavy-hitter close to the end of the day to maximize its sedative effects.   
Alien-Dawgindica4.3Relaxed,Sleepy,Happy,Euphoric,UpliftedEarthy,Pungent,WoodyDescending from Northern California and Afghanistan genetics, Alien Dawg is a cross between Chemdawg and Alien Technology with a THC content of up to 20%. With a sour and pungent odor, Alien Dawg has a light, bitter taste and presents brilliant mind and body effects.
Alien-Dutchesssativa4.2Euphoric,Relaxed,Uplifted,Focused,HappySweet,Berry,BlueberryAlien Dutchess by Cresco Labs brings together strong euphoria and deep relaxation to create a strain that is as potent as it is refined. Created by crossing Dutch Treat Haze and Alien OG, this strain exhibits a spicy, herbaceous aroma with hints of pine and lemon. The earthy and citrus notes shine through upon consumption. Alien Dutchess has been known to stimulate appetite and help abate nausea, headaches, and stress.
Alien-Hallucinationhybrid4.1Happy,Relaxed,Giggly,Aroused,HungrySweet,Earthy,DieselAlien Hallucination is a hybrid cannabis strain that is believed to be a cross between the sedating Tahoe Alien and LSD, a classic Amsterdam hybrid known for its trippy head buzz. Bred by Alien Genetics, this strain will abduct the mind while your body remains anchored in deep physical relaxation.
Alien-Infernohybrid4.8Happy,Talkative,Euphoric,Uplifted,EnergeticPine,Diesel,EarthyUsing a White Fire #6 and Alien OG hybrid and crossing it again with Diablo, LivWell created Alien Inferno. Rock solid buds slathered in trichomes and red pistils, Alien Inferno is a heavy-handed OG hybrid that can help relieve pain, boost creativity, and help you unwind. With the taste of earth, pine, and lemon, this potent indica-dominant hybrid will take care of even the most experienced connoisseur.
Alien-Kushindica4.2Relaxed,Euphoric,Happy,Tingly,UpliftedEarthy,Woody,FloweryAlien Kush is a potent cross of LVPK and Alien Dawg that originally hails from California, not deep space. It may have you feeling a little spacey, though, as this mostly indica hybrid touches down in the brain first, giving active, sometimes-psychedelic effects that are more traditionally sativa. The active buzz settles over time into a relaxing body buzz that will dissolve both stress and pain. Alien Kush plants have average yields, but they are hardy, easy-to-grow plants, indoors or out. The light green buds have a covering of red or orange hairs and should be airy. This strain has a piney smell, but the taste is a subtle spiciness that is reminiscent of tea.
Alien-Oghybrid4.5Relaxed,Happy,Euphoric,Uplifted,CreativeEarthy,Lemon,CitrusFirst available as a clone in California’s Bay Area and now in seed form from Cali Connection, Alien OG is a cross of Tahoe OG and Alien Kush. One of the most potent strains available today, this indica-dominant hybrid has tested as high as 28% THC. Alien OG has the typical lemon-pine “OG” smell and flavor, and an intense high that combines heavy indica body effects and a psychedelic cerebral buzz. Beginners and novices, be sure to take it slow with this heavy-hitter.
Alien-Reunionhybrid4.9Euphoric,Uplifted,Happy,Relaxed,TalkativePungent,Skunk,CheeseAlien Reunion is an indica-dominant cross of Alien OG and Alien Dawg bred by Cannobi Genetics. Its dense colas emit a pungent mix of flavors that include sweet fruity tones of cherry and lemon combined with a skunky, diesel note. The relaxing effects of Alien Reunion calm the body while stimulating the mind with an energetic and creative rush that helps you stay productive without feeling sluggish.
Alien-Riftindica4.6Relaxed,Happy,Euphoric,Uplifted,HungryGrape,Earthy,ChemicalAlien Rift by Ocean Grown Seeds is the thoroughly enhanced phenotype of Alien Abduction specifically backcrossed for better hash production. With a tart scent of lemon and spice and buds dense with trichomes, Alien Rift is certain to please the senses. This strain is the product of crossing Alien Abduction, Alien Dawg ('Ether' cut), and Alien OG. With that much extraterrestrial activity, you know this indica is out of this world! Use Alien Rift’s laidback effects to curb stress and moderate physical pain. 
Alien-Rock-Candyhybrid4.7Relaxed,Happy,Euphoric,Sleepy,TinglySweet,Citrus,EarthyAlien Rock Candy by Alien Genetics is an indica-dominant hybrid with an aroma as sweet as the name suggests. This Sour Dubble and Tahoe Alien cross captures a fruity, citrus aroma that carries through until the exhale. Full relaxation of the mind and body make this strain ideal for the end of an active or stressful day, with a heaviness that segueways nicely into sleep. The effects may take a few minutes to peak, but Alien Rock Candy packs a powerful euphoric punch once it sets in. A good choice for both novice and expert growers alike, Alien Rock Candy finishes around 8 weeks into its flowering cycle. 
Alien-Sour-Applehybrid4.6Euphoric,Relaxed,Uplifted,Creative,HappySweet,Lemon,AppleAlien Sour Apple is a sativa-dominant hybrid that mixes the genetics of Alien Dawg with Sour Apple. Bred by Franchise Genetics, Alien Sour Apple tastes sweet and sour, like a Granny Smith apple. Its heady sativa effects provide a lift of energy and incite an optimistic sense of euphoria.
Alien-Stardawgsativa4.4Uplifted,Happy,Euphoric,Creative,TinglyDiesel,Spicy/Herbal,SageAlien Stardawg is a sativa-dominant hybrid cross of Alien Kush and Stardawg bred by Green Beanz Seeds. Stretchy plants produce large yields of frosty green, red, blue, and purple colored buds with pleasing cherry hash and chem-fuel flavors and a potent well-rounded high.  
Alien-Technologyindica4.5Happy,Relaxed,Uplifted,Euphoric,FocusedEarthy,Spicy/Herbal,WoodyVery little is known about Alien Technology other than it is a landrace strain selected from a handful of seeds acquired by breeder OBSoul33t from a US soldier returning from Afghanistan. It is a pure indica that features light green buds, incredible trichome production, and a spicy, hashy flavor/aroma with fuel undertones. Reports indicate that the high is more stimulating than your typical indica, while lasting as long as 6 hours. Alien Technology has been used in breeding some of today’s most potent hybrids such as Alien Dawg and Alien Kush.
Aliens-On-Moonshineindica4.5Relaxed,Happy,Talkative,Uplifted,GigglyCitrus,Sage,GrapefruitAliens On Moonshine by Sin City Seeds is a potent CBD-rich phenotype of The Cali Connection’s Sour Alien crossed with White Moonshine. This indica-dominant strain emits a funky aroma that is a clashing of sour, sweet, and chemicals. The 5:1 CBD/THC ratio gives Aliens On Moonshine potent medicinal properties while remaining mostly functional. Its effects land firmly in the body and can assist with inflammation, irritability, and minor physical discomfort. The uplifting, clearheaded buzz and soothing physical effects make Aliens On Moonshine an excellent add-in or standalone strain for CBD lovers everywhere.    
Allen-Iverson-Ogindica5Uplifted,Euphoric,Happy,RelaxedNoneAllen Iverson OG is a heavy indica strain grown exclusively by California’s Good as Gold. Designed for consumers with a stubbornly high tolerance to THC, this potent indica delivers a powerfully euphoric experience that tranquilizes the body while launching your mind to the cosmos. Sweet pine and wood flavors intermix with aromas of sour fuel, offering a complex profile for consumers who cherish flavor as much as potency. 
Allen-Wrenchsativa4.3Happy,Uplifted,Focused,Energetic,HungryCitrus,Earthy,PungentA popular strain for sativa-lovers, Allen Wrench presents the best qualities of its parents, Trainwreck and NYC Diesel with crisp flavors of sour fruit. Its aroma has been characterized as sour and flowery, leaving a lingering scent of fruit. Allen Wrench is known to provide users with a long-lasting cerebral high and fill an entire room with its strong essence. The buds have a dark-green color and dark foliage with orange pistils growing out. Allen Wrench also has a 10-11 week flowering time and medium to medium-high THC content.
Allkushindica5Relaxed,Sleepy,Uplifted,HappySpicy/Herbal,Honey,EarthyAllkush, 2nd prize winner at the 2005 Highlife Cannabis Cup, is a hashy Kush blend bred by Paradise Seeds of Amsterdam. This resinous flower hails from the “Hippie Trail” that winds through Pakistan and Afghanistan, creating a 75/25 indica-dominant strain that soothes without binding the consumer to the couch. With traditional uplifting cerebral elements and a pleasant sedation on the body, Allkush shines on patients seeking relief from sleep disorders, anxiety, and depression. 
Alohasativa4.2Energetic,Uplifted,Happy,Creative,FocusedTropical,Sweet,CitrusAloha is a sativa strain that leaves users with an upbeat, energetic buzz and may also be helpful in treating pain such as migraines. Aloha’s flowers will be large and fluffy, with plenty of room for white wispy hairs and sparkling crystals. The aroma of this strain is that of grass and citrus for a fresh experience that may have you thinking of your next island getaway. Its sativa effects can be a little much for some users, so those who are looking for less mental stimulation should be warned.
Aloha-Grape-Stomperhybrid5Tingly,Uplifted,Euphoric,Giggly,HappyBlueberry,Grape,TropicalAloha Grape Stomper is a delicious cross of Gage Green’s Grape Stomper and '98 Aloha White Widow. This hybrid was bred to amplify the strain’s generous trichome production and its potent grape-fuel aroma. It grows vigorously and tends to offer consumers clear-headed effects alongside an airy physical sensation.
Aloha-Limonehybrid4.8Euphoric,Creative,Energetic,Talkative,UpliftedSweet,Citrus,EarthyThe smell of Aloha Limone has been described as, “a fruit tree rotting in the Kona sun.” Citrus notes are native to this Hawaiian Sunrise and Nina Limone cross, but the plant also expresses latent floral and pungent elements from recessive Kush genetics. Plan on cheeky euphoria and a physical lightness that encourages outdoor activity. Aloha Limone is a proprietary genetic cross of Colorado Seed Inc.  
Alohaberryhybrid4.2Energetic,Uplifted,Aroused,Tingly,RelaxedBerry,Apple,ChestnutOriginating from the tropical islands of Hawaii, Alohaberry releases a pleasant aroma and taste of tropical berries. It is known for its unique sweet taste and because it is an equal hybrid, the effects are both mind and body. Flowering time for this plant is approximately 8-9 weeks.
Alpha-Bluesativa4.5Energetic,Happy,Euphoric,Relaxed,TalkativeEarthy,Blueberry,SweetAlpha Blue, also known as Dream Diesel (or DD), is a high-flying sativa that combines Blue Dream and NYC Diesel. In 2011 this compelling blend claimed two 2nd place prizes for a sativa at the High Times’ Medical Cup in Denver and San Francisco. Its buds are glazed with sugary trichomes and take on hues of deep red and violet. The aroma is a combination of tart blueberry and sour candy that create a pungent mixture of earthy berry and Haze upon exhale. The sweet fragrance of Alpha Blue brings with it uplifting effects that produce a calming, relaxed mood without putting you to sleep. The cerebral and happy buzz is a great tool when coping with stress and anxiety.
Alpha-Cowsativa5NoneNoneAlpha Cow is a sativa strain that brings together genetics from Alpha Blue and Purple Cow. Its aroma is a distinctive mix of overripe blueberries and sweet toffee, while the exhale accentuates its smooth berry flavors. Some sativas tend to bring on racing thoughts, but this strain provides a calming buzz with mellow cerebral sensations that keep you feeling uplifted and positive.
Alpha-Expresssativa4.7Energetic,Focused,Talkative,Happy,RelaxedDiesel,Earthy,Spicy/HerbalAlpha Express is an introspective sativa strain that descends from Alpha Blue and Ghost Train Haze. With a complex flavor that spans sour juniper and musky cedar notes, Alpha Express delivers spacey cerebral effects perfect for meditative or creative activities. Its buds bloom with trichome-covered calyxes that carry a red tint as the flowers mature.
Alpha-Oghybrid4.6Relaxed,Focused,Happy,Euphoric,SleepySpicy/Herbal,Sweet,BerryAlpha OG from Alpha Medic is an OG Kush phenotype that took 2nd place in the 2014 Los Angeles Cannabis Cup. Its thick layer of crystal trichomes helps to explain why this pungent, pine-scented strain consistently tests over 20% THC when grown optimally. Conditions best treated with high-THC strains like Alpha OG include sleep apnea, appetite and weight loss, nausea, and chronic pain. 
Alpine-Bluehybrid5Uplifted,Creative,Energetic,Aroused,EuphoricBerry,Blueberry,PineAlpine Blue is a 60/40 sativa-dominant hybrid that combines Blue Mystic and Power Plant, who pass on uplifting euphoric effects alongside a complex aroma of blueberry and woody pine. While some phenotypes tend toward the indica side of the spectrum, even its common sativa expression induces calming full-body effects. Patients typically look to Alpine Blue for daytime relief of anxiety and mood disorders, gastrointestinal pain, and inflammation.
Alpine-Starindica4.2Relaxed,Uplifted,Happy,Euphoric,TinglyPine,Citrus,EarthyAlpine Star, often labeled as Alpine OG, is an earthy, citrus mix of Tahoe OG and Sensi Star genetics. Zesty lemon flavors lead Alpine Star’s wave of relaxing indica effects. The pain relieving properties of Alpine Star radiate from the head and neck, calming anxieties and muscle tension as the effects descend to the lower extremities.
Ambrosiahybrid4.4Uplifted,Euphoric,Relaxed,Creative,FocusedFlowery,Lavender,EarthyStemming from her parents, God Bud and Burmese, the Ambrosia strain is a high that will hit you almost instantaneously and will be felt throughout your body. Her mother, Burmese is a sativa from the Mighty Mite Seed Company and was voted #1 People's Choice at the Cannabis Culture Toker's Bowl in 2002. For dad, God Bud from Jordan of the Islands, is a mostly indica plant, popular for it's tropical sweet flavor. Ambrosia produces a large amount of dense and sticky buds with yellow leaves and orange hairs. 
American-Dreamhybrid4.7Focused,Euphoric,Tingly,Energetic,RelaxedEarthy,Sweet,PungentAmerican Dream by Sensi Seeds is an indica-dominant strain that blends Afghan Skunk with Jamaican and Hawaiian genetics. Its name is charged with meaning, mainly in that this indica represents “honest toil, personal improvement, and enjoying the fruits of one’s labor,” as Sensi Seeds puts it. Earthy and skunky in flavor, American Dream helps you pursue happiness with balanced uplifting, social effects appropriate for day or evening use. 
American-Kushindica4.8Relaxed,Tingly,Sleepy,Uplifted,HappySweet,Lemon,LimeAmerican Kush, by Alphakronik Genes (AKG), is a 70/30 indica-dominant combination of Pre-98 Bubba Kush and Sin City Kush. It is a robust strain with large bulbous colas that deliver the profound, relaxing body effects that have made Kush strains so popular. With a smooth palate of flavors ranging from fresh lemon to spicy notes of lavender and coffee, American Kush is a delightful answer to muscle spasms, chronic pain, and nausea.
Americanoindica4.6Relaxed,Creative,Focused,Euphoric,ArousedEarthy,Spicy/Herbal,TobaccoAmericano is a Canadian strain released by Enterprise Seeds. It is a Northern Lights/Skunk hybrid that is named for the American consumers it was designed to attract. When tourists, notably Americans, came to Vancouver looking to purchase bulk cannabis, they wanted their buds to have “bag appeal,” or stunning visual characteristics that made it easy to sell. Americano is known for its heavy coat of trichromes and its thick dense colas. The flavors and aromas of Americano stay true to its Skunk lineage and produce a sweet, piney musk. The effects are exactly what you would expect from an indica-driven hybrid: fast-acting, relaxing, and sleepy. Americano is a solid answer to symptoms of insomnia, headaches, and chronic pain.
Amethysthybrid3.9Energetic,Creative,Giggly,Hungry,HappyAmethyst is a hybrid cannabis strain from the gardens of Zion Botanicals, who crossed parent strains Sage N Sour and Granddaddy Purple. This high-THC 50/50 hybrid provides a clear and focused buzz that sharpens the senses, making this a perfect pair for creative activities, enjoying nature, or productive afternoons. The inhale brings with it sweet and sour flavors ranging from spicy berry to tangy grape.
Amethyst-Budhybrid4.2Uplifted,Happy,Relaxed,Focused,EnergeticBerry,Lavender,SweetAmethyst Bud is a hybrid cannabis strain bred by Soma Seeds. This strain is a cross between Lavender and Afghani Hawaiian with a deep purple color.  Amethyster Bud has a strong and pungent aroma with a round, floral notes on the palate. This strain provides consumers with a pleasant and relaxing high.
Amnesiasativa4.3Happy,Euphoric,Energetic,Creative,UpliftedEarthy,Sweet,SkunkAmnesia is typically a sativa-dominant cannabis strain with some variation between breeders. Skunk, Cinderella 99, and Jack Herer are some of Amnesia’s genetic forerunners, passing on uplifting, creative, and euphoric effects ideal for treating mood disorders. Growers should expect a 9-10 week flowering period with moderate yields. This strain normally has a high THC and low CBD profile and produces intense psychotropic effects that new consumers should be wary of. 
Amnesia-Ganja-Hazesativa5NoneNoneAmnesia Ganja Haze is another award-winning strain from Sumo Seeds. The sativa is a genetic combination of the famous Amnesia Haze (a classic out of Amsterdam) and Silver Buddha Haze. This new twist on an old favorite garnered Sumo Seeds a 1st place win at the 2017 Semana y Copa Cannabica for Best Sativa, 1st prize for Best Indoor and Premio Especial Del Publico (Best Overall at the 2017 Il Castello Cannabis Cup), as well as 2nd place at the 2017 San Canuto Cup on the island of Fuerteventura. Exhibiting a strong Haze aroma of sour citrus and spiced tropical fruit, Amnesia Ganja Haze delivers a THC and terpene-heavy profile. This strain’s cerebral effects make it enjoyable for use throughout the day.      
Amnesia-Hazesativa4.3Happy,Euphoric,Uplifted,Energetic,CreativeEarthy,Citrus,LemonWith earthy flavors of lemons and citrus, Amnesia Haze is a perfect strain to start your day with a smile. The uplifting, energetic buzz is one you won’t soon forget. Its genetics have been traced back to the South Asian and Jamaican landrace strains, and this Cannabis Cup winner (1st place 2004, 1st place Sativa Cup 2012) has since been popularized in the coffee shops of Amsterdam.
Ancient-Kushindica4.6Sleepy,Relaxed,Aroused,Creative,EnergeticSkunk,Cheese,MintAncient Kush is an indica-dominant hybrid strain whose genetic background is lost to history, but most certainly contains the age-old characteristics of Afghani indicas. Its short bushy plants bloom with resinous buds that tend to darken purple near the end of maturation. Skunky lemon and smooth earthiness make up this indica’s aroma in a fragrant introduction of her relaxing, mood-warming effects. 
Ancient-Ogindica4.6Relaxed,Euphoric,Sleepy,Happy,HungryEarthy,Flowery,NuttyAncient OG from Bodhi Seeds is a mostly indica strain descended from an Iranian landrace and Snow Lotus. Its thickly resinous buds exude aromatic notes of earthy pine and sweet citrus that are fully realized in Ancient OG’s taste. This high-yielding indica is best suited for sea of green gardens and has a 70 day flowering time. Outdoor cultivators should prepare for harvest in the month of October.
Anesthesiaindica4.1Hungry,Sleepy,Relaxed,Happy,EuphoricEarthy,Pungent,SweetAnesthesia is the result of breeding the popular old school Afghan Skunk indica with Herojuana. It was created in 2007 by breeder Whazzup in an effort to keep the Afghani Skunk strain going as it had long been only available as a cutting from another plant. Anesthesia was selected as a “Breeder’s Choice” Selection by Dutch seed company Sannie’s Seeds, which has helped to spread its popularity and availability. When grown, these plants branch quite a bit and may grow wider and closer to the ground rather than tall before flowering at 9-10 weeks. Anesthesia flowers are dense and covered in crystals. They have a musky, earthy smell and flavor that is common in its Afghan heritage. Known for its strong, sedative indica buzz, this is a strain that’s often recommended for pain—just as its name would suggest.
Angel-Ogindica5Happy,Relaxed,Uplifted,Sleepy,EuphoricPungent,Earthy,BerryAngel OG is a fruity Kush cross that drapes the body in mellow effects from head to toe. This strain's OG Kush x Blackberry lineage gives the buds an aroma of earth, pine, and sweetness while supplying the consumer with potent physical effects. The strong relaxing properties of Angel OG are ideal for patients suffering from chronic physical pain, insomnia, and stress. 
Animal-Cookieshybrid4.5Relaxed,Happy,Euphoric,Creative,UpliftedEarthy,Sweet,PungentAnimal Cookies is the child of the legendary hybrid marijuana strains Girl Scout Cookies and Fire OG. This clone-only strain flowers in 9-10 weeks, and grows into dense, frosty green buds tipped with purple. True to its name, Animal Cookies has a sweet, sour aroma with heavy full-body effects that will impress any veteran consumer. This potent medicine might be overkill for mild symptoms, but its ability to obliterate severe pain and insomnia is unprecedented. 
Anonymous-Ogindica5Relaxed,Sleepy,Happy,Euphoric,HungryEarthy,Flowery,CoffeeThe 3C Anonymous OG greets the nose with distinctive woodsy, citrus, diesel scent that indica connoisseurs all know and love. Anonymous OG is a 3C Farms select cut of 3C Kushishima. Its round dense buds are wrapped in deep green calyxes that drip with resin and glitter with trichomes. The flavor is deep, satisfying the most refined palate. This strain is incredibly relaxing and sedative, and should be consumed in the evening for best results. 
Anubisindica5Relaxed,Sleepy,Creative,Focused,ArousedGrape,Lime,EarthyAnubis by Pyramid Seeds is the indica-dominant cross of Somango and Wembley. This strain has been known to produce THC levels around 18% with touches of CBD and CBN that make this strain relaxing without being overly sedating. Anubis has a sweet aroma and a flavor some might describe as grapefruit or citrus peel, as well as calming physical effects that creep across the limbs. While growing, this plant remains short and squat, making it ideal for indoor or low-profile growers. This indica has a 56 to 63 day flowering time.
Ape-Shithybrid5Happy,Relaxed,Uplifted,Giggly,TalkativeSweet,Grape,LavenderApe Shit is the genetic offspring of three quality cannabis strains. By crossing Purple Urkle, Acapulco Gold, and Cinderella 99, this hybrid strain blends deep body effects against bright, heady mental energy. Certain phenotypes exhibit a strong grape odor, but typically this strain smells of lavender with a touch of sweetness. Enjoy this strain as a means to quell depression and anxiety.  
Apollo-11hybrid4.4Uplifted,Happy,Euphoric,Relaxed,CreativePungent,Citrus,LemonApollo 11 is a potent hybrid cannabis strain with strong cerebral effects that might just have your head feeling like it’s making a moon landing. It’s another strain created by breeders Brothers Grimm and is the half-sister to another heady sativa, Apollo 13. Apollo 11 also has Genius (a Jack Herer phenotype) as a mother, but was crossed with Cinderella 99 to create this uplifting strain. This Apollo shares the family trait of an extremely fast flowering time, usually before 8 weeks. There is some variety among plants, but in general they will stay shorter and develop lots of branches and bud sites. The resinous flowers will have a strong, sharp citrus aroma and a slightly subtler lemon flavor. Effective for treating stress and moderate pain, for a few hours this strain will give you a first-class trip out of this world.
Apollo-13hybrid4.4Happy,Euphoric,Energetic,Uplifted,CreativeEarthy,Spicy/Herbal,SweetApollo 13 consistently receives quite a bit of praise that has come to be expected with strains created by breeders Brothers Grimm. A cross between two of their other successful strains, P75 and Genius (a Jack Herer phenotype), this strain has a decorated lineage. Apollo 13 has the distinction of being especially rare as it is said that only 500 seeds came from the original stock and the few cuttings are the stuff of legend. This plant is less finicky than most and is often recommended for new grower. It also flowers very quickly at 7-8 weeks, producing large sticky buds. Apollo 13’s aroma is unique and very pungent. Its scent has been described as peppery and earthy with a punch of both sour fruit and citrus, while the taste takes on the herbal notes of tea with a skunky aftertaste. As its name suggests, this strain will have your head in the clouds as its effects are cerebral and energizing. While the more popular version of this hybrid is the sativa-dominant plant, be aware that an indica-dominant version is also out there.
Appalachiahybrid4.8Relaxed,Euphoric,Happy,Creative,GigglyPungent,Skunk,EarthyAppalachia is a hybrid cross between Green Crack and Tres Dawg bred by High & Lonesome Seeds. A layer of white, cloudy trichomes gives the buds a sage green color with darker leaves and fiery hairs peeking out from underneath. With an aroma of earthy pine and subtle fruit, Appalachia delivers a dreamy and yet functional cerebral buzz paired with relaxing full-body effects. Sensory perception and appetite are sharpened while pain and other symptoms dull, making Appalachia a coveted strain among medical patients and recreational consumers alike.
Appalachian-Powersativa4.3Euphoric,Creative,Focused,Talkative,UpliftedTropical,Grape,SweetAppalachian Power by Soulshine Cannabis is a potent sativa-dominant strain with a rich genetic lineage. By crossing The Appalachian (Grape Punch x Life Saver) with The Power (Island Sweet Skunk x White Widow), Appalachian Power was born. With a deep roster of genetic varieties at its back, it’s no surprise that Appalachian Power’s aroma and flavor offer a unique and rewarding palate of grape, banana, and pineapple. The effects pack a stimulating kick that is not for the faint of heart. It can cause mild paranoia in the uninitiated, but if the dosage is respected, this strain can suit all manner of physical activity and combat lethargy.
Apple-Jackhybrid3.6Happy,Relaxed,Focused,Energetic,TinglyApple,Sweet,EarthyApple Jack is the beautiful and popular hybrid cross of Jack Herer and White Widow. This potent combination embodies the uplifted clarity of Jack Herer while applying a warm, soothing relaxation to the body. This strain works wonders for patients and consumers suffering from chronic physical pain and nausea. Apple Jack’s aroma, as you might guess, is one of sweet sliced apples with hints of skunk and earth.
Apple-Kushhybrid4.6Relaxed,Euphoric,Uplifted,Happy,TinglyApple,Diesel,PungentApple Kush is the indica-dominant hybrid cross of Sour Diesel and Pure Kush. This strain leads with powerful cerebral effects that align well with people suffering from depression or anxiety, and follows with body effects that are ideal for curbing inflammation. Indulge in this Oregonian favorite later in the day, as the strain’s creeping sedative effects can be rather weighty.   
Appleberryindica4.6Relaxed,Happy,Sleepy,Hungry,EuphoricBerry,Apple,SweetAppleberry by Sumo Seeds in an indica-dominant yield machine. Bred from (Dynamite x Bubblelicious) x White Widow, this strain has classic Central Asian and Central American roots while expressing a terpene profile all its own. The strain’s aroma exemplifies its title, smelling of a subtle apple and berry. Its effects are extremely relaxing, bordering on sedative, imbuing the limbs with a warm weighted aura. Utilize Appleberry as an anxiolytic and for all-around pain relief. Appleberry won 1st place in the 'Bio' category at the 2016 Highlife Cup in Amsterdam.
Arabian-Goldsativa4.1Euphoric,Tingly,Giggly,Sleepy,CreativeArabian Gold is a heavy sativa strain of mysterious origins. It may leave most consumers feeling mentally checked out, so you could feel foggy-headed and, for example, lose your train of thought when conversing with friends. 
Arctic-Sunhybrid4.3Creative,Relaxed,Energetic,Euphoric,FocusedAmmonia,SkunkCultivated by Flying Dutchman, Arctic Sun is a 60/40 sativa-dominant hybrid of Skunk #1 and White Widow. These two crosses create a pungent fuel-like tang with floral undertones. When consumed, a robust burst of euphoria and energy comes through, stimulating both social interaction and creativity. Patients often look to this strain for relief of chronic pain, sleeplessness, and muscle spasms.
Arcticbluehybrid4.8Happy,Uplifted,Euphoric,Energetic,RelaxedBlueberry,Sweet,EarthyArcticBlue is a 60/40 indica-dominant hybrid cannabis strain cultivated by ArcticBlue Farms. Bred using DJ Short’s Blueberry and another Blueberry indica, you are immediately struck with the sweet and fruity scent of ripe blueberries. Patients may look to this strain to help suppress anxiety and relieve pain.
Area-51hybrid4.4Happy,Uplifted,Relaxed,Euphoric,CreativeEarthy,Citrus,SweetA sativa-dominant hybrid of unknown origin, Area 51 has a sweet smell with citrus and floral undertones and a smooth flowery smoke.  Area 51 is a potent strain that will give consumers an immediate feeling of euphoria along with a relaxed yet motivated mental focus.
Argyleindica3.9Happy,Uplifted,Relaxed,Sleepy,FocusedSpicy/Herbal,Pungent,EarthyArgyle is a variety of Nordle grown by Canadian LP Tweed, Inc. The indica-dominant hybrid crosses Afghani and Sensi Star genetics. The resulting buds smell of garlic and herbs, like fresh cut chives but with a fruity aftertaste. With a 1:1 ratio of THC to CBD Argyle creates a mellow, calming buzz that is a great answer to body pains and muscle spasms.
Arjans-Strawberry-Hazesativa4.3Happy,Uplifted,Talkative,Relaxed,CreativeStrawberry,Sweet,BerryArjan's Strawberry Haze was created by Arjan and introduced on the market in 2006. In 2005, Strawberry Haze won 1st prize at the Green House Very Important Smokers Panel. The buds of Strawberry Haze smell of strawberries and provide a sweet taste, which is heightened when roots are given free reign in soil. It is characterized as a tall plant with long branches. It is a simple plant to grow and maintain, as it is known to be adaptable to humidity. Flowering time is approximately 10 weeks with a THC level up to 20% and CBD of 1.2%.
Arjans-Ultra-Haze-1sativa4.8Euphoric,Focused,Energetic,Relaxed,CreativeMinty,Earthy,MintArjan’s Ultra Haze #1 is a Dutch sativa bred by Green House Seeds, who combined Neville’s Haze with landrace strains from Cambodia and Laos. With mellow effects that stay cerebrally centered, this strain is perfect for those seeking introspective, meditative moments or a light, active buzz. Four Cannabis Cup placements have won Arjan’s Ultra Haze #1 a sterling reputation, but growers will have to wait with agonizing patience for its buds to finish their 13 weeks of flowering.
Armageddonhybrid4Uplifted,Giggly,Happy,Relaxed,TalkativeDiesel,Woody,TropicalArmageddon sounds pretty intimidating and while this strain is potent, consumers come down from its intense mental lift to find the world still exists—it just feels a little more relaxing. This strain’s plants flower quickly at 8 weeks and produce high yields of multi-colored buds that smell strongly of woodsy citrus. The citrus notes carry over into the taste, which is diverse and includes cheese and some fruitiness as well. Armageddon tends to have medium-high to high THC levels, packing a powerful punch for some consumers while others find the initial head effects great for day use and stimulating conversation. Eventually Armageddon mellows into solid body relaxation to finish off its exceptionally long buzz.
Armagnachybrid4.2Relaxed,Sleepy,Talkative,Giggly,HappySpicy/Herbal,Sweet,FloweryArmagnac, bred by New House Seeds, is a hybrid that combines Krome’s The White with DJ Short’s Grape Kush. The strain takes its name from a specie of grapes native to the Gascony region of France and used for making brandy. Armagnac’s aroma is a mix of sweet, earthy flavors that give off a pungent fruit flavor of fresh grapes when exhaled. The effects are a mellow mix of a relaxed body and a refreshed mood, great for relieving pain and anxiety.
Ashhybrid4.5Relaxed,Happy,Uplifted,Euphoric,SleepyPungent,Skunk,Spicy/HerbalAsh is an indica-dominant hybrid cross between Afghan Haze and Afghan Skunk bred by Mr. Nice Seeds. These buds offer a fruity, berry aroma and effects that run the gamut between relaxing indicas and stimulating sativas. This strain's name, sometimes spelled A.S.H., is an acronym denoting its Afghani, Skunk, and Haze lineage. 
Asian-Fantasysativa4.4Euphoric,Hungry,Happy,Relaxed,TalkativeEarthy,Skunk,WoodyAfter repeated rumors that this strain suffered extinction thanks to a secretive breeder, enough sightings occur regularly to ensure that while rare, the Asian Fantasy strain does still exist. Its genetics, however, remain a mystery. What’s clear is that this strain has a healthy dose of sativa in it that will get ideas and creativity flowing. It’s also a beauty, with large, curled buds that have a covering of brick red hairs. The flowers emit a sweet and sour fragrance while the taste has a healthy dose of spice.
Aspen-Oghybrid4.1Focused,Happy,Energetic,Relaxed,TalkativeBlueberry,Spicy/Herbal,EarthyAspen OG by 303 Seeds is a testament to how rich the Rocky’s cannabis heritage really is. This Sour Cream and SFV OG cross “is sweet like Aspen in the summer and coated white like Aspen in the winter,” topped with glistening trichomes that shimmer like snow. Aspen OG combines physical elements from each parent to easily curb moderate pain and stimulate the appetite. Expect earthy flavors with a sweet berry undertone.  
Astroboysativa4.5Relaxed,Energetic,Happy,Creative,FocusedSweet,Citrus,GrapefruitAstroboy is an energetic, sativa-dominant hybrid cannabis strain that combines Apollo 13 genetics with a cross of Ortega and Cinderella 99 bred by TGA Subcool Seeds. A mix of sweet and sour fruit flavors, like citrus and cherry, lead the way towards a heady buzz that is fast-acting and uplifting. The cerebral energy sparked by Astroboy is a great choice to keep you happy and active throughout a busy day. The watermelon phenotype of Astroboy is known to be an exceptional expression of the strain and is often desired as an influence for other breeding projects.
Athabascaindica4.6Talkative,Uplifted,Happy,Relaxed,GigglyEarthy,Ammonia,DieselAthabasca is a variety of the strain Pennywise grown by Canadian LP Aphria. Genetics from Harlequin and Jack the Ripper come together to create a sweet woody aroma that is highlighted by sharp peppery undertones. With a 1:1 ratio of CBD to THC the psychoactive effects are mild yet relaxing, making Athabasca an effective treatment for arthritis, PTSD, and epilepsy.
Atmospherehybrid4.8Uplifted,Euphoric,Relaxed,Happy,TinglyFlowery,Sweet,CitrusAtmosphere is a balanced hybrid cross between two predominant strains: White Widow and OG Kush. Its frosty, resinous buds offer a piney aroma with citrus undertones. Effects are largely cerebral, inducing euphoria and creativity at onset and settling into physical relaxation.
Atomichybrid4.5Happy,Relaxed,Talkative,Creative,EuphoricEarthyAtomic by Bomb Seeds is a deep blend of potent genetics. OG Kush was crossed with Chemdawg, which was then crossed with THC Bomb to create Atomic. This blend of THC-dominant genetics lends Atomic potency that isn’t meant for everyone. Be warned that this intense high hits with a rush to the head and settles into a long-lasting body stone that evaporates stress and worries. Atomic has a fair yield and a Kushy flavor that is thick with gas and forest aromas. Enjoy Atomic after you clear your schedule as its effects may change your plans. 
Atomic-Goathybrid4.8Relaxed,Uplifted,Giggly,Tingly,HappySpicy/Herbal,Nutty,SageAtomic Goat is a Seattle-born staple that came about in 2010 when a Chernobyl male pollinated a Golden Goat clone. This hybrid offspring inherits a sweet herbal aroma likened to that of sage as well as a heavy coat of crystal trichomes that often push Atomic Goat past the 20% THC mark. Although Atomic Goat induces deep relaxation of the mind and body, it allows enough energy to shine through to justify its daytime use.
Atomic-Northern-Lightshybrid4.2Talkative,Uplifted,Hungry,Tingly,FocusedEarthy,Pungent,FloweryAtomic Northern Lights has a history of world travel. In the 1980s, Afghani indica seeds were brought to the U.S. and bred with Thai Haze. The result was known as Northern Lights, a three-time Cannabis Cup winner during its stay in Holland, where it was developed and stabilized by Sensi. Northern Lights then went to Canada and Dr. Atomic Seeds recrossed it with its own distant relatives. The result was an indica-dominant strain with fast flowering times (approximately 8 weeks), short stocky plants, and a mind/body sensation with an uplifting effect. Atomic Northern Lights' scent has been described as pungent and the strain has a sweet flavor.
Atomical-Hazesativa4.4Happy,Relaxed,Energetic,Uplifted,CreativePungent,Minty,CitrusAtomical Haze is an 80/20 sativa-dominant strain bred by Paradise Seeds. A cross between Haze, an Indian sativa, and Sweet Afghan, you will first notice the smell and taste of kiwi and finish off with that classic spicy Haze flavor. A long-lasting buzz will having you feeling motivated and ready for what the day brings. These resin-caked buds will be ready for harvest in about 9 weeks and are ideal for indoor gardens.
Aurora-Borealisindica4.2Happy,Euphoric,Relaxed,Sleepy,HungryEarthy,Woody,SweetAlso known as A-B, Aurora B., or simply Aurora, Aurora Borealis is a Flying Dutchmen strain resulting from a cross between a carefully selected Northern Lights #10 and a sweet Skunk #1 father. A vigorous plant with heavy resinous buds, this strain has the best attributes from both its parents. Aurora Borealis grows into a medium size plant similar to Skunk#1, and has a sweet and fruity taste with a hashy sharpness. Very high yields and a fast maturation time make this cross an ideal cash-cropper both indoors and out. The subtle, calming effects have helped this strain gain popularity in the Netherlands and Canada with its sweet, skunky flavors and earthy undertones.
Aurora-Indicaindica4.4Relaxed,Sleepy,Happy,Euphoric,UpliftedEarthy,Spicy/Herbal,TropicalAurora Indica, bred by Nirvana Seeds, is a 90% indica cross between Afghan and Northern Lights. Fulfilling our expectations of an indica, this strain induces heavy full-body effects and a sedating cerebral calm. Aurora Indica is a potent strain for evening treatment of insomnia, pain, and other conditions requiring a restful night’s sleep. The short plants produce dense, bulky buds dusted in a thick layer of crystal resin. Different phenotypes emerge under different growing conditions, giving way to variable bud structures and aromas ranging from fruity to floral. Nirvana Seeds recommends a 9 to 11-week flowering time for indoor gardens, or a mid-September harvest for outdoor growers.
Avalonhybrid3.6Aroused,Tingly,Hungry,Uplifted,GigglySweet,Earthy,NuttyA selectively bred cross between Afghani and Blueberry.  Avalon has strong sedating effects with a hashy taste.
Avihybrid3Relaxed,Focused,Uplifted,Creative,HappyEarthy,PungentAvi is a high-CBD strain grown by Canadian LP Peace Naturals Project, Inc. It is a balanced hybrid, 50% indica and 50% sativa, with a 2:1 CBD:THC ratio. Its pungent aroma carries sweet hints of fruit and berry that create relaxing and calming effects perfect for relieving body aches and pains.
Avi-Dekelhybrid4.5Relaxed,Uplifted,Happy,Focused,EnergeticEarthy,Flowery,SweetAvi-Dekel is a sativa-dominant strain developed by Tikun Olam to contain high levels of CBD and almost no THC. Its CBD content, reaching as high as 15.8 percent, is intended to treat inflammation as well as sleep and digestive disorders. Avi-Dekel is ideal for patients seeking relief without the psychoactive effects of THC.
Ayahuasca-Purpleindica4.4Relaxed,Euphoric,Sleepy,Happy,TinglySpicy/Herbal,Pungent,EarthyAyahuasca Purple by Barney’s Farm is a deeply relaxing indica-dominant cross of Master Kush and Red River Delta. The primary aromas are unique, expressing hints of hazelnut and papaya. This indica-dominant strain develops deep purple foliage and is sensitive to overfeeding. Enjoy Ayahuasca Purple at the end of the day to maximize its relaxing, full-body effects.  
Azure-Hazehybrid4.4Relaxed,Uplifted,Focused,Euphoric,HappyBerry,Sweet,BlueberryLegendary breeder DJ Short is at it again, this time adding his famous Blueberry genetics to the multiple award-winning Bay Area clone Super Silver Haze to create an easy-to-grow hybrid that produces massive yields of elongated, spear-shaped flowers. Those who pay attention to lineage may say, “Wait, isn’t this just Blue Dream?”, but the Azure Haze is fathered by a male that is one step closer to the parental genetics (in this case, an f4 Blueberry) than the Blue Dream father (an f5), thus making it a distinct hybrid.  Azure Haze presents a fruity palette of terpenes and an upbeat, long-lasting high that slowly gives way to deep, dreamy relaxation. Its THC content can generally be measured between 18-24%.
B-52indica4.1Relaxed,Happy,Giggly,Focused,UpliftedSweet,Woody,EarthyB-52 is a 75/25 indica-dominant cross between Skunk and Big Bud. This hybrid by Nirvana Seeds is a sweet mix of skunky flavors that have remarkable cerebral effects for a strain that leans towards the indica end of the spectrum. It is a great strain for commercial production but its unique heady effects are enjoyed by connoisseurs and those with an affinity towards the Skunk family tree. A great strain for the relaxing while watching a movie, B-52 will leave you giggling and flying high.
B-Witchedhybrid5Euphoric,Relaxed,Happy,Hungry,SleepyEarthy,Sweet,CitrusB-Witched by Ocean Grown Seeds is a magical cross of arcane genetics. By combining OGS Wizard’s Potion and the famous Witches Weed, a frosted herbaceous phantasm is brought to life, exhibiting notes of grape, forest floor, and grapefruit. Its terpene profile has also been described as “cupcake-ish.” The effects of B-Witched are enthralling, muting stress, anxiety, and nausea with ease. 
B-Witchedhybrid5Euphoric,Relaxed,Happy,Hungry,SleepyEarthy,Sweet,CitrusB-Witched by Ocean Grown Seeds is a magical cross of arcane genetics. By combining OGS Wizard’s Potion and the famous Witches Weed, a frosted herbaceous phantasm is brought to life, exhibiting notes of grape, forest floor, and grapefruit. Its terpene profile has also been described as “cupcake-ish.” The effects of B-Witched are enthralling, muting stress, anxiety, and nausea with ease. 
Bb-Kingindica3.8Sleepy,Happy,Relaxed,Uplifted,CreativeLemon,Earthy,CitrusB.B. King, named in honor of the Blues musician and songwriter, is an indica-dominant strain bred by MTG Seeds that crosses Blackberry Kush and Space Monster. A sweet and earthy flavor ushers in B.B. King’s sedating effects, which lull both body and mind into deep relaxation. If sleep doesn’t hit you first, be prepared to address a ravenous appetite. This indica typically blooms with dark purple-tipped flowers, highlighting its contrasting blanket of white crystal resin.
B4hybrid4.5Happy,Uplifted,Euphoric,Focused,RelaxedSpicy/Herbal,Berry,SkunkB4, bred by MTG Seeds, is a hybrid cannabis strain that descends from Blue Dream and Chemdawg 4. Blissful, lightweight euphoria helps incite happiness and laughter, making this strain a perfect choice for stress and anxiety relief. Green-blue hues peek out from under a silvery coat of crystal trichomes, and its dense bud structure is telling of its OG Kush ancestry. 
Bc-Big-Budhybrid4.5Relaxed,Euphoric,Happy,Creative,SleepyEarthy,Pungent,TropicalA cousin to the indica-dominant Big Bud cannabis strain from Amsterdam, BC Big Bud is a mostly sativa hybrid with potent cerebral effects. This fruity, citrus-smelling strain hailing from British Columbia delivers a balanced combination of indica and sativa sensations as well as relief to pain and nausea. As its name suggests, BC Big Bud plants produce colossal harvests after its 8 to 9 week flowering period that have both growers and consumers swooning.
Bc-Roadkillhybrid4.5Euphoric,Uplifted,Happy,Giggly,RelaxedSkunk,Earthy,WoodyBC Roadkill is another strain that British Columbia is proud to call their own. This top-shelf strain is rumored to be one of the stinkiest out there (though not in the same way that roadkill is). Growers love this strain for its consistent above average yields and 8 week flowering time. The flowers will be large and purple-blue with red hairs, and they typically reek of skunk and citrus. Its musky aroma is due to its BC Roadkill Skunk parent, which was bred with Deep Chunk to create this hybrid. Consumers also flock to scoop up this Roadkill for its strong buzz that is relaxing and trancey without being a complete knockout. Sleep may come easily, but so may euphoria and happy conversation, making this a daytime choice for many treating anxiety and stress.
Bc-Sweet-Toothindica4.3Uplifted,Happy,Relaxed,Sleepy,EuphoricSweet,Honey,Tree,FruitDeveloped in British Columbia by BC Bud Depot, BC Sweet tooth is an indica-dominant hybrid known for its quick flowering time and candy taste.  A hardy plant, this strain can be grown outdoors where it can flower in under 7 weeks, but it prefers the indoors where it may flower as soon as 6 weeks. The result of a cross with earlier generations of BC Sweet Tooth and classic Sweet Tooth, these sugary flowers are sure to satisfy your craving. The crystalline buds have a strong, sweet smell with a hint of citrus, and users report that this treat satisfies with a long-lasting, potent feeling that hits fast.
Bcn-Dieselhybrid5Sleepy,Focused,Happy,HungryNoneBCN Diesel by Kannabia Seed Company is a pungent hybrid cross of familiar and potent genetics. Created by crossing NYC Diesel and Black Domina, this strain produces dense, bullet-shaped buds that stink of citrus and fuel. It achieves this bud structure and density through the addition of Black Domina while the NYC Diesel contributes to the strain’s heady, energetic buzz. BCN Diesel has a snappy 8 week flower time, but has been known to benefit from an extra week for maximum yield and potency. 
Bog-Bubblehybrid4.4Uplifted,Happy,Relaxed,Creative,HungryFlowery,Berry,EarthyBOG Bubble is an indica-dominant hybrid bred by B.O.G. Seeds. These frosty, sticky buds offer a sweet, bubblegum aroma and deliver long-lasting, uplifting effects. Grows are successful indoor or outdoor, flowering between 45 and 50 days.
Bschybrid4.5Relaxed,Happy,Hungry,Euphoric,GigglyEarthy,Pungent,SweetBSC is a hybrid cannabis strain that follows in the footsteps of its Girl Scout Cookies parent, but named for the youthful scouting group's male equivalant. With potent effects that hug the mind and body in tranquil euphoria BSC introduces deep, heavy relaxation throughout the body, but not before making your head reel with calm and happy thoughts. The cerebral buzz tapers down into a foggy daze that helps you abandon worries and slide into a low-key afternoon or a restful night’s sleep. Putting your nose in a jar of BSC isn’t altogether unlike stealing a smell from the cookie jar in your kitchen as sweet, earthy aromas burst forth with subtle notes of woody pine.
Bad-Azz-Kushhybrid5NoneBad Azz Kush by Barney’s Farm was created with the help of rapper Bad Azz of Dogg Pound Gangsta Crips. While the full story remains untold, Bad Azz contributed to this new Kush cut that brings traditional OG elements to the table while elevating yield and flavor. Bad Azz Kush is known to express hash and berry aromas with an earthy, spicy flavor on the palate. It is a cross of OG Kush, Purple Urkle, and Afghan Kush. This strain’s weighted physical effects and carefree euphoria make it a perfect end of the day smoke. 
Bakerstreetindica3.7Euphoric,Relaxed,Giggly,Happy,SleepyEarthy,Diesel,SweetBakerstreet is a variety of Hindu Kush grown by Canadian LP Tweed. It is a pure indica with origins in the Hindu Kush mountain range. The subtle sweet and earthy sandalwood aroma of Bakerstreet induces a deep sense of calm that helps bring relief to those suffering pain, nausea, and stress disorders. Its heavy body effects make it a top strain to help you relax and unwind at the end of a long day. 
Balmoralhybrid4.2Relaxed,Happy,Uplifted,Focused,TalkativeEarthy,Cheese,PineBalmoral is a variety of UK Cheese grown by Canadian LP Tweed, Inc. It carries the classic skunky blue cheese aroma that has given the Cheese strains their global reputation. The relaxing yet balanced effects of Balmoral help keep nausea and pain at bay while keeping stress and anxiety to minimum.
Banana-Cream-Oghybrid4.8Relaxed,Creative,Tingly,Uplifted,FocusedMinty,Mint,PineBanana Cream OG is grown by Vagrant Hill Farms of Forest Grove, Oregon. This strain is a hybrid cross of Blue Dream, Banana OG, and Ocean Beach OG. It emits strong notes of orange and spearmint, and expresses tight lime green buds. Not much more is known about this strain other than its heavy, OG-forward effects that lay into the body and gain weight with continued consumption.
Banana-Dieselhybrid4.4Happy,Uplifted,Euphoric,Relaxed,GigglyDiesel,Earthy,SkunkBanana Diesel balances the polar effects of its parent strains, Banana Kush and Super Sour Diesel. A slightly energizing kick followed by intense focus makes this a perfect strain for daytime consumption with effects that steer clear of undesirable lethargy. These thick, pale green buds reek a sweet, fruity aroma and preface the tangy taste to come. Banana Diesel is a potent appetite stimulant and stress combatant, suitable for either weight or mood disorders.
Banana-Kushhybrid4.3Happy,Relaxed,Euphoric,Uplifted,TalkativeSweet,Tropical,Tree,FruitThis legendary West Coast strain crosses Ghost OG and Skunk Haze to create an indica-dominant hybrid that tastes and smells like a bushel of fresh bananas. Although it leans towards an indica genetically, the effects are balanced by the Haze’s mellow sativa buzz that provides a relaxed sense of euphoria. A great choice when dealing with stress or depression, Banana Kush also helps stimulate your creative juices and can help you remain talkative in social settings.
Banana-Oghybrid4.4Relaxed,Happy,Hungry,Euphoric,SleepyTropical,Earthy,SweetBanana OG is an indica-dominant cross between OG Kush and Banana. With a smell and flavor of overripe bananas, this hybrid definitely earns its name. Banana OG has tested at over 25% THC and has a reputation as a “creeper,” leaving those who over-imbibe in a near comatose state before intense hunger and sleepiness sets in. Patients treating muscular pain, loss of appetite, and insomnia may benefit from Banana OG.
Banana-Peelhybrid4.7Relaxed,Euphoric,Uplifted,Happy,SleepySpicy/Herbal,Tropical,EarthyBanana Peel is a hybrid cannabis strain bred by Illuminati Seeds that descends from Banana OG (Laffy Taffy cut) and Pestilence, an Abusive OG and West Coast Dawg cross. Together, these parent strains bring both flavor and potency to the mix. With sweet flavors of banana taffy, Banana Peel delivers a crushing wave of euphoria that will have you hitting the couch like bricks. 
Bananashybrid4.5Relaxed,Energetic,Happy,Uplifted,FocusedTropical,Grape,VanillaBananas from Leafs by Snoop is an indica-dominant hybrid strain offered in concentrate form. This shatter intends to capture sweet tropical flavors of fruit and banana, and offers energizing cerebral effects to fuel creativity. This strain is high in THC with a potency that’s said to stretch to 22%.
Bandanahybrid4.2Euphoric,Happy,Relaxed,Talkative,CreativeEarthy,Pungent,WoodyBandana is a hybrid strain that combines Banana OG and 707 Headband, inheriting from its parents a sweet banana aroma and the buzzing cerebral sensation that first lent Headband its name. On the exhale, Bandana unleashes its fruity flavor over subtle earthy and sour notes. Powerful, heady euphoria awakens blissful relaxation in the mind while leaving the body feeling light and free of couchlocked sedation. It should be noted that AlphaKronik Genes bred a 70% sativa variation of Bandana that combines 707 Headband with a backcrossed Snowdawg.
Bangi-Hazesativa0Aroused,Uplifted,Euphoric,HungryBerry,Tree,Fruit,CheeseBangi Haze by Ace Seeds is an energetic sativa with old world genetics. An F8 stabilized cross of Congolese and Nepalese, these resilient landrace genetics give the strain strong resistance to both mold and cold climates, which make it a suitable choice for outdoor growers. This stimulating flower emits an intoxicating floral aroma with pronounced notes of lemon and anise. Utilize Bangi Haze to stimulate the body and promote activity. 
Bangohybrid4.7Uplifted,Creative,Energetic,Euphoric,FocusedLime,Earthy,PungentBango is a hybrid strain with a rich terpene profile and tropical flavors worth sharing. This hybrid is a combination of White Fire Alien OG and Mango Kush, exhibiting subtle hints of each on the nose and palate. With sweet, fruity flavors of mango, banana, and pine, and an aroma with sweet floral notes and citrus peel, Bango offers an enchanting bouquet that will linger in the air. Bango’s effects are equal parts cerebral and stimulating, and is certain to get you talking. This strain is preferred for mood elevation, appetite stimulation, and nullifying depression. 
Barbara-Budindica3.6Relaxed,Euphoric,Happy,Hungry,UpliftedCitrus,Earthy,MangoBarbara Bud is powerful indica cross between Shishkaberry and Afghani that eliminates symptoms without too much mental cloudiness. It has a fruity, citrus aroma with sweet undertones of bubblegum, and many patients have found Barbara Bud to help with pain, stress, and muscle spasms.
Batgirlhybrid5Euphoric,RelaxedNoneBatgirl is a sativa-dominant hybrid with beautiful effects. This Jack’s Cleaner and Blueberry cross brings out a unique and pleasant aroma of sweet berry and spicy chemicals. The strain’s hybrid effects express themselves as a heady euphoria that uplifts the mind while gently coating the body in calming haze. Weight can be felt on the eyelids as Batgirl circulates a warm, calming sensation through the body, making this strain ideal for consumers looking to shrug off stress and fatigue while improving mood.
Batman-Ogindica4.4Sleepy,Hungry,Happy,Relaxed,GigglySkunk,Pungent,SweetBatman OG, named for the Caped Crusader of the DC Universe, is a potent indica that hits the body like POW! This knockout strain binds the consumer to the couch and offers relaxing physical effects that are calming and sedative. Batman OG has deep earthy notes intermixed with scents of skunk and pine. It combats insomnia, stress, and chronic pain so well, it will have you saying, “Holy indica, Batman!”  
Bay-11sativa4.5Happy,Relaxed,Uplifted,Energetic,CreativeSweet,Earthy,CitrusBay 11, bred by Grand Daddy Purp, is a potent sativa strain with unspecified genetics. Its dense, pale buds are coated in amber resin with a sweet, fruity aroma that initiates immediate relaxation. A favorite strain for patients needing daytime relief, Bay 11 eases pain while boosting appetite. Bay 11 has a 67 day flowering period indoors, and outdoor gardens will be ready for harvest near the end of October.
Bay-Dreamsativa4.3Relaxed,Happy,Euphoric,Uplifted,FocusedCitrus,Earthy,SweetGranddaddy Purp’s Bay Dream is a dreamy sativa cross between the esteemed Blue Dream and Bay 11. Blue Dream passes on a subtle pine aroma coupled with sweet lemon. Patients needing an appetite boost tend to find relief in Bay Dream, and its cerebrally-focused euphoria provides a steady buzz that begins to feel intoxicating with increased doses. The effects are fast-paced and active, so Bay Dream may not be the best choice for anxiety-prone consumers. Bay Dream’s heavy yields make this sativa a favorite among growers, who wait 9 to 10 weeks for it to flower indoors. Outdoor plants sown at the beginning of June will finish flowering near the end of October with heights that stretch as tall as 10 feet.
Bear-Dancehybrid4.8Uplifted,Euphoric,Giggly,Happy,EnergeticEarthy,Minty,SweetBear Dance is a sativa-dominant hybrid created by 303 Seeds. A cross between a Humboldt Snowcap mother (Humboldt Snow x Haze) and a Pure Kush x Uzbeki Hashplant father, this strain delivers a truly funky aroma and flavor that is dominated by lemon zest and herbal undertones. Bear Dance has a tendency to significantly stretch over its 9-11 week flowering period, so make sure you’ve got the canopy space. 
Beast-Mode-20indica4.5Relaxed,Sleepy,Tingly,Happy,EuphoricEarthy,Woody,BerryBeast Mode 2.0, also known as BlueFire OG, is an indica-dominant hybrid of Master Kush and White Fire OG. It is a proprietary strain distributed by Green Umbrella in Seattle, and bred by Grass Roots Pharm. The strain was developed on the heels of Green Umbrella's other successful proprietary strain, Beast Mode OG. After another successful season for both Beast Mode OG and Seattle’s infamous running back, Grass Roots Pharm and Green Umbrella collaborated to bring Beast Mode 2.0 to the medical market, with plans to make it available for recreational consumption later this summer. Beast Mode 2.0 has a sweet mix of earthy berry and piney Kush flavors and has tested as high as 23% total cannabinoids by Steep Hill Lab. The effects of this hybrid are steered by the heavy indica properties that medical patients seek when fighting chronic pain, sleeplessness, or a lack of appetite. 
Beast-Mode-Oghybrid4.4Relaxed,Euphoric,Uplifted,Talkative,HappyPine,Apricot,EarthyBeast Mode OG is a proprietary strain of cannabis distributed by Green Umbrella, a Seattle-based delivery service. When the grower, Zion Gardens, first received the strain they believed it was a Girl Scout Cookies cut, but after growing it out it became apparent that this strain was either an exceptional phenotype of OG Kush or it was an OG-dominant hybrid of some kind. The strain was dubbed Beast Mode OG after tasting and testing showed that the potent effects induced a powerful punch similar to the running style of NFL Running Back Marshawn Lynch, nicknamed Beast Mode. The popularity of the strain was amplified to celebrity status as Seattle’s football team claimed its first championship following the 2013 season. The strain itself stays true to OG genetics with a pungent, piney Kush aroma that provides a balance between indica and sativa effects. Beast Mode OG is a great mood elevator and serves as a great answer to stress and body pain.
Bedford-Gluehybrid5Happy,Uplifted,Euphoric,Giggly,RelaxedPepper,Pine,SageBedford Glue is a Midwest twist on one of the cannabis industry’s rising stars. This strain was created by combining Gorilla Glue #1 with Highwayman, lending a stimulating alertness to Gorilla Glue #1’s robust potency. It has a forest-like aroma with notes of pine, pepper, and herbs. Bedford Glue is generally a heady strain with mild body effects, making it an suitable hybrid for consumers seeking a THC content above 20% without overly debilitating effects.  
Bedicaindica4.3Relaxed,Sleepy,Hungry,Focused,EuphoricPungent,Cheese,WoodyBedica is a strain produced by Canadian LP Bedrocan. It is a heavy indica with an average THC content of around 14%. The high levels of the terpene myrcene found in Bedica are known to produce a sedating, calming effect perfect for those looking for stress relief or a good night’s sleep.
Bediolsativa4.7Relaxed,Talkative,Happy,Focused,UpliftedMango,Citrus,LemonBediol by Canadian LP Bedrocan is a sativa-dominant strain with a balanced cannabinoid profile of 6.5% THC and 8% CBD. This almost even split caters to a variety of patient needs, including relief of pain, inflammation, anxiety, and nausea. Due to its heightened levels of CBD, Bediol provides a subdued high that is less euphoric and more relaxing. Still, those sensitive to THC should mind their dose. 
Bell-Ringerindica5Relaxed,Sleepy,Euphoric,Hungry,HappySweet,Citrus,PungentBell Ringer by Khush Kush is a heavyweight indica with a complex terpene profile. Khush Kush’s renowned one-two punch Bell Ringer is a combination of Hindu Skunk and Stardawg mixed with the original heavyweight, Pre-98 Bubba Kush. In true indica fashion, Bell Ringer will stimulate your appetite and knock you out. The effects are weighted and euphoric, relieving physical pain while saddling the consumer with the aforementioned “muchy mania.” Enjoy Bell Ringer and its acrid, astringent, petrol aroma later in the day to maximize the strain’s sedative qualities.
Belladonnahybrid4Happy,Sleepy,Giggly,Euphoric,UpliftedPeach,Earthy,ButterBelladonna is a mostly sativa strain that also carries good indica characteristics making for a very nice hybrid.  A faster flowering time than typical sativa strains makes Belladonna a favorite among growers.  With a fruity smell and a trippy high Paradise Seeds has bred a winner.
Berkeleysativa4.3Talkative,Happy,Uplifted,Energetic,FocusedCitrus,Sweet,PungentBerkeley is rumored to be the super-potent botany project of a student at the prestigious California university of the same name. This strain is certainly an overachiever with its extremely high THC content and lightning fast flowering time—as short as 4 weeks! Berkeley is known to give energetic, buzzy effects that are typical of sativas. This strain will stimulate your mind, but beware, it may cause anxiety for some users.
Bermuda-Sourhybrid0NoneNoneBermuda Sour by Deschutes Growery is a hybrid mashup of diametrically opposite strains. It was created by crossing East Coast Sour Diesel and Triangle Kush, and emits a complex bouquet of lemons, diesel, and earth. This strain’s cannabinoid profile contains just over 21% THC as well as touches of terpenes terpinolene, limonene, and ocimene. The overall tone and effects of the strain are uplifting and smooth.    
Berry-Bombhybrid4.2Relaxed,Happy,Euphoric,Tingly,SleepyBerry,Blueberry,FloweryBerry Bomb is a hybrid cross between Blueberry and Bomb #1 that shows off its indica-leaning genetics through powerful sedation. A sweet blueberry and earthy pine flavor launches you into Berry Bomb’s potent full-body effects, which can easily help you transition into a restful night or an afternoon nap. According to its breeders at Bomb Seeds, Berry Bomb sometimes expresses itself in cool hues of blue in lower temperatures. Its flowers explode into growth early on, stretching especially tall in outdoor gardens. Berry Bomb thrives in screen of green (SCROG) setups, and indoor plants finish their flowering in a short 6 to 8 weeks.
Berry-Larryhybrid4.8Relaxed,Uplifted,Creative,Euphoric,TalkativeBerry,Citrus,OrangeBerry Larry by Taste Budz is an indica-leaning phenotype of Lemon Larry OG. This strain produces a laid-back body buzz while still allowing the consumer to get things done. The effects are happy, easy-going, and useful when it comes to tempering inflammation, mood, and stress. Like other members of the OG family, this strain has a sweet, piney aroma with a tart berry flavor unique to this phenotype. Berry Larry’s buds express touches of dark, colorful foliage, giving the strain an alluring appearance.  
Berry-Noirindica4.4Relaxed,Euphoric,Sleepy,Happy,HungryBerry,Earthy,SweetBerry Noir is an indica strain that competed in the 2014 L.A. Cannabis Cup.
Berry-Oghybrid4.3Happy,Relaxed,Uplifted,Euphoric,SleepyBerry,Blueberry,EarthyBerry OG is an indica-dominant hybrid cross between OG Kush and Blueberry.
Berry-Whiteindica4.4Relaxed,Euphoric,Happy,Uplifted,SleepyBerry,Sweet,BlueberryBerry White is a hybrid strain that is the offspring of parents of near-celebrity status in the cannabis world: Blueberry and White Widow. Berry is famous in its own right for its even, balanced effects that offer relaxation from stress and anxiety along with a sense of euphoria. This strain is perfect for inspiring an upbeat mood and may lead to conversation and creative pursuits. This plant’s flowers have a light sour berry and pine smell and a fresh taste similar to their scent. They generally have a strong blue coloring contrasted by orange hairs.
Berts-Cookie-Doughhybrid5Uplifted,Energetic,Happy,HungryNoneBert’s Cookie Dough by Los Angeles Kush is a heavy Cookies phenotype crossed with the renowned West Coast mainstay, OGKB. This hybrid was crafted by none other than Bert Baccarat for LAK and thus, the namesake. It offers a classic Cookies bouquet of pungent earth and doughy sweetness overlaid with notes of pine. The effects are heavy, weighing consumers to the couch while the warm body effects help alleviate stress, minor pain relief, and insomnia. 
Bertberry-Cheesecakesativa5Uplifted,Creative,Euphoric,Focused,EnergeticCheese,Berry,Tree,FruitBertberry Cheesecake by Bert Baccarat is a bright sativa-dominant cross of Alien Moonshine and UK Cheese. This strain’s terpene profile is rich with sweet citrus, and its buds are bulbous, bright green, and tangled in orange hairs. Bertberry Cheesecake is both mentally and physically stimulating, offering creativity and strong euphoria. But mind your dosage, as  Bertberry Cheesecake has been known to overstimulate consumers prone to anxiety.  
Bettie-Pagehybrid4.2Creative,Uplifted,Energetic,Euphoric,RelaxedEarthy,Sweet,Blue,CheeseBettie Page, grown by Liberty Reach Farms in Washington, is a perfectly balanced 50/50 hybrid cannabis strain. This high-THC strain provides mellow euphoria that focuses itself in the cerebral space, encouraging energy rather than lethargy. 
Biancahybrid4.2Relaxed,Sleepy,Euphoric,Focused,CreativeEarthy,Woody,Spicy/HerbalBianca is a three-way indica-dominant hybrid that brings classic genetics and flavors together. This strain was created by blending a White Widow and Afghan cross with the Empress phenotype White Queen. It grows squat and sturdy plants that produce healthy yields with the proper amount of TLC. Known for its pungent hashy aroma and equal measures of euphoria and sedation, Bianca calms the consumer while enhancing mood, making it good medicine for patients seeking to curb anxiety, body aches, and nausea. 
Biddy-Earlyhybrid4.2Creative,Euphoric,Focused,Uplifted,EnergeticSweet,Flowery,DieselBiddy Early is a 50/50 hybrid strain bred by Magus Genetics through crossing Early Skunk with Warlock. Drawing a connection between the War on Drugs and the era of witch hunts, its breeders named this strain after a 19th century healer accused of witchcraft. This hybrid healer works its medicinal sorcery by delievering a balanced, dreamy experience that envelopes both mind and body with unencumbered relief. With a sweet aroma similar to that of candy, Biddy Early offers satisfying yields of crystal-coated buds meant for harvest in the great outdoors.
Big-Bandhybrid4.6Relaxed,Happy,Euphoric,Hungry,TalkativeSweet,Spicy/Herbal,SageBig Band was created to stabilize the delicious flavor of Bubble Gum with a strong, heavy yielding plant. Chronic, this strain’s second parent, grows massive colas with generous resin production and hybridized sativa effects, making it a natural compliment to Bubble Gum’s indica-dominant qualities. Big Band’s effects are joyful and loud, exhibiting deeply relaxing effects  with an assortment of juicy berries of the palate. 
Big-Bangindica4.1Relaxed,Sleepy,Happy,Euphoric,ArousedSweet,Orange,LemonBig Bang sprang into existence when Green House Seeds combined Skunk, Northern Lights, and El Niño into one indica that packs the power of the cosmos. Sweet apple with accents of rose and violet bring a rich aromatic experience to this 80% indica, whose sedating effects run most popularly with patients treating pain and sleeplessness. Relief expands and spreads throughout the body, calming stress both physical and mental. Big Bang bursts into flowering, finishing in 8 to 9 weeks indoors or around the end of September in outdoor grows.
Big-Budindica3.9Relaxed,Euphoric,Sleepy,Happy,TinglyEarthy,Skunk,FloweryDeveloped in the USA before being brought to the Netherlands in the 1980s to survive the War on Drugs, Big Bud is a legend among growers for its high yields in the garden. Preserved to this day by Dutch breeder Sensi Seeds, this indica produces massive buds with very few leaves, unmatched by any other cannabis variety. With an earthy and spicy aroma, Big Bud delivers deeply relaxing full-body effects true to its indica lineage.
Big-Budda-Cheesehybrid4.2Happy,Relaxed,Euphoric,Uplifted,GigglyCheese,Earthy,FloweryCheese (also called UK Cheese or Exodus Cheese) is a famous clone-only strain that originated in England around 1989, reportedly from a pack of Sensi Seeds’ Skunk #1. An extremely potent and high-yielding plant with a pungent cheese-like odor, it was passed around the underground to various growers and breeders over the years until it became one of the most popular and ubiquitous strains in the UK. Sometime around 2004, the breeder known as “Big Buddha” took this clone and crossed it with a carefully selected Afghani indica to create a seed version of Cheese. Big Buddha Cheese won the High Times 2006 Cannabis Cup in the indica category and went on to become probably the most popular and widely available Cheese hybrid produced in seed form. It is known for its sweet, tropical fruit meets skunky-cheese smell and large yields of high potency flowers.  
Big-Holy-Ninahybrid4Talkative,Uplifted,Euphoric,Happy,RelaxedLime,Lemon,EarthyBig Holy Nina from Colorado Seed Inc. is a sativa-dominant cross of S.A.G.E. and Nina Limone (Super Lemon Haze x Rebel God Smoke). This stout sativa blend is infused with energy and will ignite your appetite and brighten your mind. 
Big-Kushhybrid4.7Uplifted,Relaxed,Euphoric,Creative,FocusedCitrus,Lemon,SkunkBig Kush by Dinafem Seeds is a love letter to growers and Kush connoisseurs alike. By combining the generous genetics of Big Skunk with the ever-popular OG Kush, Dinafem has fashioned a strain that exhibits the balanced and flavorful attributes of OG Kush with the fuel-tinged lemon aroma and yield of their Big Bud/Skunk cross. This autoflowering strain finishes in 8 weeks and requires little manicuring due to the conservative number of fan leaves.   
Big-Macindica5Relaxed,Aroused,Sleepy,Talkative,TinglySweet,Berry,BlueberryBig Mac by Federation Seeds is an indica-dominant strain with unique sativa fan leaves and an accelerated grow cycle. This generous cut of Mikado and BC Big Bud develops quickly indoors, growing upwards of six feet tall over its speedy seven week maturation. The large plant produces a healthy yield of fruity mid-sized buds that reek of berry and citrus peel. Big Mac’s effects elevate the mind and relax the body, offering a creative bent to a satisfying sedation. Enjoy Big Mac to stimulate the mind and the appetite while infusing the limbs with a relaxing weighted warmth.   
Big-Skunk-Koreanhybrid4Talkative,Uplifted,Creative,Energetic,HungryFlowery,SkunkBig Skunk Korean is supposedly a mix of Big Bud, Skunk #1, and Korean genetics originating in the western U.S., possibly Oregon, though it is unclear when it was created and by whom. It was used by SOMA in many of his breeding projects and is listed as a parent strain for Somativa, Kahuna, Lavender and Somango, among others.
Big-Sky-Oghybrid4.7Relaxed,Tingly,Uplifted,Hungry,SleepyPungent,Skunk,DieselBig Sky OG from Elemental Seeds is an indica strain that competed in the 2014 L.A. Cannabis Cup.
Big-Smoothhybrid5Happy,Relaxed,Giggly,Uplifted,ArousedBlueberry,Spicy/Herbal,NuttyBig Smooth by Exotic Genetix is a flavorful cross of OG Blueberry and Cookies and Cream. This indica-leaning hybrid offers a delicious terpene profile that smells sweet and doughy, like blueberry pancakes. Big Smooth grows bushy, medium-tall plants and has a flowering time of 55-66 days. Enjoy Big Smooth for its delicious flavor and euphoric, middleweight sedation. This strain is a seasoned fit for improving moods and tempering minor aches and pains.      
Big-Sur-Holy-Budsativa4Relaxed,Uplifted,Focused,Euphoric,EnergeticEarthy,Menthol,PineBig Sur Holy Bud is a sativa bred by Bodhi Seeds. This plant has an indica structure, with purple/pink hued buds that offer a blueberry, menthol aroma and effects true to its sativa heritage. This strain can be grown indoors and outdoors.
Big-Whiteindica4.2Relaxed,Uplifted,Happy,Sleepy,EuphoricFlowery,Diesel,SweetBig White is an indica-dominant hybrid that combines The White with Big Bud genetics. Bred by La Plata Labs, this strain began as an F1 hybrid created by Eclectic Genetics. La Plata Labs then refined and stabilized the genetics through generations of breeding and phenotype selection. This strain is known to produce large yields of sweet, sugary buds that express themselves in a variety of colors and carry a unique maple syrup flavor.There is another known hybrid by the name of Big White. It is bred by Breeder’s Choice and its lineage is a combination of Power Plant and Chronic genetics.
Big-Wreckindica4.1Relaxed,Tingly,Euphoric,Happy,UpliftedEarthy,Pungent,NuttyBig Wreck is the ndica-dominant cross of Big Bud and Trainwreck. This chunky combination offers functional relaxation with an uplifted mental buzz that some might describe as creative. This strain becomes very sedative with continuous use and may also stimulate your appetite. 
Biker-Leblanchybrid4.5Relaxed,Focused,Energetic,Euphoric,ArousedSpicy/Herbal,Sage,EarthyA sativa-dominant hybrid rarely found nowadays, Biker Le’Blanc is a dense and resinous strain that combines Raskal’s The White with Hell’s Angel OG (Biker Kush cut). Leading with a skunky, earthy aroma typical of OG varieties, Biker Le’Blanc offers heavily relaxing effects that weigh the body down without causing too much cloudiness in the head. Its THC content is known to stretch to 23%, so proceed with caution if you’re sensitive to cannabis’ psychoactive effects.
Bio-Dieselhybrid4.4Euphoric,Happy,Relaxed,Energetic,UpliftedDiesel,Earthy,PungentBio-Diesel is an exceptional cannabis hybrid as evidenced by the 1st place title it earned at 2009’s 2nd Annual Colorado Medical Marijuana Harvest Cup. This four-way cross between Sour Diesel, Sensi Star, Original Diesel, and NYC Diesel excels at delivering both intense and balanced effects: an acute, speedy sativa onset gravitates into numbing relaxation. The hybrid effects make this strain a reliable choice for mental and physical relief alike, so it’s no surprise that Bio-Diesel is cherished by cannabis connoisseurs.
Bio-Jesushybrid4.6Happy,Relaxed,Euphoric,Sleepy,UpliftedEarthy,Chemical,DieselBio-Jesus is an indica-dominant hybrid renowned for its numbing potency and exceptional pain relief application. The strain springs from affluent genetics: its appearance resembles the favorite Ohio-bred indica Gumbo, and its aroma is similar to the Colorado Medical Marijuana Harvest Cup award-winning Bio-Diesel. Thanks to this parentage, Bio-Jesus provides intense body effects and a cerebral haze that promotes nighttime use.
Biochemindica4.4Relaxed,Euphoric,Tingly,Sleepy,HappySpicy/Herbal,Earthy,CheeseBiochem is the sedating cross of Chemdawg 4 and Sensi Star. This indica-dominant strain offers patients a weighted relaxation with a gentle headiness that infuses the body with a soft and soothing haze. Enjoy Biochem in the evening, as its effects naturally sedate. The aroma and taste are rich with notes of fuel, citrus, and herbaceous greenery, while the appearance is bright green with a peppering of purple entangled in orange pistils. 
Birds-Eyesativa5Happy,Uplifted,Energetic,Euphoric,RelaxedBirds Eye is a variety of Jack Herer grown by Canadian LP Tweed, Inc. Its flavors mirror the invigorating mix of sweet citrus and spicy pine that many associate with Jack Herer. Birds Eye produces potent yet balanced effects that ease stress and body pains while allowing consumers to maintain focus and activity. 
Birthday-Cake-Kushhybrid4.5Relaxed,Happy,Euphoric,Uplifted,SleepySweet,Vanilla,LemonBirthday Cake Kush, also known as Wedding Cake or just Birthday Cake, is an indica-dominant hybrid with strong body effects and sweet cake-like flavor. As decadent as its Girl Scout Cookies and Cherry Pie parent strains, Birthday Cake Kush buds bloom with a crystalline icing of THC-rich resin. Like any dessert, Birthday Cake Kush is the perfect way to end your day, with deeply relaxing effects that soothe the body without sedating the mind. This indica is preferred by patients treating pain, anxiety, appetite loss, inflammation, and headaches.
Black-84indica4.5Relaxed,Sleepy,Happy,Hungry,EuphoricPungent,Earthy,GrapeBlack ’84, also known as UW Black ’84, is one of a few elusive strains that managed to escape from the medical cannabis garden at the University of Washington in the early and mid-1980s. Believed to descend from Afghani genetics, Black ‘84’s unknown indica lineage expresses itself as a stout, dark, and bushy plant. The aroma is a complex mix of sweet tropical flavors that blend with a smooth nutty finish. Its powerful, relaxing effects on the body make Black ’84 a great nighttime strain when combatting anxiety, pain, and insomnia.
Black-Afghanindica4.6Relaxed,Sleepy,Hungry,Happy,EuphoricEarthy,Pine,PepperBlack Afghan is a complex indica-dominant strain with euphoric and relaxing effects. The flowers develop as jade, pine tree-shaped colas with dark green, nearly black sugar leaves. Black Afghan’s terpene profile is an aromatic mixture of pepper, earth, and sage smothered in dark berries, alluding to the strain’s cerebral and physical effects. This strain’s heady, uplifted buzz and relaxing, munchie-inducing body effects make it perfect for a lazy afternoon.
Black-Bettyhybrid4.5Euphoric,Relaxed,Happy,Uplifted,EnergeticSweet,Berry,PungentBlack Betty is a long-lasting sativa-dominant hybrid that stems from East Coast Sour Diesel and AK-47 genetics. With a rich but subtle aroma, Black Betty launches you into soaring euphoria that may be considered too lofty for the novice consumer. Though certainly good for a lazy day, Black Betty is known to induce a forgetfulness so fierce that concentration and productivity can seem impossible for some. As a way of enhancing Black Betty’s flavor, others have bred in Cherry AK-47 for its sweet cherry flavor profile. Black Betty offers growers notable yields following her 64-day flowering cycle, with dense buds that are easy to manicure.
Black-Bubbaindica4.5Happy,Relaxed,Sleepy,Tingly,EuphoricEarthy,Flowery,PineBlack Bubba is an indica-dominant cross of Bubba Kush and Black Russian. The resulting buds carry a sweet aroma with subtle fruit notes that produce earthy flavors of hash and pine. The relaxing indica effects calm body pains, stimulate the appetite, and are known to sedate the body into a state of couchlock.
Black-Cherry-Cheesecakehybrid4.5Creative,Relaxed,Euphoric,Hungry,UpliftedBerry,Sweet,CheeseThought to have originated in Southern Oregon from an unknown breeder, Black Cherry Cheesecake is an indica-dominant hybrid that supposedly crosses Black Cherry Soda, Super Silver Haze, and Cheese. These large, pink-tinged purple flowers smell like cherries and sugar, and possess a flavor that is aptly described by the name. Black Cherry Cheesecake leaves users relatively clear-headed while providing strong, sedating body sensations that can make motivation difficult. 
Black-Cherry-Ogindica4.4Relaxed,Uplifted,Happy,Giggly,EuphoricBerry,Sweet,EarthyBlack Cherry OG is an indica strain bred by Grand Daddy Purple that combines Ken’s OG with an unknown Granddaddy Purple hybrid. Dense buds take on an intense purple hue at the end of Black Cherry OG’s maturation and develop a sweet aroma like fruity tea. Relaxing full-body effects take over, ridding you of pain and insomnia while lifting the mood.
Black-Cherry-Piehybrid5Relaxed,Uplifted,Creative,Euphoric,HappyEarthy,Berry,SweetBlack Cherry Pie is a fruity strain with colorful foliage. Created by Green Mountain Collective, this strain is the genetic offspring of Blackberry Kush and Cherry Pie. These genetics are exhibited in the deep purple hues overlaid by jade green buds with orange hairs, as well as in the pungent woody aroma smeared with tart blackberry. Black Cherry Pie’s physical effects soothe nausea and minor aches and pains while keeping the mind aloof and creative. Its bright mind and semi-sedative effects make it a natural complement for indoor activities and relaxed evenings.
Black-Cherry-Sodahybrid4.3Relaxed,Happy,Euphoric,Hungry,UpliftedSweet,Berry,EarthyBlack Cherry Soda is a hybrid strain named after its fruity, soda-like taste and unusually dark purple color. This strain has spawned other favorites like Black Dahlia and Ace of Spades, and despite its intensely indica appearance, its effects reach the mind and body in a balance more characteristic of sativa strains. Black Cherry Soda is a potent medicine that hits without heavy sedation, making it popular among patients treating severe symptoms throughout the day.
Black-Dhaliahybrid4Relaxed,Happy,Sleepy,Euphoric,TinglySweet,Earthy,Spicy/HerbalOne of the lesser-known strains, this hybrid is a purported cross between Black Cherry Soda and Querkle. The flowers have purple-red coloration and are often sticky to the touch thanks to heavy trichome production. Black Dahlia leans toward its indica genetics and delivers strong body effects suitable for insomnia and pain relief. 
Black-Diamondindica4.4Relaxed,Happy,Euphoric,Uplifted,HungryEarthy,Woody,BerryBlack Diamond is a Northern California strain ideal for patients who need strong medication but still want to be active and sociable. A cross between Blackberry and Diamond OG, its flowers have a glittery trichome covering and purple coloring that make it a beautiful gem to look at. The strain’s aroma is musky and earthy, almost like a deep red wine. Black Diamond is known to cause fits of giggles and is a great strain for hanging out with friends or catching up on TV shows at home. This strain tends to make consumers extremely hungry, making it a good choice for those looking to increase their appetite (just make sure you have some snacks on hand).
Black-Dieselsativa4.1Relaxed,Happy,Hungry,Talkative,EuphoricDiesel,Pungent,EarthyThis infamous sativa strain is the proud winner of multiple Cannabis Cups, solidifying its regal position within the cannabis world. Bred using the genetics of NYC Diesel, Black Diesel’s dense purple flowers have not only an impressive appearance, but also an intense, favorable pungence with sour and fruity undertones. Bred by Advanced Seeds, this plant struggles with mold resistance but compensates with a high yield and THC content. Although Black Diesel produces some traditionally indica effects, patients often find this strain to be well-balanced, beginning with an intense sativa onset followed by a heavy-lidded indica lull.
Black-Dominaindica4.2Relaxed,Euphoric,Happy,Sleepy,UpliftedPepper,Pine,WoodyWorking with four prime examples of Cannabis Afghanica led Sensi Seeds to blend the world's finest indica genetics into a rapid-flowering, crystal-coated hybrid: Black Domina. Combining desirable features from the Northern Lights, Ortega, Hash Plant, and Afghani SA has made this strain equally suited to the needs of commercial growers, connoisseurs, and first-time cultivators. Black Domina delivers a spicy pepper aroma alongside overwhelming relaxation and sleepiness, making this strain ideal for late night use.
Black-Hazehybrid4.4Relaxed,Euphoric,Happy,Uplifted,FocusedEarthy,Pine,FloweryBlack Haze is a sativa-dominant hybrid that blends Colombian Black, Colombian Gold, and Purple Haze. It is known for its deep purple buds that are so dark they appear almost black. Black Haze has an earthy flavor profile, highlighted by woody notes and complemented with sweet hints of berries and cherries. The effects of Black Haze are relaxing with an elevated mood perfect for unwinding and won’t stop you from staying active.
Black-Iceindica4.1Relaxed,Sleepy,Happy,Hungry,TinglyEarthy,Citrus,SweetA cross between hybrids Black Domina and White Widow, Black Ice is an indica-dominant hybrid that is a reliable sedative. Although this flower has a pleasant aroma, its potency sets it apart from the rest. A product of Moon Seeds, Black Ice offers a high yield with an impressive THC content of up to 24%, making this strain optimal for pain and insomnia relief.
Black-Jackhybrid4.4Relaxed,Happy,Euphoric,Uplifted,TalkativeEarthy,Sweet,PineBlack Jack is a marijuana strain that produces hard buds with huge, grape-like calyxes that are completely encrusted with THC. The taste is heavy and flavorful and the strain produces exceptionally long-lasting effects. Because of its high THC levels, Black Jack is popular among medical marijuana patients.
Black-Label-Kushindica4.1Euphoric,Relaxed,Sleepy,Uplifted,FocusedWoody,Berry,EarthyThis lesser-known strain is a classic indica that provides patients with reliable and lengthy pain and stress relief. The effects transition from light and floaty to the heavy sedation typical of indica plants. Black Label Kush has a strong pungence bordering on the harsh side, but provides a rich medicating experience.
Black-Larry-Birdindica4Tingly,Uplifted,Creative,Euphoric,FocusedNoneBlack Larry Bird by Mr. Mack’s Snacks is a special cross of Mr. Mack's Black Domina and the powerhouse, Gelato #33. This strain hits with an intensely heady buzz on the onset that smooths out into a deep, relaxing body high. If you have plans or things to do, this strain is not for you. The comfortable couchlock is a great option for gamers, cinephiles, and patients suffering from insomnia, lack of appetite, and anxiety.  
Black-Lime-Special-Reserveindica4.5Relaxed,Happy,Euphoric,Tingly,SleepyLime,Pepper,CitrusFrom Aficionado Seeds comes Black Lime Special Reserve, an indica strain that descends from Woodman Canyon Oil Can, Lime Afghani, Northern Lights, Purple Kush, and Chemdawg Special Reserve. Flavors of pine, lemon, and black pepper are ushered in alongside uplifting euphoria, leaving you feeling tingly and relaxed.
Black-Magichybrid4Happy,Relaxed,Uplifted,EuphoricEarthyBlack Magic by Andromeda Strains is a deep, dark cannabis variety with exclusive genetics. Created from Melvanetics’ own Buckeye Purple and Andromeda’s Cherry Sauce, Black Magic combines top-shelf phenotypes to create a unique strain with an equally unique look. One of the growers at Andromeda Strains noted that Black Magic was created by crossing their two darkest plants, producing the darkest strain they’ve ever seen. Expressing intoxicating pungent and sweet aromas, Black Magic is not a strain to miss.  
Black-Magic-Kushindica4.2Happy,Relaxed,Sleepy,Hungry,TalkativeEarthy,Berry,WoodyBlack Magic Kush (also known simply as Black Magic) is an indica-dominant strain with mysterious and arcane genetics. With jade green foliage and bright orange pistils, Black Magic Kush looks nearly as good as it tastes. Exhibiting a terpene profile soaked in sweetness, berry, and herbaceous overtones, Black Magic Kush delivers a pleasurable variety of flavors, aromas, and effects that help nullify stress and encourage rest. Utilize this strain at the end of the day to make the most of its sleep-inducing qualities.     
Black-Mambaindica4.6Happy,Relaxed,Euphoric,Uplifted,TalkativeSweet,Grape,WoodyBlack Mamba is named after the deadly African snake (or perhaps the vengeful bride from the movie Kill Bill), so it’s no surprise that this strain is known for being strong (it might just knock less experienced users into nap time). The genetics of this strain are unknown, but its characteristics seem to support the theory that it is a descendent of Granddaddy Purple and maybe Black Domina. These plants produce dark green to purple leaves, but it’s the flowers that appear after about 8 weeks that really give a hint to its supposed heritage. Dark green and dense, these hard nugs have a strong perfumey aroma and a distinctly sweet grape taste that is reminiscent of GDP. Many users report an upbeat feeling that mellows into a state of deep relaxation. Touted for its long-lasting effects, this Black Mamba is one to curl up with, not run away from.
Black-Rosesindica4Relaxed,Sleepy,Uplifted,Euphoric,FocusedNoneBlack Roses by Red Dirt Ridge Genetics is a heavy, one-hitter-quitter indica designed for the seasoned cannabis consumer. This cross of Grand Reserve Headband and Early Girl reeks of sweet citrus and funky fuel, intoxicating the sense even before combustion. Its effects lay into the body, evaporating stress from the mind while cementing the consumer to the couch. This heavy indica is a perfect end-of-the-day strain to wash away stress and worries or to frontload sleep with sedative cannabinoids.
Black-Russianindica4.3Relaxed,Sleepy,Uplifted,Happy,HungryCitrus,Berry,EarthyBlack Russian is an 80/20 indica-dominant strain bred by Delicious Seeds, who created this strain by crossing a Black Domina mother with White Russian. Notes of mango and citrus collide with lemon candy to create a medley of sweet tropical aromas that burst from Black Russian’s compact buds. This indica is known for her potency and endurance, making Black Russian the perfect choice for either patients seeking long-lasting symptom relief or anyone in need of deep relaxation of both mind and body.
Black-Tunahybrid4.5Relaxed,Happy,Sleepy,Euphoric,HungryEarthy,Woody,SkunkBlack Tuna is a British Columbian strain created by 5 Star Organic to give patients a potent punch of THC that is ideal for chronic pain relief. This Herijuana and Lamb's Bread cross has gained quite a bit of fame in Canada for both its strong narcotic effect and its whimsical marketing—prepackaged meds were sold in sealed tuna cans. Flowers will be compact, trichome-covered and have a strong smell. Black Tuna doesn’t smell quite like fish, however; the strain’s name comes from the Black Tuna Gang that was famous for smuggling Colombian marijuana into the United States in the 1970s. Given its potency and high THC, this strain may be too much for novice or moderate consumers.
Black-Velvethybrid3.9Sleepy,Happy,Hungry,Relaxed,EuphoricSweet,Flowery,CitrusThis 50/50 hybrid strain is a cross of The Black and Burmese Kush that yields a potent flower with both cerebral and physical effects. The flower gets its density and purple-black hue from its Black indica parent but takes on a fruity, citrus aroma thanks to the Burmese sativa. With its high THC levels, Black Velvet is optimal for intermediate to experienced patients and is favored for its well-balanced effects.
Black-Widowhybrid4.1Happy,Relaxed,Euphoric,Sleepy,UpliftedEarthy,Sweet,PungentOriginally created by legendary breeder Shantibaba when he was co-owner of Green House Seeds, Black Widow was then known as White Widow. When Shantibaba left GHS and found Mr. Nice Seeds, he took the original Brazilian sativa mother and South Indian indica-dominant hybrid father with him to recreate his world renowned White Widow seeds. Because GHS and others were selling seeds with the name White Widow, he changed the name to Black Widow to create a distinction between them. Black Widow is now considered by many to be the only “true” White Widow available in seed form, as Mr. Nice is the lone seed breeder to possess the original parental genetics.
Blackberryhybrid4.2Relaxed,Euphoric,Happy,Uplifted,SleepyBerry,Sweet,EarthyBlackberry is a popular strain known for its balance of an active sativa buzz and the high yields of plants due to its indica side. It was bred in 2009 by Dutch company Nirvana Seeds as a cross between a Black Domina clone from the U.S and their own Raspberry Cough. Flowering happens between 9 and 11 weeks and plants will have a tight leaf structure and frosty buds. Indoor growing is recommended, but be warned, Blackberry plants are pungent. This strain has strong smoke that can have a fuel smell, but it is dominantly fruity.
Blackberry-Bubbleindica4.7Relaxed,Happy,Euphoric,Uplifted,CreativeBerry,Blueberry,SkunkBlackberry Bubble is exclusively produced by Arizona Natural Selections, and is the delectable cross of Sour Bubble and Blackberry Kush. This 80/20 indica-dominant strain offers pain relief and mental ease without anchoring the consumer to the couch. Though, with continued use, this strain can be quite sedative. Expect flavors of bubble gum and blackberry, and a euphoric mental state that lingers.
Blackberry-Chem-Oghybrid4.3Talkative,Creative,Focused,Relaxed,EuphoricBerry,ChemicalBlackberry Chem OG is a hybrid strain that combines the fruity, mid-level sedation of Blackberry with the gently stimulating but overall subdued Chemdawg. This strain’s unique aroma of tart chemicals and sweet fruit makes it a favorite for consumers with diverse palates. The effects are moderate on the physical and mental front, showing up as a warm haze in the mind and lightness in the body. Blackberry Chem OG lends itself to curbing minor physical discomfort and numbing the mind to repetitive tasks.  
Blackberry-Creamindica4.8Relaxed,Happy,Uplifted,Sleepy,EuphoricBerry,Sweet,VanillaBlackberry Cream from Exotic Genetix combines the sweet berry terpenes of Blackberry Kush with the smooth creamy notes of Cookies and Cream. This 70% indica hybrid produces THC levels up to 25%, above average yields, and is an excellent choice for hash making.
Blackberry-Dieselsativa4.1Happy,Energetic,Relaxed,Euphoric,TalkativeDiesel,Spicy/Herbal,PungentBlackberry Diesel is an 80/20 sativa-dominant cross between East Coast Sour Diesel and Plushberry. This sativa mainly takes after its Sour Diesel parent, inheriting that signature fuel aroma and potently blissful cerebral effects. Its tangy flavor is sweetened by the ripe berry flavors of its Plushberry parent. Tinted with lavender and purple hues, Blackberry Diesel is almost as pleasant to the eyes as it is to the nose.
Blackberry-Dreamhybrid4.2Happy,Energetic,Uplifted,Relaxed,TalkativeSpicy/Herbal,Sweet,GrapefruitBlackberry Dream y Elev8 Seeds is a fruity hybrid cross that might surprise you. Not to be confused with the many Blue Dream “Dream” crosses out there, Blackberry Dream is the offspring of Kimbo Kush and Super Silver Haze. This generous plant produces a massive yield of glittering emerald-colored buds that reek of jam and spice. The strain flowers over 9-10 weeks and generally benefits from a little extra time on the stalk. Mind your dosage while enjoying this strain. The hybrid genetics begin with a heady sativa-dominant bent, but can get heavier on the body with continued consumption.  
Blackberry-Firehybrid5Creative,HappySweet,Berry,BlueberryBlackberry Fire by Purple Caper Seeds is a fuel-flavored cross of Blackberry Kush and Fire Lady. This strain was awarded 2nd place at the 2016 HempCon Cup Awards. Its terpene profile is less berry and more gas, offering sour, chemically sweetness with hints of fruit throughout. This strain’s long-lasting buzz lends itself to consumers seeking resilient physical effects.  
Blackberry-Hashplantindica3.7Euphoric,Sleepy,Uplifted,Energetic,HappyBerry,Sweet,EarthyBlackberry Hashplant is an indica strain that’s a harmony of Blackberry Kush and Hashplant Haze. It delivers well-balanced (although not long-lasting) effects whose potency varies among consumers. Blackberry Hashplant’s light green flowers are on the smaller side, with a dry, earthy aroma. This plant’s versatility makes it an excellent candidate for a variety of cerebral and physical medical purposes depending upon the patient’s ailments and response.
Blackberry-Hazesativa4.5Happy,Relaxed,Uplifted,Hungry,FocusedBerry,Sweet,Spicy/HerbalBlackberry Haze, developed by Nebu Hybridz, is a sativa-dominant hybrid cross between Blackberry and Lime Haze. Unlike its sibling strain Blackberry Lime Haze, this phenotype takes after its Blackberry parent with twisting purple calyxes and a sweet berry aroma. Notes of violet, spice, and cocoa can also be detected in this sativa's frost-covered buds. For those days when productivity is paramount, Blackberry Haze offers clear, unencumbered relief that will typically leave your motivation in tact.
Blackberry-Kushindica4.3Relaxed,Sleepy,Happy,Euphoric,HungryBerry,Sweet,EarthyThis mostly indica strain is a mix of Afghani and Blackberry strains and has beautiful dark purple buds with orange hairs. Plants will flower at 7-8 weeks and are not particularly high yielders, but the dense, hard nugs have crystals throughout. Blackberry Kush tends to have a hashy, jet fuel smell and taste that is balanced by sweet berries. Blackberry Kush is often recommended for the treatment of pain thanks to its strong indica body effects. 
Blackberry-Lime-Hazesativa4.7Happy,Uplifted,Euphoric,Talkative,FocusedBerry,Sweet,LimeBlackberry Lime Haze is a 90% sativa cross between Blackberry and Lime Haze that induces high-energy, clear-headed effects. Sweet lime and peppery spice overlay a subtle mix of honey, berry, and floral notes in a show of Blackberry Lime Haze’s rich terpene profile. Functional creativity coupled with a happy mood make this strain conducive to productive afternoons or an active weekend with friends. Blackberry Lime Haze is a potent medicine for a variety of ailments, some of which include depression, headaches, fibromyalgia, spinal cord injury, multiple sclerosis, fatigue, pain, and spasms. Despite its sativa-leaning genetics, Blackberry Lime Haze grows into dense, chunky buds with a heavy coat of crystal trichomes. Though similar to Blackberry Haze, this phenotype leans more toward its Lime Haze parent in appearance and aroma.
Blackberry-Piehybrid4.7Euphoric,Creative,Hungry,Relaxed,HappySweet,Blueberry,BerryBlackberry Pie is a hybrid cross of Jojorizo’s Blackberry Widow and a Crystal Locomotive created by Gage Green Genetics. This hybrid is easy to grow and all phenotypes present the potency and high resin content you would expect given its White Widow and Trainwreck heritage. A beautiful and aromatic plant featuring flowers with deep purple hues and ample trichomes, Blackberry Pie offers a nice blend of heady euphoria with a medicinal body high.
Blackberry-Rhinoindica4.3Relaxed,Happy,Creative,Hungry,SleepyBerry,Sweet,Spicy/HerbalBlackberry Rhino, also called Blackberry White, is a berry-flavored indica strain that combines Blackberry and White Rhino. Sometimes our indicas surprise us with uplifting, clear-headed effects, and you can count Blackberry Rhino among those subtly invigorating strains. Head-to-toe relaxation pours in over time, bringing relief to patients with pain, insomnia, appetite loss, and nausea.
Blackberry-Trainwreckhybrid4.3Relaxed,Euphoric,Happy,Uplifted,EnergeticBerry,Sweet,PungentBlackberry Trainwreck, or Blackberry Wreck, is a hybrid strain parented by two notable varieties, Blackberry Kush and Trainwreck. Led by indica genetics, Blackberry Trainwreck typically grows into chunky, dense conic buds that offer a sweet and earthy mix of berry flavors. Tension and stress melt away from the body on the exhale while the mind elevates to lighthearted positivity.
Blackberry-X-Blueberryindica4.3Relaxed,Happy,Uplifted,Euphoric,CreativeBerry,Earthy,BlueberryThis dense crystal-covered indica strain by LivWell is a mix of Blackberry and DJ Short’s Blueberry. Blackberry x Blueberry tends to have a hashy Afghani aroma and flavor balanced by sweet berries and skunk. Thanks to its strong indica body effects, this strain is often recommended for treatment of pain.
Blackwaterindica4.6Relaxed,Sleepy,Euphoric,Happy,HungryEarthy,Berry,GrapeBlackwater is an indica strain typically bred from Mendo Purps and San Fernando Valley OG Kush. Its round, compact buds take on a deep purple color and a sweet grape aroma that blends with subtle undertones of lemon and pine. What begins as a mellow and euphoric cerebral experience melts down to the rest of the body in a head-to-toe euphoric calm that relieves stress and anxiety. Patients have also reported its success in treating pain, appetite loss, and multiple sclerosis. This strain is recommended for late-night consumption as it can cause mental cloudiness and detract from productivity. Blackwater has a flowering time of 8 to 10 weeks and produces moderate yields in indoor, outdoor, and greenhouse gardens. The 2014 Los Angeles Cannabis Cup awarded Blackwater 3rd place in the indica category.
Blazesativa4.3Euphoric,Energetic,Talkative,Creative,ArousedBlueberry,Sweet,BerryBritish Columbia Seed Company crossed the indica Blueberry with Haze in order to tame this lanky, long-flowering Blaze. This large sativa-dominant plant combines the soaring cerebral high and sweet-spicy smell of Haze, while getting shorter flowering times and a distinct dried-grape aroma from Blueberry. Blaze is closely related to Blueberry Haze and Blue Dream.
Blissful-Wizardhybrid4.8Happy,Talkative,Euphoric,Relaxed,UpliftedEarthy,Vanilla,PungentBlissful Wizard by The Captain’s Connection is a potent hybrid strain that crosses Captain's Cookies and Girl Scout Cookies in a decadent fusion of lemon, lime, and cream flavors. With a soaring THC content that won this strain 1st place in the 2015 SoCal Cannabis Cup as a non-solvent hash, Blissful Wizard is the only healing potion you’ll need to eliminate stubborn aches, pains, nausea, and appetite loss. This flavorful hybrid helps conjure a happy headspace in which life’s stressors are obliterated by a blast of otherworldly euphoria.  
Blizzard-Bushhybrid0NoneNoneBlizzard Bush by Greenpoint Seeds is a resinous hybrid cross of Pura Vida and Stardawg. This beautiful strain’s copious coating of resin gives the plant’s lush foliage a diamond-like shimmer. It offers larger-than-average yields with creamy marshmallow aromas smeared with fuel and, oddly enough, cured meats. Enjoy Blizzard Bush’s mood elevation and stress relief throughout the day to combat lethargy and depression.  
Blob-Oghybrid4.7Euphoric,Talkative,Uplifted,Creative,HappyDiesel,Lemon,ChemicalBlob OG is supposedly a strain that originated in Western Washington. The heavy hitting, body-driven strain incorporates the stimulating mental elements of Diesel crossed against the potent indica-dominant genetics of Pre-99 Chemdawg. This cross offers lightness in the body and a mental edge from the Diesel. Because it can stretch toward 30% THC, sativa-dominant hybrid or not, this much potency will absolutely put the uninitiated consumer down for the count.
Blockheadhybrid4.2Relaxed,Happy,Hungry,Uplifted,EuphoricPungent,Woody,FloweryAn indica-dominant hybrid, Blockhead is not for the inexperienced user. Powerful physical effects typical of indica strains are accompanied by intense psychoactive effects that deem this strain unfit for those who are looking for a lot of social activity. Alternatively, this brown earthy flower is optimal for pain relief and sedative relaxation. For the experienced connoisseur who appreciates and respects power, this robust strain could easily become a favorite.
Bloos-Kloosindica4.6Creative,Relaxed,Happy,Euphoric,FocusedFlowery,Earthy,BerryBloo’s Kloos is a playful indica with a carefree buzz that encourages laughter. This three-way cross of Larry OG, Blueberry, and Northern Lights imbues Bloo's with earthy and fruity terpenes that turn sweet when consumed. Created by Mr. Mack out of Las Vegas, this strain leaves the mind clear and the body free of aches and pains. 
Blood-Orange-Kushindica5Sleepy,Uplifted,Euphoric,Happy,CreativeDiesel,Citrus,OrangeBlood Orange Kush is an indica-dominant cross of, as of now, the unknown or unnamed genetics Aota x Pinecracker and an unnamed OG. This plant has a bushy structure that doesn’t yield much, but the dense, trichome-covered nugs are prized for their bright terpene profile and heavy effects. Blood Orange Kush emits a bouquet of gas and tart citrus that fills the room and coats the palate. Its uplifting mental buzz and relaxing physical effects make Blood Orange Kush a solid option for consumers looking to abate minor pain and elevate mood.  
Bloodhoundhybrid4.2Happy,Relaxed,Focused,Talkative,EuphoricEarthy,Sage,Spicy/HerbalBloodhound is the obscure cross of Huckleberry Hound and Guard Dawg (by RedEyed Genetics). This genetic coupling was motivated by the desire to preserve the beautiful foliage and tartness of Huckleberry Hound while co-opting Guard Dawg’s potency. With a decent yield and THC percentage upwards of 24%, this strain smells of tart fruit intermixed with an earthy chocolate fondue flavor.
Blowfishhybrid4.2Relaxed,Uplifted,Happy,Euphoric,TinglySpicy/Herbal,Pepper,SageBlowfish is an indica-dominant hybrid bred by Dutch Flowers, who crossed a G13 and Oregon Funk hybrid with a G13 and Blue Dot hybrid to create this cannabis strain.
Blucifersativa4.3Happy,Uplifted,Relaxed,Talkative,FocusedBlueberry,Spicy/Herbal,BerryCreated in 2013 by Terraform Genetics who crossed Conspiracy Kush and Blue Dream, Blucifer is a blue-ish purple sativa strain that radiates with the smell of blueberries and cream with a spicy finish. These frosty buds are meant to leave you feeling productive and motivated, making it a perfect choice for inspiring that long-overdue nature walk. Blucifer works well in indoor gardens with minimal direct sunlight, and it should finish flowering in 55 to 60 days.
Blue-Afghaniindica4.4Relaxed,Happy,Euphoric,Uplifted,SleepyBlueberry,Woody,PungentBred by Jordan of the Islands in Canada, Blue Afghani is an indica-dominant strain that combines genetics from Blueberry and Afghani. Its stout plants produce dense, resinous buds that fill your nose with a sweet and spicy berry aroma. Next come the powerful full-body effects that keep you anchored in relaxation while pain, anxiety, and stress float away. 
Blue-Alienindica4.5Relaxed,Happy,Euphoric,Uplifted,HungryBlueberry,Berry,CitrusBlue Alien is a powerful, sweet-smelling indica strain that combines genetics from Blueberry and Alien Kush. Like most Blueberry hybrids, Blue Alien takes on a sweet berry aroma that introduces its dreamy euphoria and full-body calm. Because its effects tend toward the sleepier side of the spectrum, most consumers prefer Blue Alien in the evening and when pursuing a good night’s sleep. 
Blue-Bastardindica3.8Euphoric,Happy,Sleepy,Uplifted,CreativeBerry,PineThe descendant of indicas DJ Short Blueberry and God Bud, in addition to White family lineage, this indica-dominant hybrid is best known for its pungent blueberry aroma. Thanks to its hybrid makeup, the indica physical effects are strong without inducing sedation, making this strain appropriate for day or nighttime use. Best described as relaxing, Blue Bastard may be just the bud to take the edge off.
Blue-Bayousativa2.8Giggly,Uplifted,Creative,Happy,SleepySweetBlue Bayou can only be described as a comprehensive psychoactive experience. A true sativa, this peppy flower is optimal for a variety of cerebral ailments; patients report mood elevation and increased focus in particular. This strain may be suitable for a variety of applications including creative pursuits, focused work, or introspective exploration.
Blue-Bloodindica4.2Relaxed,Sleepy,Hungry,Talkative,FocusedSweet,Blueberry,EarthyBlue Blood from breeder Medicann is an indica-dominant cross of OG Kush and Blueberry. It carries on the potent legacy of OG Kush genetics and adds a sweet berry flavor to the pine and diesel undertones. Some Blue Blood phenotypes have proven to show a tendency towards higher CBD levels which adds to the already relaxing nature of this strain. 
Blue-Boyhybrid4.1Happy,Relaxed,Giggly,Euphoric,ArousedEarthy,Pungent,FloweryBlue Boy is a cross of popular favorites Blue Dream and Northern Lights #5 that will give you anything but the blues. Originally from Washington state, this sativa-dominant hybrid provides focused, cerebral effects that make it a great choice for daytime use. Its plants are bushy and grow large, and the flowers tend to be large and on the looser, leafier side. Blue Boy is a potent strain with THC levels that often test over 20%.
Blue-Buddhaindica4.9Relaxed,Euphoric,Sleepy,Uplifted,HappyBlueberry,Citrus,CheeseBlue Buddha is an indica-dominant strain with heavy body effects. Created by crossing Oregon Blueberry and Buddha’s Sister, this strain’s bouquet is thick with pepper and fruity terpenes. The flavor is delicate with notes of tea and sweet berries, leaving herbaceous sweetness on the palate. Blue Buddha’s effects are initially uplifting and cerebral, but quickly creep onto the body, weighing the consumer to the couch and stoning the mind. This strain caters to consumers seeking to curb ADD, ADHD, and chronic stress, allowing the consumer to forget their problems and mellow out.      
Blue-Champangehybrid4.4Uplifted,Happy,Relaxed,Creative,EuphoricSweet,Blueberry,BerryA descendent of the famous Blue Dream and luxurious hybrid Champagne Kush, Blue Champagne is a gem in its own right. A sativa-dominant hybrid, this active strain is optimal for daytime consumption. Blue Dream delivers dreamy cerebral effects that are mellowed out by Champagne Kush, resulting in a combination that regular consumers find suitable for their needs. The flower has a sweet, fruity aroma and a grassy flavor yielding heavy expansion. On the potent but manageable side, Blue Champagne is a definite candidate for your cannabis arsenal.
Blue-Cheeseindica4.3Relaxed,Happy,Euphoric,Sleepy,HungryBlue,Cheese,Cheese,BlueberryBlue Cheese is an indica cross created by crossing a Blueberry male with an original U.K. Cheese (a Skunk #1 phenotype) female. The sweet and savory smells of berry and blue cheese combine to create a creamy, unique flavor reminiscent of the original Cheese. The heavy indica effects will help you feel relaxed at the end of the day and can provide relief for muscle spasms, pain, and stress.
Blue-Cinexhybrid4.7Focused,Uplifted,Happy,Energetic,SleepyBlueberry,EarthyBlue Cinex is the stimulating love child of Blue Dream and Cinex. This creeper lays into the mind from the first puff and expands outward within 15 minutes after inhalation. Offering longevity and potency, Blue Cinex is a perfect partner for long days on your feet or sustained physical activity. With a haziness that fills the mind and a physical stimulation that will get you talking, this strain will work as hard as you do. 
Blue-Cookieshybrid4.7Relaxed,Euphoric,Happy,Uplifted,CreativeBerry,Blueberry,SweetBlue Cookies is an indica-dominant hybrid cross between two celebrity strains, Girl Scout Cookies and Blueberry. As the child of these heavyweight champion strains, Blue Cookies delivers a crushing blow of euphoria straight to the head, where it swiftly sinks down to relax the entire body. Sweet berry flavors fuse with earthy cherry notes in a flavor profile as enticing as the bud’s thick coat of frosty resin that stretches over twisting hues of green and purple. Novice consumers should approach Blue Cookies with modesty, but this strain’s potency is perfect for hard-to-impress veterans. You may also come across another variation of Blue Cookies, a select Girl Scout Cookies phenotype that lacks the Blueberry genetics.
Blue-Crackhybrid4.2Happy,Relaxed,Uplifted,Energetic,FocusedBlueberry,Sweet,BerryThis sativa-dominant hybrid takes after its iconic parents, 50/50 hybrid Blue Dream and classic sativa Green Crack. Blue Crack reflects a balanced blend of its parents, with an energetic head rush from the Green that is mellowed out and mentally expansive thanks to the Blue, proposing an apt rename of ‘Turquoise’. Although dense by appearance, this flower yields soft, airy buds and a sweet, smooth aroma with blueberry undertones. As a high-energy strain with moderate to long-lasting effects, Blue Crack is a popular choice for daytime medicating.
Blue-Diamondindica4.4Euphoric,Relaxed,Happy,Sleepy,TalkativeSweet,Tree,Fruit,PineappleBlue Diamond is a mostly indica strain bred by BioQueen genetics. Although its exact parentage is unknown, Blue Diamond descends from an indica-dominant hybrid and inherits a hashy, earthy aroma. It finishes flowering quickly, rewarding growers with yields of large, chunky buds after eight weeks.
Blue-Dieselhybrid4.4Relaxed,Euphoric,Uplifted,Happy,CreativeBlueberry,Diesel,BerryDaughter of indica-dominant Blueberry and sativa-dominant NYC Diesel, Blue Diesel (also known as Blue City Diesel) falls on the slightly indica side with a pleasant, moderate to long-lasting body buzz. Thanks to its Blueberry genetics, this flower emanates a light berry aroma that is smooth, expansive, and fast-acting. This strain is optimal for daytime and comes with little to no fatigue or increased appetite, making it a desirable option for medical marijuana patients. Originally produced by Breeder’s Choice, this plant may provide just the relaxation you need.
Blue-Dotsativa4.7Energetic,Happy,Relaxed,Focused,UpliftedEarthy,Pungent,BerryBlue Dot, also known as MGB or Medical Grade Bud, is a sativa-dominant strain originally bred in Sonoma, California by a medical patient. Blue Dot is a genetic blend of Leda Uno, Northern Lights, and Haze . Its resinous buds offer a sweet hashy flavor profile, and can be expected to finish flowering in 9 to 10 weeks.
Blue-Dragonhybrid4.4Euphoric,Uplifted,Relaxed,Happy,GigglyBlueberry,Berry,SweetThought to have originated in California, Blue Dragon is a cross of two classic strains, the indica-dominant Blueberry and sativa-dominant Sour Diesel. The flowers of this hybrid often turn dark purple and are covered in bright orange pistils and white trichomes. Sometimes measuring over 24% THC, Blue Dragon is very potent, giving users an intensely euphoric feeling and heavy body buzz. Its aroma and flavor are what you might expect given its lineage: equal parts sour fuel and sweet berry with an expansive smoke.
Blue-Dreamhybrid4.4Relaxed,Happy,Uplifted,Euphoric,CreativeBlueberry,Berry,SweetBlue Dream, a sativa-dominant hybrid originating in California, has achieved legendary status among West Coast strains. Crossing a Blueberry indica with the sativa Haze, Blue Dream balances full-body relaxation with gentle cerebral invigoration. Novice and veteran consumers alike enjoy the level effects of Blue Dream, which ease you gently into a calm euphoria. Some Blue Dream phenotypes express a more indica-like look and feel, but the sativa-leaning variety remains most prevalent.With a sweet berry aroma redolent of its Blueberry parent, Blue Dream delivers swift symptom relief without heavy sedative effects. This makes Blue Dream a popular daytime medicine for patients treating pain, depression, nausea, and other ailments requiring a high THC strain. 
Blue-Dynamiteindica4.3Relaxed,Euphoric,Focused,Creative,SleepyBerry,Spicy/Herbal,PineBlue Dynamite, bred by Next Generation Seeds in Canada, is an indica-dominant strain that provides heavy mind-and-body relaxation alongside a fruity, hashy flavor. This powerhouse indica was bred from a B.C. Grapefruit clone known as Dynamite and an Afghani-Blueberry hybrid called Avalon. Combining the flavorful qualities of Dynamite with the resinous potential Avalon enables, we are left with a potent strain that can budge even the most stubborn cases of pain, nausea, and sleeplessness. High Times recognized Blue Dynamite among its Top 10 Strains of 2007, solidifying a reputation that keeps this strain firmly set in the cannabis market.
Blue-Frosthybrid4.5Uplifted,Happy,Relaxed,Euphoric,CreativeBlueberry,Cheese,MentholBlue Frost is a hybrid that balances the genetics of Blue Monster and Jack Frost to create a 60/40 indica-dominant cross. Breeder Goldenseed has developed this strain to produce dense buds that show a range of deep violet hues and produces a pungent mixture of aromas. The flavor is an interesting combination of sweet fruity notes with a sharp cheese-like undertone. This hybrid is sure to lift your mood and replace any stress you may have with smile on your face.
Blue-Galaxyhybrid4.7Relaxed,Happy,Talkative,Creative,EnergeticBerry,Earthy,BlueberryBlue Galaxy is a classic combo of Middle Eastern genetics bred for their potency and resin production. With Afghani and Hashplant Haze parentage, this strain imbues the consumer with a metric ton of muscular weight and a hazy but pleasant mental state. Anticipate earthy aromas with latent sweetness. Blue Galaxy is ideal for combating insomnia, chronic pain, and nausea. 
Blue-Godindica4.7Relaxed,Happy,Sleepy,Euphoric,HungryBerry,Sweet,BlueberryBlue God, bred by Jordan of the Islands in Canada, is a powerful indica mothered by God Bud and Blueberry. Fulfilling all of our indica expectations, Blue God produces crushing full-body effects ideal for nighttime treatment of pain and sleep disorders. With age, Blue God develops a sweet berry aroma and deep purple leaves freckled in frosty resin. Cultivators of this stout indica suggest growing Blue God as a multi-branch plant in soil, with a flowering period between 55 and 60 days.
Blue-Goohybrid4.1Happy,Uplifted,Creative,Energetic,TalkativeBerry,Skunk,PineBlue Goo is a sativa-dominant hybrid that's a cross between the famous hybrid Blue Dream and indica Afgoo. A moderate to high potency yields uplifting effects that are standard for sativas, but not excessively energetic thanks to Afgoo’s contribution as well as the mellow nature of Blue Dream. This strain is appropriate for day or nighttime consumption and is good for treating depression and nausea. Smooth smoke and berry taste.
Blue-Hashhybrid4.4Relaxed,Happy,Euphoric,Sleepy,UpliftedSweet,Blueberry,EarthyThe colorful hues and sweet flavors of Blueberry blend together with the resin production and heartiness of California Hash Plant to create Blue Hash, or Blueberry Hash. The aroma is a mixture of fresh berries with a pungent, earthy finish. Blue Hash produces a powerfully relaxing effect that is a great way to unwind at the end of a long day or at night before bedtime. Medical patients will appreciate Blue Hash’s ability to combat insomnia and suppress stress.
Blue-Hawaiianhybrid4.3Happy,Uplifted,Relaxed,Euphoric,EnergeticCitrus,Earthy,SweetThe Blue Hawaiian strain is known for being quite a looker; its light green to orange buds are covered in rich orange and red hairs and are coated with sparkly trichomes throughout. Bred from Blueberry and Hawaiian Sativa, Blue Hawaiian is fruity and smooth. Flowers appear at  about ten weeks and are described as giving a balanced high that has equal parts of its relaxing indica and uplifting sativa effects.
Blue-Hazehybrid4.3Uplifted,Euphoric,Relaxed,Happy,EnergeticBlueberry,Sweet,FloweryDaughter of a Blueberry indica and the original Haze, this slightly sativa-dominant hybrid is a versatile strain. It has a pleasing taste and scent, and its furry dense buds produce full-bodied effects. Blue Haze is a great candidate for the regular consumer’s arsenal as it is appropriate for a broad spectrum of activities and provides the optimal balance between cerebral and physical effects.
Blue-Heronhybrid4.7Relaxed,Sleepy,Talkative,Happy,UpliftedWoody,Spicy/Herbal,PineBlue Heron is an indica-dominant hybrid bred by Dynasty Seeds that brings euphoric flight to both mind and body. Parented by Blue Magoo and Huckleberry, Blue Heron takes after its Blue Magoo mother in its structure and blueberry, rose, and citrus aroma. Between 8 and 9 weeks of flowering, Blue Heron buds finish with dark, deep hues of blue and green.
Blue-Ivyhybrid4.4Relaxed,Focused,Hungry,Happy,TalkativeEarthy,Pepper,BlueberryYou may have 99 problems but Blue Ivy ain’t one. Named after the newborn child of musicians Jay-Z and Beyonce, this hybrid's effects are clearly indica-dominant and of impressive potency, with favorable blueberry undertones. 
Blue-Jay-Wayhybrid4.5Relaxed,Uplifted,Focused,Sleepy,EuphoricSweet,Citrus,BlueberryBlue Jay Way by Matrix NV is the hybrid cross of True Blueberry and OG Kush. This fruity combination incorporates the best of Blueberry’s sweet relaxation with OG Kush’s well-known sedation to create a strain that is fun and euphoric while offering medicinal benefits for patients suffering from nausea, restlessness, and chronic pain. It exhibits a bright blueberry aroma with notes of skunk, citrus, and earth.   
Blue-Kisshybrid4.7Relaxed,Talkative,Creative,Euphoric,FocusedSweet,Berry,BlueberryDJ Short Blueberry and Mistress OG come together to form the potent indica-dominant hybrid strain known as Blue Kiss. Seductive and sweet, Blue Kiss elicits relaxation and anti-anxiety effects that are easy on the mind and calm on the body. Mistress OG may have semi-sedative overtones, but its Blue Dream parentage still offers a tangible euphoria that crests as the sedation fades.   
Blue-Knightindica4.7Relaxed,Uplifted,Hungry,Happy,FocusedBerry,Blueberry,SweetBlue Knight is a rare indica-dominant strain with a noble lineage that stems from Blueberry and Kryptonite genetics. Hues of royal purple twist with deep blues and vivid greens in a visual display as multifaceted as its berry, vanilla aroma. Earthy, woody, and blueberry flavors are unleashed on the exhale, and the relaxing full-body effects that follow are often enough to soothe pain and stimulate the appetite.  
Blue-Krippleindica3.4Sleepy,Euphoric,Hungry,Relaxed,TinglyEarthy,GrapeBlue Kripple is an indica-dominant hybrid bred by Dr. Krippling. This strain brings together the relaxing, therapeutic properties of Medicine Man and Blue Rhino, while the influence of Big Bud enhances Blue Kripple with dense, oversized colas and large yields. The calming indica effects cradle you with full-body relaxation and encourage nighttime use for stress, pain, and insomnia.
Blue-Kushhybrid4.5Relaxed,Uplifted,Euphoric,Creative,HungryBlueberry,Pine,LemonBlue Kush, a sativa-dominant hybrid, combines the sweet berry flavors of Blueberry with the powerful and pungent OG Kush. With hints of pine, lemon, and berries, Dinafem Seeds has created a treat for all of the senses. The effects are reported as cerebral, uplifting, and will leave you feeling anything but blue.
Blue-Lightsindica4.5Relaxed,Euphoric,Happy,Tingly,UpliftedBlueberry,Earthy,BerryThe fusion of Blueberry and Northern Lights, Blue Lights is an indica strain with a noteworthy THC content. This flower emits a blueberry pungency thanks to the Blueberry influence, and provides a combination of sedative and euphoric long-lasting effects. Although fitting for day or nighttime use, this strain may be the perfect choice for end of the day stress and/or pain relief.
Blue-Magicsativa4.6Relaxed,Focused,Aroused,Sleepy,EuphoricCitrus,Lemon,TropicalBlue Magic is an upbeat sativa-dominant strain bred from the famous Blue Dream. Its high-energy effects are prefaced by creamy, fruity flavors reminiscent of its Blueberry ancestry. Sativa enthusiasts will appreciate the balance of potency and clarity delivered by Blue Magic, whose euphoria offers functionality and focus despite an impressive THC profile. While its initial punch is quick to hit, Blue Magic’s effects taper down gently and ease you into long-lasting relaxation that extends from the physical exterior to the deep recesses of your mind.
Blue-Magoohybrid4.5Relaxed,Happy,Uplifted,Euphoric,GigglyEarthy,Sweet,PungentBlue Magoo, not to be confused with its lookalike Blue Goo, is a clone-only hybrid cross between DJ Short Blueberry and Major League Bud (also known as William’s Wonder F2). A fusion of berry, fruit, and other floral notes make up the aroma and taste of Blue Magoo, resulting in a palate as colorful as its pastel purple and green buds. Blue Magoo is a favorite among patients as it combats a variety of symptoms including pain, nausea, insomnia, anxiety, and appetite loss. This strain delivers a slight sativa kick that helps alleviate the heavy weight of Blue Magoo’s indica effects.
Blue-Monsterindica4.7Relaxed,Hungry,Talkative,Sleepy,HappyBerry,Sweet,DieselBlue Monster is a powerful combination of G13, Blueberry, Northern Lights #5, and a Mexican landrace strain. Bred by Goldenseed, Blue Monster combines a sweet mix of flavors with strong indica effects. Its complex aroma of berries and tropical fruits exposes the influence of Blueberry and G13 genetics. When grown to its full potential, the forceful relaxation of Blue Monster can overwhelm novices with its immediate body sedation and commanding cerebral effects. This monster indica is sure to scare away sleepless nights and body pains.
Blue-Moon-Rockshybrid4.6Relaxed,Happy,Uplifted,Euphoric,FocusedBerry,Strawberry,LavenderBlue Moon Rocks by BOG Seeds is an indica-dominant hybrid cross between Blue Moon and BOG Bubble. It has a sweet blueberry lavender aroma and calming full-body effects.
Blue-Moonshineindica4.2Happy,Relaxed,Euphoric,Sleepy,FocusedEarthy,Berry,WoodyA DJ Short creation, Blue Moonshine is a very potent blueberry indica strain that provides a nice body high. As a true indica, Blue Moonshine plants perform as expected, staying short to medium height and usually flowering by 8 weeks. While growing and after it’s harvested, these plants have a sharp and fruity smell that brings to mind fermentation (thus the name). The high will hit you like good homebrew.
Blue-Mountain-Firesativa4Euphoric,Relaxed,Tingly,Uplifted,HappyFlowery,Earthy,TarA sativa strain with Jamaican roots, Blue Mountain Fire is an invigorating, upbeat variety that coerces creativity and happy mindsets. When grown outdoors, Blue Mountain Fire can tower with impressive heights and yields. Its high-energy buzz is perfect for motivating the mind and fighting fatigue, but those prone to anxiety may feel overwhelmed by the fast-paced euphoria this sativa has to offer. 
Blue-Mysticindica4.2Happy,Relaxed,Giggly,Energetic,SleepyBlueberry,Earthy,SweetBlue Mystic is as mysterious as its name indicates, with unknown genetics that definitely contain some Blueberry and possibly some Skunk or Northern Lights. These plants flower between 7 to 9 weeks, with light blue coloring that can make the trichome-covered buds look almost gray. It does have the distinctive Blueberry aroma, but it’s fairly subtle compared to other strains, making it a good choice for growers or patients who need discretion.  
Blue-Nightmarehybrid4.7Euphoric,Relaxed,Happy,Giggly,CreativeBerry,Earthy,BlueberryBlue Nightmare, bred by RNM Flowers, is a resinous, berry-flavored hybrid cross between Blue Dream and Tahoe OG. From the Tahoe OG indica, Blue Nightmare inherits a thick bud structure and a heavy blanket of crystal trichomes that promises intense euphoria and creativity. Blue Nightmare maintains the famous blueberry aroma of its Blue Dream parent, along with many of its widely cherished happy and relaxing effects.
Blue-Ninahybrid4.5Happy,Talkative,Giggly,Tingly,EuphoricBlueberry,FloweryBlue Nina is one of Colorado Seed Inc.’s excellent Blue Dream crosses. This sativa-dominant hybrid cross between Blue Dream and Nina Limone offers energetic effects and complicated fruity flavors. This plant has been known to grow into Haze and Blueberry dominant phenotypes, both coated in dense crystals and bright orange hairs. Indulge in this strain to stave off laziness and stimulate a heady state of mind that is conducive to creative projects. 
Blue-Oghybrid4.3Relaxed,Happy,Euphoric,Hungry,UpliftedBlueberry,Berry,EarthyBlue OG from G13 Labs is a flavorful hybrid following the lineage of Blueberry F3, Blue Moonshine, and OG Kush. These dark, cone-shaped buds characteristic of OG genes emanate notes of berry and citrus, and leave its consumer feeling euphoric and relaxed. Though its effects are cerebrally targeted, Blue OG is known to also tackle pain, relax muscles, and relieve nausea. Growers can expect an eight week flowering period with ideal conditions outdoors. 
Blue-Oxindica4.5Sleepy,Relaxed,Hungry,Talkative,UpliftedBerry,Flowery,BlueberryBlue Ox by Rare Dankness Seeds is a berry-rich version of their Stone Mountain strain. By combining classic Blueberry with The OX, Rare Dankness created a sweet, well-rounded strain with aromas of blueberry, coffee, chocolate, and earthy spice. The dense, resinous buds express blue and purple foliage that looks nearly as good as it smells. Blue Ox has extremely strong indica effects that relax the body to the point of sedation. Use Blue Ox to abate post-chemotherapy symptoms like nausea, appetite loss, and physical discomfort.   
Blue-Persuasionhybrid4.1Relaxed,Tingly,Euphoric,Happy,HungrySweet,Blueberry,BerryBlue Persuasion is the first of a Signature Series by BUDS Pasco, an indoor hydroponic farm in Washington. It is an indica-dominant hybrid strain composed of Blueberry, Northern Lights, and White Widow genetics. From Blueberry, Blue Persuasion inherits sweet berry flavors, relaxing and long-lasting euphoria, and a high THC potential. Its Northern Lights parent is cherished for its resinous buds, fast flowering, and resilience during growth, while White Widow contributes a tendency for heavy resin production and balanced hybrid effects. With a THC content that can stretch to 26%, Blue Persuasion is best saved for late night relaxation and introspection.
Blue-Powerindica4.7Relaxed,Tingly,Happy,Uplifted,EuphoricBerry,Earthy,SweetThe indica-dominant Blue Power is one of Sin City Seeds’ signature strains, bred from Sour Double, Master Kush, The White, and Blue Moonshine genetics. Cherished for its fragrant buds, Blue Power offers a sweet fusion of lemon and berry flavors with an earthy finish. It should be noted that another genetic variation released by Vision Seeds crosses Blueberry, White Widow, and Skunk #1. This rendition is described as a happy and uplifting indica that helps focus the mind while fighting stress.
Blue-Rhinohybrid4.3Sleepy,Relaxed,Focused,Uplifted,HungryBlueberry,Sweet,BerryBlue Rhino is a potent cross of Blueberry and White Rhino that has a unique fruity aroma mixed with some skunky harshness. This plant may be of special interest to growers for its large flowers, which will get to their most impressive size when grown outdoors. Patients like this strain for its balanced mix of head and body effects, making it an option for staying focused or wanting to relax, depending on your needs.
Blue-Satellitesativa3.9Uplifted,Happy,Euphoric,Talkative,RelaxedSweet,Blueberry,CitrusBlue Satellite, the sativa offspring of Blueberry Sativa and Shishkaberry, is a strongly psychoactive strain with long-lasting effects. The dense, conic buds carry a sour scent redolent of ammonia and induce powerful cerebral effects including euphoria, creativity, and stress relief. Its typically high THC content makes Blue Satellite a preferred daytime strain for appetite loss, nausea, glaucoma, and pain.
Blue-Skyhybrid4.6Happy,Relaxed,Uplifted,Euphoric,CreativeEarthy,Sweet,PineBlue Sky is the sweet, candy-flavored offspring of LSD and Rocky Mountain Blueberry. This indica-leaning hybrid is a great choice for unwinding, relaxing, and inducing laughing fits. Beautiful in appearance, these shimmering flowers give off blue and red hues when the light hits them. 
Blue-Steelindica4.3Uplifted,Relaxed,Euphoric,Happy,CreativeBlueberry,Pungent,EarthyBlue Steel by Exotic Genetix is an indica-dominant strain with fruit-forward flavors. Created by crossing the pungent OG Blueberry and The Cube, a Starfighter F3 phenotype bred in-house, Exotic Genetix has outdone itself with this subtly sedative crowd-pleaser. The flavor and aroma are thick with the scent of blueberries and the nugs are smothered in a layer of frosty trichomes. Enjoy this strain throughout the day to boost mood and appetite while promoting a creative headspace.  
Blue-Thaihybrid3.7Relaxed,Happy,Talkative,Uplifted,FocusedEarthy,Pungent,WoodyBlue Thai by Dinafem Seeds is a hybrid strain from the Netherlands that crosses Blueberry and Thai Skunk. This fruity, mold-resistant strain offers the best results when grown outdoors, but also performs well indoors and finishes flowering after 8 weeks.
Blue-Trainhybrid4.4Happy,Uplifted,Energetic,Focused,RelaxedBlueberry,Berry,SweetBlue Trainwreck is a sativa-dominant hybrid cross of Trainwreck and Blueberry. This strain, sometimes known as Blueberry Trainwreck, Blue Wreck, and Blue Train, is well-loved for its pleasurable blend of flavors and effects. It expresses trichome-laden spade-shaped buds that are emerald green with amber hairs. Blue Trainwreck offers a sweet blueberry aroma, pungent earthy flavors, and effects that energize and focus. Utilize this hybrid to improve mood and combat fatigue. 
Blue-Tranehybrid0NoneNoneBlue Trane is a cut with a mysterious heritage. These seeds were acquired while Colorado Seed Inc.’s head grower was cultivating strains in Hawaii and have since been stabilized and sown elsewhere. Known for its pleasant indica-dominant effects, Blue Trane offers an unexpectedly heady stimuli some have described as psychedelic that melts away into a relaxing body high that sticks to the bones.    
Blue-Treathybrid4.9Relaxed,Focused,Happy,Uplifted,CreativeEarthy,Berry,BlueberryJordan of the Islands matched two of the sweetest tasting flowers to make this candy of an strain. Using Blueberry and Dutch Treat genetics, Blue Treat was born. This short plant takes after its strong indica lineage, producing sticky resinous buds that can soothe your pain and relieve your stress. The dark green buds are covered in trichomes and give off a sweet berry aroma.
Blue-Velvethybrid4.3Happy,Relaxed,Euphoric,Uplifted,FocusedSweet,Earthy,DieselBlue Velvet, also known as Blueberry Thai, is a 50/50 hybrid strain that is named for the lush appearance of its plants. Bred by DJ Short, Blue Velvet is a cross between Purple Thai and Afghani. Its long branches bloom with large red-purple buds that take on a sweet fruity and floral aroma. Invigorating euphoria blankets the mind while the body finds light relaxation, and its functional effects make it easy to either explore creativity or socialize with friends. 
Blue-Venomhybrid4.7Relaxed,Euphoric,Happy,Uplifted,HungryPine,Blueberry,BerryBlue Venom, an intoxicating indica-dominant hybrid by G13 Labs, is a cross between the sweet-tasting Blueberry and potent White Widow. With a sweet, blueberry aroma inherited from its parent strain, Blue Venom’s frosty, dense buds promise a fast-acting and long-lasting experience. Its full-body relaxation eventually progresses into a deep sedation, putting to rest any pain, stress, and sleeplessness.
Blue-Widowhybrid4.2Relaxed,Happy,Uplifted,Euphoric,SleepySweet,Berry,EarthyBlue Widow is a favorite strain that provides consumers with both uplifting and calming effects. These flowers will have a strong sweet aroma that may also include sour citrus or pine. The buds can be colorful, with tints of blue and purple, and should have a coat of long orange hairs. Slightly indica-dominant, this Widow plays against type, growing taller than most indicas and providing more mental, heady effects. In higher doses, the blissful relaxation this strain provides may lead to drowsiness and help you get to sleep. A cross between Blueberry and White Widow, Blue Widow is sometimes also called Berry White, White Berry, and Blue Venom.
Blue-Wonderhybrid5Uplifted,Happy,Euphoric,Focused,RelaxedBlueberryBlue Wonder is a sativa-dominant hybrid originating from California as a distinct descendant of Blue Dream. Originally bred from Blueberry and Super Silver Haze, Blue Wonder exhibits a profound level of cerebral invigoration while maintaining a classic Blue Dream body buzz. With a traditional Blueberry aroma, Blue Wonder delivers gentle euphoria and swift relief for patients treating pain, depression, and nausea.
Blue-Wreckhybrid4.7Sleepy,Happy,Euphoric,Relaxed,UpliftedBlueberry,Earthy,HoneyBlue Wreck, also called Blueberry Trainwreck, is a hybrid strain primarily led by its sativa influence. A cross between Blueberry and Trainwreck, Blue Wreck’s flavor is a complex mix of sweet berry, sour fruit, and tangy skunk. Its effects are typically described as clear-headed and active, with a burst of calm euphoria that can help you maintain a positive outlook throughout the day.
Blue-Zkittlezindica4.9Aroused,Creative,Happy,Relaxed,EuphoricBerry,Sweet,FloweryBlue Zkittlez by Dying Breed Seeds is an indica-dominant cross of Blue Diamond and Zkittlez. This odoriferous flower offers a terpene profile of tart citrus, sweet earth, and wildflowers. The physical effects of this strain are mellow and moderately sedating, igniting appetite while weighing on the limbs. Its strong physical effects and uplifting mental high make it a perfect end-of-the-day strain and a nice match for folks contending with stress, restlessness, and pain.
Blue-Zombieindica4.7Relaxed,Euphoric,Hungry,Sleepy,HappyPungent,Earthy,PepperBlue Zombie (not to be confused with the Zombie OG strain lineage) is a full indica that boasts medical-grade potency and effects. With notes of fresh ground coffee, fuel, and skunky grape, this strain packs a surprising diverse array of terpenes. Wrapping the mind in an uplifting, mood enhancing haze, Blue Zombie creeps onto the body with numbness and sedation within the first half hour. Patients suffering from chronic pain may benefit greatly from this particular cut. 
Blueberryindica4.3Relaxed,Happy,Euphoric,Sleepy,UpliftedBlueberry,Berry,SweetA true A-List cannabis strain. Blueberry’s legendary status soared to new heights after claiming the High Times’ Cannabis Cup 2000 for Best Indica. The long history of the strain is traced back to the late 1970s when American breeder DJ Short was working with a variety of exotic landrace strains. However, throughout the decades of Blueberry’s cultivation the genetics have been passed around, due in large part to DJ Short working with multiple seed banks and breeders. The sweet flavors of fresh blueberries combine with relaxing effects to produce a long-lasting sense of euphoria. Many medical patients appreciate Blueberry for its ability to suppress pain and relieve stress, while connoisseurs and growers admire the strain for its colorful hues and high THC content. 
Blueberry-Akhybrid4.9Energetic,Relaxed,Euphoric,Happy,SleepyBlueberry,Sweet,PungentAs the name suggests, Blueberry AK is a hybrid strain that combines the indica-dominant Blueberry with the sativa-dominant AK-47, both popular and potent strains in their own right.  Blueberry AK has a strong musky odor with undertones of berry, and flavors ranging from sweet Kush to the more peppery taste of the AK. The effects of this hybrid are both relaxing and upbeat, often inducing a case of the giggles, and people have used it to treat anxiety, depression, and pain.
Blueberry-Blastsativa4.4Happy,Uplifted,Euphoric,Energetic,TalkativeBlueberry,Berry,SweetA mostly sativa hybrid from Snow High Seeds, Blueberry Blast is a the result of the famous Blueberry-Haze genetics of Blue Dream being pollinated by a Johnny Blaze male. These flowers smell strongly of blueberry, musk, and sweet candy, and taste like cedar and berries when smoked or vaped. A definite sativa effect is to be expected, with soaring, trippy highs that gradually fade into relaxation.
Blueberry-Bombhybrid5RelaxedBerry,CitrusBlueberry Bomb is an indica-dominant hybrid created by Palomar Craft Cannabis. This strain is a cross of Blueberry x Afghani and offers semi-weighted physical effects that relax muscles while combating stress and anxiety. The terpene profile is dominated by the scent of fresh blueberries, but underlying notes of orange peel and sweet earth can be present as well. Enjoy this strain near the end of the day to maximize its soothing physical attributes.  
Blueberry-Cheesecakehybrid4.3Happy,Relaxed,Uplifted,Euphoric,TinglyBlueberry,Sweet,CheeseWith a smell distinctly of blueberry cheesecake, this strain was bred from Blueberry and Cheese. Flowers are known to be lime green and dark violet in color with orange hairs and a large coat of crystals. 
Blueberry-Dieselhybrid4.2Uplifted,Happy,Euphoric,Relaxed,FocusedBlueberry,Diesel,SweetBlueberry Diesel is a cross of two favorite strains, Blueberry and Sour Diesel. It is probably best known for its strong blueberry smell with hints of fuel from its Diesel lineage. Blueberry also overwhelms the flavor of these sticky flowers, which should have plenty of trichomes and long orange hairs. Effects tend to be happy and relaxing but not too overwhelming, making this a popular choice for many kinds of patients.
Blueberry-Dreamsativa4.6Uplifted,Sleepy,Happy,Relaxed,FocusedSweet,Flowery,PineFrom Leafs by Snoop, Blueberry Dream is a sativa strain with undisclosed genetics. Likely similar to the famous Blue Dream hybrid, Blueberry Dream is said to bring out your creativity while giving the mood a boost, all with the sweet flavor of ripe blueberries. With a typical THC content of about 14%, Blueberry Dream is a good choice for beginners looking for a less jarring psychoactive experience.
Blueberry-Essencehybrid4.5Relaxed,Happy,Uplifted,Euphoric,SleepyBlueberry,Sweet,MangoBlueberry Essence is a high-CBD cannabis strain bred by Life Gardens in Washington. The undisclosed genetics produce purple buds that come with a mellow, fruity aroma and an earthy aftertaste that entices medical marijuana patients with its ability to combat an array of symptoms and conditions. Blueberry Essence relaxes away pain with a tingly sensation that reverberates throughout your extremities, providing a calming sense of bliss that eventually levels off to help induce sleep.
Blueberry-Hazehybrid4.2Happy,Euphoric,Creative,Uplifted,EnergeticBlueberry,Berry,SweetA hybrid cross of Blueberry and Haze, provides a sweet smoke and pleasant high.  Pace yourself with this one, overdoing it can send you to dreamland. 
Blueberry-Headbandhybrid4.3Relaxed,Happy,Uplifted,Talkative,EuphoricBlueberry,Berry,EarthySeveral renditions of the Blueberry Headband hybrid are known to exist, which is unsurprising considering the popularity of its parent strains, but the original Blueberry Headband from NorCal’s Emerald Triangle Seeds is the most documented version. Rather than a simple cross of Headband and Blueberry, the ETS version combines ‘76 Blueberry, Emerald OG Kush, Cali Sour D, and Pre-98 Bubba Kush into a 50/50 indica-sativa hybrid that smells of diesel, berries and pepper. Growers can expect medium-tall, bushy plants with huge yields of highly resinous colas.  Blueberry Headband produces a hybrid-type high, with a nice cerebral rush and relaxing body effect.  
Blueberry-Jackhybrid4.3Relaxed,Happy,Creative,Giggly,HungryBlueberry,Pine,BerryA cross between the legendary Jack Herer and DJ Short Blueberry, Blueberry Jack has something special to offer in both flavor and effect. Sweet, candied blueberry flavors invade on the inhale while the earthy, piney exhale reminds you of this strain’s Jack heritage. A lively sativa buzz typically dominates Blueberry Jack’s effect profile, with just enough physical relaxation to keep you grounded. Blueberry Jack offers an easy escape from stress and bad moods, keeping you positive and motivated through the day.
Blueberry-Kushindica4.3Relaxed,Happy,Euphoric,Sleepy,UpliftedBlueberry,Berry,SweetBlueberry Kush is a strong indica strain that slowly brings on a heavy body sensation, helping patients forget their pain and relax. Originally from Oregon, this strain is a hybrid of Blueberry and OG Kush, which is evident in its fresh berry aroma with notes of earthy herbalness. This indica is best for evenings or before bed.
Blueberry-Lambsbreadhybrid4.8Relaxed,Happy,Sleepy,Uplifted,EuphoricBlueberry,Sweet,EarthyBlueberry Lambsbread is an uplifting hybrid strain that folds together genetics from Jamaican Lamb’s Bread and Blueberry. Invigorating, creative effects are lightly anchored by mellow relaxation, making Blueberry Lambsbread a good choice for day or evening use. Earthy and woody notes mingle with a sweet berry aroma passed down from its Blueberry parent. 
Blueberry-Muffinshybrid4.7Relaxed,Euphoric,Uplifted,Happy,CreativeBlueberry,Earthy,BerryBlueberry Muffins is the thoroughly baked indica-dominant hybrid of parent strains Afghani and Blueberry. The complimentary genetics make for a strong yet functional indica that exhibits a classic aroma of -- you guessed it -- blueberry muffins. Its fruity palate and functional body buzz helps curb anxiety, chronic pain, and nausea. This strain was bred and developed by Humboldt Seed Company. 
Blueberry-Oghybrid4.6Happy,Hungry,Giggly,Euphoric,TalkativeBlueberry,Berry,FloweryBlueberry OG is a DJ Short Blueberry phenotype with exceptional CBD yielding qualities combined with the indica-dominant legend, OG Kush. This potent, award-winning union doesn’t pack much in the way of psychoactivity, but its anti-anxiety and anti-inflammatory effects make up for any lack of headiness. With flavors of sweet camphor and sandalwood, this strain elevates the consumer's mood and promotes an overall sense of well being.     
Blueberry-Pancakeshybrid4.5Relaxed,Sleepy,Hungry,Happy,EuphoricBlueberry,Berry,SweetBlueberry Pancakes is a delicious indica-dominant hybrid that miraculously tastes like blueberry pancakes. With dense, slightly purple buds, this strain exhibits an aroma of blueberries, grape, and dough. Flavors of syrup and tart berry are especially present when vaporized or when utilizing non-butane combustion techniques, like hemp wick or herb irons. Blueberry Pancakes offers classic indica effects, including a weighted, relaxing physical buzz that can curb physical discomfort, nausea, joint pain, and insomnia. 
Blueberry-Piehybrid4.4Relaxed,Happy,Uplifted,Euphoric,SleepyBlueberry,Earthy,BerryBlueberry Pie is the indica-dominant hybrid of two famous strains, Girl Scout Cookies and Blue Dream. Each strain in this potent cross has its own claim to fame, but when combined their unique attributes coalesce to form a strain greater than the sum of its parts. The blueberry flavor and mental haze of Blue Dream contributes to the stilted cerebral buzz, which is then anchored through the Kush-heavy effects of Girl Scout Cookies, amounting to a strain that shrugs off stress and mutes mild physical discomfort.  
Blueberry-Silvertiphybrid4.6Happy,Uplifted,Giggly,Relaxed,EuphoricBlueberry,Berry,FloweryBlueberry Silvertip first took root in Big Sky Country when a Montana Silvertip plant was crossed with the famous indica Blueberry. The result is a smooth, flavorful hybrid that is sweet, fruity and works well for managing pain, anxiety, and migraines.
Blueberry-Skunkindica4.3Euphoric,Relaxed,Uplifted,Creative,HappyBlueberry,Skunk,BerryBlueberry Skunk is an indica-dominant hybrid of Blueberry and Skunk #1 with definite sativa tendencies. Skunk #1’s vigor, yield, and reliability are preserved, and Blueberry brings to the mix its heavy resin production and sweet berry flavors blended with an earthy, skunky musk. During flowering, most plants double or triple their vegetated height, with fat, resin-crusted buds closing the gaps between internodes. The effects are led by a long-lasting euphoric buzz that generates giggles as well as the munchies.
Blueberry-Space-Cakeindica5Euphoric,Relaxed,Tingly,Happy,GigglyTropical,Berry,BlueberryBlueberry Space Cake by Cresco Labs is the indica-dominant offspring of Outer Space and Alien Dutchess, with its Alien OG and Trinity lineage bearing the strongest influence on its effects and morphology. It offers heavier than average Kush-forward effects that include cerebral euphoria and relaxed, weighted limbs. This strain exhibits a strong berry and citrus aroma and could be utilized for stress relief, minor physical pain, and restlessness. 
Blueberry-Trainwreckhybrid4.4Happy,Uplifted,Energetic,Focused,RelaxedBlueberry,Berry,SweetBlue Trainwreck is a sativa-dominant hybrid cross of Trainwreck and Blueberry. This strain, sometimes known as Blueberry Trainwreck, Blue Wreck, and Blue Train, is well-loved for its pleasurable blend of flavors and effects. It expresses trichome-laden spade-shaped buds that are emerald green with amber hairs. Blue Trainwreck offers a sweet blueberry aroma, pungent earthy flavors, and effects that energize and focus. Utilize this hybrid to improve mood and combat fatigue. 
Blueberry-Triple-Ogindica4NoneNoneBlueberry Triple OG, also known as Triple Blue, is an indica-dominant cross of the ever-popular Blueberry and the mysterious Triple OG. This strain’s terpene profile speaks to its lineage with sweet berry, pungent fuel, and floral notes. Blueberry Triple OG sits in the body, leaving the consumer laidback and worry-free. The slight euphoria also offers a touch of creativity, making this indica fun and functional at the proper dose.
Blueberry-Waltzindica4.8Talkative,Uplifted,Euphoric,Happy,GigglySweet,Blueberry,TropicalBlueberry Waltz is an indica-dominant strain that took first place in the 2014 Denver Cannabis Cup’s solventless hash category.
Blueberry-Yum-Yumhybrid4.6Happy,Uplifted,Euphoric,Relaxed,GigglyBlueberry,Sweet,BerryBlueberry Yum Yum is a hybrid strain whose popularity was ushered in by rap artist Ludacris and his song centered on the strain. While certainly the progeny of the famed Blueberry indica, its other parent is suspected to have been a Durban Poison sativa. Because of its parents’ polarity, Blueberry Yum Yum can express a wide spectrum of effects, but consumers typically report uplifting, happy effects perfect for any time of the day. Though dominated by an unmistakable blueberry aroma, accents of earthy mint and pine can also be detected on the palate. 
Blueshybrid4Happy,Relaxed,Uplifted,Creative,SleepySweet,Earthy,BerryBlues, also known as “Livers,” is a famous hybrid strain in the U.K. Its origins are a well-kept secret, but many speculate Blues to be a unique phenotype of Sensi Seeds’ Skunk #1 from the 80’s. Those who have chanced upon this mysterious clone-only strain describe its effects as uplifting, long-lasting, and clear-headed. Blues plants are strong and resilient, growing large buds that give off a sweet berry aroma.
Blukashimahybrid5CreativeNoneUsing a Chernobyl male plant to pollenate their Blue Dream cut, Terraform Genetics created Blukashima. This forcible hybrid inherits stress- and pain-relieving qualities as well as invigorating cerebral effects from both parent strains. Designed with potency in mind, proceed with caution if you’re new to cannabis.
Bluniversehybrid4.7Euphoric,Uplifted,Happy,Tingly,CreativeBlueberry,Berry,VanillaBluniverse, also called Blue Universe, is a 50/50 hybrid strain bred by Dynasty Seeds. Mothered by Blue Magoo and fathered by Ms. Universe, Bluniverse inherits a complex flavor profile of blueberry, cherry, and vanilla spice. Its initial effects focus themselves cerebrally, with high-flying euphoria that tapers into pacifying relaxation over time. This hybrid may express one of three different phenotypes, one that takes after Blue Magoo, another taking after Ms. Universe, and a third that exhibits a balance of each parent’s characteristics.
Blurplehybrid4.3Happy,Euphoric,Energetic,Hungry,FocusedGrape,Sweet,FloweryBlurple, also known as Blue Dream Purple, is a balanced hybrid cross between Blue Dream and Mendocino Purps. Its effects position themselves cerebrally at first, with gentle body relaxation that keeps you feeling light and free of tension. Drawing from both sides of the family, Blurple carries a sweet, dessert-like berry and grape aroma that comes to life on the inhale. This strain earns its name as bluish purple hues swirl throughout Blurple’s green buds.
Blushhybrid5Talkative,Creative,Happy,Hungry,RelaxedPepper,Honey,EarthyBlush by Gastown is a balanced hybrid strain with uplifting cerebral effects and relaxing physical attributes. This strain tends to symptoms of depression by elevating the consumer’s mood with an intense, smile-inducing euphoria. This smiley head-high slowly dissolves into the body, saddling the limbs with a calming weight that allows the consumer to relax and relinquish stressful thoughts. Enjoy Blush near the end of the day to maximize its stress relieving qualities.    
Bob-Sagetsativa4.8Uplifted,Happy,Relaxed,Creative,TalkativeSage,Chemical,DieselBob Saget is a stimulating sativa that won 2nd place at the 2016 Colorado Cannabis Cup. This addled comedian gets the heart pumping, stimulating the consumer to the point of agitation. But fear not, the energy subsides and settles into an uplifted, cerebral haze that is lucid, yet spacey. As this strong sativa fades, expect a stoney crash that represents Saget’s latent Pre-98 Bubba Kush and Afghani genetics. 
Bodega-Bubblegumhybrid0NoneNoneBodega Bubblegum by Greenpoint Seeds combines the well-known Indiana Bubblegum aroma and resin production with the potent and pungent Stardawg. This strain has beautiful multi-colored foliage and a terpene profile that balances between the strain’s parentage, expressing aromas of sweet and gummy industrial chemicals. Bodega Bubblegum’s enticing appearance, fast flowering time, complex aroma, and pleasant semi-sedative effects make this strain a must-have for indica-lovers.    
Bogarthybrid4Happy,Talkative,Uplifted,Euphoric,GigglySweet,Citrus,TropicalBogart is a rendition of OG Kush distributed by Canadian LP Tweed that delivers hefty euphoric effects suitable for consumers with a high cannabis tolerance. As you might expect from an OG Kush flower, Bogart smells earthy and woody like a pine tree, with subtle hints of sour lemon. The high THC content of Bogart makes this hybrid strain particularly useful for patients treating PTSD, nausea, pain, and stress. 
Boggle-Gumhybrid4Happy,Relaxed,Hungry,Sleepy,GigglySweet,Earthy,GrapeBoggle Gum is a relaxing hybrid cross between Northern Lights #5 and BOG Bubble.
Boogerhybrid4.7Happy,Focused,Uplifted,Creative,GigglyEarthy,Skunk,DieselBooger may not have an appetizing name, but a look at this hybrid’s genetics may be all the convincing you need to give this strain a try: Strawberry Cough combines with Bubba Kush to create a balanced effect that walks the line between physical relaxation and cerebral energy. This Colorado native introduces itself with a sweet berry and sour skunk aroma while earthy, hashy flavors are detected on the exhale. With uplifting and calming effects, Booger uncoils stress and worry while encouraging a more lighthearted outlook on life (because seriously, you’re consuming a strain called “Booger”).
Boombayehybrid0NoneBoombaye by Mr. Mack’s Snack is a CBD-rich strain that incorporates heavy Kush genetics and a pungent terpene profile. This strain was created by combining the sweet and earthy styling of Gelato Cookies with Mr. Mack’s own Mickey Kush. The sedative weight of this strain is tempered with time, leaving the consumer functionally relaxed. Boombaye pays homage to the late Muhammad Ali and his iconic fight, The Rumble in The Jungle, where the crowd chanted “Ali, boma ye,” which is Lingala for “Ali, kill him.” Mind the one-two punch behind this strain, as it might get you knocked out.  
Bootleggerhybrid0Sleepy,Giggly,Hungry,Tingly,HappySweet,Earthy,PungentBootlegger is a potent cross of AK-47 and Gupta Kush. The front-end parentage of AK-47 offers famous potency, but the addition of Gupta Kush improves bud growth and structure, leading to pungent, oily colas that mature in about 8 to 9 weeks. Expect a sweet, earthy aroma with effects distinct to hybrid crosses: creative, cerebral, and mood lifting, along with the functional sedation common among many OG strains. 
Bordellohybrid4.5Relaxed,Euphoric,Uplifted,Happy,CreativeSweet,Citrus,PineBordello is a strain that is slightly indica-dominant in makeup, but it also provides patients with a heavy dose of sativa-like mental effects. This strain hits behind the eyes first, with some tingling and a release of pressure that may make it an effective choice for treating migraines or eye conditions such as glaucoma. The relaxation spreads throughout the body, giving powerful pain relief. While this cross of Blueberry Apocalypse and Alexis strains makes patients feel euphoric and uplifted, it definitely knocks out all mental focus, so save it for a day that’s free of pressing plans. Bordello’s flowers will be loose with some curly leaves and have a subtle fruit and herb aroma.
Boss-Hogghybrid4.5Relaxed,Happy,Euphoric,Sleepy,UpliftedEarthy,Sweet,PungentBoss Hogg by Cali Connection is an indica-dominant hybrid cross between Chemdawg 4 and another Chem 4 backcross. This strain carries a strong earthy, hashy aroma that mixes with the funky sour diesel notes of its Chemdawg parent. A true hybrid, Boss Hogg delivers a balance of mind and body effects that ease the body into relaxation while the mind is lifted to a happy, euphoric state. Despite its heavy body effects, Boss Hogg is cerebrally stimulating and sharpens the senses to help you stay engaged and creative.
Brain-Candyhybrid5CreativeSweetBrain Candy by Insanity Strains is a handy hybrid to help get things done. It’s a balanced cross of The Loops, White Widow, and Northern Lights. The onset of this strain is heady and alert, offering positive and motivational energy. These uplifting effects settle down into the body over time and eventually lead to couch-lock with continued consumption. Brain Candy’s arc of effects make it a helpful companion for consumers combating depression and stress.  
Brains-Damageindica4.4Euphoric,Focused,Relaxed,Sleepy,HungryEarthy,Woody,SweetBred by KC Brains in Holland, Brains Damage is a hybrid cross between Acapulco Mexican, Mango, Hawaiian, and KC 636. A fusion of sweet fruit and earthy hash radiate from the buds, with cerebrally-focused effects best described as mellow and relaxed. A subtle, energizing kick hints at this strain’s genetics, which lean toward the sativa side of the spectrum. Though originally intended for an end-of-September harvest in outdoor gardens, Brains Damage also does fairly well indoors with an 8 to 10 week flowering period.
Brainstorm-Hazesativa3.9Talkative,Happy,Uplifted,Focused,EnergeticSweet,Minty,EarthyBrainstorm Haze was first bred by Delta 9 Labs after an extensive search through Thailand for just the right strains. A cross between a Thai landrace and Stargazer (Sensi Star x Warlock x AK-47), this strain takes a little effort to grow and has a long flowering time of 10-12 weeks, but it typically returns large buds and high yields. These plants can be grown indoors or outdoors in warm climates. The flowers have the fruity and floral characteristics Haze strains are known for and the buds tend to be denser than average when it comes to sativas. Brainstorm Haze produces a clear, upbeat high that takes a little bit to kick in, but pays off well for Haze lovers.
Brainwreckhybrid4.7Creative,Focused,Uplifted,Happy,EuphoricCitrus,Earthy,SweetBrainwreck is the 50/50 hybrid cross of parent strains Trainwreck, Brain Child, and Brain. Trainwreck and Brain Child (Willy’s Wonder x Jack Herer) give this strain rich, lung-expanding notes of pine that blend well with the sweet, earthy aromas of its indica parentage. Brainwreck is exhilarating and cerebral from the onset, making it a worthwhile strain for consumers seeking to overcome fatigue. Its effects will remain mentally elevated even while the physical effects mellow and level out.  
Brand-Xindica5Sleepy,Relaxed,Hungry,Happy,EuphoricEarthy,Pine,TarBrand X, also known as The Ostipow Indica, is a decades-old heirloom strain that hails from Michigan. Earthy pine aromas mingle with notes of hashy mint in a flavorful introduction to this indica's heavy full-body relaxation. The sedating effects come coupled with a hazy euphoric head buzz that leaves you floating in a blissful headspace for hours. Its buds grow into tightly compacted cones that exude thick layers of frosty resin in a show of Brand X’s high THC content.
Brandywineindica4.5Relaxed,Happy,Uplifted,Tingly,EuphoricGrape,Rose,HoneyBrandywine by Dungeons Vault Genetics is a pleasant indica strain with a calming buzz. Created by crossing Pink Champagne and Grandpa’s Breath, Brandywine emits a delicate tea aroma with notes of hops and Chardonnay grapes. The effects are reminiscent of Granddaddy Purple, with relaxing physical attributes that dismiss stress without being overly sedative. Anticipate squinted eyes and a touch of appetite stimulation as well. Enjoy this strain in smaller, controlled doses to maximize its medical benefits. Brandywine won 1st Place Indica at the 2017 Dope Awards in Seattle, WA. 
Brazil-Amazoniasativa4.5Uplifted,Euphoric,Focused,Happy,RelaxedSpicy/Herbal,Berry,EarthyBrazil Amazonia is a potent Brazilian landrace collected by World of Seeds. They chose a unique phenotype that flowers early and remains squat, making it a desirable cut for incognito outdoor growers. This 90% sativa-dominant strain has stimulating effects that burst forth, exhausting the limbs and mind to a point of relaxation and appetite stimulation. Brazil Amazonia emits a musky, woody aroma that has hints of bittersweet fruit. 
Brian-Berry-Coughhybrid4.5Happy,Uplifted,Relaxed,Energetic,HungryBerry,Tropical,SweetBrian Berry Cough from TGA Genetics is a balanced 50/50 hybrid strain that crosses Strawberry Cough and Space Queen. Bred for flavor as well as potency, this strain inherits a loud strawberry and cherry aroma with traces of candied fruit. Its powerful, high-velocity effects center themselves cerebrally at first and then quickly spread to relax the rest of the body. Knots of lavender and green calyxes burst from the tall plants, crowned with deep purple-tipped fan leaves. 
Bright-Fireindica5Hungry,Relaxed,Uplifted,Creative,EuphoricPungent,Earthy,CitrusBright Fire by Palomar Craft Cannabis is a rewarding yet difficult plant to grow. This strain is a cross between Fire OG and Tangie Sunrise. It has a stunning bud structure “that looks like they’re ready to ignite,” as described by the grower, and a terpene profile rich with pine and citrus. Bright Fire offers consumers physical relaxation while stimulating the appetite. Enjoy this strain later in the day to harness its gorgeous semi-sedative effects. 
Bright-Momentshybrid0NoneNoneBright Moments by Gage Green Group is a delicious cross of heirloom Grape Stomper genetics. Created by crossing Grape Stomper and Grape Stomper OG, Gage Green fashions an incredibly frosty and potent strain with a generous yield for attentive growers. This strain’s loud grape fragrance is as alluring as it is pungent, and the effects hit strong, rushing directly to the head. These effects expel stress and clear the mind, replacing cares and concerns with bright euphoria.  
Broke-Dieselhybrid5Uplifted,Euphoric,Creative,Energetic,HappyBroke Diesel is a 50/50 hybrid marijuana strain with exceptionally strong psychoactivity that many cannabis connoisseurs seek out. This perfect balance of sativa and indica delivers powerful effects to both the mind and body, resulting in a holistic medicine with the ability to treat sleep disorders, headaches, nausea, pain, and stress. Broke Diesel comes with a woody pine scent under the sour overtones inherited from its Sour Diesel ancestor. 
Bronze-Whalerindica0Hungry,RelaxedNoneAn 80/20 indica-dominant strain bred in Australia, Bronze Whaler gives off the sweet smell of fruit with distinct tropical overtones. Awarded 2nd place at the Sydney Cannabis Cup in 2002, this dense, compact bud produces an abundance of fine white pistils that turn to a bronze hue on upon maturing. For patients seeking long-lasting relief from pain and stress, this nighttime strain is ideal.
Brooklyn-Mangohybrid4.9Euphoric,Aroused,Uplifted,Happy,TalkativeMango,Tropical,CitrusBrooklyn Mango, bred by Dr. Underground, is a hybrid that combines Ed Rosenthal Super Bud with NYC Diesel. The resulting buds carry a mix of diesel and tropical fruit flavors, like pineapple, mango, and lemon. The effects of Brooklyn Mango are a mix of cerebral energy with calm and comforting body relaxation.
Bruce-Bannerhybrid4.6Happy,Euphoric,Relaxed,Uplifted,CreativeEarthy,Diesel,PungentBruce Banner might be best known as the alter-ego of comic book hero The Incredible Hulk, but maybe he wouldn’t be such a stressed out ball of anger if he just had some of his namesake strain. This green monster also has hidden strength and features dense nugs that pack the power of very high THC content. It’s a powerful strain whose effects come on quickly and strong and then tend to settle into a euphoric and creative buzz. The sativa effects of this strain are most evident and linger mostly in the head, but it does also provide body relaxation and pain relief that make it an appropriate daytime medication for some. Dark Horse Genetics bred this strain from OG Kush and Strawberry Diesel, and its heritage can be found in its diesel aroma with sweet undertones. Plants flower at 8 to 10 weeks. This strain does have three main phenotypes, one of which is Bruce Banner #3.
Bruce-Banner-3hybrid4.6Euphoric,Relaxed,Happy,Uplifted,EnergeticSweet,Earthy,FloweryBruce Banner (probably better-known as the alter ego of comic book superhero The Incredible Hulk) is one of three phenotypes of the Bruce Banner strain and has proven to be a popular one. Effects come on quickly to provide an immediate burst of euphoria before easing into relaxation that may be good for creative pursuits. Dark Horse Genetics bred this strain from OG Kush and Strawberry Diesel, and its heritage can be found in its diesel aroma with sweet undertones. Its plants flower at 8 to 10 weeks.
Bubba-Berryindica5Sleepy,Happy,RelaxedNoneBubba Berry is a sedating cross of Pre-98 Bubba Kush and DJ Short’s Blueberry. This strain lays into the body, weighing on the limbs and mind with a deep, stoney buzz. The relaxing and calming qualities of this strain lend to meditation and recuperation. Bubba Berry’s aroma is sweet and berry-forward. Its flavor is also fruity and musky with a hint of spice on the finish. Reserve this strain for the end of the day as its heavy physical effects saddle the consumer with nearly insurmountable couchlock and a state of contentment. 
Bubba-Dojaindica4NoneNoneBubba Doja by Quest Genetics is a heavy indica-dominant strain that combines the legendary Pre-98 Bubba Kush and the deep purple yield machine, Double Purple Doja. With rich flavors of grape and coffee, Bubba Doja offers weighted effects that lock your to the couch and ignite the appetite, making this colorful cut ideal for consumers suffering from insomnia, eating disorders, and anxiety.       
Bubba-Freshhybrid5Aroused,Sleepy,Tingly,Uplifted,CreativeCitrus,Earthy,PineBubba Fresh by NorStar Genetics is a new take on Pre-98 Bubba Kush. This delicious cut combines the earthy, chocolate coffee aroma of Pre-98 Bubba Kush with the fruity sweetness of Banana OG. Its dreamy buzz and carefree effects help abate depression while enhancing mood. Enjoy Bubba Fresh’s sweet flavors and relaxing attributes later in the day to maximize effects.  
Bubba-Hashindica0NoneNoneBubba Hash by Ace Seeds is a stout indica-dominant cross of famous and familiar genetics. This strain’s spear-like colas and dense morphology make it ideal for indoor growers with limited space. A cross between Katsu Bubba and Hash Plant, this pungent strain offers consumers a unique bouquet of hash, coffee, and petrichor alongside notes of skunk and fuel. Bubba Hash has surprisingly clear mental effects while smoothing out anxiety, pain, and restlessness. 
Bubba-Kushindica4.3Relaxed,Happy,Sleepy,Euphoric,HungryEarthy,Sweet,WoodyBubba Kush is an indica strain that has gained notoriety in the U.S. and beyond for its heavy tranquilizing effects. Sweet hashish flavors with subtle notes of chocolate and coffee come through on the exhale, delighting the palate as powerful relaxation takes over. From head to toe, muscles ease with heaviness as dreamy euphoria blankets the mind, crushing stress while coercing happy moods. Bubba Kush exhibits a distinctive, bulky bud structure with hues that range from forest green to pale purple.Bubba’s stocky plant stature and bulky bud structure suggest Afghani descent, but its genetic origins aren’t certain. The breeder whom this strain was named after states that Bubba Kush emerged just after 1996, when an OG Kush hybrid pollinated an unknown indica strain obtained in New Orleans. The mother plant was supposedly Northern Lights, but the genetically ambiguous indica was simply called “Bubba.” Bubba Kush has flourished from its California roots ever since. 
Bubba-Ogindica4.3Happy,Relaxed,Sleepy,Euphoric,UpliftedEarthy,Sweet,PungentCanadian breeders at Dr. Greenthumb Seeds crossed the popular medicinal strain Pre -98 Bubba Kush with Ghost OG to create a hybrid with the flavor of Bubba, the potency of OG, and yields better than either of the two. With a sweet, pungent smell and flavors of fruity hash and diesel, Bubba OG is a potent strain suitable for treating pain, muscle spasms, nausea, and insomnia. 
Bubba-Tom-Hayeshybrid4.9Euphoric,Happy,Uplifted,Creative,TalkativeEarthy,Pungent,AmmoniaBubba Tom Hayes is a hybrid that crosses Pre-98 Bubba Kush with a select Haze variety that was bred by Tom Hill. The hybrid tends to be Haze-dominant with a sweet, herb flavor that mixes with musky Kush undertones. The effects tend to be led by the sativa genetics as well, inciting uplifting cerebral activity that eventually fades to a relaxing body effect. The Bubba Kush influence helps speed up the flowering cycle, allowing Bubba Tom Hayes to finish in around 10 weeks when cultivated indoors.
Bubba-X-Skunkhybrid5Creative,Euphoric,Relaxed,Happy,TinglyDiesel,Skunk,PineOld School Breeders Association crossed the original Bubba Kush clone with a reliable, true-breeding Skunk in an effort to speed up veg times, add height, and increase yields. The resulting hybrid is a faster, larger version of Bubba Kush, with pungent, sweet-smelling buds and a nice hybrid high with uplifting cerebral effects and a relaxing body high.
Bubbas-Bitchindica4Sleepy,Tingly,Uplifted,Hungry,RelaxedFlowery,Rose,EarthyBubba’s Bitch is a proprietary cross from Garrett Gardens out of Dewitt, Michigan. This indica-dominant hybrid is a lovingly handcrafted cross of Bubba Kush and 517 Headband, which was then backcrossed for stability and potency. It inherits both parents’ aromas, reeking of diesel and skunk with a slight fruitiness intermixed. When combusted, the exhale is earthy and smooth, leading to relaxing, painkilling effects that are suited for conquering migraines, restlessness, or loss of appetite. 
Bubbas-Giftindica4.6Relaxed,Euphoric,Happy,Uplifted,FocusedSweet,Flowery,BerryDeveloped by Humboldt Seed Organization, Bubba’s Gift is a strain unlike any other. Despite being almost purely indica, this cross between Bubba Kush and God’s Gift produces functional and uplifting effects with a mild body high. Given its strong indica genetics, this sweet, fruity strain is surprisingly well-suited for daytime creative activities. Bubba’s Gift will flower in 6 weeks and can be grown indoors and outdoors.
Bubble-Cheeseindica3.8Relaxed,Hungry,Sleepy,Tingly,TalkativeBlue,Cheese,Cheese,PungentBubble Cheese, bred by Big Buddha Seeds, is an 85% indica strain that brings in genetics from Cheese, Bubble Gum, and Hubba Bubba Kush. With an earthy, hashy aroma, Bubble Cheese delivers sedating effects that relax the mind and body without heavy mental cloudiness.
Bubble-Gumhybrid4.1Happy,Relaxed,Euphoric,Uplifted,HungrySweet,Flowery,BerryOriginally Bubble Gum was developed by growers in Indiana. From there the genetics moved to New England and eventually Holland. It took many generations to finally produce a stable Bubble Gum with the characteristic sweet smell and euphoric high. Bubble Gum was the winner of two awards in the Cannabis Cup of '94, and the 2nd place winner in '95 and again in '99.
Bubbleberryhybrid4.4Happy,Relaxed,Focused,Uplifted,HungrySweet,Berry,BlueberryBubbleberry is a treat for cannabis consumers on either side of the indica-sativa divide. Combining the sweet, floral taste and aroma of Bubble Gum with the all-star fruity skunkiness of Blueberry, this strain has depth while remaining immensely palatable. Enjoy this strain anytime, day or night, but understand that this strain’s pungent aroma will turn heads from 50 yards away. 
Bubblegum-Kushindica4.3Relaxed,Happy,Sleepy,Uplifted,TalkativeSweet,Earthy,FloweryAn 80% indica strain from Bulldog Seeds in the Netherlands, Bubblegum Kush is a cross between Bubble Gum and an undisclosed Kush. An easy-to-grow plant that produces huge yields of frosty, resinous buds, it is popular with growers and hash-makers alike. Bubblegum Kush has a sour smell and flavor, and with a THC content in the 18% range, this indica will leave users fully relaxed and glued to the couch.
Bubblegunhybrid3.8Happy,Focused,Aroused,Talkative,UpliftedPepper,Mint,BlueberryBubblegun is a hybrid strain whose name plays homage to its genetics—it’s a slightly indica-dominant cross of Bubble Gum and AK-47. Good for treating insomnia and pain, this balanced hybrid starts off with uplifting effects that bring strong pain relief and sedation properties. As plants, Bubblegun shows off its indica side by staying short and flowering in 8 to 9 weeks. Flowers will be compact and give off a sugary bubble gum aroma. This strain is also popular for those looking to boost their appetite.
Bubblicioushybrid4.3Happy,Relaxed,Talkative,Giggly,UpliftedSweet,Blueberry,BerryBubblicious (not to be confused with Wonka’s Bubblicious) is Nirvana Seeds’ rendition of the classic Indiana Bubble Gum. Refined in the Netherlands since the 1990s, Bubblicious captures the signature bubble gum flavor that first lent this hybrid widespread notoriety. Sometimes, Bubblicious will even take on a pink hue that further justifies the naming of this sweet-smelling hybrid. Potent and relaxing, Bubblicious offers full-body effects that soothe tension and stress even in seasoned THC veterans.
Buckeye-Purpleindica4.3Sleepy,Relaxed,Euphoric,Focused,HappyTropical,Diesel,GrapeBuckeye Purple by Melvanetics is an indica-dominant cross of heavy genetics. Created by breeding Gorilla Grape and Granddaddy Purple, this beautiful cross produces pink and purple colas that reek of sweet floral terpenes. Buckeye Purple is known for its deep relaxation and leaden couchlock, as well as its reasonable flowering time of approximately 7 to 8 weeks.
Buddha-Hazesativa4.6Giggly,Happy,Uplifted,Euphoric,TalkativeSweet,Earthy,NuttyBuddha Haze is an 85% sativa strain bred by Big Buddha Seeds. Parented by Amnesia Haze and Manga Rosa, Buddha Haze offers a complex aroma that blends together sweet mango and spice. Its upbeat, energetic buzz is perfect for those days that require unencumbered focus and attention. 
Buddha-Tahoeindica4.5Relaxed,Happy,Euphoric,Uplifted,HungryEarthy,Pungent,SweetBuddha Tahoe is what you get when Big Buddha Seeds reverses Cali Connection’s Tahoe OG Kush to create their own rendition of this indica staple. Like its OG ancestors, Buddha Tahoe maintains a zesty lemon and earthy hash aroma typical of kush varieties. Potent and long-lasting, Buddha Tahoe launches you into to the highest level of cerebral euphoria which won this strain 3rd place in the 2011 High Times Cannabis Cup.
Buddhas-Handhybrid4.7Focused,Euphoric,Energetic,Aroused,UpliftedCitrus,Lemon,PungentBuddha’s Hand is a sativa-dominant strain that was bred by combining genetics from Lemon Thai and Snow Lotus. Pungent aromas of citrus and wildflowers burst from the dense, trichome-caked buds. Easing stress without the cost of energy, Buddha’s Hand is your perfect daytime companion when you’re in need of a mood boost or focus.
Buddhas-Sisterindica4.3Relaxed,Sleepy,Uplifted,Happy,EuphoricEarthy,Flowery,SweetBuddha's Sister has a flavor like a tart cherry candy and a scent to match. A cross of Reclining Buddha, Afghani, and Hawaiian varieties, Buddha's Sister provides creative and cerebral effects. An 80/20 indica blend, it does well grown in hydro or soil.
Buffalo-Billsativa4.2Relaxed,Uplifted,Tingly,Euphoric,HappyEarthy,Woody,PineBuffalo Bill is a sativa-dominant cross between Willie’s Wonder and Killer Ken bred by New House Seeds and grown by Doc and Yeti’s in Washington state. A blanket of crystal resin envelops the dense buds, almost hiding its interweaving green and lavender hues. Though 70% sativa by genetics, Buffalo Bill can hit with a force that leaves you anchored to your seat while the mind freely roams blissful euphoria. A sweet, earthy pine aroma floats from its kief-caked jar, sending your senses straight to a wintery tundra.
Bugatti-Oghybrid4.6Relaxed,Happy,Uplifted,Hungry,SleepyBerry,Earthy,PineBugatti OG, another member of the esteemed OG Kush family, is an indica-dominant hybrid with effects as luxurious as its automotive namesake. A sweet pine aroma familiar to OG Kush enthusiasts emanates from Bugatti OG’s resin-caked buds. Deep relaxation anchors the body, but intense cerebral stimulation lifts the mind to faraway escapes from aches, pains, and stress.
Burkleindica4.9Relaxed,Sleepy,Happy,Euphoric,UpliftedBerry,Flowery,PungentBurkle, 3rd place winner of Best Indica Flower at the 2016 Colorado Cannabis Cup, is an indica-dominant hybrid that crosses Pre-98 Bubba Kush with Granddaddy Purple (though some claim it to be Purple Urkle based on the name). The result is a powerfully relaxing indica that consumes the body with calming effects that ease away pain and induce sleep. Burkle is great for a lazy evening at home, but not so great for being productive. Its sweet flavor profile is a blend of spiced licorice aromas and an earthy peppermint aftertaste. This strain is known to produce a case of the munchies which makes it a good choice for those suffering from a lack of an appetite.
Burmese-Kushhybrid4.2Uplifted,Relaxed,Happy,Euphoric,CreativeEarthy,Pine,PungentThis hybrid strain is almost half sativa and tends to give users a calm, mellow outlook. Bred by T.H. Seeds as a cross that includes the California classic, OG Kush, this plant will be dark green and have a piney aroma with a sweet aftertaste. Growth can be slow to start so Burmese Kush is best for indoor conditions where growth speeds up and plants flower in 7-8 weeks. The effects also tend to come on slowly but can be strong and long-lasting once they do.
Burnt-Cookieshybrid0NoneNoneBurnt Cookies is another flavorful Cookies cross from Rebel Spirit Cannabis of Oregon. This strain is a cross of Fire OG and Girl Scout Cookies that expresses tight, vibrant flowers frosted in delicious trichomes. Burnt Cookies has a pleasant and unique aroma of citrus, mint, and ginger which translates nicely to the bud’s flavor. It prefers to grow indoors and yields tight, dense nugs that speak to the strain’s GSC lineage. This strain’s buzz is functionally cerebral and easy on the body, making it an enjoyable and flavorful choice for all day consumption.  
Butter-Ogindica4.3Relaxed,Sleepy,Happy,Euphoric,GigglyButter,Sweet,PungentWhile there is not much information available on the origins of Butter OG, it is generally thought to be an indica-dominant strain as it gives consumers a very relaxing, giggly high that gradually fades to sleepiness. Its dense, sparkly buds give off a fruity scent with slight undertones of ammonia. The smoke is very light and smooth, with sweet flavors on the inhale and, like its name suggests, a buttery aftertaste. Butter OG is potentially beneficial for treating pain, anxiety, depression, and insomnia.
Butterscotchindica4.3Relaxed,Euphoric,Focused,Creative,SleepyPine,Citrus,NuttyButterscotch is a treat of a strain that gets its name from its distinctive candy aroma. This strong indica helps patients to gain some mental peace and unwind from a stressful day. Effects tend to be sedative and sleep-inducing, so Butterscotch is a good choice for treating insomnia.
C13-Hazesativa4.4Euphoric,Creative,Uplifted,Energetic,GigglyEarthy,Pungent,LemonC13 is one of the many strains in the DNA Genetics catalog. It's a cross between Cannalope Haze and G13. This hybrid grows and smells more like the G13 side of its lineage and tastes fantastic. C13 is nice for relieving pain and anxiety-related symptoms.
C3hybrid5NoneNoneC3 is an indica-dominant cross between Chemdawg and a Lemon Thai-Pakistani hybrid, creating a stinky flower rich with earthy aromas. This strain’s initial sensations start in the mind and settle down into the body where the consumer begins to feel deep, expansive relaxation. Indulge in C3 with caution, as its genetic parentage has been known to push potency that can be physically and socially debilitating, though usually in a pleasurable way. 
C3Pohybrid4.3Relaxed,Hungry,Sleepy,Focused,UpliftedSweet,Pine,LemonNamed after the eloquent and fussy droid from a galaxy far, far away, C3PO is a sativa-dominant hybrid strain cultivated in Humboldt County, California by Petrolia Farms. With the smell of fresh pine, C3PO delivers relaxing effects with mental clarity due to its high CBD content which usually falls between 13-15%. Minimal amounts of THC (less than 1%) mean this strain won’t cause the intense cerebral euphoria typically associated with high-THC varieties. Because of its CBD:THC ratio, medical patients might turn to this strain for treating pain, anxiety, and inflammation, among other symptoms and conditions.
C4hybrid4.5Relaxed,Happy,Euphoric,Creative,UpliftedEarthy,Flowery,LimeAn indica-leaning cross between Cotton Candy and Shiskaberry, C4 is known for its high yields and resin production that make it an excellent option for producing top-notch concentrates. The fruity aroma is highlighted by a thick, earthy tones that mixes with flavors of pine and citrus. Its deep, relaxing effects are recommended to those battling depression and anxiety, and are sure to blow you out of any funk you may find yourself in.
Cbd-Blue-Sharkhybrid4.3Relaxed,Happy,Uplifted,Focused,EuphoricBlueberry,Flowery,EarthyCBD Blue Shark by Barney’s Farm is a flavorful 1:1 CBD/THC cross of CBD Shark and Blue Cheese. These strains come together to offer consumers THC and CBD contents of 6.5%, which may help to reduce inflammation while improving mood and alleviating stress. CBD Blue Shark has a complex floral bouquet that contains hints of jasmine, berry, and cheese, making it a unique and challenging flavor palate. If growing this strain, note that it typically takes about 9 weeks to finish flowering. 
Cbd-Critical-Cureindica4.6Relaxed,Sleepy,Happy,Focused,EuphoricSweet,Earthy,BerryFrom Barney’s Farm comes CBD Critical Cure (or simply “Critical Cure”), an indica-dominant strain that’s said to combine Critical Kush with a ruderalis variety. Because this strain typically contains about 8 percent CBD and 5 percent THC, Critical Cure can annihilate pain, stress, and inflammation with little psychoactive interference. The indica influence in CBD Critical Cure gives rise to deeply relaxing effects delivered alongside a sweet, earthy flavor.
Cbd-Critical-Massindica4.6Relaxed,Happy,Sleepy,Hungry,UpliftedEarthy,Pungent,MentholCBD Critical Mass by Dinafem Seeds is a breeding collaboration in search of truly medicinal properties. According to Dinafem, this strain came out of a genetic mashup between the in-house Critical Mass and an undisclosed strain from CBD Crew. CBD Critical Mass has a 1:1 CBD/THC ratio and generally more pronounced indica-dominant effects. This genetic cross is known to yield an abundant harvest, but plan on supporting the plant’s vigorous growth before flowering. Dinafem recommends utilizing this strain for anorexia, insomnia, muscle pain, and depression.    
Cbd-Kushhybrid4.5Relaxed,Happy,Focused,Uplifted,EuphoricEarthy,Woody,Spicy/HerbalFrom the collaborative efforts of CBD Crew and Dutch Passion comes CBD Kush, a hybrid strain with equal parts THC and CBD. Bred from Kandy Kush and an unnamed high-CBD variety, CBD Kush typically tests around 7% in both THC and CBD, which may benefit consumers with a low tolerance or those treating conditions such as pain, inflammation, or anxiety. Its psychoactive effects are subtle, offering a tame experience that eases the muscles into relaxation without too much mental cloudiness. 
Cbd-Lillysativa4.5Focused,Happy,Sleepy,Energetic,EuphoricCitrusCBD Lilly, also known as “Piña Colada,” is a CBD-dominant strain with happy effects. Averaging a 3-to-1 CBD:THC ratio, CBD Lilly is a potent medicine for consumers seeking therapeutic effects. This sativa-dominant pairing of Congo IBL and Queen Mother imbues consumers with uplifting euphoria that coaxes laughter and conversation. Its buzz settles down into the body as functional and mild relaxation that helps with inflammation and physical discomfort. The smell has been described as spicy and grassy.  
Cbd-Mango-Hazesativa4.4Focused,Relaxed,Uplifted,Energetic,EuphoricMango,Tropical,FloweryCBD Mango Haze is a high-CBD strain released by CBD Crew in 2013. This pleasant and aromatic blend combines the tropical flavors of Mango Haze with the added benefits from high levels of cannabidiol. The buds of CBD Mango Haze express themselves with spicy and sweet notes reminiscent of mango, pineapple, and black pepper. Its CBD:THC ratio can range anywhere from 1:1 – 2:1 and the uplifting sativa-dominant effects draw many medical cannabis consumers to CBD Mango Haze.
Cbd-Oxindica5Aroused,Sleepy,Happy,Euphoric,HungrySweet,Berry,FloweryCBD OX by Rare Dankness is a 1:1 CBD/THC strain that grows deep green buds with bright orange hairs. This pleasant strain is a 90% indica-dominant cross of Rare Dankesss’s OX male and a CBD-rich cultivar, Shak. CBD OX has a spicy flavor and deep notes of coffee and berry. The breeder recommends utilizing this strain’s calming effects to abate anxiety and diminish physical discomfort. 
Cbd-Rich-Blessingsativa0NoneNoneCBD Rich Blessing by Bodhi Seeds is a 2:1 THC/CBD strain steeped in medicinal cannabis genetics. Created by crossing the famous ACDC strain and the father of the Good Medicine Project (Harlequin x Appalachia), this strain is a mixed THC/CBD strain that masterfully balances potency and functionality. CBD Rich Blessing has been known to pop both THC-rich and CBD-dominant phenotypes that emit a pleasant fragrance of woody and floral terpenes. Utilize this strain to improve mood and contend with inflammation. 
Cbd-Sharkindica4.5Relaxed,Tingly,Happy,Sleepy,EuphoricPungent,Nutty,EarthyCBD Shark is an 80/20 indica-dominant cannabis strain that offers an equal ratio of THC and CBD, a cannabinoid combination that helps patients treat an array of symptoms like pain, anxiety, and inflammation without the overly intoxicating effects induced by many high-THC strains. This clear-headed hybrid descends from a Shark Shock indica, but as for its second parent, we can only be sure that it was some high-CBD variety. Its aroma is comprised of sweet notes of fruit accented by subtle hints of garlic and herb.
Chr-Super-Ogindica4.3Relaxed,Giggly,Sleepy,Happy,TalkativeSkunk,Diesel,SweetA three-way cross between Skywalker OG, Tahoe OG Kush, and Larry OG, CHR Super OG is an indica strain that produces heavy effects that relax the mind and body. This Los Angeles native carries a pungent sour pine aroma that has come to characterize OG strains, and its heavy sedative effects are a perfect match for those sleepless nights caused by pain or insomnia. 
Cabbage-Patchhybrid4.4Relaxed,Happy,Uplifted,Giggly,EnergeticMenthol,Grapefruit,NuttyCabbage Patch is a sativa-dominant hybrid that combines Cherry Pie and Durban Poison genetics. The resulting buds are sweet, earthy and have hints of fruit flavors. Cabbage Patch delivers uplifting effects that are great for social settings and are known to spark creativity and laughter while relaxing muscle pains. 
Cackleberryhybrid0NoneNoneCrackleberry by Greenpoint Seeds is a fuel-driven, fruit-forward hybrid that offers consumers potency in both aroma and effect. It was created by crossing Cherry Diesel (Cherry OG x Turbo Diesel) and Stardawg. This combination compounds the cherry cough syrup, ammonia, and fuel aromas of Cherry Diesel against the deep chemical and fuel aromas of Stardawg. Greenpoint Seeds set out to improve upon the base genetics of this strain, and Cackleberry hits the mark. Its fruity terpenes and powerful euphoric buzz make it a worthwhile addition to any smoke circle. 
Cactusindica4.6Euphoric,Happy,Uplifted,Relaxed,HungryCitrus,Earthy,PungentFirst bred by Jordan of the Islands, Cactus is an indica cross between Afghani and Northern Lights and is named after its vague resemblance to the pear cactus. Cactus buds are conic with knobby formations and emit an organic earthy aroma with citrus notes. This indica is an adept painkiller, providing relief to aches and sore muscles as well as spasms and anxiety. While its indica genetics prepare us for a sleepy, relaxed experience, many describe Cactus as having more uplifting, energizing effects characteristic of sativa strains. Cactus has become a popular staple among the connoisseurs of Seattle, and was among the first place winners in the 2012 High Times Cannabis Cup.
Cactus-Coolerhybrid4.5Creative,Euphoric,Focused,Happy,EnergeticCitrus,Earthy,SweetCactus Cooler is a sativa-dominant strain that’s said to be a cross between Blue Dream and OG Kush. The sativa in Cactus Cooler lends an upbeat cerebral kick to help you stay focused and productive throughout the day, while the OG boosts the senses with buzzing euphoria. With notes of sharp lemon and sweet wildflowers, Cactus Cooler takes after both parents in its fragrance.
Cadillac-Purpleindica4.2Relaxed,Sleepy,Tingly,Happy,HungryBerry,Earthy,GrapeCadillac Purple is a heavy indica strain that is popular among users seeking true body relaxation and pain relief without the spacey cerebral effects common to more sativa-heavy hybrids. Depending on tolerance, this strain can be a bit of a “creeper,” but when its effects do hit, they tend to be calming, body-soothing, and may lead to some restful sleep. Buds are deep greens with plenty of purple, making for some very pretty flowers. The aroma, too, is pleasant – mild and like a sweet perfume.
Cali-Goldhybrid4.5Uplifted,Relaxed,Happy,Sleepy,EuphoricEarthy,Pine,SkunkThis indica-dominant California strain will have you thinking about taking a hike in the woods with its clean, green grass smell that has hints of herbs. The potent smell is actually the first thing many users notice about Cali Gold and the taste pulls in notes of citrus, bringing to mind lemongrass. This strain is a cross between Jah OG Kush and DS Gold. The plants also look impressive, with bulky, crystalline buds. Effects tend to be body relaxing but not completely sedative, so that hike may just be a possibility.
Cali-Jackhybrid4.7Creative,Happy,Talkative,Uplifted,EuphoricDiesel,Sweet,SkunkCali Jack by Medicanna Seeds is a potent union of polar opposites. Jack Herer, the sativa-dominant king of clear-minded motivation, comes together with Pre-98 Bubba Kush, a classic West Coast indica dynamo with a heavy body and laidback demeanor, to form a strain with powerful and unique properties. Exhibiting stimulating cerebral effects coupled with a body-heavy indica punch, Cali Jack can help relieve migraines, nausea, anxiety, and fibromyalgia symptoms.  
Cali-Kushhybrid4.2Relaxed,Happy,Hungry,Euphoric,UpliftedEarthy,Woody,SweetCali Kush must have been a no-brainer when it came time to name this strain given the popularity of Kush varieties in The Golden State. Its buds are large and dense with few leaves and not many pistils. The flowers will be light green shot through with icy blue and packed with trichomes throughout. Cali Kush buds have a fruity citrus aroma with the darker coffee notes of a kush. Spicier tones and the coffee kushness are more apparent in the taste. The indica-dominant variation of this hybrid has been more popular, but a sativa-dominant version has also been spotted.
California-Grapefruitindica4.4Euphoric,Relaxed,Tingly,Talkative,UpliftedCitrus,Grapefruit,PepperCalifornia Grapefruit by DNA Genetics is an indica strain that draws from a palette of California-grown genetics: Northern Lights, Skunk #1, and Afghani. Loyal to her indica dominance, California Grapefruit promises a heavily relaxing effect that takes a few minutes to fully kick in, even when inhaled. The weight of this indica may just be enough to crush pain, insomnia, and muscle tension in most patients. Its earthy flavor is accented by a sweet, sour grapefruit aroma which lends this strain its name.
California-Hash-Plantindica5Uplifted,Creative,Energetic,Giggly,HappyCitrusCalifornia Hash Plant is a combination of two sister strains from the same Hash Plant mother. Offering a spicy, floral aroma, this endogamic cross weighs heavily on the limbs and mind, dissolving anxiety and encouraging rest. Known for its mold resistance and indoor or outdoor adaptability, California Hash Plant is a solid choice for experienced growers seeking out a potent cannabis variety. Enjoy California Hash Plant near the end of the day as its sedative effects can give lead boots to the consumer’s motivation.  
California-Orangehybrid4.3Happy,Relaxed,Uplifted,Euphoric,GigglyCitrus,Orange,SweetCalifornia Orange is an old school classic, dating back to at least 1980, and as such, there is a great deal of mystery surrounding its origin. It is generally accepted to be a 50/50 indica/sativa hybrid, is quite easy to grow, and produces a sweet citrus aroma reminiscent of orange zest. Also known as Cali-O, Cali Orange Bud, C.O.B., and available from Dutch Passion as “Californian Orange” in feminized seed form, this hybrid has found its way around the globe and is a favorite with many growers. Most users report that California Orange produces an upbeat, clear-headed high when consumed in moderation, while heavier dosing can lead to a more indica-type body feeling.
California-Sourhybrid3.6Focused,Relaxed,Euphoric,Energetic,UpliftedLemon,Diesel,CitrusCalifornia Sour is an elusive hybrid strain that has given rise to many flavorful cannabis varieties such as Lemon Diesel and Sour Lemon OG. This hybrid balances the genetics of a Mexican sativa and an Afghani indica.
Calyx-Oghybrid0NoneNoneCalyx OG (also known as Calyx OG #3) is a balanced 50/50 hybrid from Calyx Garden. This strain was bred by crossing Platinum Calyx with True OG, creating a dense flower with a pungent aroma. The terpene profile of Calyx OG is a mixture of citrus and earthy aromas. It offers up over 1% in limonene, nearly half a percent in pinene and humulene, and almost a full percent of caryophyllene. This harmony of terpenes and upwards of 27% THC make for a potent flower in both effect and aroma. Calyx OG has a 60-day flowering cycle and happens to be one of Calyx Garden’s highest yielding strains.  
Cambodiansativa4.2Energetic,Talkative,Happy,Relaxed,UpliftedEarthy,Tropical,FloweryCambodian refers to any strain that grows natively in this region. These indigenous vareities (also called landraces) tend to be sativa in structure and effect due to Cambodia's latitude and climate.
Cambodian-Hazesativa4.6Euphoric,Happy,Aroused,Creative,RelaxedSweet,Citrus,LemonReeferman Seeds created the vibrant Cambodian Haze sativa by crossing a Cambodian landrace strain with Purple Haze. This South East Asian spin on the classic Purple Haze will deliver a strong euphoric experience without exacerbating paranoia. Known to be extremely sticky in texture and sweet in flavor, Cambodian Haze is the perfect sativa for staying productive without being up all night. Flowering in 11 to 12 weeks, this strain is best suited for indoor and greenhouse grows for an experienced grower.   
Candy-Caneindica4.4Relaxed,Sleepy,Euphoric,Hungry,HappySweet,Tropical,PineCandy Cane is a 70% indica strain from Crop King Seeds that combines AK-47, Mango, and White Widow genetics. Its sour, fruity taste is followed by long-lasting, euphoric effects that combat stress and tension. Candy Cane autoflowers in 7 weeks and produces moderately high yields in both indoor and outdoor gardens.
Candy-Jacksativa4.3Happy,Energetic,Euphoric,Creative,FocusedSkunk,Citrus,PungentCandy Jack is a mostly sativa strain that provides a swift boost to your mood alongside a sweet, citrus aroma. The fragrant smell is inherited from its Skunk #1 parent, while creative and focused effects stem from the Jack Herer side of the family. While its complex terpene profile may impress even the most hardened connoisseur, patients typically appreciate Candy Jack’s ability to counter stress, depression, and appetite loss. With a few Cannabis Cup wins already under its belt, Candy Jack’s potency, flavor, and effects have won this sativa a sterling reputation in the cannabis world. 
Candylandsativa4.6Happy,Uplifted,Energetic,Euphoric,CreativeSweet,Earthy,FloweryCandyland, a gold medalist of the 2012 KushCon, is a sativa-dominant hybrid bred from Granddaddy Purple and Bay Platinum Cookies. Golden hairs weave through Candyland’s thick coat of sugar-like trichomes and highlight the compact, camouflage-colored buds. This strain grows well indoors and out, and patients turn to Candyland to relieve pain, muscle tension, and sour moods. Strong sativa genetics give Candyland uplifting and stimulating effects, making it a perfect strain for social gatherings or creative pastimes.
Canna-Tsuhybrid4.5Relaxed,Happy,Focused,Uplifted,CreativeWoody,Earthy,GrapefruitCanna-Tsu is a hybrid cannabis strain that combines genetics from two CBD-rich parents, Cannatonic and Sour Tsunami. Sweet earthy flavors activate on the exhale, complementing the subtle citrus aroma that radiates from Canna-Tsu’s buds. Because of its high-CBD, low-THC cannabinoid profile, Canna-Tsu delivers its mellow effects with mental clarity. Strains high in CBD like Canna-Tsu are highly demanded by patients treating pain, inflammation, anxiety, and seizures. 
Cannasutraindica4.8Relaxed,Euphoric,Sleepy,Happy,ArousedEarthy,Sweet,BerryCannaSutra by Delta 9 Labs is a 70/30 indica-dominant cannabis strain parented by Reclining Buddha and Sensi Star. Appropriately derived from the Sanskrit love guide Kama Sutra, this strain is said to sharpen the senses for enhanced romantic encounters. Mellow and functional enough to leave mental acuity intact, CannaSutra is an excellent indica for daytime indulgence. Its flavor is comparable to that of incense, with sweet hashy accents that leave you feeling relaxed and peaceful as you exhale.
Cannadentialhybrid4.1Euphoric,Happy,Relaxed,Uplifted,EnergeticEarthy,Pungent,DieselGrows like Cannalope Haze, tastes like LA Confidential. This plant is the perfect mix of indica/sativa. Heavy buds and a fruity smell brought to us by those crazy geneticists from DNA Genetics. Anything crossed into the LA strain results in something special, every time.
Cannalope-Hazesativa4.2Happy,Relaxed,Energetic,Uplifted,CreativeSweet,Tropical,FloweryLike the name suggests, Cannalope Haze is a sweet mix of tropical, melon, and floral flavors. Almost a pure sativa that crosses Haze Brothers Original Haze and a Mexican landrace, this strain is a great solution for fatigue and when struggling with appetite loss. The smooth taste and hefty resin production make it great for producing concentrates.
Cannalope-Kushhybrid4.5Uplifted,Happy,Relaxed,Euphoric,FocusedSweet,Earthy,WoodyCannalope Kush from DNA Genetics mixes the powerful effects of OG #18 with the sweet fruity flavors of Cannalope Haze. Though it is sativa-dominant, many enjoy the balancing act of the underlying indica influence. This hybrid delivers a pleasant light smoke with woody undertones alongside an energetic burst of cerebral activity and euphoria.
Cannatonichybrid4.3Relaxed,Happy,Uplifted,Focused,EuphoricEarthy,Woody,SweetCannatonic is a unique hybrid strain bred by Spanish seed bank Resin Seeds specifically for its low THC content (rarely above 6%) and high CBD content (6-17%).  A cross between a female MK Ultra and a famous G13 Haze male, it produces a relatively short-lived, mellow high that is also uplifting and powerfully relaxing, thanks to the high CBD content.  As one of the premier medical strains, Cannatonic is often used to treat pain, muscle spasms, anxiety, migraines, and a wide variety of other physiological and psychological symptoms.  Most phenotypes present with a slight earthy odor and a mild, sweet, vaguely citrusy flavor. 
Capersindica4.6Sleepy,Happy,Hungry,Relaxed,UpliftedPungent,Skunk,EarthyCapers is a mostly indica strain believed to have descended from the Burmese Kush genetic line. Pain and insomnia are crushed under the weight of this indica's relaxing effects, making this powerhouse indica a perfect choice for late night consumption. Its THC content typically falls around 15% with other cannabinoids occuring in trace amounts.
Capletonhybrid4Sleepy,Tingly,Euphoric,Giggly,HappyFlowery,Lavender,RoseCapleton by Irie Genetics is an extremely resinous strain. Created by crossing White Widow and Grateful Dawg, Capleton reeks of chemicals and fuel with intermittent notes of earth and sweetness. The plants grow tall and take 60 to 70 days to flower, depending on the phenotype. Capleton consistently tests at 23% THC and offers consumers long-lasting physical effects.    
Captain-America-Oghybrid4.6Relaxed,Uplifted,Euphoric,Creative,HappyDiesel,Berry,OrangeCaptain America OG is a sativa-leaning OG cut with uplifting euphoria and a bright citrus flavor. Relieving anxiety without the debilitating weight of heavier OG crosses, call on “The Captain” for relief of stress as well as nausea, mild physical pain, and muscle spasms. This strain’s moderate body effects and complementary euphoria make it ideal for use any time of the day with mindful dosage.  
Captains-Cakehybrid4.7Euphoric,Relaxed,Energetic,Happy,FocusedEarthy,Citrus,SweetCaptain’s Cake by The Captain’s Connection is a hybrid cross between Girl Scout Cookies and White Fire Alien OG. With bright citrus terpenes on the nose and palate, and a sweet doughy earth aroma, Captain’s Cake is a crowd-pleaser with enjoyable relaxing effects. This strain is euphoric and easy on the limbs in small doses, but can get rather sedating with heavy consumption. Enjoy the laid-back energy of Captain’s Cake into the evening to set you up for a good night’s rest.  
Caramel-Candy-Kushhybrid4.6Relaxed,Happy,Focused,Creative,TalkativeVanilla,Coffee,SweetCaramel Candy Kush is an indica-dominant hybrid of Pre-98 Bubba Kush and Ms. Universe bred by Dynasty Seeds. There are two distinct phenotypes, one that is Bubba-dominant and the other that is led by Ms. Universe genetics. Caramel Candy Kush expresses itself with flavors of sugary caramel, fruity notes of cherry and grape, and a creamy coffee finish that offers an immediate rush of heady effects and provide calming relief from chronic pain. The complex terpene profile and excellent resin production make this a great choice for producing hash and other concentrates.
Caramel-Kona-Coffee-Cookieshybrid0NoneNoneCaramel Kona Coffee Cookies by Pua Mana 1st Hawaiian Pakalolo Seed Bank is an immensely heavy indica-leaning hybrid. As the name suggests, this flower reeks of burnt sugar, doughy earth, and tropical flora. The flavor is as sweet and caramel as the aroma, but with spicy notes of hash on the finish. Caramel Kona Coffee Cookies was created by crossing Pua Mana’s Caramel Kona Coffee Kush and Herban Tribe’s GSC Forum Cut. This Kush-heavy combination hits the body like an avalanche, leveling stress and worry to the ground. As this intense physical sensation dissipates, it is replaced by mental and physical elation that elevates the mood, making it ideal for social gatherings or dark winter nights.  
Caramel-Kona-Coffee-Kushindica4.5Relaxed,Uplifted,Tingly,Hungry,HappyCoffee,Vanilla,WoodyCaramel Kona Coffee Kush is a flavorful, alliterative cross by Pua Mana 1st Hawaiian Pakalōlō Seed Bank. This sweet wahine is luscious on the palate and heavy on the body, draping the limbs in cushy, weighted relaxation. CKC Kush’s Caramel Kush mother gives this strain its predominant flavor and physical effects, but the strain’s Kona Gold father shines through in latent spicy undertones and heady mental buzz. Noted as one of the most delicious strains in the Pua Mana archives, Caramel Kona Coffee Kush is a perfect strain to shrug off stress and treat yourself at the end of the day.  
Caramelicioushybrid4.2Focused,Happy,Relaxed,Euphoric,CreativeVanilla,Sweet,CoffeeCaramelicious is a hybrid cannabis variety that has sticky buds and a caramel flavor.  A favorite after dinner smoke for some, provides a sweet taste and happy high.
Caramellaindica4.8Aroused,Euphoric,RelaxedMenthol,Spicy/Herbal,SweetCaramella is an 80/20 indica-dominant strain recommended for late nights out with friends as it provides an uplifting and social high. This robust strain produces long colas, deep green leaves, and sticky resin scattered around the plant like fairy dust. This easy-to-grow indica finishes flowering in about 8 to 9 weeks.
Caramelosativa4.1Energetic,Happy,Uplifted,Relaxed,TalkativeSweet,Coffee,VanillaThe breeders at Delicious Seeds continue to live up to their name with this flavorful 70/30 sativa-dominant hybrid they call Caramelo. Caramelo is derived from the Lavender family, inheriting that signature floral aroma with accents of sweet and spicy fruit. Though made famous by its complex terpene profile, consumers also appreciate Caramelo for its lightweight uplifting effects that promote energy alongside potent symptom relief.
Carl-Saganhybrid4.4Happy,Relaxed,Uplifted,Focused,ArousedSweet,Earthy,PineSorry to disappoint, but this Carl Sagan won’t send you into the cosmos. Rather, this Sagan is an easy, relaxing cross between Pre-98 Bubba Kush and Bogs Blue Moon Rocks. Named for the late Carl Sagan, Professor of Astronomy and Space Sciences at Cornell University, this strain pays homage to a great astronomer, intellectual, and cannabis activist. Though this hybrid is sativa-dominant, it provides consumers with a very well-balanced buzz. Sagan is great for anyone looking for a strain that’s strong but not overwhelming. This strain also features a tropical aroma, with lingering tastes of guava and passion fruit. 
Carnivalsativa4.3Talkative,Uplifted,Happy,Energetic,RelaxedEarthy,PineCarnival by Ministry of Cannabis is a sativa-dominant strain designed to translate the eccentric, colorful vibe of Carnival from the streets of Brazil into the mind of the consumer. This cerebral strain gets its powerful mental effects from its select Haze mother and its unknown sativa-hybrid father. The scents of citrus and lemon candy explode off the lanky spears created by this plant. Know to thrive both indoors and outdoors, Carnival has a snappy flowering time of only nine weeks. This strain’s upbeat euphoria and general mood alteration makes it a great social strain to share among friends.
Cascadia-Kushindica4.6Relaxed,Tingly,Sleepy,Aroused,UpliftedSweet,Earthy,FloweryCascadia Kush is an 80/20 indica bred by Hesperides Gardens in Washington. It combines Alien Kush and Frankenstein genetics to create a powerhouse of relaxing, pain-relieving effects. Cascadia Kush took the award for Best Indica at the 2015 DOPE Cup in Seattle.
Casey-Jonessativa4.2Uplifted,Happy,Energetic,Creative,HungryEarthy,Sweet,CitrusChoo choo! Casey Jones is coming down the track! Casey was a famous engineer who was killed in a train wreck in 1900. More recently, he's also the name of a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles character who's fond of hockey masks and vigilante justice. However, this Casey Jones is a cross between Oriental Express (Trainwreck x Thai) and East Coast Sour Diesel that provides an earthy, sweet palate with subtle hints of citrus. Casey Jones produces pleasant sativa effects that are uplifting and great for releasing your creativity.
Cashus-Clayhybrid4.2Uplifted,Euphoric,Happy,Talkative,EnergeticEarthy,Pungent,ButterCashus Clay, also called Cash Kush, is a clone-only strain from THClones. This flavorful cross is a triumvirate of potent genetics, including True OG, Bubble Gum, and Master Kush. This trio combines rich berry terpenes and pleasurable body effects against a powerful mind expanding euphoria. Even with this strain’s deep indica lineage, the breeder swears by its focused, motivating qualities thus classifying it as a hybrid. Utilize Cashus Clay throughout the day, but mind your dosage. This potent strain can be potentially sedative for the inexperienced consumer.  
Casper-Ogindica5Relaxed,Sleepy,Euphoric,Hungry,UpliftedEarthy,Sweet,PungentCasper OG is an indica-dominant strain with a unique history. By combining ThaDocta’s Face Off OG and ORGNKID’s Ghost OG, Casper OG (the friendliest OG you know) was brought into being from the great beyond. Known for its squat plants and nine week grow cycle, Casper OG is an ideal indoor grow. This plant delivers traditional indica effects that mellow the mind and body in small doses, but anchors the consumer to the couch with continued use. The terpene profile is rich with OG notes, including earth and delicate citrus. Enjoy Casper OG in the evening to maximize its stress-free relaxation and gradual sedation
Cat-Pisssativa3.9Happy,Uplifted,Euphoric,Relaxed,TalkativeEarthy,Woody,Blue,CheeseOriginally a clone-only phenotype of Super Silver Haze, Cat Piss is a sativa-dominant strain that has a uniquely pungent ammonia-like stench reminiscent of its name. It has been crossed with other strains to create seed lines with varying phenotypes including indica-dominant varieties, however it is generally considered to be more of a sativa. The flavors are sweet with undertones of pine, and the high is uplifting and cerebral with a nice relaxing body feel that makes it a good option for daytime use.
Cataract-Kushhybrid4.4Relaxed,Happy,Hungry,Euphoric,UpliftedPungent,Citrus,SweetThis is the combination of LA Confidential and OG Kush. This strain was created by DNA Genetics and it has blankets of crystals and looks almost grayish-black.The effect is good for pain, eating and sleep disorders. Most describe Cataract as a 'creeper' high that keeps on building long after you stop smoking! This strain has been years in the making and is NOT recommended for the light-weight smoker. After you experience the Cataract Kush you'll think you have cataracts!
Catfishsativa4.8Uplifted,Creative,Energetic,Euphoric,HappyEarthy,Ammonia,ChemicalCatfish is a sativa strain that took 1st place in the High Times' 2014 Michigan Medical Cannabis Cup.
Cello-Sweet-Oghybrid4Sleepy,Relaxed,Uplifted,Creative,EuphoricSweet,Spicy/Herbal,PineappleColorado Seed Inc. pays homage to new school and old school genetics in Cello Sweet OG. This cross combines DJ Short’s Flo, a living cannabis virtuoso, and Secret Garden OG, CO Seed’s Kush bomb, to create a connoisseur-quality strain with potency and dimension. With effects that range from cerebral to sedative, this strain contains movements like a symphony, rising into a meditative mind with a decrescendo into full-body relaxation. 
Central-Americansativa4Relaxed,Euphoric,Happy,HungryEarthy,Diesel,SweetCentral American refers to the indigenous varieties of cannabis (or landraces) that grow natively in this region of the world. Because of this region's latitude and climate, these native landrace strains tend to be sativa in structure and effect. 
Cerebro-Hazesativa4.2Uplifted,Happy,Relaxed,Creative,EnergeticPepper,Citrus,VanillaCerebro Haze is a sativa-dominant strain that crosses Brain OG with Tom Hills Haze. As its name suggests, Cerebro Haze focuses its efforts in the head and provides a clean, clear buzz that allows you to stay active and functional. Despite its sativa influence, Cerebro Haze still provides relaxing full-body effects preferred by patients treating pain and headaches.
Chairman-Chem-Souhybrid4.4Energetic,Happy,Uplifted,Creative,EuphoricDiesel,Pepper,CitrusChairman Chem Sou is another Chemdawg cross from Royal Choice Farms. This tart combination unites the ever-popular Chemdawg with Sour OG for a sour, spicy aroma and an equal measure of mental and physical effects. It has been known to suppress the appetite, elevate mood, and encourage physical activity. The palate is sweet and tangy, offering notes of citrus and pine with a fuel-like finish.   
Champagne-Kushhybrid4.2Happy,Uplifted,Relaxed,Euphoric,TalkativeCitrus,Sweet,EarthyChampagne Kush is an indica-dominant hybrid that offers a variety of attributes suited to different tastes and ailments. With a pleasant and palpable weight on the limbs coupled with a heady, thoughtful mind, this strain adapts to the consumer’s needs with dosage. On the lighter end, expect a headier trip with mood enhancing effects that generally lead to a sense of well-being. But with continued consumption, this strain can lead to a weighted body and mind that feels meditative at its core.    
Charlie-Sheenhybrid4.6Happy,Euphoric,Relaxed,Sleepy,FocusedPine,Sweet,LemonCharlie Sheen is an indica-dominant hybrid, parented by Green Crack, OG Kush, and Blue Dream. These lemon-scented buds taste likewise, with a distinct undercurrent of kush. The effects are relaxing and uplifted, with a lengthy, sleepy come-down great for pain relief and insomnia.
Charlottes-Websativa4.5Relaxed,Uplifted,Focused,Happy,EnergeticEarthy,Flowery,SweetCharlotte’s Web is a cultivar with less than 0.3% THC that has gained popularity as an option for treating seizures as well as a range of other medical conditions. This medical potency is due to its high-CBD content, which was specifically cultivated by Colorado breeders The Stanley Brothers for a young epileptic patient named Charlotte. Contrary to popular belief, Charlotte’s Web is a hemp-derived product with little to no psychoactive effects, making it great for those who don’t want their medication to affect their daily tasks. Charlotte’s powerful web may cause dizziness for some patients, so new users should be cautious. Learn more about Charlotte's Web here.
Cheesehybrid4.1Relaxed,Happy,Euphoric,Uplifted,HungryCheese,Earthy,PungentNamed for its sharply sour aroma, Cheese is an indica-dominant hybrid from the U.K. that has achieved widespread popularity for its unique flavor and consistent potency. With origins that stretch back to the late 1980s, Cheese is said to descend from a Skunk #1 phenotype whose pungent aroma made it stand out. Breeders like Big Buddha Seeds later introduced Afghani indica genetics to increase Cheese’s trichome production and yields. The resulting hybrid is now well-known for its relaxed, happy effects that gently ease you into a blissful state of mind.
Cheese-Candyhybrid4.3Relaxed,Uplifted,Happy,Sleepy,CreativeCheese,Sweet,PungentCheese Candy by Delicious Seeds is the hybrid lovechild of Cheese and Caramelo, a combination of parent strains that results in an unusual fusion of sweet candy and sharp cheese flavors. The sweet and sour aroma is accented by flowery, fruity flavors which usher in Cheese Candy’s deeply relaxing characteristics. Its long, slender buds are wrapped in fiery orange hairs that stand in vibrant contrast to this hybrid’s sage green hues.
Cheese-Quakehybrid4.3Euphoric,Uplifted,Relaxed,Tingly,HappyAmmonia,Citrus,RoseCheese Quake by TGA Subcool Seeds is a 60/40 indica-dominant cross between Cheese and Querkle.  A hint of grape is detectable, but its aroma is led by the funky sour aroma commonly associated with Cheese hybrids. Expect to feel tingy invigoration followed by uplifting body sensations to help you feel relaxed and carefree.
Cheeseburgerhybrid3.3Tingly,Uplifted,Relaxed,Aroused,CreativeCheese,Pepper,TeaCheeseburger by Cannasol Farms (of Omak, Washington) is a deep, sumptuous strain that leaves the consumer feeling satisfied, like a cheeseburger after a hard day’s work. With a long, mysterious heritage coming out of Okanogan, this indica-dominant strain was entrusted to Cannasol to ensure its wholesome genetics were preserved. With yield-per-plant weight reaching several pounds each, this plant grows and grows. Cheeseburger has been known to grow especially well with long summer nights, and matures when the first ears of corn ripen on the stalk.
Cheesewreckhybrid4.3Happy,Relaxed,Uplifted,Creative,EuphoricCheese,Woody,PungentCheesewreck is a sativa-dominant hybrid bred by Seedism Seeds that brings together the pungent, sour aroma of Cheese with the staggering potency of Trainwreck. The effects of this hybrid may not settle in right away, but when they do, Cheesewreck reminds you of its Trainwreck genes with crushing euphoria and full-body relaxation. Cheesewreck trails off into a comfortable sleepiness over time and settles racing thoughts as you wind down for the night. High yields of Cheesewreck will be ready for harvest following its 9 to 10 week flowering cycle indoors.
Chem-Crushhybrid4.1Talkative,Energetic,Happy,Creative,UpliftedSweet,Earthy,PungentChem Crush is a hybrid strain that took 2nd place in the 2014 Denver Cannabis Cup.
Chem-Dogindica4.7Relaxed,Happy,Sleepy,Euphoric,HungryLavender,Sweet,CitrusChem D.O.G., not to be confused with Chemdawg, is a potent Chemdawg and OG Kush cross that harnesses the best qualities of either strain. With an expansive terpene profile that includes limonene, caryophyllene, and myrcene, this strain has a spiced citrus nose with touches of chemical and earth. This bouquet of aromas illustrates the complex effects nestled below Chem D.O.G.’s frosty greenery, which offer soothing physical relaxation after a powerful rush brought on by the strain’s high THC content.
Chem-Jackhybrid5Talkative,Uplifted,Creative,Happy,ArousedEarthy,Sweet,FloweryChem Jack is the common sense cross of Chemdawg and Jack Herer. This sativa-dominant hybrid expresses lime green buds with dark brown pistils. Its buds smell sweet and herbal while the taste of the smoke is intensely piney, bordering on chemical. The effects are centered and relaxing, helping consumers shrug off stress and improve mood. Chem Jack can push 25% THC, so mind your dosage. Chem Jack’s functional buzz can become whimsical and moderately sedating with continued consumption. 
Chem-Jong-Illhybrid5Uplifted,Creative,Happy,Talkative,EnergeticThis sativa-dominant cross is for cannabis pros looking to take the top third of their head clean off! Chem Jong Ill is a powerful hybrid by Colorado Seed Inc. that was bred using Chemdawg #4 and Gupta Kush genetics. Built for potency and longevity, this strain is an excellent option for extended physical activity, offering an uplifted, airy high in the body that is easy on the joints. The aroma is thick with a chemical funk and floral notes typical to Kush varieties.
Chem-Scoutindica4.5Relaxed,Euphoric,Focused,Happy,CreativeEarthy,Skunk,TeaChem Scout, bred by IC Collective, is an indica-dominant strain that took 1st place in the 2014 High Times Cannabis Cup in San Fransisco. This cross between Chemdawg 91 and Girl Scout Cookies delivers a blast of cerebral euphoria that tapers into full-body relaxation with time. 
Chem-Valley-Kushhybrid4.3Relaxed,Euphoric,Happy,Tingly,SleepyDiesel,Earthy,PineChem Valley Kush is a sativa-leaning hybrid cross between Chemdawg and SFV OG Kush bred by Cali Connection.
Chems-Sistersativa4.5Creative,Euphoric,Happy,Focused,RelaxedChemical,Pungent,CitrusChem’s Sister, also known as Chem Sis, is a sativa-dominant variation of the classic Chemdawg strain. This phenotype first emerged in 1996 and has since evolved into the uplifting, long-lasting sativa we see on the market today. Her strong cerebral effects come coupled with a distinct skunky diesel aroma underscored by accents of sweet sandalwood and citrus. Over the course of her maturation, Chem Sis’s mint green buds burst with white hairs that darken with age.
Chemwreckhybrid4.6Uplifted,Talkative,Happy,Relaxed,EnergeticDiesel,Chemical,PungentChemWreck is a sativa-dominant hybrid bred by Lionhart. The combination of Chemdawg and Trainwreck genetics gives way to a pungent aroma of diesel fumes that produces flavors of lemon, citrus, and pine. The potent effects of ChemWreck are uplifting and energetic, providing creative stimulation and deep relaxation without putting you to sleep.
Chemdawghybrid4.3Relaxed,Happy,Euphoric,Uplifted,CreativeDiesel,Earthy,PungentChemdawg has developed quite the name for itself over the years. Between its mysterious origin, ambiguous genetics, and the plethora of successful crosses the strain has produced, Chemdawg has practically secured itself a permanent place in the cannabis hall of fame. The original source of powerhouse strains like Sour Diesel and OG Kush, Chemdawg is known for its distinct, diesel-like aroma. Pungent and sharp, you’ll be able to smell this hybrid from a mile away. Cannabis newbies be warned: Chemdawg tends to be very potent. Depending on grow conditions, this strain tends to have THC levels of 15-20%. Consumers can expect to have a very cerebral experience, coupled with a strong heavy-bodied feeling.  
Chemdawg-4-X-Alien-Og-Kushhybrid4.5Relaxed,Energetic,Happy,Euphoric,CreativeNutty,Mint,FloweryChemdawg #4 x Alien OG Kush is a sativa-dominant hybrid strain offered exclusively by LivWell in Colorado. Sour and skunky in flavor, these pungent buds carry a complex fragrance with notes of earthy Kush and fresh pine. Prepare yourself for a blissful, relaxing experience that overtakes both mind and body, because this potent strain can skirt past 23% THC. 
Chemdawg-4hybrid4.4Relaxed,Euphoric,Happy,Hungry,UpliftedPine,Diesel,LemonPart of the prominent line of Chemdawg strains, Chemdawg 4 is unlike its counterparts as it is indica-dominant. Known to affect users with a head sensation within the first five minutes, the effects can often be full-body. Its smell has been likened to citrus or even Pine-Sol, with a lemon flavor. With light-green buds, Chemdawg 4 grows to be a fairly tall plant, reaching up to 7 feet outdoors and 4-5 feet indoors, and its flowering time is 9-10 weeks. It often appears to have a large amount of crystals, with orange hairs growing from the buds. 
Chemdawg-91hybrid4.5Euphoric,Uplifted,Relaxed,Happy,TinglyEarthy,Diesel,PungentMuch like many other members of the Chemdawg line, the origins of Chemdawg 91 are shrouded in mystery. Rumor has it that the lineage was first cultivated by the illustrious East Coast breeder who also goes by the name of Chemdawg, and some speculate it descends from a Thai landrace strain. Chemdawg 91 is thought to be an offshoot of the original Chemdawg strain, and the numerical addition of “91” is believed to reference the year the strain first came into existence.Some growers believe Chemdawg 91 to be a cross between Chemdawg and Skunk, which may explain its particularly pungent aroma. In true family spirit, this hybrid has a very strong diesel smell with a piney-lemon aftertaste. Most Chemdawg 91 crops tend to lean sativa, though you may find indica variants on some dispensary and retail shelves. Consumers should expect a cerebral buzz from this strain. 
Chemdawg-Sour-Dieselhybrid4.5Uplifted,Happy,Euphoric,Relaxed,EnergeticDiesel,Pine,PungentChemdawg Sour Diesel (or Chem Sour) from Reservoir Seeds is a sativa-dominant hybrid cannabis strain that combines champion genetics from Chemdawg D and Sour Diesel. With a sharp sour bite, Chemdawg Sour Diesel has a funky fuel and earthy pine aroma that stuns the senses. Its buzzing euphoria leaves you feeling elevated and uplifted, but anxiety-prone individuals should tread carefully with this high-flying sativa. 
Chemmy-Joneshybrid4.7Happy,Relaxed,Euphoric,Creative,UpliftedEarthy,Flowery,PineChemmy Jones by Connoisseur Genetics is a hybrid strain that unites genetics from Chemdawg D and Casey Jones. Uplifting and revitalizing, Chemmy Jones manages to induce a functional, high-energy buzz that allows you to stay productive. Diesel flavors are counterbalanced by a floral sweetness, inviting the senses before you even indulge in the invigorating effects this sativa-dominant strain has to offer.
Chemnesiahybrid4.8Uplifted,Euphoric,Relaxed,Happy,EnergeticDiesel,Sweet,CitrusChemnesia has been dubbed one of the most powerful strains in Illinois by its breeder, Bedford Grow. This genetic synthesis of Amnesia Sour Diesel and I-95 offers consumers invigorating mental and physical effects that help combat fatigue, depression, and inflammation. The potent strain can also promote focus and creativity in the proper dose. Emitting a pleasant aroma of citrus and fuel, Chemnesia’s terpene and cannabinoid profile make for a quality sativa-dominant hybrid.  
Chemoindica4.4Relaxed,Euphoric,Sleepy,Happy,HungryEarthy,Woody,PineRumor has it that Chemo’s beginnings stretch back to the 1970s in Canada where this heavy indica was allegedly developed to treat the side effects of chemotherapy. Another name for this strain is “UBC Chemo” in reference to the university in which Chemo is said to have been conceived. Chemo’s genetics is carried on by Jordan of the Islands, whose rendition is best known for its subtle woody aroma and potent medicinal effects perfect for patients treating nausea, appetite loss, pain, and sleeplessness. 
Cherwilliehybrid5Creative,Energetic,Happy,Relaxed,FocusedSweet,Strawberry,CitrusCherWillie is the sativa-dominant hybrid cross of Chernobyl and Willie Nelson. This strain is a true hybrid in effect, offering consumers balanced physical and mental attributes that take the edge off repetitive tasks or a long day. The terpene profile is a mixture of earth and spice with a smooth finish. CherWillie is known to have a creative and functional buzz as well as a manageable potency.
Chernobylhybrid4.4Happy,Euphoric,Relaxed,Energetic,UpliftedCitrus,Lime,LemonChernobyl is a sativa-dominant hybrid strain that carries a unique lime sherbet smell. Originally bred by TGA Genetics, this citrusy strain descends from Trainwreck, Jack the Ripper, and Trinity. Expect dreamy, long-lasting cerebral effects that will float you to a happy mood and relaxed mindsets. 
Cherries-Jubileeindica4.4Euphoric,Uplifted,Relaxed,Happy,CreativeBerry,Woody,SageCherries Jubilee is a festive strain named for a dessert usually baked during Fall. This sweet strain has a light tartness on the nose, but the real cherry flavor comes out on the exhale. An indica-dominant hybrid, Cherries Jubilee starts off with an uplifting euphoria that turns hazy in the mind and heavy on the body. These effects creep in slowly over the extremities, leading to weighty relaxation that lingers. 
Cherry-Ak-47hybrid4.4Relaxed,Happy,Euphoric,Uplifted,FocusedSweet,Berry,EarthyThis marijuana strain is a rare cherry phenotype of AK-47. With its reddish-purple characteristics and cherry aroma, it's no wonder how Cherry AK-47 got its name. The buds have gold coloring with lime-green leaves layered with trichome heads. This strain's flavors are described as smooth cherry with a creamy sandalwood aftertaste. With a THC level of up to 16% and a CBD level of 0.5%, Cherry AK-47 'creeps' up from a cerebral effect to a complete body sensation. 
Cherry-Bombhybrid4.3Focused,Talkative,Happy,Uplifted,RelaxedBerry,Pungent,SkunkCherry Bomb is a popular marijuana strain thanks to its reputation as a great hybrid that provides mild to moderate effects that are appropriate for daytime consumption. Their bright green flowers do take off fast, giving many consumers that telltale pressure behind the eyes that's usually an indicator of a strong sativa buzz to come. The immediate effects are active and mentally alert, but can border on antsy for some. This feeling tends to smooth into a more focused state that allows for normal activities and may even help you tackle that to-do list or next creative project. The genetics of this strain are dependent on which version you get, but a popular variant is a cross between a California indica (most likely with some Skunk lineage) and a Hawaiian sativa that was created by breeders at Barney’s Farms. Cherry Bomb’s flowers will have a musky, berry aroma and a mild but similar flavor.
Cherry-Cookieshybrid4.6Happy,Uplifted,Euphoric,Relaxed,FocusedSweet,Berry,PungentCherry Cookies is one of the most popular Girl Scout Cookie crosses to date, ranking next to Pink Cookies and Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies. With similar genetic parentage, Cherry Cookies derives from the blending of Cherry Pie (aka Cherry Kush) and Cookies F2. This cross preserves the tight, slightly purple buds and deep orange pistils while accentuating the cherry tang and tartness on the nose and exhale. This strain behaves like a GSC, offering a medical-grade sedation on the body with an alert mental state.
Cherry-Cream-Piehybrid4.3Relaxed,Euphoric,Creative,Energetic,UpliftedSweet,Chemical,PungentCherry Cream Pie is the decadent indica-dominant hybrid offspring of Cherry Pie and Cookies and Cream. With pronounced OG undertones and hints of tartness and pine, Cherry Cream Pie’s terpene profile is half the experience. The strain’s calming effects permeate both mind and body, offering consumers carefree, mid-level sedation. Enjoy Cherry Cream Pie later in the day as couch-lock and appetite stimulation are two common side effects after consumption. This delicious strain will mellow aggravated muscles as well as minor aches and pains. 
Cherry-Dieselhybrid4.7Relaxed,Euphoric,Energetic,Happy,UpliftedBerry,Sweet,CitrusCherry Diesel by MTG Seeds combines Cherry OG and Turbo Diesel into one sweet-smelling, uplifting hybrid strain. Its plants bloom with dense, sticky buds that give off a fragrant cherry aroma after its 8 to 9 week flowering cycle.
Cherry-Durban-Poisonhybrid4.3Uplifted,Giggly,Sleepy,Aroused,EuphoricFlowery,Citrus,SweetCherry Durban Poison is a hybrid strain that brings a unique cherry flavor profile to the high-energy qualities of Durban Poison. True to its sativa roots, Cherry Durban Poison delivers a rush of cerebral euphoria that lifts the mood without clouding the mind. 
Cherry-Firehybrid0NoneNoneCherry Fire is a potent mixture of Cherry Pie and Fire OG genetics. This strain combines the sweet, doughy aroma of Cherry Pie and the heavy-hitting effects of Fire OG, offering a heady, creative mental state alongside a calm, centered physical sensation. Cherry Fire’s flavor is similar to its aroma, but opens up on the finish with notes of pepper, fuel, and hashish. This strain may be useful for consumers who suffer from appetite loss, chronic pain, and stress. 
Cherry-Grapefruithybrid4.3Creative,Happy,Relaxed,Tingly,UpliftedBerry,Sweet,FloweryCherry Grapefruit by Kera Seeds is a super fruity sativa-dominant hybrid that brings out the best qualities of parent strains Cherry and Grapefruit. The effects position themselves with gentle full-body relaxation and a nice head-buzz that would be best for anyone needing muscle relief and mood elevation. This easy-to-grow strain will flower in 9 weeks and is suitable for growing both indoors or outdoors.  
Cherry-Kolaindica4.7Relaxed,Euphoric,Happy,Giggly,TinglyBerry,Sweet,PungentCherry Kola is an indica strain that competed in the 2014 L.A. Cannabis Cup.
Cherry-Kushhybrid4.2Relaxed,Uplifted,Euphoric,Happy,CreativeSweet,Berry,EarthyA cross between Purple Afghani and OG Kush, Cherry Kush is a very potent indica-dominant hybrid that has become very popular with medical patients in the SF Bay Area. Sometimes called Cherry Pie, these flowers range from a bright, vibrant green to a darker, purple-tinged red color, and boast a dense coating of trichomes. The flavor is reminiscent of cherries with a woody, hashy undertone, and the high starts out as stimulating and cerebral before fading into a deep feeling of relaxation.
Cherry-Limeadehybrid4.3Relaxed,Euphoric,Happy,Tingly,UpliftedSweet,Lime,CitrusCherry Limeade is a hybrid strain that competed in the 2014 L.A. Cannabis Cup.
Cherry-Oghybrid4.2Euphoric,Relaxed,Happy,Uplifted,HungryBerry,Diesel,SweetCherry OG by Emerald Triangle Seeds is a hybrid cannabis strain bred by combining Cherry Thai, Afghani, and Lost Coast OG genetics. A 50/50 hybrid, Cherry OG truly brings you the best of both sativa and indica worlds as it delivers full-body euphoria alongside high-flying cerebral lucidity. While its name sets expectations of a fruity cherry aroma, this strain can sometimes express more sour and diesel-like flavors. 
Cherry-Piehybrid4.4Happy,Relaxed,Euphoric,Uplifted,FocusedSweet,Berry,EarthyCherry Pie's parents are Granddaddy Purple and Durban Poison. With buds that are dense and full of orange hairs and a touch of purple, this strain smells of sweet and sour cherry pie. The effects have been known to come on in minutes and stick around for a couple hours. 
Cherry-Pie-Kushhybrid4.2Happy,Relaxed,Euphoric,Giggly,SleepyLavender,Berry,SweetCherry Pie Kush (not to be confused with Cherry Pie) is essentially a Cherry Pie cross of Durban Poison and Granddaddy Purple, infused with the California native, San Fernando Valley OG. Some folks claim this strain came before Cherry Pie and others say it’s a product of Cookie Fam’s famous hybrid lineage. With bright cerebral effects that stilt the heavy weight on the limbs, this strain functions as medical-grade all-day flower, soothing physical discomfort without being overly sedative. Expect earthy and tart notes that linger in the air and coat the palate in a pungent, velvety vapor.   
Cherry-Saucehybrid5Talkative,Tingly,Uplifted,Creative,EnergeticSpicy/Herbal,Sweet,FloweryCherry Sauce by Andromeda Strains is a delicious cross with diverse genetics. The offspring of parent strains Cherry Pie and The Sauce, Cherry Sauce offers complex nuances in flavor, aroma, and effect. With a terpene profile exhibiting skunk, spice, earth, and tartness and a velvety flavor, Cherry Sauce is worthy of a place on any cannabis connoisseur's roster. The effects are heavy-hitting but balanced overall, stimulating the mind with a rush of energy, and melting into a vibrating full-body buzz that helps with nausea and stress without sacrificing alertness.  
Cherry-Sherbethybrid4.3Sleepy,Giggly,Aroused,Talkative,TinglyBerry,Sweet,DieselCherry Sherbet is an indica-dominant delight. This stinky sweet herb is the genetic cross of Sour Sherbet and Cherry Pie. These heavy-hitting buds will smoke sweet and tangy, settling behind the eyes and melting over the body, coating the smoker in a warm physical buzz coupled with an unlifted cerebral haze. Pack a bowl of this fine flower to help combat depression and chronic anxiety.     
Cherry-Skunkhybrid4.4Relaxed,Happy,Uplifted,Aroused,HungryEarthy,Sweet,SkunkCherry Skunk is an indica-dominant hybrid that combines genetics from Skunk Dawg and Poppa Cherry. Blissful, euphoric effects settle in to help dissolve stress and bad moods, while its calming qualities encourage rest and relaxation. This strain also provides a burst of cerebral energy and expands the mind to feed creativity and introspection.
Cherry-Slyderhybrid4.7Focused,Uplifted,Happy,RelaxedSweet,Earthy,PineCherry Slyder is a balanced hybrid cross of Northern Lights #4 and Afghani. It offers a sweet, fruit-forward flavor accompanied by earthy, woody notes that speak to the strain’s Afghani genetics. The effects are relaxing without being overly weighted, helping consumers stimulate appetite while discarding anxiety and stress. The effect remains functional while taking the edge off repetitive tasks or chores.  
Cherry-Thunder-Fuckhybrid4.8Uplifted,Happy,Energetic,Euphoric,FocusedBerry,Pungent,EarthyCherry Thunder Fuck is an ultra-pungent strain with unique, long-lasting effects. Created by breeding a Cherry Bomb mother with a Maple Leaf Indica x Matanuska Thunder Fuck cross, Cherry Thunder Fuck offers an array of pungent, earthy aromas wrapped in the smell of overripe cherries. With elevated euphoria and a pleasant pressure behind the eyes, this Canadian native works to relieve minor pain while infusing the mind with uplifting alertness. Enjoy Cherry Thunder Fuck to calm the body while stimulating the appetite and improving mood.  
Chiclehybrid5Aroused,Euphoric,Focused,Happy,HungryAmmonia,Diesel,MintChicle (aka Bubbledawg) by T.H. Seeds is an award-winning flower with plentiful resin production. This commonsense cross of Bubble Gum and Chemdawg yields beautiful green buds knotted in copper hairs and covered in glittering resin. This flower’s large resin glands and vigorous growth make it ideal for producing hash or cannabis concentrates. Chicle won 1st place Resin at 2015 Expogrow in Irun, Spain as well as 3rd place Resin at the Spannabis Champions Cup in Barcelona. Chicle’s bouquet is a mixture of sweet Bubblegum and fuel-forward terpenes.      
Chieselhybrid4.4Happy,Euphoric,Relaxed,Uplifted,FocusedDiesel,Pungent,CheeseBig Buddha Cheese and NYC Diesel come together to form the Chiesel cannabis variety. Strong smell is to be expected considering its lineage, and Chiesel provides a euphoric and functional stone. Chiesel has been known to produce a very high yield under optimum conditions.
China-Yunnanindica4.3Uplifted,Happy,Relaxed,Euphoric,SleepySweet,Earthy,CheeseChina Yunnan is where deep indica relaxation meets the sweet, woody sativa varieties of South Asia. From the southern Chinese province of Yunnan, Ace Seeds cultivated this 80% indica strain for its heavy resin production and resilience in the garden. China Yunnan’s onset begins with a happy headspace and heightened sensory awareness, followed by a full-body calm that eases pain, sleeplessness, and anxiety. This hardy indica grows best indoors with a 8 to 9 week flowering time, but outdoor gardens in warm, dry climates tend to fare well also.
Chiquita-Bananahybrid4.9Happy,Euphoric,Uplifted,Relaxed,CreativeSweet,Orange,LemonChiquita Banana by Utoptia Farms takes the Banana OG cut to the next level, with an average THC percentage pushing 33%. A cross between parent strains OG Kush and Banana, Chiquita Banana leads with a potent heady sizzle (likely brought on by the enormous quantity of THC) which then melds into a Kush-esque body buzz that is relaxing but not sedative. These Kush effects continue to gain potency over time, “creeping” over the body. This powerful hybrid is an outstanding option for patients struggling to hurdle their tolerance barrier, and its effects are also well-suited for those suffering from chronic pain or nausea.
Chloehybrid4.9Creative,Euphoric,Uplifted,Talkative,FocusedEarthy,Spicy/Herbal,SweetChloe is a powerful and mysterious sativa-dominant hybrid created by Chris Wren of Medizin, Las Vegas. This strain won 1st place at the International Cannagraphic Magazine Cup in 2015 and has since gone on to accrue local renown and praise for its incredible medicinal qualities. Even though this strain leans 60/40 sativa-dominant, it possesses potency and physical sedation that can lull the most experienced person to sleep with continued consumption. Chloe is also a welcome companion for patients seeking relief from a wide variety of ailments, including loss of appetite and chronic pain.     
Chocoholichybrid0NoneNoneChocoholic by Mighty Irish Seeds is a flavorful hybrid with rich colors. This strain is a cross of Chocolope SkunkBerry and DaluxBerry, and carries an earthy, sweet aroma that stinks of a Dutch coffee shop. The effects creep up on the body, weighing the consumer down with continued consumption. Chocoholic develops into a medium-sized plant with an average yield and above-average potency. 
Chocolate-Chunkindica4.2Relaxed,Sleepy,Happy,Euphoric,HungrySweet,Woody,EarthyChocolate Chunk by T.H. Seeds is a pure indica that will meld you with the couch.  Very fast flowering of 55 days, great for sea-of-green growing method.
Chocolate-Dieselsativa4.6Euphoric,Energetic,Happy,Creative,UpliftedDiesel,Woody,NuttyChocolate Diesel is a sativa cannabis strain that brings together genetics from the original Sour Diesel and Chocolate Thai. With soaring euphoria that shoots straight to the head, Chocolate Diesel could easily be compared to a cup of coffee. Its flavors offer a little part of both parents, with notes of both earthy chocolate and skunky diesel.
Chocolate-Drophybrid5Uplifted,Euphoric,Giggly,Happy,RelaxedEarthy,VanillaChocolate Drop is the supposed cross of Chocolate Kush and Lowryder. This indica-dominant hybrid produces squat plants with tree-shaped buds that reek of incense, cocoa, pungent earth, and citrus. The effects are relaxing but not overly sedative and offer a kind, uplifting euphoria. Enjoy Chocolate Drop throughout the day to help relieve stress, improve mood, and manage anxiety.
Chocolate-Fonduesativa4.6Uplifted,Relaxed,Happy,Euphoric,FocusedSweet,Cheese,EarthyChocolate Fondue, bred by DNA Genetics, is a sativa-dominant cross that balances the uplifting effects of Chocolope with the relaxing effects and unique flavors of Exodus Cheese. The effects of Chocolate Fondue relax the body and calm the mind into a blissful state of consciousness. Its complex bouquet and sweet flavors make this cannabis strain enjoyable day or night.
Chocolate-Hashberryhybrid4.5Relaxed,Happy,Euphoric,Uplifted,SleepyBerry,Earthy,SweetChocolate Hashberry is an aromatic strain with quality effects and beautiful foliage. With a smell indicative of its name, Chocolate Hashberry reeks of chocolate, hashy spice, and sweet berries. This delicious scent comes from combining two fantastic Kush cuts, Chocolate Kush and Blackberry Kush. On top of its excellent flavor and aroma, Chocolate Hashberry’s Kush lineage offers a delightful mid-level sedation and a relaxed mental state that helps curb anxiety and minor pain while enhancing mood and focus. 
Chocolate-Kushindica4.5Relaxed,Sleepy,Euphoric,Happy,HungryEarthy,Sweet,WoodyChocolate Kush, bred by 00 Seeds, is a powerful indica strain that captures the best of its two parent strains. Mazar, with its resin-oozing buds, lends its potent full-body euphoria while its other pure indica parent passes on a pungent aroma of hashy incense and chocolate. This strain grows into medium-sized plants with a Christmas tree structure and flowers in 56 to 60 days. The sativa-dominant Chocolope Kush sometimes goes by the name Chocolate Kush, so be sure to confirm this strain’s genetics with your budtender if you’re looking for the heavy-handed indica.
Chocolate-Meringueindica0NoneNoneChocolate Meringue is another sweet offering by THClones. Created by crossing Lemon Tree with Chocolate Kush, Chocolate Meringue imbues consumers with a talkative, euphoric buzz known to elevate the mood and reduce stress. This blissful strain’s terpene profile is thick with honey, pine, cacao, and Meyer Lemon, making it especially sweet and zestful on the taste buds. This bulky, stress-melting indica is a great complement to social events and dinner plans.    
Chocolate-Ogindica4.8Relaxed,Uplifted,Euphoric,Aroused,TinglySweet,Earthy,PungentChocolate OG by is another chocolatey genetic cross from THClones. This strain was created through the union of pungent parent strains True OG and Chocolate Rain. Its indica-dominant genetics offer relaxing qualities that get heavier with continued consumption. Giggly euphoria and bright citrus/grapefruit aromas speak to traditional OG attributes inherited from True OG. The taste takes on a cheesy, nutty flavor upon combustion, leaving a savory note on the palate.    
Chocolate-Rainhybrid5Creative,Happy,Talkative,Uplifted,EnergeticSweet,Vanilla,CoffeeChocolate Rain by Eskobar Seeds is a flavorful mashup of exceptional genetic stock from two exceptional breeders. An indica-dominant hybrid cross of DNA Genetics’ Chocolope and DJ Short’s Cocoa Kush, this twice-deep chocolate pairing emits a bittersweet cocoa aroma with touches of blueberry and floral Kush notes on the finish. The strain’s effects are balanced, offering happy, relaxing mental and physical effects that aren’t overwhelming. Chocolate Rain has a decent yield and an average 9 to 10 week flowering period.   
Chocolate-Saphybrid4.5Talkative,Uplifted,Energetic,Happy,EuphoricCitrus,Skunk,ChemicalChocolate Sap by Taste Budz is a Citrus Sap (Gorilla Glue #4 x Tangie) phenotype that leans heavily toward the Chocolate Diesel genetics of its Gorilla Glue #4 parent. Originally nicknamed Gorilla Sap, Chocolate Sap’s smell isn’t the pungent, chemical bouquet of GG4, but rather chocolatey and herbal to the taste. The palate is subtle and smooth, with notes of cocoa nibs and basil which open up to a gentle citrus finish. This balanced hybrid is a truly recreational strain, improving mood and outlook with each flavorful puff.  
Chocolate-Thaisativa4.2Uplifted,Happy,Energetic,Focused,CreativeSpicy/Herbal,Coffee,WoodyA legendary landrace strain from Thailand, Chocolate Thai first made an appearance in the U.S. sometime in the 1960s as “Thai sticks,” spindly flowers tied to a bamboo stick that were renowned for their potent high. Old school heads remember these buds as slender and airy, medium-to-dark brown in color, and possessing a unique chocolate-coffee aroma. Due to the fact that it was a long-flowering, low-yielding sativa strain that always produced male flowers and seeds and was incredibly difficult to clone and grow, it is most likely that Chocolate Thai no longer exists in its original form. There are several seed lines sold under the name, but these have either been crossbred to provide some stabilizing traits or are of unknown provenance.     
Chocolate-Thundersativa4.1Uplifted,Creative,Happy,Energetic,FocusedHoney,Nutty,Spicy/HerbalWhen you combine the sweet cocoa flavor of Chocolope with the strength and potency of Alaskan Thunder Fuck, you get none other than Chocolate Thunder. This clear-headed, active sativa may be all you need to inspire creativity or promote concentration, and patients will appreciate its ability to dull symptoms without fogging mental faculties. True to its name, Chocolate Thunder has a subtle sweet, earthy aroma similar to that of chocolate.
Chocolate-Tonichybrid0NoneNoneChocolate Tonic by Purple Caper Seeds is a 1:1 CBD/THC strain that has helped many medical cannabis patients throughout the West Coast. Created by crossing Chocolate Kush and Cannatonic, Chocolate Tonic harnesses the best parts of both strains and offers soothing relief for inflammation, anxiety, and nausea alongside an enjoyable buzz. Chocolate Tonic has a distinct pine and cocoa aroma while being a bit more herbaceous than sweet on the palate.
Chocolopesativa4.3Happy,Uplifted,Energetic,Focused,EuphoricCoffee,Earthy,SweetDNA Genetics developed Chocolope by crossing Chocolate Thai with Cannalope Haze to create their homage to the Chocolate strains of the 1980s. The hefty sativa buds give earthy, sweet coffee flavors that provide a dreamy, cerebral effect. Consumers report a strong, euphoric mental shift that is great when coping with depression or stress.
Chocolope-Kushhybrid4Happy,Creative,Focused,Uplifted,EuphoricEarthy,Sweet,VanillaChocolope Kush, also known as Chocolate Kush, is a sativa-dominant strain is from the lineage of Chocolope (multiple Cannabis Cup winner) and Kosher Kush. Kosher Kush has been the front runner in each cannabis event it has competed in and has been published by High Times as the 7th overall strongest strain in the world. The buds on Chocolope Kush are dense and dark colored with a large amount of white crystals. It is known to have the aroma of vanilla mixed with chocolate. The high is described as a heavy cerebral one, and has a THC content of up to 14% along with a CBD of approximately 1%.
Chong-Starhybrid4.5Relaxed,Happy,Uplifted,Creative,EuphoricHoney,Earthy,SkunkChong Star, named in honor of Tommy Chong, is a hybrid strain that is cultivated and sold by Marisol Therapeutics in Pueblo, Colorado.
Chronichybrid4.4Relaxed,Happy,Giggly,Euphoric,EnergeticWoody,Spicy/Herbal,SweetThe word 'chronic' has become a commonplace descriptor of high-quality marijuana, but this Chronic is a balanced hybrid cross between Northern Lights, Skunk, and AK-47 originally bred by Serious Seeds in 1994. The AK-47 was later introduced to the genetic mix to increase its resin content and effect complexity without diminishing yields. Sweet honey, flower, and spice color the aroma of this renowned hybrid, but take extra care during the drying process: its delicate scent is easily lost. Chronic forms massive colas with very few leaves, so topping this high-yielder isn't advisable. 
Chronic-Thunderindica4.5Relaxed,Happy,Euphoric,Sleepy,TinglyPungent,Sweet,DieselChronic Thunder is an indica strain bred by Barney’s Farm that offers full-body effects alongside a funky diesel and spicy pepper aroma. Save this heavy-hitter for a day in which you find your to-do list blank, because this indica will have you stuck in a comfortable place for a while. With moderate levels of CBD, Chronic Thunder is preferred for resolving insomnia, pain, and upset stomachs.
Chuckys-Bridehybrid4.6Giggly,Happy,Energetic,Euphoric,TalkativePungent,Lemon,FloweryChucky’s Bride is a cross of Exodus Cheese and Cinderella 99 bred by Eskobar Seeds. This sativa-dominant hybrid gives off an exotic mixture of sharp flavors. Cinderella 99’s tropical aroma of sweet citrus and pineapple blend with the pungent notes of skunky cheese that have become synonymous with Cheese strains. The unique terpene profile leads a charge of uplifting and creative effects that stimulate the appetite and ward off depression.
Chunky-Dieselhybrid4.6Energetic,Relaxed,Euphoric,Uplifted,HappyDiesel,Pungent,EarthyChunky Diesel bred Ganja Rebel Seed Co. for Cresco Labs is a West Coast rarity with classic roots. This combo of Deep Chunk (a robust indica straight out of 1970) and the ever-popular Sour Diesel creates a pleasantly motivating strain with a clear-headed mental state. With massive trichome production and a terpene profile of skunk, chocolate-covered espresso beans, and diesel, Chunky Diesel is sure to please sativa-dominant aficionados. Chunky Diesel may also assist with depression, fatigue, nausea while concurrently improving mood.
Chupacabrahybrid4.8Focused,Relaxed,Happy,Uplifted,EnergeticEarthy,Vanilla,SweetChupacabra looks like a sativa and acts like an indica. With tall, bright green buds that fray into even brighter orange hairs, this wild strain reeks of its Golden Goat heritage. This strain, bred by Colorado Seed Inc., brings together Hawaiian Romulan’s mental stylings with Island Sweet Skunk’s brilliant tropical aroma, and is finally anchored by Gupta Kush. This 50/50 hybrid will leave your mind sizzling as you nestle into your favorite piece of furniture.
Church-Ogindica4.1Relaxed,Happy,Euphoric,Sleepy,UpliftedPine,Sweet,LemonChurch OG is an indica marijuana strain that provides strong body sensations that may evolve to a lasting cerebral effect. Its buds are known to be mold resistant, and the strain is grown in various mountain regions. Church OG is known for its dark green leaves with orange hairs and purple hues throughout. With a lineage of God's Gift and OG Kush, this strain has a THC level of up to 19% and a CBD level of up to 0.23%.
Cinderella-99hybrid4.4Euphoric,Uplifted,Happy,Energetic,RelaxedCitrus,Earthy,SweetCinderella 99, otherwise known as C99, or simply “Cindy,” is a sativa-dominant hybrid bred by Mr. Soul of Brothers Grimm. She’s best known for her potent cerebral high, sweet fruity flavors, and epic yields.  According to Mr. Soul, C99 was created using seeds found in a Sensi branded 2 gram package of Jack Herer purchased at an Amsterdam coffee shop.  Cinderella 99 is very popular with indoor growers because of its short, bushy stature, high yields, short flowering time, and high THC content (up to 23%).  Cindy’s effects are usually described as dreamy, euphoric, and uplifting.
Cinderellas-Dreamhybrid4.4Euphoric,Uplifted,Energetic,Focused,CreativePepper,Sweet,CitrusCinderella’s Dream is a sativa-dominant hybrid of Cinex and Blue Dream. Its flavor is a skunky mix of lemon and citrus flavors with subtle notes of sweet berry. The effects from Cinderella’s Dream come on fast with a powerful but clearheaded mix of cerebral activity that gives an energetic burst as stress dissipates. 
Cindy-Whitehybrid4.6Happy,Euphoric,Uplifted,Relaxed,TalkativeEarthy,Citrus,LemonCindy White is a sativa-dominant hybrid cross between Cinderella 88 and Princess with uplifting effects that are ushered in by an earthy, floral aroma. With a heavy resin potentially inherited from her lineage, Cindy White has a potency that won her 1st place in the 2015 High Times Cannabis Cup in the “People’s Choice” category.
Cinexsativa4.3Energetic,Uplifted,Happy,Focused,EuphoricEarthy,Citrus,SweetCinex, a hybrid of parents Cinderella 99 and Vortex, has a mixture of flavors ranging from sweet citrus to earthy skunk. The effects are clear-headed and uplifting, perfect for building a positive mindset and stimulating creative energy. Consumers enjoy Cinex for its ability to suppress pain and depression.
Cirrussativa5Uplifted,Happy,Talkative,Euphoric,CreativeDiesel,Menthol,GrapeCirrus by Oregon Cannabis Authority is a high-potency Candyland phenotype. This heady sativa-dominant strain has been known to achieve a THC percentage north of 26% and emits ripe, fuel-like overtones underpinned by musky earth. Cirrus’s buds are decorated in golden hairs and glittering trichomes, exhibiting hints of purple that speak to the strain’s Granddaddy Purple lineage. Anticipate a relaxed body buzz that helps center and focus the mind while reducing pain and gently enhancing mood. Its clear-headed buzz and kind physical effects make it an ideal companion throughout the day in the right dosage.   
Citrixhybrid4.3Happy,Euphoric,Uplifted,Relaxed,EnergeticCitrus,Lemon,GrapefruitCitrix is a hybrid cannabis strain that draws its genetics from a flavorful Grapefruit mother and a resinous LA Confidential male. Named for its intense orange aroma, Citrix entices the senses before drawing you into its active, clear-headed euphoria. If Citrix makes it into your garden, the telltale signs of a good phenotype include a pungent aroma, disease resistance, heavy yields, rapid vegetative growth, and a dense bud structure.
Citrus-Kushhybrid4.2Relaxed,Happy,Euphoric,Tingly,UpliftedCitrus,Orange,SweetCitrus Kush is a fresh and fruity blast for the senses. As the name implies, this indica-dominant hybrid has a deep citrus aroma with darker, muskier tones that support the theory of some Master Kush genetics. The taste follows suit with a sweet and sour mix that will bring to mind a bright bowl of lemons, limes, and oranges. Citrus Kush’s effects will be strong in both the head and body, providing a mood boost that leaves consumers happy (if a little out of it).
Citrus-Punchsativa4.2Uplifted,Happy,Relaxed,Euphoric,GigglyCitrus,Orange,TropicalCitrus Punch by Potbox is a tangy splash of bright citrus and good vibes. This sativa-dominant strain smells of ripening oranges and tangerines with notes of grapefruit and lime. The uplifting aroma speaks to this strain’s Sour Tangie and Clementine genetics, but the sizzling cerebral effects tell of a mystery parent nestled just below the top layer of this heady fruit smoothie. Enjoy this strain outside, as the bright terpene profile begs for activity and fair 
Citrus-Saphybrid4.4Happy,Euphoric,Relaxed,Uplifted,EnergeticCitrus,Orange,PungentFrom Crockett Family Farms and DNA Genetics, Citrus Sap is a hybrid cross between Gorilla Glue #4 and Tangie. Growers can expect high yields, heavy resin production, and a sweet mandarin orange aroma, as well as a high calyx-to-leaf ratio. Its flowering time averages between 65 to 70 days.
Citrus-Sunshine-Hazehybrid4.8Happy,Uplifted,Focused,Creative,EnergeticCitrus,Orange,LemonCitrus Sunshine Haze by Cereal Killer Genetics is, as they describe it, “sunshine in a bag.” It was created by crossing Super Lemon Haze and Kosher Tangie #2. This genetic combination yields three distinct phenotypes ranging from 75/25 sativa-dominant to an even 50/50 split. All phenotypes share a magnificent citrus aroma that runs the gamut from lemon and lime candy, orange, and tangerine with a hint of herbaceous spice. With an average THC content of 28%, Citrus Sunshine Haze is not for the unseasoned consumer. This strain is a quality option when looking to combat depression, laziness, and mild pain while remaining upbeat.  
Clementinesativa4.3Happy,Energetic,Focused,Uplifted,EuphoricCitrus,Orange,SweetClementine is a sweet, citrus flavored sativa hybrid that combines Tangie with Lemon Skunk genetics. The concentrated live resin of Clementine from Crocket Family Farms took home 2nd Place for the Best Sativa Concentrate at the 2015 Cannabis Cup in Michigan.
Clementine-Kushhybrid4.4Happy,Euphoric,Relaxed,Giggly,TinglyCitrus,Orange,FloweryClementine Kush is the lovechild of Tangerine Sunrise and Sanjay Gupta Kush bred by Colorado Seed Inc. From its Tangie mother, Clementine Kush inherits a strong citrus aroma, and trichome-rich colas from its indica-dominant father. Think orange blossom intermixed with the floral undertones of traditional Kush parentage. Expect intense physical relaxation and an expansive cerebral mindset. 
Clementines-Terpentinehybrid5Aroused,Uplifted,Creative,Focused,HappySweet,Earthy,PineClementine’s Terpentine by Taste Budz is a skunky 24K Gold phenotype that smells like turpentine. Turpentine, for those who don’t know, is a solvent rendered from the resin of tree, usually pine trees. This hybrid strain has dense, bulbous nugs and delicate orange hairs. The buds give off a sour, sweet aroma and can help you get physically active or mentally engaged.
Clockwork-Orangehybrid5Relaxed,Happy,Uplifted,Hungry,ArousedSpicy/Herbal,Sweet,CitrusOriginally a clone-only hybrid and later released in seed form by breeders Riot Seeds, Clockwork Orange is thought to be some sort of G13/Black Widow cross.  Because of its compact bushy stature and incredible potency, it has long been sought after by growers and breeders alike.  Combining a heavy indica stone with an intense Haze-like head high, Clockwork Orange is not for the novice cannabis consumer.
Cloud-9hybrid4.3Euphoric,Energetic,Happy,Giggly,RelaxedTropical,Flowery,RoseCloud 9 began as a collaboration between Kiwiseeds and Dampkring Classics as an attempt to stabilize the classic clone-only strain NYC Diesel. By adding the genetics of the indica hybrid Milky Way, Cloud 9 was created. The best phenotypes are longer flowering than the original, but possess amazing flavors and potency. Take note not to confuse this hybrid with Dinafem’s Cloud #9.
Club-69indica5Sleepy,RelaxedDiesel,Flowery,EarthyClub 69 is a special strain crafted by Josh D of Karma Genetics for Arizona’s own, Sunday Goods. This Kushy cross of Karmarado OG and Biker Kush is a knockout for consumers looking for a heavy, restful indica-dominant strain. The terpene profile is a mixture of gas and pine, leaving the consumer with clean floral notes on the exhale. Enjoy this strain with care as the effects have been known to be powerfully sedative with continued consumption.
Cluster-Bombhybrid4.3Euphoric,Focused,Relaxed,Sleepy,UpliftedSweetCluster Bomb is an indica-dominant hybrid bred by Bomb Seeds. This strain takes the soaring sativa effects of Cinderella 99 and crosses them with Bomb #1, a proprietary strain that Bomb Seeds uses to influence their genetics. This blend is then crossed with original Skunk #1 genetics from Sensi Seeds to give us Cluster Bomb.Cluster Bomb is known for producing large commercial yields of rich skunky buds that are sweetened by notes of strawberry and citrus. The relaxing indica effects are balanced by the cerebral energy provided by Cinderella 99 genetics.
Coconut-Oilhybrid3Aroused,Happy,Relaxed,Uplifted,CreativeTropical,Flowery,PungentCoconut Oil by Taste Budz is a sativa-dominant phenotype of SFV OG that was created from The Cali Connection’s genetic stock. According to the grower, this phenotype had such a strong coconut smell and flavor that it couldn't have been named more adequately. Coconut Oil lands firmly in the body, offering pleasant and relaxing effects without drowsiness. It offers consumers happy, creative euphoria alongside mid-level physical effects that have been known to stimulate arousal.
Cold-Creek-Kushhybrid4.3Relaxed,Happy,Hungry,Euphoric,UpliftedEarthy,Pine,WoodyCold Creek Kush is an indica-dominant hybrid that crosses the powerful MK Ultra and fellow Colorado native Chemdawg 91. The work of T.H. Seeds, this strain nabbed 2nd place at the 2010 High Times Cannabis Cup in the indica category. Cold Creek Kush flowers at 9 to 11 weeks, but must have adequate room to stretch out its limbs. Piney and sour, users rave over its fresh taste and balanced effects, which are relaxing without being too sleepy.
Colombian-Goldsativa4.5Happy,Euphoric,Energetic,Uplifted,TalkativeEarthy,Pungent,Spicy/HerbalColombian Gold is a classic landrace sativa that originated in the Santa Marta mountains of Colombia. Its buds are fluffy and crystal-covered, radiating skunky, sweet notes of lemon and lime. This indigenous sativa parented the famous Skunk #1, a hybrid that has become a staple of cannabis breeding. The active, uplifting, and focused effects of Colombian Gold come without paranoia and anxiety, making this strain a great choice for novice consumers or those needing to stay productive while medicating. Colombian Gold may help patients ease muscle tension, pain, and other physical symptoms, but its stimulating and happy qualities could also be used for depression and ADD/ADHD.
Colombian-Mojitosativa5Aroused,Talkative,Tingly,Uplifted,CreativeMinty,Sweet,CitrusColombian Mojito by Pua Mana 1st Hawaiian Pakalōlō Seed Bank is a refreshing and potent phenotype of the legendary landrace, Colombian Gold. Originally grown in the Santa Marta mountains of Colombia, this “mojito cut” exhibits a tropical terpene profile while offering notes of mint and tart citrus that speak to its namesake. Sourced by Masta Cylinda, this sativa-dominant strain hits the consumer between the eyes, leading into a blissful, stoney mental state that lingers in the body for hours. Enjoy Colombian Mojito to improve mood and help abate stress.   
Colorado-Bubbaindica4.6Relaxed,Happy,Sleepy,Uplifted,CreativePineapple,Mango,PineColorado Bubba from Vault Genetics took 1st place in High Times' 2014 Amsterdam Cannabis Cup in the 'Best Indica' category. A cross between Northern Lights #5 and '92 OG, this hybrid has a subtle floral aroma and powerfully sedating effects that encourage rest and relaxation.
Colorado-Chemhybrid4.4Relaxed,Uplifted,Euphoric,Happy,TinglyEarthy,Sweet,SkunkColorado Chem is a hybrid strain that took 2nd place in the 2014 Denver Cannabis Cup.
Colorado-Clementinesindica4.5Relaxed,Happy,Sleepy,Euphoric,HungryCitrus,Earthy,OrangeNew from La Plata Labs, Colorado Clementines is a 70% indica-dominant  hybrid with odor and yields that are off the charts. By combining their own Big White with TGA Genetics’ Agent Orange, La Plata has created an orange-citrus scented monster with yields as high as 1 gram per watt and an odor that ranks at 11 on a 1-to-10 scale of intensity. With a THC content as high as 24%, beginners should take great care not to over imbibe on this potent strain. 
Commerce-City-Kushindica4.3Relaxed,Sleepy,Euphoric,Happy,TalkativeDiesel,Sweet,FloweryCommerce City Kush by Rare Dankness is a pungent indica-dominant strain with intense effects. Created by crossing Chemdawg 4 and Rare Dankness #1, this strain delivers fuel-forward aromas and strong physical effects. It hits right between the eyes and lingers, offering a strong cerebral buzz that sinks into the body. Enjoy Commerce City Kush in the early evening or in a place you intend to stay, as the mental and physical effects can be arresting. The breeder recommends utilizing this strain for GI issues, depression, migraines, and nausea. 
Concord-Grape-Blockheadhybrid4.3Creative,Euphoric,Giggly,Happy,RelaxedSweet,GrapeConcord Grape Blockhead is a complex Blockhead phenotype developed by Spice of Life Seeds. This plant is the offspring of Project 19 (an unknown African hybrid) and Sweet Tooth #3, resulting in a stalky structure with dense clusters of sparkling purple buds. The foliage is coated in resin that reeks of hashy spice, grape, sweet citrus, and an undertone of ammonia after grinding. This potent terpene profile leads to an exceptional heady buzz that squints the eyes and weighs on the body. Concord Grape Blockhead has been known to offer a powerful disorienting euphoria and a bit of dry mouth, so come prepared with water. Utilize this hybrid to elevate mood, mute mild pain, and encourage relaxation.    
Confidential-Cheeseindica4.5Sleepy,Uplifted,Relaxed,Tingly,HappyCheese,Pine,WoodyConfidential Cheese by DNA Genetics is a crossbred hybrid of Cheese and LA Confidential. This indica-dominant strain has pale green crystal-covered buds with a sour cheese aroma inherited from its parent. Medical patients have used the potent and heavy effects of Confidential Cheese to treat severe pain, insomnia, and lost appetite. For growers, this strain finishes flowering in 8 to 9 weeks with moderate yields.
Confidential-Wreckhybrid4.2Hungry,Relaxed,Tingly,Uplifted,CreativeConfidential Wreck, also known as Lohan, is the humorous, if not totally common sense cross of LA Confidential and Trainwreck. This plant grows to a medium height and produces dense, light green nuggets that smell of earth, pine, and citrus. Confidential Wreck’s effects are mentally racy from the start, but calm down into strong heady euphoria and warmth in the limbs. Enjoy this strain to combat headaches, stress, and minor pain.   
Congosativa5Uplifted,Energetic,Euphoric,Happy,TalkativeAmmonia,Diesel,SweetCongo by Ace Seeds is a sativa-dominant cross of two Congolese strains, Bangi Congo x Congo #3 and Pakistan Chitral Kush. This genetic combination offers consumers a clean, smile-inducing high that is brimming with positive energy. The mixture of stimulating sativa genetics and heady Kush genetics creates a blend of euphoric introspection and vigor. Enjoy Congo throughout the day to improve mood and stave off lethargy and depression.  
Connie-Chunghybrid4.2Uplifted,Relaxed,Happy,Sleepy,CreativeSweet,Earthy,PineAnother amazing creation by DNA Genetics. The parents of this strain speak for themselves...the classic LA flavor crossed with the old school G13 Haze. This cross has proved to be a heavy hitter and guarantees to lower your eyelids substantially.   
Conspiracy-Kushindica4.6Relaxed,Happy,Sleepy,Uplifted,GigglySpicy/Herbal,Berry,EarthyConspiracy Kush by Heroes of the Farm Genetics is a 70/30 indica-dominant cross of Obama Kush and Space Queen. The dense, trichome-frosted flowers produce a tangy citrus aroma and a peppery aftertaste. The influence of Space Queen is felt immediately with a Haze-like sense of cerebral activity, but shortly after the relaxing indica effects take hold and provide calming relaxation perfect for unwinding at the end of the day.
Cookie-Breathhybrid5Happy,Relaxed,Uplifted,Giggly,EuphoricSweet,Pungent,EarthyShaman Stinky Steve is at it again! Stinky Steve bred together Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies, Forum Cut GSC, and OG Kush Breath 2.0 to create this unique purple phenotype. Cookie Breath emits the earthy, doughy aroma Cookies is known for, intermixed with notes of grape and wine. The dark nugs are coated with glittering purple trichomes said to produce purple-tinted rosin and hash. It hits with a one-two punch to the mind and body, leaving a stimulating sizzle between the ears while the body ebbs between fits of the munchies and sedative bliss. Enjoy Cookie Breath in moderation as this strain has been known to push 30% THC.  
Cookie-Doughhybrid4.5Relaxed,Happy,Euphoric,Giggly,HungrySweet,Earthy,VanillaCookie Dough is a wonderfully potent Girl Scout Cookies phenotype. This particular version of the West Coast’s most popular strain exhibits an orange/yellowish sheen of trichomes and a pungent doughy aroma. Cookie Dough’s effects align closely with GSC’s, offering medical-grade sedation on the body and a well-lit mind that borders on speedy. Enjoy this strain as a means to stimulate appetite and dull physical pain while remaining mentally alert. Beginners beware, as this potent phenotype can be overwhelming. Negative effects such as mild dizziness and dry eyes have been noted by some consumers.  
Cookie-Jarhybrid4.6Relaxed,Sleepy,Euphoric,Hungry,UpliftedPungent,Sweet,FloweryCookie Jar is a dessert blend of Platinum Girl Scout Cookies crossed with White Fire Alien OG. This sweet treat exhibits a telltale aroma of baked cookies, and the strain’s effects are native to the Cookies family: blissful euphoria coupled with full-body relaxation. Consider using Cookie Jar as a preemptive remedy for headaches, anxiety, or insomnia.
Cookie-Monsterindica4.5Relaxed,Happy,Hungry,Sleepy,EuphoricSweet,Earthy,FloweryCookie Monster is a 2014 Seattle Cannabis Cup winner that blends the West Coast royalty, Girl Scout Cookies, and the legendary powerhouse, OG Kush. This combination yields dense frosted buds with hints of purple and orange hairs throughout. A 20/80 indica-dominant hybrid, Cookie Monster pushes the boundaries of Cookies’ medical uses and leans toward medium-to-full sedation. Use Cookie Monster to reduce physical discomfort, indigestion, or before bed to jumpstart your dream machine.   
Cookie-Wreckhybrid4.6Happy,Relaxed,Euphoric,Uplifted,FocusedSweet,Earthy,PungentCookie Wreck, also called Cookie Trainwreck, is a hybrid cross between Girl Scout Cookies and Trainwreck bred by CannaVenture Seeds. A subtle cookie-like aroma radiates from its dense buds, but more distinct fruity flavors come out on the exhale. This hybrid’s potency is enough to make both parents proud as its cerebral euphoria and full-body effects hit like a freight train. 
Cookies-Kushindica4.5Relaxed,Happy,Euphoric,Hungry,SleepySweet,Earthy,PungentCookies Kush from Barney's Coffeeshop combines Girl Scout Cookies with the Rolex phenotype of OG Kush, resulting in a potent indica cross worthy of 1st place in High Times' 2014 Amsterdam Cannabis Cup in the 'Best Coffeeshop Strain' category.
Cookies-And-Creamhybrid4.6Relaxed,Happy,Euphoric,Uplifted,SleepySweet,Vanilla,EarthyBred by Exotic Genetix, Cookies and Cream is a hybrid cross between Starfighter and an undisclosed Girl Scout Cookies phenotype. This sweet-tasting variety provides long-lasting relief for patients treating symptoms throughout the day, but high doses can induce an early night’s sleep. Cookies and Cream took first place in the hybrid category of the 2014 Denver Cannabis Cup.
Cookies-And-Dreamhybrid4.5Uplifted,Relaxed,Happy,Euphoric,GigglySweet,Berry,CitrusCookies & Dream is a sativa-dominant hybrid strain that is a harmonious blend of fan favorites Blue Dream, also a favorite of lead artists Dominic and Jeremy of Big Gigantic, and combined with the robustly sweet flavors of Girl Scout Cookies. Ideal for social gatherings, this blend produces a euphoric body buzz and packs a strong sativa kick to keep your energy up. Cookies & Dream was curated in Colorado with love by Native Roots in collaboration with Big Gigantic to showcase this special blend. 
Copper-Kushindica3.9Relaxed,Euphoric,Happy,Uplifted,TinglyEarthy,Pungent,WoodyCopper Kush is an 80% indica cross between Frankenstein and Lemon OG Kush bred by Nine Point Growth Industries in Washington. With aromas of earthy pine and zesty lemon, Copper Kush delivers swift relaxation of both mind and body, and progresses into comfortable focus and introspection over time. Copper Kush is grown in a soil medium, and is available for purchase in Washington’s recreational cannabis stores.
Corleone-Kushindica4.6Relaxed,Euphoric,Happy,Hungry,SleepyEarthy,Spicy/Herbal,FloweryCorleone Kush is a mostly indica hybrid cannaibs strain that, like its fictional Godfather namesake, is definitely powerful. Its sour citrus aroma with darker notes of incense is telling of its Pre-98 Bubba Kush and SFV OG Kush genetics. This potent strain flowers in 8 weeks and produces dense flowers. Its heavy indica properties make Corleone Kush an ideal choice for pain relief and insomnia, though its potency may bring on more sativa-like energetic effects for some consumers.
Cornbreadindica4.6Relaxed,Euphoric,Hungry,Happy,SleepyLemon,Citrus,WoodyCornbread by Rare Dankness is an 80/20 indica-dominant hybrid strain that crosses Katsu Bubba Kush and Rare Dankness #2. Its aroma is a sweet mix of lemons and incense, and like a perfect appetizer, Cornbread is all you’ll need to invite the appetite before dinner. With heavy, tranquilizing effects that relax the body, Cornbread also makes a great nightcap as you transition into sleep.
Cosmic-Collisionsativa4.2Uplifted,Energetic,Talkative,Euphoric,RelaxedSweet,Earthy,MintyCosmic Collision is a sativa-dominant strain from MTG Seeds, who crossed Cosmic Charlie and Piña Collision into a fusion that boasts both flavor and potency. The exhale releases a tropical medley of pineapple and kiwi that hints at the Pineapple in this strain’s lineage. Uplifting and euphoric, Cosmic Collision offers a brighter outlook for those suffering from stress and depression.
Cotton-Candy-Kushhybrid4.3Relaxed,Happy,Euphoric,Uplifted,EnergeticSweet,Berry,FloweryNamed for its soft, fluffy appearance and intense candied aroma, Cotton Candy Kush is a hybrid that crosses Lavender with Power Plant. The result is a pungent palate of sweet, berry flavors and a floral scent. The euphoric effects will have you feeling like a kid in a candy store, while the relaxing powers will keep stress and pain to a minimum.
Cotton-Purple-Chemhybrid4.4Relaxed,Uplifted,Euphoric,Happy,TinglySweet,Earthy,BerryCotton Purple Chem, or CPC, is a hybrid bred by Hesperides Gardens. CPC claimed the People’s Choice award at the 2015 DOPE Cup in Seattle with its sweet diesel flavors and extremely pungent aroma.
Cowboy-Kushhybrid4.8Happy,Uplifted,Euphoric,Relaxed,CreativeEarthy,Pine,DieselCowboy Kush by Greenpoint Seeds is a hybrid cross of Hell’s Angels OG and Stardawg. This aromatic hybrid combines the sharpness and sweetness of Hell’s Angels OG and the chemical tartness and astringent aromas of the Stardawg to create a unique, if not challenging terpene profile. The best phenotypes of Cowboy Kush have a balanced combination of these aromas as well as middle-of-the-road mental and physical effects. Enjoy Cowboy Kush to shrug off stress while assisting with inflammation and insomnia.
Cracker-Jacksativa4.2Energetic,Creative,Focused,Happy,EuphoricSweet,Woody,CitrusThis cannabis sativa strain combines Jack Herer with Green Crack to produce a potent buzz.  
Crazy-Miss-Hydehybrid4.9Uplifted,Happy,Euphoric,Relaxed,CreativeSweet,Vanilla,ButterCrazy Miss Hyde is a surprisingly balanced hybrid given her name. She is a lively combination of the uplifting, sativa-dominant Belladona and the powerhouse indica Northern Lights. The buds deliver a potent mixture of earthy flavors like menthol and chocolate with a sweet vanilla influence. The effects tend to be focused in the head, with thought provoking stimulation and creativity that can border on anxiety when over-consumed. With the right dosing the indica influence levels out the effects of Crazy Miss Hyde and induces a relaxing sense of euphoria.
Cream-Caramelindica4.2Relaxed,Happy,Sleepy,Tingly,FocusedButter,Sweet,HoneyCream Caramel, named after its sweet caramel aroma, is a 90% indica cross between BlueBlack, Maple Leaf Indica, and White Rhino. Covered in a sugary coat of THC-rich resin, Cream Caramel delivers heavy, relaxing indica effects that soothe the mind and body. Though originally bred by Sweet Seeds in Spain, Royal Queen Seeds have also championed their own rendition called Royal Caramel. Early October is the finish line for outdoor Cream Caramel flowers, while indoor gardens should be harvested after a 7 to 8 week flowering period.
Crimea-Bluehybrid4.3Happy,Uplifted,Euphoric,Sleepy,CreativeBerry,Tea,BlueberryCrimea Blue is a hybrid strain bred by Barney's Farm that is a cross between Blueberry and Crimean hash plant.  This short plant completes flowering in 8 to 9 weeks and produces higher than average yields.   
Critical-47hybrid4.3Relaxed,Sleepy,Happy,Giggly,TalkativeHoney,Skunk,SweetCritical 47 is hybrid in genetics and by name. A sweet, skunky cross between Critical Mass and AK-47 Critical 47 has a reputation for its pungent aroma and happy, relaxing effects. The rapid finishing time and flavors of mango, peach, and vanilla make Critical 47 a treat for growers and consumers alike. It is a great strain for cloning due to its small internodal distance and thick branches. However, its stong odor encourages the use of carbon filters when grown indoors.
Critical-Bilbohybrid4.4Relaxed,Happy,Hungry,Sleepy,EuphoricTobacco,Sweet,EarthyCritical Bilbo is a powerful indica-dominant strain that holds several Cannabis Cup championships under its belt. A legend among Spain’s cannabis consumers, Critical Bilbo’s resinous, sage-green buds emit a sweet, fruity aroma. Its effects are heavy and narcotic, a top-shelf strain oftentimes too intoxicating for novices. This strain grows best indoors or in greenhouse gardens, and flowers in just 45 to 50 days.
Critical-Cheesehybrid4.2Euphoric,Focused,Happy,Relaxed,EnergeticCheese,Earthy,PungentCritical Cheese by Dinafem is a sativa-dominant hybrid that borrows its genetics from Cheese and Critical Plus. This outstanding crossbreed is hardy, fast-flowering, and finishes with large, dense buds that are dripping with resinous oils. Critical Cheese has a pungent aroma that combines lemons, pine, and the sharp cheesy notes that have become the signature of Cheese varieties. The effects are immediate, uplifting, and euphoric. They are also known to make consumers talkative, which makes Critical Cheese a good choice for overcoming any social anxieties.
Critical-Hazehybrid4.3Relaxed,Happy,Uplifted,Hungry,GigglyCitrus,Earthy,PineCritical Haze by Mr. Nice Seeds is an indica-dominant cross between Critical Mass and Afghan Haze. This hybrid inherits the sweet citrus smell from a Haze ancestor, an ultra-sativa strain that tends to induce cerebrally-focused psychoactivity. Critical Haze’s effects, however, are balanced by its indica genetics which pull in a heavier full-body relaxation. The bridled buzz of Critical Haze makes this hybrid a great choice for anyone who typically gets anxious or paranoid. Patients treating muscle tension, multiple sclerosis, or appetite loss may also benefit from Critical Haze’s even but potent effects. Most phenotypes flower in 8 to 10 weeks, but those expressing more sativa-like genetics may take an additional two weeks of flowering. 
Critical-Hogindica4.2Relaxed,Happy,Uplifted,Euphoric,SleepyEarthy,Woody,FloweryCritical Hog from T.H. Seeds is a commercial grower’s dream, producing hefty colas that stay true to its Critical Mass genetics with the added influence of Hog’s Cannabis Cup winning legacy. After crossing the two potent indicas, Critical Hog puts off a sweet aroma of earthy and floral flavors that bring on relaxing body effects.
Critical-Jackhybrid4.4Energetic,Creative,Happy,Focused,UpliftedPine,Citrus,WoodyCritical Jack, a hybrid cross between Critical Plus and Jack Herer, delivers functional cerebral effects with a flavorful blend of lemon, pine, and floral aromas. Its effects are light on the body and stimulating to the mind, allowing one to fixate their attention strongly on whatever task is at hand. Uplifting qualities make Critical Jack a popular daytime remedy for depression, appetite loss, and headaches. Critical Jack’s harvest falls between late September and early October outdoors, while indoor gardens will finish around day 60 of flowering.
Critical-Kali-Mistsativa4.6Creative,Focused,Uplifted,Happy,EuphoricPine,Sweet,EarthyCritical Kali Mist from Delicious Seeds was bred to be brilliant. Its genetics are a pairing of Critical Mass, an indica known for its growth of large sticky buds, and Kali Mist, a multi-award winning sativa. The result is a powerful and resinous sativa that produces large, dense flowers after about 70 days. With earthy and pine flavors, this bud provides uplifting effects and endless fits of laughter.
Critical-Kushindica4.5Relaxed,Happy,Sleepy,Euphoric,UpliftedEarthy,Pungent,SweetCritical Kush from Barney’s Farm is a mostly indica strain that blends together two famed cannabis staples, Critical Mass and OG Kush. Aromatic notes of earthiness and spice usher in a calming sensation that relaxes the mind and body. Critical Kush pairs a staggeringly high THC content with a moderate dose of CBD, making this strain a perfect nighttime medication for pain, stress, insomnia, and muscle spasms. Growers cultivating this strain indoors will wait 50 to 60 days for Critical Kush to complete its flowering cycle.
Critical-Massindica4.3Relaxed,Happy,Sleepy,Euphoric,HungryEarthy,Pungent,SweetCritical Mass is a combination of Afghani and Skunk #1 that originated from the breeder Mr. Nice Seed Bank. With a large 'critical mass' of production, branches tend to snap from the weight of these dense buds. Flowering time is approximately 6-8 weeks, with a heavy leaf to flower ratio. However, due to the large production of flowering, this strain is susceptible to mold which can be reduced by growing indoors to reduce humidity. THC levels of this strain may reach 19-22%.
Critical-Plushybrid4.2Relaxed,Happy,Hungry,Sleepy,CreativeWoody,Spicy/Herbal,PungentCritical Plus (or Critical +) is a cross of Skunk and Big Bud that won the first Highlife Cup in Barcelona and has gone on to find a small but loyal following in regions of the USA, particularly the PNW and Desert SW. This fast growing strain produces huge yields of dense, extremely resinous flowers with an intense aroma of skunk and citrus. Featuring a delicious lemon-lime flavor, Critical Plus is a great mood enhancer, giving users a pleasant, creative head high along with a deeply relaxing body buzz. This strain may be potentially useful in treating depression, anxiety, PTSD, fibromyalgia, and migraines.
Critical-Plus-20indica4.2Happy,Relaxed,Uplifted,Euphoric,ArousedLemon,Earthy,PineCritical Plus 2.0 is the double-deep cross of the award-winning Dinafem Seeds original, Critical Plus. Known for its speedy flowering time and zesty lemon aroma, Critical Plus 2.0 is a great option for first-time gardeners looking for a deeply relaxing buzz and a healthy yield. It exhibits exceptionally pungent notes of lemon, incense, and exotic wood. Dinafem recommends using a strong carbon filter during flowering as the aroma of the maturing buds is robust. Critical Plus 2.0 lends itself to deep relaxation and stress relief. 
Critical-Sensi-Starindica4.2Relaxed,Sleepy,Happy,Uplifted,EuphoricCitrus,Sweet,LemonThis indica-heavy cross, originally bred by Delicious Seeds, is the love-child of Critical Mass and Sensi Star. Known for producing exceptionally sticky buds, Critical Sensi Star is typically short and dense in stature. Zesty hints of citrus fruit like lemon and grapefruit mix with the strong skunky odor to create a complex flavor combination. The relaxing effects will help any consumer find their happy place, even when coping with insomnia, muscle spasms, or high stress levels.
Critical-Skunkhybrid4.5Happy,Relaxed,Creative,Hungry,ArousedEarthy,SkunkCritical Skunk is a hybrid bred by Mr. Nice Seeds and parented by Skunk #1 and Afghani. Successful in all environments, growers can expect flowers between 6 and 9 weeks.
Critical-Widowhybrid4.3Relaxed,Euphoric,Uplifted,Focused,SleepyCitrus,Pungent,SweetCritical Widow by Mr. Nice Seeds combines a resinous White Widow hybrid with the heavy-hitting indica Critical Mass. This mostly indica strain rewards growers with high yields of fruity, crystal-packed buds that finish flowering in 7 to 9 weeks.
Critters-Cookieshybrid3.5Uplifted,Tingly,Relaxed,Euphoric,ArousedLemon,Earthy,PungentCritters Cookies blends the power of Cookies’ parentage with the energy driven hybrid White Fire Alien OG to offer an aroma of distinct lemon funk with a sweet cakiness that lingers in the air. The strain is a balanced 60/40 sativa-leaning cross that is equal parts energizing and relaxing, and is naturally suited for physical discomfort and pain.
Cronutshybrid4.7NoneNoneCronuts is another twist on the West Coast wonder, Girl Scout Cookies. Created by Alphakronik Genes as the first entry in their Le Patisserie Series, this GSC (Forum Cut) and Sin City Kush cross improves the yield while enhancing the terpene profile and the purple coloration. Cronuts aroma is sweet and woody with bread and fuel notes that lead to a clean floral finish.
Crosswalkerindica4.4Relaxed,Happy,Euphoric,Uplifted,CreativeSweet,Blueberry,PineCrosswalker is a 70/30 indica-dominant cannabis strain that crosses Skywalker OG and Blueberry. When consumed, you will notice an earthy, sweet, and citrus undertone that lingers in your mouth. You’ll be left with a happy and euphoric feeling, but be careful consuming too much of this strain at once, as you may be on the couch longer than you would have expected.
Crouching-Tiger-Hidden-Alienindica4.8Relaxed,Happy,Euphoric,Tingly,UpliftedPine,Spicy/Herbal,EarthyCrouching Tiger Hidden Alien is another indica staple from Exotic Genetix, who combined Tiger’s Milk with Starfighter to create this powerhouse strain. Flavors of pine and spice come through on the inhale while ushering in full-body tranquility. Its heavy-handed sedation makes Crouching Tiger Hidden Alien a perfect choice for sleepless nights or for getting rest and relaxation. 
Crown-Ogindica4.7Relaxed,Happy,Sleepy,Uplifted,EuphoricDiesel,Earthy,PepperCrown OG is an indica strain that stays true to its OG roots with a sweet pine aroma and potent euphoric effects. While Crown OG may take a toll on your memory and cognitive sharpness, its crushing THC content is perfect for patients suffering severe pain or insomnia. This strain took 1st place in the 2015 High Times Denver Cannabis Cup as “Best Indica Concentrate,” earning the victorious stripes its name sets forth.
Crown-Royaleindica4.7Relaxed,Happy,Euphoric,Sleepy,ArousedSweet,Flowery,BerryCrown Royale is a sweet indica-dominant hybrid that blends the best of parent strains Blueberry and Purple Kush together. This flower is a feast for the eyes with bright purple hues and deep green foliage. Just as delightful on the palate, Crown Royale exhibits notes of the forest floor with piney aromas and a telltale berry tartness. These scents show up in the flavor as a sweeter, fruiter pine. Enjoy this strain for pervasive physical effects that dull pain, nausea, and stress.    
Crunch-Berry-Kushhybrid4.4Relaxed,Happy,Euphoric,Sleepy,UpliftedSweet,Berry,HoneyCrunch Berry Kush from Encanto Green Cross is “Chong Certified” hybrid strain that brings blissful relaxation to mind and body. Much like the popular cereal that lends this strain its name, Crunch Berry Kush has a sweet fruity aroma counterbalanced by a hint of spice. 
Crypthybrid4.4Relaxed,Euphoric,Focused,Happy,UpliftedSweet,Cheese,PungentCrypt from Northern California is an indica-dominant hybrid with a mysterious lineage. Its aroma falls on the border between sweet and sour, blending pine, lemon, and cheese flavors.
Crystal-Comasativa4.6Happy,Uplifted,Euphoric,Focused,CreativeFlowery,Earthy,CitrusCrystal Coma is a rare sativa-dominant hybrid from California that induces deep, trance-like effects. Its name foreshadows the debilitating relaxation to come, a long-lasting calm that shuts off mental overactivity. Pastel green breaks through this sativa’s thick blanket of crystal trichomes that contributes to its staggeringly high THC content of up to 26 percent. Crystal Coma’s genetics are long lost, but myth has it that the origins lie in Cheese and Skunk #1. Anxiety, PTSD, pain, and sleeplessness are no match for Crystal Coma’s potency, a medicine that is highly recommended for nighttime use. Crystal Coma took 3rd place in the 2014 L.A. Cannabis Cup.
Crystal-Gaylehybrid4.4Focused,Creative,Euphoric,Happy,HungryDiesel,Earthy,SkunkCrystal Gayle is an indica-dominant strain descended from Northern Lights #1. Little else is known about this strain’s lineage, but its fast-paced buzz and productive, focused effects make one wonder what other strains parented this gem of hybrid. Crystal Gayle buds shine and shimmer with a thick coat of sparkling trichomes, a likely source for this strain’s name. Intense citrus coupled with a diesel bite make up Crystal Gayle’s aroma, which is accented by subtle notes of earthy pine. Its onset may be slow, but with time, this hybrid will launch you into a fixated, relaxed state that borders on trance-like, all while bringing a sharp edge to your appetite.
Crystalberryindica4.5Aroused,Relaxed,Uplifted,Giggly,HappyBerry,Blueberry,GrapeCrystalberry is an indica-dominant cannabis strain crossed using two popular and well-loved strains, Sensi Star and DJ Short’s Blueberry. Your senses will instantly notice the notes of sweet blueberry and lemon throughout. The effects are led by a long-lasting euphoric buzz followed by full-body relaxation help you manage pain and tension.
Cuveeindica4.5Euphoric,Happy,Relaxed,Giggly,TinglyEarthy,Grape,BerryA collaboration from TGA Genetics and Aficionado Seeds, Cuvee was created crossing Space Queen and the clone-only Pinot Noir. This hybrid plant will hit you fast with a relaxing body high while you taste sweet cherries and chocolate. Rich flavor paired with copious amounts of resin makes Cuvee a great strain for making cannabis concentrates.
Dj-Andy-Williamssativa5Creative,EnergeticNoneDJ Andy Williams (also known as DJ Andy) is a heartfelt dedication in the guise of a powerful sativa-dominant strain. This strain was named in memoriam of DJ Andy Williams, also known as DJ A-Dog, who passed away of leukemia at the age of 38. A cross between Blue Dream and Super Lemon Haze, DJ Andy delivers bright flavors of citrus, vanilla, and herbs. DJ Andy starts with a creative mental state and an invigorating body buzz. The physical effects persist and mellow with time while remaining uplifting, keeping the consumer off the couch. This is a solid strain to help manage stress and depression without debilitating sedation.  
Dj-Short-Blueberryindica4.4Relaxed,Euphoric,Happy,Uplifted,SleepyBlueberry,Sweet,BerryDJ Short Blueberry is a living legend. This is, was, and forever will be the west coast Blueberry varietal. The strain is sought after and has been spliced into many different hybridized strains. DSBs genetics stem from DJ Short’s travels through Central America and Southeast Asia, where he gathered robust landrace genetics that would later blossom into some of the most legendary cannabis strains on the planet. Finding a true cut of DSB is harder than it sounds, but if you do, savor it. You are literally igniting a piece of cannabis history. Expect beautiful sedative effects that are second only to the incredible berry flavor of this flower.  
Dj-Smokehybrid4Euphoric,Relaxed,Aroused,Talkative,UpliftedSweet,Citrus,LavenderDJ Smoke is another beautiful Flo cross created by Colorado Seed Inc. This particular cross is with CO Seed’s proprietary strain, Rebel God Smoke (Cinderella 99 x Gupta Kush), which adds clear-headed stimulation to Flo’s fruity genetics, making it an ideal hybrid for those looking for mid-level body effects that aren’t cumbersome. Expect appetite ignition, equal parts body energy and weight, and a clarity of mind that lends itself to all-day use.    
Dairy-Queenhybrid4.4Happy,Relaxed,Euphoric,Uplifted,CreativeCheese,Sweet,EarthyDairy Queen is a strain that truly lives up to its name with its unique cherry and cheese aroma—yes, those combine to make a good thing. Its flavor has a smoothness that many users describe as creamy, just like your favorite frozen dairy treat. This hybrid is slightly more sativa-dominant and is great for day or night use as it provides relaxation without sedation. Originally bred by TGA Subcool Seeds, this cross between Cheese and Space Queen seems to have up to three different phenotypes, so appearance can vary. In general, plants will be bushy and flower in 7-8 weeks. Dairy Queen’s unique aroma is very potent, so it may not be the best strain when discretion is required.
Dakini-Kushindica4.5Relaxed,Sleepy,Happy,Euphoric,GigglyEarthy,Coffee,Spicy/HerbalDakini Kush is the heavy indica-dominant cross of Pre-98 Bubba Kush and Hindu Kush. This strain’s sweet and herbaceous flavors leave the taste of hops, caramel, and berry on the palate. Dakini Kush offers traditional, if not heavier than average, effects that elevate the mind and relax the body. This strain is a quality choice at the end of the day to enhance mood, diminish pain, and promote rest. Dakini Kush has a healthy yield and a quick nine week flowering time.  
Damn-Soursativa4Hungry,Happy,Tingly,Uplifted,CreativeSweet,Earthy,AmmoniaDamn Sour is a mostly sativa strain bred by Green House Seeds using Sage N Sour genetics. As its name suggests, this cannabis variety inherits a distinctive sour aroma with funky hints of diesel. Its effects immediately flood the cerebral space with intense euphoria which may overwhelm the novice consumer. The typically high THC content of Damn Sour makes this strain a good choice for patients seeking potent relief of stubborn aches or appetite loss without having to sacrifice daytime energy.
Damnesiahybrid4.2Relaxed,Happy,Euphoric,Uplifted,EnergeticSpicy/Herbal,Pepper,EarthyA spin-off of the Amsterdam staple Amnesia Haze, Strain Hunters Seeds has crossed the Haze with another coffee shop powerhouse, AMS, to create a long-lasting hybrid. Damnesia has a pungent scent of spicy incense and black pepper. The strong cerebral effects are great for socializing and activating your creative juices but they can creep up slowly. Many search for this strain when looking for an uplifting, energetic solution to pain issues or when suffering from a lack of appetite.
Dance-Worldsativa4.6Happy,Relaxed,Uplifted,Euphoric,TalkativeEarthy,Citrus,Spicy/HerbalDance World is a high-CBD sativa strain bred by Royal Queen Seeds in Spain. A cross between Dancehall and Juanita La Lagrimosa, Dance World’s heritage stems primarily from Afghani and Mexican genetics. From its Dancehall parent, Dance World inherits active, uplifting effects that motivate productivity and a positive mindset. Earthy and spicy flavors dominate the palate, but subtle fruity notes bring Dance World sweet undertones. While Dance World shows its sativa genetics in its energetic effects, Dance World plants are more indica in stature and flower after just 8 weeks.
Dancehallhybrid4.6Happy,Relaxed,Uplifted,Energetic,CreativeEarthy,Citrus,FloweryDancehall, a 60/40 sativa-dominant hybrid, was bred by Reggae Seeds by combining Juanita La Lagrimosa (a Mexican-Afghani-Spanish hybrid) with Kalijah (Blue Heaven crossed with a Mexican-Afghani hybrid). Named after a style of Reggae played in times of celebration, Dancehall will lift your spirits to a happier place where creativity and social bonding thrive. As its flowers mature, vibrant shades of green, blue, purple, and red twist underneath its crystal trichomes while aromas both sweet and spicy dance from cracked buds. 
Dank-Schraderindica4.9Relaxed,Happy,Uplifted,Euphoric,HungryTropical,Pine,EarthyDank Schrader is the house strain at The Healing Center in Vancouver, BC. The strain was developed during the final season of Breaking Bad and is named after DEA Agent Hank Schrader, a character on the show. Dank Schrader crosses Rockstar Kush with Bubba Kush to create a potent and relaxing indica-driven hybrid that has tested out as high as 27% THC according to dispensary’s lab results, performed by Hedron Analytical.
Dank-Sinatrahybrid5Happy,Uplifted,Relaxed,Sleepy,EuphoricDiesel,Berry,TropicalDank Sinatra is an indica-dominant hybrid named for “Old Blue Eyes,” Frank Sinatra. This strain was created by crossing LA Affie and Hash Plant, leading to a happy, cerebral buzz that settles down into the body. The weighted relaxation helps consumers abate stress and depression while preparing the body for rest. Dank Sinatra has pungent, earthy flavors intermixed with subtle notes of citrus and diesel.  
Double-Dindica4.3Euphoric,Happy,Uplifted,Aroused,EnergeticSweet,Pungent,SkunkOriginally named Double D as a reference to the large buds on these plants (we’ll let you make the connection there), breeder KC Brains decided to rename the strain Danky Doodle at the suggestion of some American friends in order to avoid confusion with the similarly named Double Dutch. Danky Doodle certainly isn’t a shy plant; it grows like the weed it is and will make its presence known with its pungent sweet smell. Plants flower at 9 to 11 weeks and should provide a high yield of large buds covered in a rich frost. This plant is a cross between several strains, and it’s no surprise that Big Bud is included in its lineage along with the strains Viking and the breeder’s own KC 636. The result is a strong indica that provides full body relief no matter what you call it.
Dark-Blue-Dreamhybrid4.6Happy,Euphoric,Relaxed,Uplifted,GigglySweet,Berry,BlueberryDark Blue Dream is a gently sedating twist on a classic. By combining the ubiquitous headiness of Blue Dream with Dark Night’s semi-sedative physical aura, an enjoyable hybrid is created that stimulates the mind while simultaneously relaxing the body. These complementary attributes make Dark Blue Dream an ideal after-work strain. The sweet flavor and pungent aroma are a feast for the senses while the headiness promotes creativity and lateral thought without overstimulating the consumer.  
Dark-Side-Of-The-Moonindica4.6Relaxed,Sleepy,Euphoric,Happy,UpliftedBerry,Earthy,Spicy/HerbalFrom Exotic Genetix comes Dark Side of the Moon, an indica strain that pays homage to the legendary 1973 Pink Floyd album. A cross between Spirit in the Sky and Green Ribbon, Dark Side of the Moon flowers bloom with a starry coat of crystal trichomes wreathed by dark purple leaves, giving the strain an almost celestial appearance. Earthy, hashy flavors lead the way with full, sweet fruity notes to follow.
Dark-Starindica4.4Relaxed,Sleepy,Happy,Hungry,EuphoricEarthy,Pungent,SkunkDark Star’s true indica effects are as spacey as its name suggests: a deep, relaxed sensation throughout the body accompanied by a heavy cerebral calm. Though celestial in its effects, the strain is more likely homage to the Grateful Dead’s song “Dark Star.” A cross between Purple Kush and Mazar-I-Sharif, Dark Star is a CBD-rich indica ideal for treating pain and anxiety. This dark--almost bluish--strain was first bred indoors by T.H. Seeds, and comes as a challenge to many growers with its slow, 10-week flowering period. Its sour-smelling buds are dense and compact, ornamented with crystals and copper hairs. 
Darkside-Ogindica4.6Sleepy,Relaxed,Euphoric,Hungry,HappyLemon,Citrus,EarthyDarkside OG is a heavy-hitting Kush combo from Colorado Seed Inc. With the OG parentage of Dark Star OG x Rug Burn OG, this strain is a useful and sedating option. The dark, frosted buds emanate an earthy, floral aroma that lingers in the air. Enjoy this strain before bed, as Darkside OG locks the consumer to the couch and envelopes the body in warm, calming haze. 
Darth-Vader-Ogindica4.4Relaxed,Sleepy,Euphoric,Hungry,TinglyEarthy,Pine,GrapeDarth Vader OG is a heavy indica marijuana strain that truly shows its “Dark Side” with its violet and forest green flowers. This strain’s true force comes through in its effects, which provide complete body relaxation and sleepiness. Ideal for treating insomnia, this strain may not knock you out immediately, but it will definitely quiet the mind and put all major productive plans on hold. A true “purple” strain, Darth Vader OG has a sweet grape smell but a comparatively subdued taste.
Dawgs-Waltzhybrid4.6Euphoric,Relaxed,Uplifted,Happy,SleepyEarthy,Skunk,SweetDawg’s Waltz combines the purple hues and flavors of Purple Urkle with the skunky aroma and powerful effects of Tres Dawg to create an extremely pungent hybrid. The dense buds have large calyxes and smell of spiced grape and skunky diesel. This hybrid is a favorite among those who struggle with chronic pain and insomnia, or enjoy the relaxing, couch-locked effects typical of most indica-dominant blends.
Dawgfather-Oghybrid4.1Sleepy,RelaxedSpicy/Herbal,Pepper,PungentDawgfather OG, or simply “The Dawgfather,” is an indica-dominant hybrid created by AlphaKronik Genes capable of massive plant production and a healthier-than-average yield. With potency floating above 20%, this strain contends well with chronic pain, insomnia, Crohn's, and anxiety. Expect traditional notes of gas/chemicals, Kush, and some funkiness. Dawgfather OG offers a strong buzz with nuance worth exploring.  
Day-Tripperhybrid4Uplifted,Euphoric,Happy,Relaxed,SleepyBlueberry,Strawberry,PineappleDay Tripper is a hybrid cannabis strain that managed to inherit sativa-like effects from its indica-dominant family tree. A descendant of Sensi Star, Medicine Man, and Master Kush, Day Tripper is an unexpectedly lightweight hybrid that pairs well with active and creative hobbies. Its motivating effects come with a fresh, clean aroma and can be enjoyed morning, afternoon, and night.
Deadhead-Oghybrid4.4Uplifted,Relaxed,Happy,Euphoric,CreativeEarthy,Pine,DieselA modern West Coast classic, Deadhead OG was created by master breeder Skunk VA of Cali Connection Seeds by crossing two already legendary strains, Chemdawg 91 and the SFV OG Kush.  Known as a very hearty and pungent strain, most phenotypes present an earthy, piney smell and taste, though some can lean more to the diesel aromas of the SFV.  As a cross of two very potent strains, Deadhead OG regularly reaches THC levels over 20%.  Most users describe the high as cerebral and stimulating but with a relaxed body feel.
Deadwoodindica3.9Happy,Talkative,Uplifted,Giggly,RelaxedBerry,Lavender,EarthyDeadwood is potent indica cross between Bubba Kush and Sweet Pink Grapefruit. These robust indica strains come together to create good medicine for those suffering from insomnia, anxiety, and chronic pain. The aroma is sweet and skunky with spicy notes on the finish. Use Deadwood in the evening, as its effects will ground all future plans. Expect heavy sedation, weight on the eyelids and muscles, and a stone-solid buzz.   
Death-Bubbaindica4.7Relaxed,Sleepy,Happy,Euphoric,UpliftedEarthy,Pungent,SweetDeath Bubba, bred by Matteo Suleyman of Vancouver BC's Sea to Sky, is a beautiful, purple-hued strain with trichromes and terpenes abound. Created by crossing Death Star and Bubba Kush, this pungent pairing reeks of grass and skunk while the smoke is sweet, earthy, and clean on the palate. Its semi-sedative effects lock the consumer to the couch, unknotting tension and soothing minor physical discomfort with ease. This stinky BC native has been serving cannabis enthusiasts since 2012 and was most recently smelled off Fraser St. the Vancouver metro area.
Death-Starindica4.6Relaxed,Happy,Euphoric,Sleepy,UpliftedEarthy,Diesel,PungentDeath Star is the potent cross of Sensi Star and Sour Diesel and has the shared sativa and indica effects of its parents. It has a mixed taste that combines sweet, skunk, and fuel aromas into a very potent fragrance that isn’t easy to hide. This strain may not have the ability to destroy planets, but it does have quite the powerful buzz. Effects can be slow to onset, but once they do, Death Star takes away all cares and replaces them with a state of relaxed euphoria. Great for daytime or nighttime use, this Ohio native now has fans throughout the galaxy.
Deathstar-Ogindica4.6Relaxed,Happy,Sleepy,Euphoric,TinglyDiesel,Earthy,SkunkDeath Star OG is a potent cross between Sour Diesel, Sensi Star, and OG Kush.
Deep-Cheesehybrid4.3Relaxed,Uplifted,Creative,Hungry,TalkativeCheese,Pungent,SkunkDeep Cheese is the result of years of selective inbreeding aimed at emphasizing the legendary funk of sharp cheese flavors that fans of Cheese strains have grown attached to. By crossing two exemplary phenotypes of Cheese, breeder Dinafem has intensified the aroma and stabilized the genetics to produce a balance of indica and sativa effects that relax the body and stimulate the mind.
Deep-Chunkindica4.3Happy,Relaxed,Sleepy,Uplifted,CreativePlum,Earthy,AmmoniaThis pure indica from Afghanistan was introduced to Northern California by breeder Tom Hill in the late 1970s. Deep Chunk combines a relatively short flowering time with exceptional resin production. It is often found with hints of purple or deep reds in the tight, compact flowers. The aroma of this stout, broad-leafed plant is regularly described with flavors of earth, hash, chocolate, and pine. Classified by many as 'old school,' Deep Chunk is sure to induce feelings of nostalgia that coincide with its ability to relieve ailments such as insomnia, digestive issues, and chronic pain.
Deep-Purpleindica3.9Relaxed,Happy,Euphoric,Sleepy,TinglyGrape,Earthy,SweetDeep Purple from TGA Genetics was created to include the best traits from Purple Urkle and Querkle, and to bring out more of that incredible grape taste.  A strong indica high, Deep Purple is calming and relaxing.
Deep-Sleepindica4.5Relaxed,Euphoric,Sleepy,Tingly,HappyPungent,Earthy,SweetAlso known as P.O. 4, Deep Sleep is a cross of the Larry OG and Pre-98 Bubba Kush from North Hollywood breeders Progressive Options. This indica-dominant hybrid is quite aptly named, as it quickly reduces users to a puddle of sleepy relaxation. The flavor of Deep Sleep is very sweet and fruity on the inhale with a nice OG funk on the exhale. Fans of OG Kush will love these thick, resinous, purple-tinted flowers.
Delahazesativa4.5Uplifted,Happy,Energetic,Focused,TalkativeCitrus,Mango,SweetDelaHaze by Paradise Seeds is a 70% sativa strain bred from Mango Haze and California Lemon Skunk genetics. To the delight of commercial growers, DelaHaze has the energetic effect profile of a Haze sativa while still offering sizeable yields and a moderate flowering time. Mango and citrus notes express themselves loudly and bring a sweet overtone to the strain's earthy, spicy aroma. Staying true to its Haze genetics, this sativa delivers uplifting cerebral energy that fuels creativity, focus, and happiness, and then tapers into calm relaxation in time.
Denver-Mapleindica4.4Relaxed,Sleepy,Giggly,Tingly,UpliftedSweet,Earthy,PineDenver Maple is an indica strain that took 3rd place in the 2014 Denver Cannabis Cup.
Desert-Starhybrid4.8Hungry,Sleepy,Tingly,Uplifted,CreativeEarthyDesert Star is a sweet and earthy 50/50 hybrid cannabis strain that offers a motivating, upbeat buzz to keep you productive and stress-free. Exclusively available at Encanto Green Cross under the “Chong Certified” label, Desert Star is a treat for all the senses as it shimmers with a constellation of crystal-tipped trichomes.
Destroyersativa4.9Energetic,Uplifted,Euphoric,Giggly,HappyLavender,Ammonia,SweetDestroyer by CannaBiogen is a 100% sativa and CBG powerhouse created over seven years of breeding. Destroyer is the offspring of Meao Thai and a Mexican/Colombian cross, and emits a delicate fruity aroma intermixed with notes of lavender and floral sweetness. This high-THC strain develops beautiful frosted buds that offer consumers powerful psychoactive effects coupled with vigorous alertness. Enjoy this potent, nuanced sativa one hit at a time, as its THC content is designed for seasoned consumers. 
Devil-Fruitindica4.4Relaxed,Happy,Euphoric,Focused,HungrySpicy/Herbal,Pepper,SweetDevil Fruit is a 70% indica strain bred by Medical Seed Co. through crossing Shiskaberry and Great White Shark. This high-CBD Spanish strain is sweet and spicy in flavor and delivers a light cerebral stimulation followed by comfortable full-body effects. Outdoor Devil Fruit plants finish in the first half of October while indoor gardens flower in about 65 days.
Devils-Titsativa4.1Energetic,Focused,Relaxed,Talkative,TinglySpicy/Herbal,Pepper,EarthyDevil’s Tit from SnowHigh Seeds is a potent heart-pounding speed demon that will put even the most seasoned sativa enthusiast to the test. A sativa cross between Durban Poison, Acapulco Gold, and Cinderella 99, this strain provides an exhilarating body high that makes for an excellent one-hitter-quitter or a welcome challenge for sativa lovers looking to test their boundaries. Avoid this strain if you suffer from anxiety, as the effects will naturally get your heart racing.   
Diabloindica4.1Happy,Tingly,Euphoric,Creative,UpliftedSweet,Earthy,Spicy/HerbalWith lineage from Grapefruit, Blueberry and South African Sativa, there is a sweet flavor to the Diablo cannabis strain. This indica has a purple hue, fruity and spicy flavors, and a THC content that tends to fall between 15-20%. Diablo has an indoor flowering time of 6-7 weeks and took second place at the 2002 BC Harvest Cup in the outdoor category.
Diamond-Ogindica4.5Relaxed,Sleepy,Happy,Uplifted,EuphoricEarthy,Spicy/Herbal,PineDiamond OG is a precious gem of a strain that patients love for its potent and long-lasting effects. A true indica, this strain induces full-body relaxation that nixes pain and muscle spasms before settling into an overall laziness. It can leave you mentally euphoric in smaller doses, but it’s definitely not one for times when work or even wakefulness needs to happen. Diamond OG is the result of an unknown strain crossed with OG Kush and has the familiar OG aroma of citrus-pine supported by fuel undertones. These sparkling nugs will be condensed and have a strong odor; they’re definitely a beauty to show off. 
Diamond-Sockshybrid4.3Happy,RelaxedNoneDiamond Socks, named for the dense layer of trichomes coating the plant (and a juicy reggae track), is an invigorating hybrid with roots in a rare strain of Hawaiian Silverback. The structure and growth pattern is indicative of its Kush genetics, leading to a handsome yield and aromatic floral overtones. Hit this mid-range flower for a buzz that is active in the mind and relaxed in the body. This strain is another Hawaiian rarity stabilized and transplanted by Colorado Seed Inc.    
Diamond-Valley-Kushhybrid5Happy,Relaxed,Sleepy,Creative,EnergeticEarthy,Spicy/Herbal,PungentDiamond Valley Kush is an indica-dominant hybrid that produces dense, medium-sized buds that emanate a classic OG aroma. These earthy nuggets have bright green foliage with brownish orange hairs throughout. This Kush variety supplies a deep, stoney buzz to the body and flushes the mind of anxiety and depression. Newbies, approach this powerful indica strain with caution. 
Diesel-Duffhybrid3.8Euphoric,Happy,Talkative,Giggly,UpliftedSweet,Flowery,HoneyDiesel Duff is a happy, mellow strain that may just have your thoughts spinning off into new tangents. This strain’s effects tend to be more sativa in nature, taking after its Sour Diesel genetics. It’s a great choice for taming the mind during daytime and getting things done as long as your pursuits are not too labor-intensive.
Dieseltonichybrid4.1Relaxed,Sleepy,Giggly,Focused,UpliftedDiesel,Earthy,WoodyBred by Resin Seeds in Spain, Dieseltonic is a high-CBD hybrid cross between NYC Diesel and Cannatonic. With an equal THC and CBD content, Dieseltonic is a therapeutic variety used to treat mood disorders, pain, inflammation, spasms, and many other symptoms. Dieseltonic is energizing and uplifting with a sweet orange aroma. Its resistance to mildew and fungus makes Dieseltonic a great choice for novice growers, who can expect an 8 to 9 week flowering time indoors or an October outdoor harvest.
Digweedindica3.9Happy,Uplifted,Relaxed,Sleepy,GigglyEarthy,Skunk,Spicy/HerbalDigweed is an indica-dominant strain that was named after a cat with a sweet tooth for cannabis plants. This high-CBD cross between Afghani and Sweet Tooth has a fruity, floral aroma and is often chosen by patients treating chronic pain, stress, and muscle spasms.
Dinachemhybrid4.7Talkative,Relaxed,Happy,Energetic,GigglyTropical,Pungent,EarthyDinachem by Dinafem Seeds is an especially potent cross of Guava Chem and the Original Chemdawg ‘91 from Chemdog’s own genetics. This strain enhances and preserves the potency and quality of Chemdog’s original strain while infusing fruit and floral nuances into the oily, woody aroma inherent to the strain. With natural pest and moisture resistance, Dinachem offers novice growers a hearty piece of cannabis history with a large yield and an average THC content of 18-23%. Dinachem won 1st prize for “Best Indica” at Cannazores Cup in 2016 and 2nd prize for “Best Indica” at IC420 Growers Cup in 2015.   
Dirty-Girlsativa4.5Uplifted,Happy,Focused,Euphoric,EnergeticCitrus,Sweet,LemonDirty Girl is a sativa-dominant cross of a Trainwreck hybrid, known as Arcata Lemon Wreck, and Cinderella 99. The combination produces a tropical aroma of pineapples and citrus fruit with a sharp pungent note reminiscent of Pine Sol.  The flavor of Dirty Girl is like sweet lemon candy and the effects it produces are happy and creative. Dirty Girl will elevate your mood and help avoid the complications of depression, anxiety, and migraine headaches.
Dirty-Old-Bastardindica5NoneSpicy/Herbal,FloweryDirty Old Bastard (also known as Dirty, Ol’ Dirty Bastard, or Dirt McGirt) is an indica-dominant cross that pays homage to Wu-Tang Clan’s own, ODB. A cross between California classic, OG Kush, and the ever-sweet Blackberry, Dirty Old Bastard melds complementary flavors and effects, creating a strain that is pleasant on the palate and the body. The strain’s aroma is saccharin with notes of berry, lemon, and pine. Its effects are initially uplifting, but quickly mellow into hazy relaxation that helps abate stress and depression. The physical effects deepen with time and continued consumption, lending benefits to consumers treating cramps and pain. 
Dirty-Widowhybrid4.2Uplifted,Energetic,Talkative,Tingly,EuphoricSweet,Earthy,PungentDirty Widow is a sativa-dominant hybrid loaded with euphoria. This natural cross of Dirty Girl and White Widow is an uplifting combination perfect for cleaning your house or getting active. It exhibits delicious earthy terpenes and light touches of citrus and aromatic wood. Dirty Widow is also an excellent strain to share among friends, especially as the strain’s effects are known to stimulate conversation and creativity. But have a glass of water nearby;  the combination of Dirty Widow and long talks is a recipe for cottonmouth.
Disney-Bluehybrid4.5Happy,Creative,Energetic,Focused,GigglySweet,Lime,AppleDisney Blue is a mood-lifting hybrid strain appropriately named after the “happiest place on earth.” Bred in Temecula, CA by Greenleaf Genetics Collective, Disney Blue inherits the sweet aroma of DJ Short Blueberry and the blissful, uplifting effects of a Blue Dream parent sourced from Oaksterdam University. With an intensely flavorful burst of fruit and blueberry, this hybrid awakens happiness in the mind and tranquility throughout the body.
Dizzy-Oghybrid5Giggly,Relaxed,Uplifted,Happy,HungrySweet,Pungent,Spicy/HerbalDizzy OG took 2nd place for Best Medical Hybrid Flower at the 2016 SoCal Cannabis Cup and is the official strain of Las Vegas hip-hop luminary Dizzy Wright. This strain has traditional OG qualities, including a heavy yet functional body buzz that sticks to the bones. With slightly sweeter terpenoids than traditional OG strains, this hybrid is an all-day smoke for the seasoned consumer, but can lean toward full sedation in larger doses.  
Djangosativa4.6Energetic,Uplifted,Happy,Talkative,EuphoricSweet,Flowery,EarthyDjango means “I awake,” in Romani, and this upbeat sativa will have you saying just that. Active and light, this strain’s effects might not be great for those looking for pain relief or strong relaxation. But if you want to lift your mood without losing energy, Django is just the thing. 
Do-Over-Oghybrid4.7Talkative,Uplifted,Creative,Euphoric,HappyDo-Over OG is an indica-dominant strain that combines OG Kush, Hindu Kush, Skywalker OG, and Wellness OG into one powerful hybrid. Bred in Los Angeles, Do-Over OG is appreciated for its potent euphoric effects and creative influence. The mind-expanding effects are brought on by a sweet blend of sweet, earthy flavors that intertwine with the sharp pine notes indicative of its OG Kush heritage. Do-Over OG is specially cultivated by Neighborhood Farms to celebrate the 10th anniversary of The Do-Over event series in Los Angeles and beyond.
Do-Si-Dosindica4.8Relaxed,Euphoric,Sleepy,Happy,HungryEarthy,Sweet,PungentDo-Si-Dos is an indica-dominant hybrid with qualities similar to its parent, Girl Scout Cookies. With glittering trichomes, bright pistils, and lime green and lavender leaves, this strain is a feast for eyes. Its aroma is pungent, sweet, and earthy with slight floral funkiness. These classic OG aromas blend nicely with medical-grade body effects that lean toward the sedative side with the addition of Face Off OG genetics. Enjoy a stoney, in-your-face buzz off the start that melts down over the body, prettifying the consumer with relaxation that emanates outward. 
Doctor-Doctorsativa5Relaxed,Uplifted,Focused,Happy,ArousedSweet,Strawberry,CitrusDoctor Doctor by Vodis USA is a high-CBD sativa-dominant phenotype of the landrace Malawi. This cannabinoid power plant has been known to generate over 20% CBD and approximately 1-2.5% THC. With this medicinal ratio, Doctor Doctor provides potent wellness driven effects that settle nausea, reduce inflammation, and abate anxiety all while preserving mental clarity. Overall, Doctor Doctor is the perfect choice for consumers seeking a smooth, flavorful smoke with the potential to ease both physical and mental stresses.  
Dog-Shithybrid4.3Creative,Euphoric,Relaxed,Uplifted,HappyPungent,Earthy,BerryDog Shit is a sativa-dominant hybrid strain named for its aroma, which bears a striking resemblance to its namesake. For the novelty-seekers not turned off by its name and smell, Dog Shit provides uplifting euphoria that elevates the mood while crushing stress. This strain has an elaborate genetic background that is said to stem from Purple Zacatecas, Colombian Gold, Cambodian, and Hippie Trail Afghani.
Dogwalker-Oghybrid4.7Relaxed,Happy,Euphoric,Sleepy,UpliftedEarthy,Skunk,PungentDogwalker OG is a balanced hybrid bred by combining Albert Walker OG and Chemdawg 91. With a complex profile of woody and skunky aromas, Dogwalker OG delivers a strong cerebral calm that radiates throughout the body over time. The sativa side of Dogwalker OG promotes focus, while its indica counterpart induces deep relaxation that easily converts to sleep in high doses. This THC-rich hybrid can be used for a variety of issues, particularly pain, mood disorders, and appetite loss.
Dolla-Sign-Og-Kushindica5Creative,Sleepy,Uplifted,Energetic,HungrySweet,Flowery,PungentDolla Sign OG Kush by Ty Dolla Sign is an OG blend befitting the rising Hip Hop/RnB wunderkind. He achieves this one-of-a-kind strain by blending Irene OG and Larry OG (two of his favorite cuts), creating a strain with distinct aromas and unique effects. The terpene profile is a fresh blend of diesel, lemon, pine, and earth, and its effects offer heady Kush elements while remaining kind to the body. Enjoy Dolla Sign OG Kush throughout the day, but beware, it may have strong sedative effects with continued consumption. 
Don-Shulahybrid5Uplifted,Euphoric,Relaxed,Talkative,HappyCitrus,Tropical,DieselDon Shula, 3rd place winner of Best Hybrid Flower at the 2016 Colorado Cannabis Cup, crosses The White and Diagonal (True OG x East Coast Sour Diesel) to create a hybrid that sits upright in the body and mind. Exhibiting functional OG effects, this pungent strain is a comfortable middle ground for indica-dominant enthusiasts seeking an all-day strain.     
Donegalhybrid3.8Euphoric,Relaxed,Sleepy,Talkative,EnergeticEarthy,Woody,PungentDonegal is a variety of Chemdawg grown by Canadian LP Tweed. It is a sativa-dominant hybrid that is potent but will still allow you to maintain your typical routine. The flavors of Donegal are a mix of citrus and pungent diesel notes that give way to the heady effects that are first felt around the crown of your head and provide an uplifted mood and a rush of creativity.
Donna-Oghybrid4.6Creative,Euphoric,Relaxed,Happy,HungryCitrus,Pungent,SweetDonna OG is a 50/50 hybrid cross between two OG varieties, resulting in a powerful strain with a sweet, pine aroma. Vector Beans of Cannagen Consulting in Los Angeles created Donna OG by combining Mary OG with Larry OG, and then backcrossing once again with a ML11 phenotype of the Mary OG. Donna OG blooms in purple hues, growing tightly and compactly under a blanket of THC-rich resin. Consumers can experience a wide spectrum of effects with Donna OG, including dreamy euphoria, sharpened hunger, and relaxing sedation.
Doobiebird-Daydreamhybrid4.6Euphoric,Tingly,Happy,Talkative,RelaxedBlueberry,Earthy,SweetDoobiebird Daydream is another Blue Dream hybrid that combines its famous creative relaxation with the medicinal qualities of Sanjay Gupta Kush. The Doobiebird was also the Colorado Seed Inc. mascot until Colorado State law prohibited cartoon characters to be associated with dispensaries. This hybrid expresses itself with the lime green buds of Blue Dream and a Kush aroma with a hint of skunk. Expect uplifted and motivational attributes that are grounded in a stabilizing body buzz that goes full sedation with heavier dosing. 
Dooxsativa4.4Uplifted,Energetic,Happy,Focused,TinglySweet,Citrus,LimeDoox is a sativa-dominant hybrid strain bred from Purple Cow and the legendary hybrid Chemdawg. The effects will set in quickly, delivering an intense body buzz coupled with dreamy euphoria. Doox flowers typically bloom in pale pastel greens masked by a dense coat of frosty resin. Pungent and skunky, this strain is sure to fill the room with its strong sour aroma. 
Dopiumhybrid4.5Relaxed,Euphoric,Focused,Energetic,UpliftedEarthy,Pine,PungentDopium, a cross between ChemDawg and Sour Diesel, has a unique scent while keeping elements of that classic Sour Diesel smell. Described as delivering relaxing and mellow effects, Dopium has the sharp spice of diesel with floral hints.
Doritindica4.4Relaxed,Euphoric,Uplifted,Tingly,SleepyAmmonia,Spicy/Herbal,MintyDorit is a 70/30 indica-dominant strain tailored for patients treating pain, inflammation, indigestion, appetite loss, nausea, and sleep disorders. Bred in Israel by Tikun Olam, this strain inherits its name from Dorit Cohen, who helped found the company. 
Double-Barrel-Oghybrid4.2Relaxed,Euphoric,Hungry,Sleepy,UpliftedEarthy,CitrusDouble Barrel OG offers a double shot of OG genetics as this hybrid combines White Fire OG with Raskal’s OG Kush. Its dense, resin-packed buds give rise to flavors both sweet and sour, a pungent fusion of sweet lemons and fuel-drenched pine. This hybrid travels straight to the head, launching you into thick euphoric lucidity that lets you forget any heaviness in mind or body. As the acute effects settle, Double Barrel OG eases you into a motivated and functional buzz perfect for afternoon productivity.
Double-Dieselsativa4.2Creative,Happy,Focused,Energetic,EuphoricDiesel,Lime,CitrusDouble Diesel is the sativa-dominant result of a cross between award-winning NYC Diesel and Sour Diesel. These plants are easy to grow and their lime green buds will give off a strong diesel-y odor with some grapefruit added in. The grapefruit notes overpower the taste, giving this strain a unique musky fruit flavor. Its effects are happy and uplifting, but not usually as energetic as some other sativas. Overall, it’s a good choice for a laid-back medicated time. 
Double-Dreamhybrid4.5Uplifted,Relaxed,Happy,Focused,EuphoricSweet,Earthy,BerryThe sativa-dominant hybrid Double Dream puts a unique spin on the famed Blue Dream by crossing it with Dream Star. With a complex flavor profile that synchronizes sweet floral notes with berries and spice, Double Dream is a soothing and mentally invigorating strain that still allows clear-headed functionality. Its dreamy, euphoric buzz is anchored by a deep, physical relaxation that mutes pain, anxiety, stress, and inflammation. Patients also turn to this uplifting strain for daytime release from PTSD, headaches, and nausea.
Double-Dutchhybrid4.3Hungry,Uplifted,Talkative,Creative,EnergeticTar,Earthy,SweetDouble Dutch is a classic hybrid strain bred by Magus Genetics who crossed a pre-2000 Chronic female with a Warlock father. This 60/40 indica-dominant split has a strong Dutch heritage with emphasized indica traits. In its vegetative cycle, Double Dutch erupts into a bushy plant with thick leaves and strong stems, while its flowering stage gives rise to sativa-like popcorn buds after 8 to 9 weeks. With an aroma that brings to mind fresh fruit and fields of wildflowers, Double Dutch is cherished for its powerfully relaxing effects that flood both body and mind without causing too much drowsiness.
Double-Mintindica5Uplifted,Euphoric,Sleepy,Talkative,TinglyMinty,Mint,LemonDouble Mint by Natural Genetics Seeds is an indica-dominant cross of signature genetics. By pairing SinMint Cookies with Mint Chocolate Chip, NSG backcrosses Mint Chocolate Chip with its mother plant, reinforcing the sweet, minty terpenes of this strain’s resinous, rock-like buds. Double Mint has a punctual 63-day flowering time and generous resin production, making it a perfect strain for extraction. Its sedative effects and mind-numbing euphoria make it an ideal “end of the day” strain to shrug off stress and be so chill, you’re minty.  
Double-Ogindica4.6Sleepy,Happy,Euphoric,Relaxed,FocusedEarthy,Diesel,SkunkDouble OG combines the powerhouse indica properties of Big Bud Afgoo and SFV OG to create a sedating strain ideal for body aches and sleepless nights. Though often regarded as too potent for novices, Double OG’s knock-out effects are well-suited for experienced consumers with a high THC tolerance. Deep relaxation of the mind and body brings relief to stress and anxiety, while also calming muscle spasms, tremors, and pain.
Double-Purple-Dojaindica4.7Relaxed,Creative,Sleepy,Happy,EuphoricEarthy,Grape,PungentDouble Purple Doja is an indica strain that crosses Sputnik #1 with Black Russian, a parentage that gives rise to powerfully euphoric effects and a musky blackberry aroma. This indica is best saved for late night use, but its sedating qualities won’t entirely pull the plug on social or creative activities if enjoyed earlier in the day. Most notable is its deep purple coloration, and breeders often turn to Double Purple Doja genetics when creating new purple varieties. Though originally bred by TGA Genetics, Double Purple Doja is largely propagated by breeders Outlaw and Matthew Riot. 
Double-Tangie-Bananahybrid4.4Happy,Uplifted,Relaxed,Energetic,EuphoricCitrus,Sweet,OrangeDouble Tangie Banana is a sativa-dominant hybrid strain developed by Crockett Family Farms. Supposedly a cross between Banana Sherbert and DNA Genetics’ orange-flavored Tangie, Double Tangie Banana oozes with crystal resin and citrus aromas. Anyone who has tried Tangie knows that this strain was primarily bred for the flavor enthusiasts, so if you’re searching for a strain with an impressive terpene profile, look no further.
Double-Tapindica5Talkative,Happy,RelaxedNoneDouble Tap by Mr. Mack’s Snacks is a potent cannabis strain designed for high-tolerance consumers. The strain’s Monster Cookies x Yeti OG x Bloo's Kloos heritage boasts large yields and potency well over 20% THC. Double Tap’s Bloo's Kloos ancestry also gives this strain sweet and aromatic flavors of berry, pine, grape, and fuel. This heavy indica should be consumed sparingly. As the name implies, Double Tap takes you out and puts you down, leaving the body sedated and the mind relaxed.
Dougs-Varinsativa5Uplifted,Creative,Energetic,Focused,TalkativeNoneDoug’s Varin is a rare sativa strain that was specially crafted to contain high amounts of the cannabinoid THCV, a psychoactive cannabis compound known to relieve panic attacks, Parkinson’s tremors, stimulate bone growth, and provide a burst of energy. Patient’s suffering from anorexia and appetite loss should steer clear of Doug’s Varin, as THCV also suppresses hunger. With an aroma of earthy pine and sweet citrus, Doug’s Varin delivers a clear-headed burst of mental stimulation that doesn’t last as long as high-THC varieties, making this strain a perfect choice for anyone seeking short-term effects.
Dr-Bubbleshybrid4NoneNoneDr. Bubbles is a delicious strain with roots in Y2K Bubble Gum and Gupta Kush. This lip-smacking marriage of flavors creates a sweet and decidedly floral combination that is pleasant but not debilitating. Colorado Seed Inc. bred this strain to boost the yield of Bubble Gum with the hearty genetics of Dr. Gupta, leading to stalky aromatic plants that finish in approximately 8 to 9 weeks.  
Dr-Feelgoodhybrid4.5Happy,Relaxed,Tingly,Euphoric,SleepyEarthy,Woody,NuttyDr. Feelgood is a beautiful blend of flavors and effects that possesses a tangible medical bent. This cross developed by Colorado Seed Inc. is a blend of Harlequin and Gupta Kush. Mixing the powerful CBD generation of Harlequin with the medical-grade body effects of Dr. Sanjay Gupta Kush creates a strain focused on physical wellness. With equal parts anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects, Dr. Feelgood abates anxiety and culls chronic pain with confidence. 
Dr-Funkindica4.6Relaxed,Happy,Tingly,Sleepy,ArousedEarthy,Berry,BlueberryDr. Funk is a mostly indica strain that balances genetics from Blueberry and Bubba Kush. You can taste this strain’s lineage as flavors of sweet berry and earthy sharpness activate on the exhale. Its tight, compact buds and orange hair-like pistils are obscured under a thick dusting of crystal trichomes, which hint at Dr. Funk’s potency.
Dr-Grinspoonsativa4.8Happy,Energetic,Uplifted,Creative,TalkativeEarthy,Citrus,PungentDr. Grinspoon, a pure sativa heirloom bred by Barney’s Farm in Amsterdam, is a strain destined for connoisseurs and intellectuals alike. In honor of the Harvard professor and cannabis advocate, this strain was named after Lester Grinspoon, who set out to correct misinformed science in the 1970s. As if channeling the brilliance of Dr. Grinspoon himself, this sativa is a top choice for creative, introspective thinkers as it induces heightened cerebral activity and sensory awareness. Dr. Grinspoon buds, imbued with rich earthy and honey flavors, grow like berries on twig stalks in unusually gapped popcorn formations. Because of its structure, Dr. Grinspoon typically delivers smaller harvests after a 13-14 week flowering time. This indoor preferred strain requires time and patience, but few cannabis varieties can impress connoisseurs like these frost coated gems. Patients with mood disorders, attention deficit, and chronic pain may find relief in the euphoric and invigorating experience that defines this legendary sativa.
Dr-Quantumhybrid0NoneNoneDr. Quantum is an indica-dominant cross of Dr. Who and Quantum Kush, and it strikes a balance between potency and playfulness. The strain hits fast with a heady, giggly buzz that is easy on the body. Dr. Quantum has a deep citrus perfume aroma with earthy, floral undertones. Utilize this strain to release stress and indulge in the carefree whimsy only cannabis can offer.     
Dr-Whohybrid4.5Relaxed,Happy,Euphoric,Uplifted,CreativeSweet,Earthy,BerryNavigate the planes of time and space with Dr. Who, a potent indica hybrid originally from Homegrown Natural Wonders who wittily combined parent strains Mad Scientist and Timewreck. This 60% indica strain can deliver swift relief to pain, stress, appetite loss, multiple sclerosis, ADHD, mood disorders, and nausea without lethargy or sedation, making Dr. Who a good choice for any time of the day. Its effects are precluded by a sweet and sour aroma of pineapple and grape. Dr. Who flowers in 56 to 63 days indoors, but also grows well in outdoor gardens.
Dragon-Oghybrid4.4Uplifted,Happy,Relaxed,Euphoric,FocusedDiesel,Berry,TropicalDragon OG (or Red Dragon OG) is a sativa-dominant hybrid cross between Red Dragon and OG Kush. Red Dragon adds gentle invigoration to OG Kush’s mid-level sedation and pleasant euphoria. This heady hybrid offers mood-boosting mental stimulation and relaxing body effects that stick to the bones. Enjoy this strain throughout the day to boost creativity and combat moderate pain, but beware: this potent combination can be overstimulating in large doses.  
Dragons-Breathhybrid4.6Happy,Uplifted,Talkative,Relaxed,CreativeSpicy/Herbal,Earthy,SkunkDragon's Breath is a sativa-dominant hybrid cross between the two legendary strains, Jack Herer and Northern Lights. Its balanced, clear-headed effects are ushered in by a distinctive spicy aroma that hints at this hybrid's Haze ancestor. Some patients may find Dragon's Breath particularly helpful in burning off pain, depression, and anxiety throughout the day.
Dreadlockhybrid4Focused,Relaxed,Talkative,Tingly,UpliftedEarthy,Diesel,SageDreadlock, hailing from Canada, is a 50/50 hybrid with energizing effects that carry social interactions to a new level. Patients and consumers chasing strains with mood-elevating properties stop their search at Dreadlock, a name derived from its dense, nappy buds. It produces heavy yields of sweet, musky flowers blanketed in crystal trichomes. A good strain for novice growers, Dreadlock plants are hardy and resilient when it comes to mold. Joint Doctor Seeds, the strain’s original growers, recommend indoor soil gardens and the “screen of green” method. A full 9 weeks for flowering is suggested with Dreadlock, as it tends to gain a lot of weight and THC in its final mile.
Dream-Beaversativa4.7Happy,Uplifted,Energetic,Talkative,CreativePineapple,Woody,Spicy/HerbalDream Beaver by Bodhi Seeds is a sativa-dominant strain that crosses Dirty Hippy (an Afghooey-Blockhead hybrid) with Appalachia. With subdued flavors of fresh cedar and earthy spice, Dream Beaver deals a mellow buzz that lets you stay active, productive, and social. This sativa is a great choice for unleashing laughing fits and creative sparks on those days when your mood and motivation could use a lift.
Dream-Berryindica4.5Relaxed,Sleepy,Euphoric,Happy,GigglyBerry,Citrus,DieselDream Berry is a sweet, fruity cross between Blue Dream and Blackberry. Its calming indica qualities prevail over its sativa genetics. The breeders at Apothecary Genetics recommend a short 6 to 7 week flowering time for indoor gardens, or the end of September for outdoor cultivators. 
Dream-Lotushybrid4.3Happy,Uplifted,Relaxed,Euphoric,EnergeticSpicy/Herbal,Woody,TeaDream Lotus by Bodhi Seeds is a hybrid strain that was designed to recreate the widely cherished qualities of Blue Dream, but with an accentuated chunky bud structure. This rendition combines a Santa Cruz cut of Blue Dream with Bodhi’s Snow Lotus, resulting in a strain that maintains uplifting effects and a fragrant blueberry aroma. Hashy spice and sweet herbal notes can be detected on the exhale in a flavor that ushers in blissful effects perfect for stress relief any time of the day.
Dream-Policehybrid3.7Uplifted,Talkative,Energetic,Euphoric,CreativePepper,Blueberry,CitrusDream Police is a balanced hybrid crossed between Dreamy Bubbles (Bubbleberry x Afghani) and AK-47. These sizeable buds offer a pungent, distinct aroma that deliver active effects with a quick onset, providing long-lasting pain and stress relief. This stable plant is viable for beginning growers, successful both indoors and outdoors with a flowering time around 60 days.
Dream-Queenhybrid4.3Happy,Uplifted,Euphoric,Relaxed,EnergeticCitrus,Sweet,EarthyDream Queen is an aptly named sativa-dominant hybrid that will leave you in a euphoric, dream-like state after a few puffs. A cross of two beloved strains, Blue Dream and Space Queen, it offers intense odors reminiscent of pineapple and bubblegum, and flavors of citrus, menthol and hash when vaped or smoked. Dream Queen’s very frosty, light green flowers will have you sticking your nose back in the jar again and again to experience their delicious fruity aroma.
Dream-Starhybrid4.8Euphoric,Creative,Uplifted,Talkative,RelaxedEarthy,Woody,SweetA cross between Blue Dream and Stardawg, Dream Star is a sativa-dominant hybrid bred by Oaksterdam Seed Co. Its aroma is sweet and fruity, with sour accents that hint at Dream Star’s Chemdawg lineage. This strain’s psychoactive onset begins in the head and evens out over time into a mellow full-body calm. Dream Star is used by patients to treat a variety of symptoms and conditions including headaches, pain, depression, multiple sclerosis, and Parkinson’s. This hybrid might come as a challenge to novice growers, but cultivators of this strain should wait nine weeks for indoor plants to flower.
Dreamers-Glasshybrid4.4Uplifted,Euphoric,Creative,Relaxed,GigglyEarthy,Skunk,SweetDreamer’s Glass is a hybrid cannabis strain that delivers dreamy euphoric effects alongside heavy body effects that let you settle deeply in relaxation. This strain is great for patients needing potent relief of nausea and mild pain, but expect to feel more and more anchored to your couch as you increase the dose.
Drizellasativa4.8Uplifted,Energetic,Happy,Euphoric,GigglySweet,Earthy,PungentDrizella is a sativa bred by Dynasty Seeds that crosses Cinderella 99, White Widow, and Space Queen. These resinous buds offer a tropical aroma, with notes of pineapple, citrus, and vanilla, delivering clear, stimulating cerebral effects that are long-lasting. This stable strain can be grown both indoors and outdoors, with a flowering time around 60 days.
Duke-Nukemhybrid4.4Creative,Happy,Energetic,Focused,EuphoricSweet,Pungent,EarthyDuke Nukem may be named after a video game character who spends his days obliterating “alien bastards,” but this strain is a lot more laidback than its action hero namesake. The mostly sativa hybrid produces an active mental high that is uplifting and may have you feeling more creative than commando. It’s a cross between Chemmando and Chernobyl and flowers in 9 to 11 weeks. The strain is a fairly easy plant to grow and should give medium to high yields. Its buds are known to be especially colorful with shades of frosty pinks and oranges. Careful not to confuse this strain with Nuken, which is a different indica dominant hybrid.
Durban-Berryhybrid4.6Focused,Relaxed,Happy,Creative,UpliftedPine,Citrus,LemonDurban Berry is a hybrid cannabis strain that harnesses the vitalizing sativa power of Durban Poison counterbalanced by the mellow indica qualities of Rocky Mountain Blueberry. Taking after her Durban Poison parent, Durban Berry delivers a functional and upbeat high that allows creativity to flow freely. A pungent lemon and berry aroma erupts from the fluffly buds while tangy citrus flavors awaken on the exhale.
Durban-Cheesehybrid4.2Hungry,Euphoric,Uplifted,Giggly,RelaxedBlue,Cheese,Cheese,EarthyDurban Cheese is a potent hybrid of Durban Poison and Cheese and provides the balanced effects of its indica and sativa parentage. Its aroma is described as a surprisingly appetizing blend of lemon and cheese. A suitable strain for stress and mild pain relief, Durban Cheese is a great all-around choice.
Durban-Cookiessativa4.5Happy,Uplifted,Euphoric,Relaxed,HungrySweet,Earthy,WoodyDurban Cookies is the Durban Poison-dominant phenotype of Girl Scout Cookies. Known for its invigorating mental energy and medical-grade body buzz, Durban Cookies offers a more energizing experience with powerful pain relieving qualities, making this sativa-dominant strain a top choice for patients treating aches throughout the day.
Durban-Poisonsativa4.4Energetic,Happy,Uplifted,Euphoric,FocusedEarthy,Sweet,PineThis pure sativa originates from the South African port city of Durban. It has gained notoriety worldwide for its sweet smell and energetic, uplifting effects. Durban Poison is the perfect strain to help you stay productive through a busy day, when exploring the outdoors, or to lend a spark of creativity. Growers and concentrate enthusiasts will both enjoy the over-sized resin glands which make this strain a quality choice for concentrate extraction. The buds are round and chunky, and leave a thick coating of trichomes on almost all areas of the plant.
Durga-Mataindica4.9Relaxed,Happy,Giggly,Uplifted,CreativeMinty,Earthy,CitrusDurga Mata, bred by Paradise Seeds, is an indica-driven strain. Despite being 90% indica, it acts unlike other predominately indica strains. With flavors best described as reminiscent of Turkish Delight, it offers a long-lasting relaxing body buzz without the couch potato effect. This strain has a natural resistance to pests and survives through rough treatment, which makes it a recommended choice for beginners and outdoor growers.
Dutch-Crunchhybrid4.2Tingly,Focused,Hungry,Relaxed,ArousedSpicy/Herbal,Pepper,CitrusDutch Crunch is an intercontinental hybrid bringing the Netherlands and America a little closer together. This wonderfully aromatic strain is created by crossing Jack Herer with Dutch Treat, resulting in a stimulating hybrid cross of zestful genetics. Expressing bright citrus notes and traditional Dutchy aromas, Dutch Crunch is an uplifting cross that may assist with migraines, stress, and ADD.   
Dutch-Dragonsativa4.5Euphoric,Relaxed,Happy,Creative,FocusedCitrus,Sweet,MintDutch Dragon is a sativa variety bred by Paradise Seeds.  She loves warmer climates and can grow as high as 9 feet tall outside so make sure you have ample vertical room.
Dutch-Hawaiiansativa4.3Happy,Relaxed,Uplifted,Euphoric,EnergeticCitrus,Sweet,TropicalDutch Hawaiian is a sativa strain that is lime green in color. With a citrus taste, this strain provides a good body high. 
Dutch-Hazesativa4Relaxed,Energetic,Creative,Happy,ArousedCitrus,EarthyDutch Haze by Dutch Passion is a 90% sativa-dominant strain crafted for Haze lovers everywhere. “Born” in 2009, Dutch Haze is the product of hundreds of Haze plants and several years of breeding both American Haze and Dutch Haze genetics in search of the perfect phenotype. This strain has a spicy aroma with notes of citrus, earth, and tropical fruit. The stalks grow tall and abundant with an average flowering time of approximately 10 weeks. Dutch Haze offers consumers a strong cerebral energy with uplifting and creative qualities to help take the edge off of mundane tasks while improving your mood.
Dutch-Kushindica3.9Hungry,Relaxed,Sleepy,Giggly,CreativeCoffee,Berry,FloweryDutch Kush is a fully sedative indica developed by Paradise Seeds of Amsterdam. This traditional Kush plant grows strong and fast with earthy notes that mature and gain depth over the curing process. Dried, this bud smells of coffee beans and caramelized sugar while retaining a pungent floral undertone. Enjoy this strain later in the day to capitalize on the sleepy body and mood enhancing mental buzz nestled beneath the frosted flora of this Kush variety. 
Dutch-Queenhybrid4.4Happy,Relaxed,Tingly,Talkative,EuphoricSweet,Earthy,PungentDutch Queen is a hybrid strain bred by Buddy Boy Farms in Washington. A cross between Dutch Treat and Space Queen, Dutch Queen inherits a sweet pine aroma with subtle fruity highlights. The sativa in her promises a light, uplifting euphoria that helps you find energy and focus. Replacing stress with a sense of elevated bliss, Dutch Queen is perfect for unwinding or unraveling bad moods any time of the day. 
Dutch-Thunder-Fuckhybrid4.9Uplifted,Euphoric,Talkative,Relaxed,CreativeEarthy,Citrus,LemonDutch Thunder Fuck by Sirius Buds is a sativa-dominant hybrid strain that combines genetics from an award-winning cut of Dutch Treat and the illustrious Matanuska Thunder Fuck. Taking after its Dutch Treat parent in structure and aroma, these round bulky buds carry a strong citrus aroma with sharp minty pine undertones. Its relaxing body effects leave the mind unencumbered and soaring with euphoric inspiration. 
Dutch-Treathybrid4.3Relaxed,Happy,Euphoric,Uplifted,FocusedSweet,Pine,EarthyOver the years, Dutch Treat has become an essential strain of the Amsterdam coffee shops. The dense, sticky buds have an intense smell of sweet fruits mixed with pine and eucalyptus trees. The cerebral high comes on quick and leaves consumers feeling uplifted and euphoric while reducing stress and relaxing the mind.
Dutch-Treat-Hazehybrid4.5Happy,Uplifted,Relaxed,Euphoric,EnergeticEarthy,Citrus,BerryTwo superstars from the Dutch cannabis scene mingle together to rejuvenate genetics from decades passed into an intriguing hybrid that gained popularity in Colorado’s medical market for being both potent and flavorful. Dutch Treat Haze has a complex but undoubtable Haze aroma of pungent earthy tones from Super Silver Haze with the influence of Dutch Treat’s crisp, fruity, and floral flavors to create a captivating sativa-dominant hybrid. Its heady sativa effects are felt almost immediately with an energetic burst of creativity and sociability that uplift your mood and stimulate the appetite. 
Dutchberryhybrid4.5Happy,Uplifted,Energetic,Relaxed,CreativeBerry,Sweet,OrangeDutchberry is a 60/40 sativa-dominant hybrid strain from Artizen Cannabis in Lacey, WA. Combining Dutch Treat and DJ Short’s Blueberry, this hybrid is loaded with citrus and berry flavors that taste as good as it smells. With a chemical profile that falls around 27% THC and 8% CBD, Dutchberry has one of the highest cannabinoid contents available in the marketplace today. The high CBD content helps modify the extreme THC content to produce a happy, giggly high perfect for unwinding after a long day at work.
Dynamiteindica4.4Relaxed,Euphoric,Happy,Hungry,SleepyCitrus,Grapefruit,EarthyDynamite is a short and bushy indica strain that offers an aroma of sweet grapefruit and mixed fruit. Heavy physical effects weigh down the limbs and relax muscles, but Dynamite provides the mind with an invigorating spark to fuel creativity and conversation. The subtle, sweet aroma of grapefruit and mixed fruit breaks free from the bud when ground up. A quick finisher, Dynamite completes its flowering cycle in 7 to 8 weeks, yielding a heavy harvest of buds that may bloom in stunning hues of purple and pink.
Early-Girlindica3.8Relaxed,Happy,Hungry,Uplifted,TalkativeCitrus,Earthy,PineEarly Girl is the wallflower of cannabis strains since its introduction in the 1980s. Lovingly preserved by the breeders at Sensi Seeds, this strain is lazy and relaxed, nothing over the top. A 75/25 indica-dominant hybrid, Early Girl is a good one for those new to cannabis who would like relief from stress. Also a great strain for novice growers, it's compact, resilient, and has a particularly short flowering time of 7 to 8 weeks. Early Girl grows especially well outdoors, but won’t put up a fuss if she’s stuck inside. 
Early-Misshybrid3.9Creative,Euphoric,Relaxed,Aroused,TalkativePepper,Ammonia,Spicy/HerbalAn auto-flowering indica-dominant hybrid, Early Miss is a great strain for those looking for pain relief or an appetite boost. Crop King Seeds took the heavy producer Big Bud and paired it with the hard-hitting White Widow to make a moderate yielding plant with high levels of THC, and then crossed it with an auto-flowering ruderalis variety. Flowering in 50 days, this hybrid is a quick and easy grow that will not leave you disappointed.
Early-Pearlsativa3.9Relaxed,Hungry,Euphoric,Focused,TalkativeSweet,Earthy,TeaEarly Pearl is a sativa bred by Sensi Seeds. These sturdy buds have the solidity of an indica, making them great breeders for adding toughness and stability to offspring. Alternatively, effects are notably sativa with an unmistakable vibrance and vigor optimal for daytime use. Heavy yields can be achieved indoors and outdoors, with a flowering time around 9 weeks.
Early-Skunkhybrid4.1Relaxed,Uplifted,Hungry,Happy,EnergeticFlowery,Skunk,EarthyCannabis Cup winner Early Skunk is an indica-dominant hybrid cross between Skunk #1 and Early Pearl. This easy-to-grow strain is favored for its short flowering period, resistance to mold, and heavy yields, making it ideal for a novice grower. Expect large harvests of large buds that deliver a long-lasting, smooth, pungently sweet taste and smell. 
Earth-Oghybrid4.2Relaxed,Sleepy,Hungry,Happy,CreativeEarthy,Spicy/Herbal,PineA combination of Sour Diesel and Ghost OG, Earth OG is a cerebrally-focused hybrid with stimulating and happy effects. As its name suggests, this strain has a pleasant, earthy aroma with sour lemon undertones. Earth OG effects are enjoyable for introverts and extroverts alike: an introspective, creative buzz makes this strain good for solo sessions, but social environments may also bring out its energetic, talkative qualities. Depression, stress, and anxiety stand little chance against Earth OG’s uplifted mindset, and patients treating appetite loss and nausea may also benefit from its potent therapeutic effects.
Earthshaker-Oghybrid4.4Happy,Euphoric,Aroused,Creative,EnergeticEarthyEarthshaker OG, also known as P.O. #3, is a variety of OG Kush from Progressive Options Genetics. The powerful sativa-dominant effects are known to sneak up on you with a smooth and lengthy buzz. The buds express themselves in deep shades of green and smell like a mix of skunk and sharp cheese. The flavors produced by Earthshaker OG are earthy and hashy with sweet notes of citrus and lemongrass.
East-Coast-Aliensativa4.4Happy,Euphoric,Hungry,Relaxed,FocusedDiesel,Earthy,Spicy/HerbalEast Coast Alien is an energetic sativa-dominant strain with pungent OG flavors. The buds are tangled in pistils and the aroma of gasoline, and the exhale is forest floor and mint. Effects come quickly, imbuing the consumer with an uplifted tranquility that dissolves stress and woe after a long day. The buzz is inspiring without being overstimulating, creating a balanced sativa buzz to assist in staying active, finishing chores, or simply enhancing mood.   
East-Coast-Sour-Dieselsativa4.3Happy,Euphoric,Relaxed,Energetic,UpliftedDiesel,Pungent,LemonEast Coast Sour Diesel is a fast-acting attitude lifter that patients love for its truly sativa effects. This strain has a sour lemon smell and taste that’s crisp and uplifting. East Coast Sour Diesel is powerful so new patients should be cautious. Those looking to alleviate anxiety or get some sleep may want to skip this high energy medicine.
Eastern-Europeanindica5Sleepy,Happy,RelaxedEarthy,Woody,PineEastern European refers to any strain that grows natively in this region of the world. These indigenous vareities (also called landraces) tend to be indica in structure and effect due to Eastern Europe's latitude and climate. 
Easy-Budhybrid4.7Euphoric,Relaxed,Uplifted,Creative,HappyLemon,Skunk,Spicy/HerbalEasy Bud by Royal Queen Seeds is an autoflowering Ruderalis variety that is designed for horticultural newbies looking for a resilient plant with mid-range indica effects. This plant’s genetics remain unknown, but have been compared to White Dwarf in stature and potency. The squat plant emits a skunky aroma and has a sweet, earthy taste on the exhale. With an average yield of 45g/plant, this entry-level bud is an excellent choice for gardeners new to cannabis.       
Easy-Peezyhybrid4.5Relaxed,Sleepy,Uplifted,Creative,EuphoricLemon,Spicy/Herbal,EarthyEasy Peezy by Bedford Grow is an uplifting hybrid that offers happy, cerebral effects and prolonged physical relaxation. This strain is the cross of 3rd Coast Panama Chunk and a Northern Lights/Haze hybrid. Its dense, chunky buds are bright green with dark orange hairs, and its terpene profile is creamy with a dominant chemical-lemon aroma. Easy Peezy hits the consumer with a heady burst of energy that peaks and decelerates into full body sedation. This potent hybrid is well suited for early evening use and can help mitigate stress, depression, pain, digestive issues, and insomnia.
Ebola-7hybrid4.5Talkative,Creative,Relaxed,Uplifted,EnergeticSweet,Spicy/Herbal,PineEbola #7, also known as THCbola, is a blend of two popular California strains. It was created in the summer of 2012 when HendRx Farms’ breeders crossed SFV OG with Girl Scout Cookies. After an extensive phenotype hunt, #7 was selected for its high concentrations of THC that range between 24% - 28% depending on cultivation methods. Ebola #7 received its unique name after it unintentionally spread throughout gardens in Humboldt County.
Ecto-Coolerhybrid4.4Happy,Euphoric,Uplifted,Creative,FocusedCitrus,Earthy,ChemicalEcto Cooler by Seeds of Compassion is both a rising star in the cannabis ranks, but also a spooky, citrus-infused throwback to The Ghostbusters (particularly Ghostbusters II). Named for a Hi-C beverage of the same name whose release coincided with the release of The Real Ghostbuster cartoon in 1986, Ghostbuster II in 1989, and the Ghostbuster reboot in 2016. The strain is a sativa-dominant cross between California Orange and Gorilla Biscuit. This combination creates healthy yields that smell like a skunk dipped in orange juice, gasoline, and Pinesol. Its flavor, however, is more citrusy and fuel-like. Enjoy Ecto Cooler’s bright terpene profile throughout the day to uplift the mind and turn on the happiness like a Saturday morning cartoon. 
Ed-Rosenthal-Super-Budhybrid4.3Uplifted,Relaxed,Focused,Creative,EuphoricEarthy,Pine,CitrusIntroduced in 2006 by Dutch breeder and seedbank Sensi Seeds in honor of their dear friend, Ed Rosenthal, the layering of indica and sativa qualities in this hybrid is a rare accomplishment. A superb balance of the best traits from each end of the cannabis spectrum has been achieved through expert selection over countless generations. The blend of tropical genes in this strain's multi-faceted background is especially wide-ranging, representing sativas from all around the equatorial zone: Africa, South East Asia, Central America, and the Caribbean. 
Edelweissindica4.1Happy,Relaxed,Hungry,Sleepy,CreativeSweet,Lime,EarthyEdelweiss (literally ‘noble white’) was named after the famous white flower that grows in the high Swiss Alps. Both plants share qualities such as the star-shaped leaflets around the flower tops and the thick white coating on the leaves. Made from a blend of Hindu Kush, North Indian and Skunk, this is a mostly indica hybrid with just enough sativa background to perk up the powerful stone.
El-Chapo-Ogindica4.7Relaxed,Happy,Uplifted,Sleepy,EuphoricEarthy,Flowery,PungentEl Chapo OG is a potent indica strain out of California that smells of rich earth and pine. With dense jade popcorn buds that exhibit a shimmering coat of trichomes, this strain is visually striking and worth keeping on display. Its effects are initially stunning and settle on the body as carefree relaxation. El Chapo OG is preferred near the end of the day as its effects can become rather sedating with continued use.   
El-Jeffeindica4.7Euphoric,Relaxed,Happy,Tingly,UpliftedEarthy,Pungent,PineEl Jefe by Rare Dankness Seeds is a 70/30 indica-dominant cross between Abusive OG and Rare Dankness #1. It delivers powerful full-body effects coupled with an earthy, spicy lemon aroma.
El-Ninohybrid3.8Happy,Sleepy,Relaxed,Uplifted,TalkativeEarthy,Woody,Spicy/HerbalGreenhouse Seed Company released El Niño in 1998 and it subsequently won that year’s High Times Cannabis Cup in the bioplant category. This strain comes from Haze, Super Skunk, Brazilian, and Indian genetics to create an indica-dominant hybrid. While the El Niño weather phenomenon brings high winds, this strain bearing the same name brings on the irresistible desire to catch a few “z’s.” Plants will stay short or medium height and its flowers won’t be exceptionally large, but they should have plenty of crystals throughout. These plants really prefer the indoors or the tropics where they flower in 8 to 9 weeks.
El-Perrohybrid4.9Happy,Relaxed,Uplifted,Euphoric,SleepyPine,Earthy,PungentEl Perro is an award-winning cannabis collaboration between Bert Baccarat, Firerock Farms, and Los Angeles Kush. This potent hybrid is a cross of Stardawg (Nag Champa Cut) and True OG, and won 1st place at the 2017 High Time’s SoCal Cannabis Cup for Best Hybrid Flower. El Perro (aka The Dog) reeks of skunk, musk, and pine, creating a pronounced and unique terpene profile that will challenge the palate. This strain’s cerebral relaxation helps you shrug off stress and provides a soothing, pervasive body high that promotes stationary activities.  
El-Nahybrid5Aroused,Tingly,Happy,RelaxedEarthy,Pungent,PineEl-Na, an Israeli strain bred by Tikun Olam, is a 50/50 hybrid intended for treatment of chronic pain and nausea. Its balanced genetics provide medical marijuana patients with stress relief and an elevated mood. El-Na is a mild-strength option for consumers less accustomed to cannabis’ psychoactive effects.
Elderberry-Kushhybrid4.1Relaxed,Happy,Hungry,Sleepy,EuphoricBerry,Woody,EarthyElderberry Kush is a 55% indica-dominant hybrid bred by Green Devil Genetics in Spain. A cross between Edelweiss #3 and Dojaberry, Elderberry is a high THC strain that flowers in 50 to 55 days. Harvest for outdoor growers comes at the beginning of October with yields ranging from 300 to 650 grams per plant.
Electric-Black-Mambaindica5Relaxed,Uplifted,Creative,Sleepy,EuphoricEarthy,PineElectric Black Mamba is an indica-dominant strain bred from a Black Domina mother and a Purple Diesel male. This 70% indica is perfect for those treating chronic pain or insomnia, and its high concentration of the terpene myrcene provides you with a “couch-lock” effect. Its dark forest green buds carry a sweet blackberry aroma with notes of skunky hash. Not for the novice grower, this plant demands constant attention and does not like to be overfed. 
Electric-Kool-Aidhybrid4.8Happy,Uplifted,Talkative,Euphoric,GigglyBerry,Grape,DieselElectric Kool Aid is a 60/40 sativa-dominant hybrid strain bred by crossing Purple Diesel and Cherry Pie. Preferred for daytime use, Electric Kool Aid provides uplifting effects that inspire the mind while easing the body into a relaxed state. Hashy notes of sweet lavender and grape flavor the sparkling crystal-covered buds, which can take on a stunning periwinkle blue coloration. 
Electric-Lemon-Gsativa4.2Euphoric,Happy,Focused,Uplifted,EnergeticLemon,Citrus,LimeElectric Lemon G is a sativa-dominant strain that combines an unknown lemon-flavored hybrid, G13, and Northern Lights #5. Bred by T.H. Seeds, these pungent buds fill the air with the smell of zesty lemon. This sativa will hit you with electrifying buzz, making it ideal for lifting the mood throughout the day.
Electric-Lemonadesativa4.8Creative,Happy,Tingly,Uplifted,EnergeticBerry,Orange,LemonElectric Lemonade by Palomar Craft Cannabis is a cross of Tahoe OG x Blue Dream. This sativa-dominant strain is a PCC in-house favorite and bridges the gap between sativa and hybrid beautifully, offering energetic physical effects alongside creative mental stimulation. PCC recommends utilizing Electric Lemonade’s uplifting effects to overcome anxiety and nausea. Electric Lemonade emits a strong sour lemonade aroma and offers consumers tart lemon flavors that foretell the strain’s mood-enhancing effects.  
Elephantsativa4Sleepy,Happy,Euphoric,Focused,ArousedSweet,Earthy,TropicalElephant is an old school bud with a lineage lost to time. This strain supposedly acquired its name for the elephant-sized colas it creates during its flowering cycle. The chunky flowers express a sweet and sour aroma that is reminiscent of candy and citrus while also retaining a subtle spiciness. Elephant has a strong cerebral buzz that immediately strikes the head and settles behind the eyes. It’ll also get you talking and stimulate your creative side. Enjoy Elephant throughout the day to ignite appetite, spark creativity, and enhance all manner of physical activity. 
Elmers-Gluehybrid4.8Hungry,Relaxed,Uplifted,Euphoric,FocusedSage,Pepper,SweetElmer’s Glue by Relentless Genetics is an embellishment of the potent and famous Gorilla Glue #4. This strain is a cross of Gorilla Glue #4 and The White, and it is considered by some to be an improvement on GG4’s flavor and trichome production. Elmer’s Glue retains the sharp pine, astringent, and fuel aromas of its dominant parent while expressing more subtle sweet, earthy notes on the exhale. Beyond this strain’s incredible trichome coverage, the height, yield, and flowering time are relatively average. 
Elphinstonesativa4.5Happy,Uplifted,Focused,Talkative,EnergeticSweet,Skunk,TropicalElphinstone is a sativa-dominant strain that combines stimulating genetics and pungent terpenes. This strain is a cross of Sweet Skunk and Appalachia. This pungent pairing imbues the consumer with a giggly, uplifted mental state juxtaposed with mildly focused and relaxing physical effects. The flavors are a mixture of skunk and sweet 7-Up-like notes. 
Elvishybrid4.6Relaxed,Uplifted,Euphoric,Talkative,SleepySweet,Earthy,FloweryElvis is a hybrid creation by Seedism that crosses AK-47 with a sativa-dominant phenotype of Skunk #1, known as The Pure. Its flavors are a sweet, earthy mix of skunky musk with an added spice from AK-47 that amplifies the complexity of the flavor profile. Elvis produces a burst of cerebral activity that provides a spark of creative juice and a mellow, relaxing body effect that calms anxieties.
Emerald-Jacksativa4.4Happy,Uplifted,Euphoric,Energetic,CreativeEarthy,Grape,PineTwo highly touted strains harmonize to form the flavorful, sativa-driven hybrid Emerald Jack. Jack Herer, with its amazing spectrum of earthy flavors and heady effects, combines with the pungent sour aromas of Emerald OG to give life to Emerald Jack’s unique terpene profile. Its aroma is a vivid mix of earthy and pine zest that excites the senses and forms flavors of skunky citrus upon exhale. The resulting effects are uplifting, energetic, and are known to inspire creativity. Many chose Emerald Jack for daytime use and its ability to maintain productivity and a clear head.
Emerald-Ogindica4.7Relaxed,Sleepy,Happy,Euphoric,UpliftedEarthy,Citrus,WoodyEmerald OG, a strain developed by the California Breeders Association, is a vigorous cross that combines Fire OG with Emerald Diesel. The resulting hybrid was then backcrossed with the pollen from a Fire OG male to forge this indica-dominant hybrid. Emerald OG has a blend of mild floral and melon flavors that mix with pungent citrus notes and produce deep relaxing effects that are a great answer for migraines and sleepless nights.
Emperor-Cookie-Doughhybrid4.9Uplifted,Relaxed,Euphoric,Giggly,HappySweet,Citrus,DieselEmperor Cookie Dough was dubbed one of the strongest strains of 2016 by High Times. This potent cross of Emperor OG and Girl Scout Cookies yields severely resinous buds that reek of cookie dough. If the smell and potency don’t have you elbow deep in a jar of these nuggets, the appearance of these glittering green buds will. Expect traditional GSC effects that are further weighed down with the addition of Emperor OG. 
Endless-Skyindica4.5Euphoric,Relaxed,Happy,Sleepy,HungryBerry,Sweet,ButterEndless Sky by Greenthumb Seeds is an indica strain bred from Grenadine and an Iranian landrace. Just as we might expect from a strain named “Endless Sky,” this strain delivers a spacey, dreamy indica experience recommended for nighttime consumption. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor gardens, Endless Sky undergoes a 42 to 50 day flowering period and grows best with hydroponics.
Enemy-Of-The-Stateindica4.1Euphoric,Aroused,Focused,Tingly,GigglySpicy/Herbal,Tree,Fruit,EarthyEnemy of the State by Super Strains is an old school indica whose genetics have been lent to several other successful strains over the years. While the strain’s genetics remain unknown, the musky aroma and heavy mental and physical sedation suggests indica-dominant lineage. Enemy of the State’s primary claim to fame is its genetic contribution to the Amnesia family line as well as its generous yields. Enjoy this strain later in the evening to maximize its sedative effects and to help curb minor pain and restlessness.   
Enigmaindica4.6Relaxed,Happy,Sleepy,Giggly,EuphoricCitrus,Pungent,FloweryThe indica-dominant Enigma strain is as mysterious as its name makes it sound; not much is known about its origins, but Enigma is a long-lasting euphoric strain with earthy and tangy flavors. The natural progression of its effects begins with carefree happiness and ends in a sleepy haze. Enigma is a great strain for patients experiencing appetite loss and/or cachexia.
Eran-Almogindica4.3Relaxed,Euphoric,Happy,Sleepy,UpliftedEarthy,Citrus,WoodyEran Almog, an indica-dominant strain developed by Tikun Olam, is a high THC strain used for treating sleep disorders and nausea. Popular among patients in Israel, Eran Almog also effectively fights inflammation, pain, and indigestion. This variety, named after a Tikun Olam patient, has a THC content that reaches up to 28 percent.
Erdpurtindica0NoneNoneErdPurt is another indica-dominant strain from Ace Seeds with more than just a weird name. It is a cross between Erdbeer and Purpuera Ticinensis, two sativa-leaning strains hailing from Switzerland. This strain offers strong physical relaxation while stimulating creativity. The terpene profile is loud with hashy spice and notes of strawberry, blackberry, and coffee. ErdPurt’s unique genetics have their own unique history. Erdbeer has existed in clone form since the mid-90s while Purpuera Ticinensis was developed on Canton Ticino over eight years at roughly 1300 meters above sea level. The history of this strain is almost as robust as its heady, long-lasting high. 
Erezindica4.3Relaxed,Happy,Sleepy,Euphoric,TinglyFlowery,Berry,BlueberryErez, a best-selling cannabis variety in Israel, is an indica-dominant strain developed by the company Tikun Olam and is named after their first patient. Although bred for treating sleep disorders, this strain’s 70% indica blend also effectively wards off pain, nausea, inflammation, and indigestion.
Etherindica3.5Sleepy,Uplifted,Euphoric,Happy,HungryGenerally referred to as Alien Dawg (“Ether” cut), this is one of the more sought after phenotypes of the indica-dominant hybrid Alien Dawg and has been used to create other hybrids such as Alien Abduction and Lemon Alien Dawg. Leaning more towards the Chemdawg 91 side of its heritage, Ether is known for its intense sour smell and amazing trichome production.
Ethiopiansativa3HungryCoffeeEthiopian by Ace Seeds is a classic subtropical African sativa. This landrace exemplifies classic sativa morphology with its tall, bushy structure, vigorous growth, and natural mold resistance. Its long flowering time pays off with excellent final yields. Ethiopian’s effects will be appreciated by sativa lovers looking for an active, sociable high that is focused and stimulating. The bouquet is a melange of fermented citrus, wood chips, and musk.    
Euphoriasativa4.3Euphoric,Happy,Energetic,Creative,RelaxedEarthy,Skunk,SweetEuforia (or Euphoria) was bred from Skunk strains in the early 2000s by Amsterdam’s Dutch Passion seed company. Once out, this strain began to collect awards including 2nd Place in the sativa category at the 2000 High Times Cannabis Cup and a Best Seeds HighLife Cup in 2002. These plant requires minimal fuss when growing and can even produce a bumper crop for the savvy grower after her initial flowering at 9 weeks. Euforia may have Skunk parents, but the aroma is sweeter and more floral than skunky. Effects of this strain are upbeat and social overall, so much so that it might be too energetic for some users, especially if sleep is the goal. Great for social anxiety, this strain performs just as expected and promotes a sense of well-being.
Eugene-Creamhybrid4.6Relaxed,Sleepy,Tingly,Creative,EuphoricSweet,Earthy,ButterEugene Cream is an indica-dominant strain grown by Drift Away Farm. Named for its light color and smooth smoke, Eugene Cream inherits its characteristics from a Hash Plant/Big Bud hybrid and a female plant called Queen. Several years of selective breeding gave rise to the stable phenotype that now circulates the Oregon market.
Euphoria-Cookieshybrid5Euphoric,Creative,Uplifted,Happy,RelaxedSweet,Citrus,TropicalEuphoria Cookies is a balanced 50/50 hybrid cross of the ever-popular Girl Scout Cookies and the uplifting sativa Euphoria. The colorful buds exhibit sweet, doughy terpenes that smell like vanilla, rose, and tropical fruit. Euphoria Cookies’ uplifting mental state and soothing body effects make it a perfect fit for consumers looking to improve mood while stimulating appetite, curbing depression, and nullifying minor aches and pains.  
Everlastindica4.6Relaxed,Sleepy,Happy,Tingly,EuphoricEarthy,Skunk,FloweryEverlast from Machias, Washington is an 80/20 indica-dominant strain that induces deeply relaxing effects with a hashy, skunky aroma. With a THC content that can tower as high as 28%, Everlast is best chosen by experienced, seasoned consumers. It gets its name from the long-lasting euphoria that leaves your body suspended in tingling tranquility while the mind floats to active, happy escapes. Its heavy, body-focused effects are recommended for patients treating stubborn pain or sleeplessness.
Ewokhybrid4.6Relaxed,Happy,Euphoric,Creative,UpliftedEarthy,Woody,PungentEwok, a cross between Albert Walker and Tahoe Alien, was the Hybrid winner of the 2013 Seattle High Times Cannabis Cup. Bred by Alien Genetics, Ewok is a fast-growing plant with a short vegetative cycle, but produces large yields of frost-covered buds as hairy as the Star Wars Ewoks themselves. Pungent fruity notes of tangerine and lemon introduce Ewok’s strong cerebrally-focused effects that promote relaxation and stress relief. The full-body sedation to follow makes this strain a viable option for treatment of pain and insomnia as well. 
Exodus-Cheesehybrid4.3Uplifted,Relaxed,Euphoric,Happy,FocusedCheese,Citrus,BlueberryGenerally known as simply “Cheese” or “UK Cheese,” Exodus Cheese is the original clone-only strain that originated in Southern England sometime during the late 1980s or early 90s. Said to be grown from a packet of Sensi Seeds Skunk #1, it is known for its high yields, potency and distinct, overwhelmingly strong cheese-like odor. Though the identity of the original grower is still debated, at some point in the early 90s the cannabis lifestyle activists based in Luton calling themselves Exodus acquired some clones of Cheese and from there it rapidly became one of the most popular and sought after varieties in the UK. Since then many breeders have created seed lines using Cheese, while the original clone is still found in grow rooms around the globe.
Extreme-Creamindica4.8Relaxed,Sleepy,Happy,Uplifted,EuphoricButter,Sweet,EarthyExtreme Cream by Exotic Genetix is the pungent cross between Extreme OG and Cookies & Cream. This strain develops deep purple colas dusted with trichomes and emits a strong, earthy aroma that is somehow creamy on the nose and buttery on the palate. Extreme Cream’s effects are uplifting, offering mood elevation that abates anxiety and spurs conversation. Expect traditional indica effects alongside heady euphoria, appetite stimulation, and couch lock.   
Extreme-Ogindica4.9Relaxed,Sleepy,Hungry,Happy,ArousedLime,Earthy,PungentExtreme OG, bred by Exotic Genetix, is a potent yet functional indica built from the genetics of Fire OG and Green Ribbon. While Fire OG maintains chunky, weighted body effects, this strain stays uplifted thanks to the dominant Green Crack genetics inside Green Ribbon. In small doses, this strain places pleasant relaxation in the body while leaving the mind alert. But be warned, continuous consumption compounds this strain's indica effects, leading to couch lock and appetite ignition.    
Fn-Louzerindica0Sleepy,Relaxed,Aroused,Tingly,FocusedDiesel,Earthy,PungentF’n louZER is another potent genetic cross from Mr. Mack’s Snack. Created by crossing their in-house Bloo’s Kloos with the trichome-laden beast, White Rhino, F’n louZER hits the consumer with a stampede of stoney, relaxed effects that can sap motivation. Named for its stereotypical stoner buzz, F’n louZER is designed for evening consumption. Its terpene profile is pungent, smelling of gas, pine, and a smear of fresh blueberries. Enjoy F’n louZER to unwind and plan for an early bedtime with continued consumption.    
Face-Off-Ogindica4.8Relaxed,Sleepy,Euphoric,Tingly,HappyPungent,Sweet,EarthyThe story of Face Off OG begins in the late 1990s in California when Archive Seeds was gifted with the seeds of an exceptional OG Kush phenotype. This 70/30 indica-dominant hybrid shares its name with the 1997 movie in which Nicolas Cage and John Travolta literally swap faces (“I want to take his face…off!”), and the experience this strain has to offer could arguably be compared to losing your face. Dizzying euphoria goes straight to the head in an intensely psychoactive experience best reserved for veteran consumers. Its crushing full-body effects make this strain a great choice for resolving severe pain or for relaxing on a lazy weekend.
Fallen-Angelindica5Hungry,Relaxed,Sleepy,Uplifted,EuphoricEarthy,Sage,SweetFallen Angel by Devil’s Harvest Seeds is a cross between a Kuchi male and Shoreline female. The two distinctive strains blend well, offering a sumptuous bouquet of skunk, fuel, lemon, and pine. This strain will reward diligent growers with dense, colorful flowers with shimmering trichomes atop purple hues. The relaxing effects of this strain saddle the limbs with a mellow, settling sensation that gets heavier with continued consumption. Enjoy Fallen Angel later in the day to maximize this strain’s creeping sedation.  
False-Teethhybrid5Uplifted,Relaxed,Creative,Happy,TinglyEarthy,Diesel,GrapeFalse Teeth is another Dungeons Vault Genetics strain with Grandpa's Breath genes. It combines Candyland V2, which is a cross of Platinum Girl Scout Cookies and Granddaddy Purple, with the pungent terpenes of Grandpa’s Breath. This indica-dominant hybrid is a prodigious resin producer and emits fruity, earthy sweetness. Although False Teeth yields an average crop, the potent, sticky buds more than make up for its lack of weight. Enjoy this strain into the evening to maximize its relaxing effects.  
Fast-Eddyhybrid4.2Sleepy,Happy,Relaxed,Creative,EuphoricCitrus,Pungent,SkunkFast Eddy by Royal Queen Seeds is a balanced, CBD-rich strain with functional effects and connoisseur quality. With a palate of citrus and skunk, and an aroma to match, Fast Eddy emits a terpene profile that is bright, herbaceous, and flavorful. Created by crossbreeding the famous genetics of Juanita La Lagrimosa and Cheese, Fast Eddy mellows pain and stress while remaining mentally and physically functional. 
Fat-Axlhybrid4.3Talkative,Uplifted,Creative,Happy,EnergeticDiesel,Earthy,SkunkFat Axl is a laugh-out-loud homage to the Fat Axl Rose meme circulating the internet. This genetic cross started out as an experiment and joke, but after witnessing the strain’s phenomenal yield and potency, Fat Axl earned a place in the Pua Mana ‘Ohana catalog. Developed by genetic specialist, Masta Cylinda, Fat Axl is an indica-dominant hybrid that stimulates appetite, relaxes limbs, and ignites the mind, offering effects that liberate the consumer from stress and physical discomfort. 
Fat-Nelsonhybrid4.6Euphoric,Happy,Uplifted,Creative,EnergeticCitrus,Pungent,SageFat Nelson combines a bouquet of hybridized genetics to create a formidable flower with pleasant and uplifting effects. Colorado Seed Inc. crossed Sour Willie (Willie's Sour Diesel x Vietnamese Black x Highland Nepalese) and the proprietary Gupta Kush to form a strain that doesn’t sacrifice diversity for stability. This bud offers a bright mind and light effects that add a happy glow to outdoor activities and a creative edge to everyday tasks.    
Fat-Purpleindica4.7Aroused,Euphoric,Relaxed,Giggly,HappyBerry,Grape,SweetFat Purple by Hazeman is an indica-dominant strain with big buds and potent effects. By crossing a Purple Rhino and G13 hybrid with Fat Marty, Hazeman achieved a strain with uplifting euphoria and soothing physical attributes. With a grow time of approximately 8 to 10 weeks, Fat Purple needs slightly more attention than your average grow, but patient growers will be rewarded with a healthy yield of deep purple buds dense with trichomes. Enjoy Fat Purple to mute depression and minor physical pain, and to improve mood. 
Faygo-Red-Popindica4.8Relaxed,Happy,Creative,Euphoric,GigglyStrawberry,Spicy/Herbal,SageProduced by 710 Savant, Faygo Red Pop is an indica strain that took 1st place as live resin in the 2015 High Times Michigan Cannabis Cup. This Afghani cross was named after a well-known Michigan soda and blooms with large rosy calyxes.
Fighting-Buddhasativa5NoneNoneFighting Buddha by Chimera Seeds is a energetic sativa for daytrippers looking to get stuff done. This strain grows tall stalks that have deep floral undertones overlaid by zesty key limes. Fighting Buddha’s buzz is defined by its mental clarity and motivating qualities, imbuing the consumer with an inspiring energy. Its generous resin production makes it ideal for producing hashish. Enjoy Fighting Buddha's functional stimulation and mental clarity to help with productivity and fight stress and lethargy. This strain is a cross between Burmese Sativa x Blueberry. 
Fire-Alien-Kushhybrid4.5Uplifted,Happy,Euphoric,Aroused,GigglyEarthy,Woody,Spicy/HerbalFire Alien Kush from OG Raskal Genetics is a potent hybrid strain that crosses Alien Kush with Fire OG. Known for its heavy resin production and lofty buzz, Fire Alien Kush will send you flying through the cosmos in blissful euphoria. Some phenotypes take after Fire OG with a lemony pine aroma while others lean more towards Alien Kush, an earthy indica that provides deeply relaxing effects in the body while elevating the mood.
Fire-Alien-Strawberryhybrid4Talkative,Happy,Hungry,Relaxed,EnergeticSpicy/Herbal,Strawberry,EarthyFire Alien Strawberry by OG Raskal Genetics is an extremely resinous flower. Created by crossing Kyle Kushman’s Strawberry Cough and Fire Alien Kush, Fire Alien Strawberry burst upward and outward with dense lateral growth catering to screen of green (SCROG) growers. The colas are hard and hairy, smelling of sweet fuel and herbs. Its strawberry-like terpenes are more apparent upon combustion and the effects are heady with a slight sativa-dominant bent.
Fire-Hazesativa4.2Euphoric,Focused,Happy,Relaxed,UpliftedSweet,Berry,EarthyFire Haze is a true sativa. Great for consumers who suffer from stress, anxiety, and headaches, this strain is mentally stimulating and upbeat. The effects of Fire Haze are felt most strongly in the head, providing consumers with focus and tension reduction in both the head and neck. Sociable and energizing, Fire Haze is a great daytime strain. It features a strong herbal scent and a musky, nutty taste. This may not be a good strain for those who suffer from acute pain, as it does not provide the same muscle-relaxing sensations that are found in indicas.
Fire-Oghybrid4.4Relaxed,Happy,Euphoric,Uplifted,EnergeticEarthy,Citrus,LemonKnown for being one of the strongest of the OG strains, Fire OG has a strong scent similar to Lemon Pledge and an effect that can last up to 3 hours. With parents of OG Kush and San Fernando Valley OG Kush F3, the THC can be up to 20% with a CBD of 0.36%. The plant has frost covered nuggets with red hairs, giving the appearance that it is on fire--where the name Fire OG comes from. Flowering time is generally 9-10 weeks.
Firewalker-Ogsativa4.3Uplifted,Happy,Relaxed,Euphoric,CreativePine,Woody,CitrusFirewalker OG is a sativa-dominant cross between Skywalker and Fire OG that is spicy with hints of flowers and hash. This strain is ideal for daytime use as you will feel full of energy and ready to take on the day. It also has many medicinal qualities, making it potentially beneficial for patients who are suffering from depression, muscle spasms, mood disorders, and anorexia.
First-48hybrid4Uplifted,Focused,Hungry,RelaxedNoneFirst 48 by Swamp Boy Seeds is a powerful cross of notoriously strong genetic stock. Created by crossing The White and Orange Blossom Trail, First 48 explodes with pungent and alluring aromas. The White contributes a dense coating of frosty trichomes while Orange Blossom Trail adds notes of tart citrus to this sumptuous hybrid strain. First 48’s delicious flavor and generally uplifting effects make it a crowd-pleaser, even among the pickiest cannabis consumers.
Flaming-Cookiesindica4.2Happy,Relaxed,Euphoric,Tingly,SleepySpicy/Herbal,Sweet,DieselGirl Scout Cookies and Fire OG combine to create Flaming Cookies, a potent indica strain that delivers a thick fog of cerebral euphoria. Woody, earthy, and diesel flavors give away this strain’s OG lineage, with an added hint of minty eucalyptus. Scorching orange hairs burst from this indica’s dark buds, giving the flowers themselves an almost fire-like appearance.
Flohybrid4.2Happy,Uplifted,Relaxed,Creative,FocusedSweet,Earthy,FloweryThis #1 rated Cannabis Cup winner of 1996 is the love child of Purple Thai and an Afghani Indica, bred by Dutch Passion and later propagated by DJ Short. The plant is described as having pear-shaped buds with purple calyxes. Flo can potentially be harvested multiple times, creating a 'flo' of buds. The effects are characterized as light and energetic, allowing for clarity of thought. 
Flo-Limonesativa4.8Euphoric,Relaxed,Uplifted,Happy,TinglyLemon,Sweet,TropicalFlo Limone is Colorado Seed’s twist on a cannabis classic. Flo, the 1996 Cannabis Cup winner known for its light and bright buzz, is crossed against Nina Limone (Super Lemon Haze x Rebel God Smoke) to create an outstanding, full-flavored sativa that is motivating without an aggressive raciness. The terpene profile has also been described as aroma therapeutic, with notes of citrus incense intermixed with Moroccan hash. 
Flo-Ogindica4.6Happy,Relaxed,Euphoric,Uplifted,CreativeFlowery,Earthy,PungentFlo OG is a sweet indica-dominant strain with creative effects. Known as a functional indica, Flo OG combines the quality genetics of Flo (by DJ Short) and Rare Dankness #1 (from Rare Dankness Seeds) to create a strain that stimulates the mind while going easy on the body. This strain’s hazy euphoria takes effect immediately as the body buzzes with a gentle relaxing warmth. Enjoy Flo OG to improve mood, curb depression, and promote rest (in higher doses).  
Flo-Walkerhybrid4.8Happy,Relaxed,Creative,Energetic,EuphoricCitrus,Lemon,EarthyFlo Walker from award-winning breeder, The Vault Genetics, is an exceptional indica-dominant cross with potency and flavor. By combining the legendary likes of Skywalker OG and DJ Short’s Flo, Flo Walker takes on the calming sedative body of its Afghani parentage while commingling with Flo’s brilliant flavor and clear mental state. Enjoy this strain in the evening to temper physical pain and restlessness.
Flowerbomb-Kushindica4.6Happy,Relaxed,Creative,Hungry,EuphoricSweet,Earthy,CitrusFlowerbomb Kush by Green House Seeds is an indica-dominant hybrid bred by crossing Green Crack and OG Kush. Long, auburn hairs are braided into its dark leaves, with dense buds covered in a sticky blanket of resin. Sativa genes shine through Flowerbomb Kush’s invigorating cerebral effects, a steady and fast-acting buzz that stimulates creativity as well as the appetite. Earthy notes mingled with pine, citrus, and spice build a complex aroma that begins to explain this strain’s success in recent Amsterdam Cannabis Cups.
Flowers-For-Algernonhybrid5Uplifted,Creative,Aroused,Talkative,EnergeticDiesel,Citrus,MintyBred by Pheno-Type Seeds, Flowers For Algernon is a sativa-dominant cross between Sour Diesel and Mask. It inherits a strong tangy flavor with buds that grow dense like its Sour Diesel parent.
Forbidden-Fruitindica4.6Relaxed,Happy,Euphoric,Sleepy,CreativeCitrus,Grapefruit,TropicalForbidden Fruit is the mouthwatering cross of Cherry Pie x Tangie. This sumptuous genetic cross expresses a beautiful dense bud structure with deep purple hues, dark green foliage, and wiry orange hairs. The terpene profile is a perfect mixture of Cherry Pie’s musky, sweet cherry undertones and Tangie’s loud tropical flavors. There are also notes of pine, mango, and passionfruit candy. The effects hit hard between the eyes and lay into the body with each hit. Forbidden Fruit’s deep physical relaxation and mental stoniness make it perfect for dulling minor physical discomfort and discarding stress. 
Fortune-Cookieshybrid4.6Relaxed,Happy,Focused,Euphoric,CreativeEarthy,Honey,SweetFortune Cookies is a hybrid cannabis strain that combines the famed genetics of Girl Scout Cookies and OG Kush in a potent mix of earthy, honeyed flavors. OG Kush genes are already present in Girl Scout Cookies, but Fortune Cookies has pronounced characteristics that OG fans will appreciate. Sativa genetics usually lead the way with Fortune Cookies, inducing a soaring, long-lasting buzz perfect for creative escapes. This hybrid can hit hard in larger doses, pushing past the confines of a subtle buzz into the weighty “couch-lock” effects typically associated with indica strains. 
Four-Cupshybrid5Aroused,Talkative,Tingly,Uplifted,EnergeticEarthy,Diesel,Spicy/HerbalFour Cups is the resinous union of four different Cannabis Cup winners: Jack Herer, Sensi Star, Cherry AK-47, and Blueberry. This wild hybrid blend offers effects for every situation, including physical relaxation, a dissociative hazy mental state, and significant mood elevation. The melange of effects is second only to the fruit salad of different flavors inside this strain, exhibiting notes of gas, berry, forest floor, and stone fruit. Four Cups is certain to challenge your endocannabinoid system with the sheer genetic diversity packed into a single flower. 
Four-Star-Generalhybrid4.8Euphoric,Hungry,Sleepy,Relaxed,HappyDiesel,Flowery,EarthyFour Star General from Fire Bros. is an indica-dominant cannabis strain that brings together genetics from two Chemdawg hybrids, Stardawg and Tres Dawg. Its buds are a vibrant show of purple and green calyxes wrapped in red-orange hairs, all shrouded by a sparkling coat of frosty resin. Sweet and earthy with sour notes, Four Star General’s effects weigh down the mind with serene, dreamy euphoria.
Four-Wayindica5Sleepy,Euphoric,Relaxed,FocusedPepper,Sweet,HoneyFour Way is a sticky genetic foursome of landrace genetics and Skunk #1. Created through the union of three Middle Eastern landrace strains (Afghani, Indian, and Pakistani) plus the addition of the classic Skunk #1, you best believe Four Way produces an odor that could tip an elephant, much less fill the room it’s being consumed in. Known for an average cannabinoid profile of between 15-20% THC and 2% CBD, Four Way manages a creeping sedative bent that permeates the skin with warm, weighted sensations that guide you toward sleep. Four Way’s old world terpene profile reeks of hashy spice, earth, pepper, and skunk.   
Franks-Gifthybrid3.9Relaxed,Happy,Focused,Giggly,UpliftedSkunk,Woody,TobaccoFrank’s Gift is a phenomenal phenotype of Skunk Haze that has been known to generate upwards of 20% CBD. This strain delivers a nearly mythological ratio of CBD/THC that lends itself to a variety of medical uses associated with physical discomfort, inflammation, and anxiety. Though Frank’s Gift has predominantly appeared in Oregon, it’s slowly being disseminated throughout the West Coast.   
Frankensteinindica4.4Relaxed,Sleepy,Euphoric,Happy,TinglyLavender,Tobacco,EarthyFrankenstein is an 80% indica strain whose parents are unknown. Its potency is a talking point among patients and veteran consumers alike, who cherish this indica’s ability to push past the ceiling of their tolerance.
Fred-Flipn-Stonedindica5Happy,Relaxed,Sleepy,Tingly,EuphoricSpicy/Herbal,Sage,Tree,FruitFred Flipn’ Stoned is another wild herb plucked from the gardens of Shaman Stinky Steve and Cereal Killer Genetics. This immensely potent flower emits a fruity Haze aroma intermixed with herbal and floral terpenes that emanate off this strain’s light green nugs. Created by crossing Straight A’s Haze and Pink Champagne Kush, the squat plant offers truly intoxicating effects. Stinky Steve recommends utilizing this strain at the end of the day to thoroughly enjoy the debilitating stoney effects native to Fred Flipn’ Stoned.   
Freezelandindica3.6Relaxed,Sleepy,Focused,Talkative,HappyPine,Woody,EarthyA celebrity cannabis strain in Quebec, Freezeland is an indica cross between Pluton and Friesland. These lavender-tipped buds have a fruity citrus flavor with pine undertones and potent full-body indica effects. Chronic pain and insomnia are the most common symptoms treated with this strain, and anyone looking for relaxation or rest will find it in Freezeland. Outdoor gardens will grow impressive harvests after an 8 week flowering period, an operation suitable for novice and expert growers alike.
Fridaindica4.9Relaxed,Happy,Creative,Sleepy,ArousedLemon,Earthy,PineWith the dense, full flavor of her indica parentage and over 12% CBD from an ACDC mother, Frida is a complex and enchanting strain that provides relief for mind and body while fueling inspiration, sensuality, appetite, and meditation. Named in celebration of “The Heroine of Pain,” Frida by Raven Grass reminds the consumer to reach further, encouraging physical wellness without encumbering you with sedation. Enjoy Frida’s therapeutic effects as a panacea for hangovers, chronic pain, anxiety, and depression. This high-CBD indica-dominant hybrid is a beautiful stone-alone strain, but is also an excellent addition to cannabis blends.    
Frisian-Dewhybrid4.2Euphoric,Relaxed,Happy,Uplifted,TinglySweet,Citrus,PungentFrisian Dew, Dutch Passion’s pride and joy, is a 50/50 hybrid first bred in 2008 by combining Super Skunk and Purple Star. Expressing itself in hues of either green or deep purple, Frisian Dew delivers powerfully euphoric effects with an aroma of spicy pine and citrus. Frisian Dew plants are hardy, mold-resistant, and grow well in Northern European climates. Outdoor flowers will ripen around the beginning of October, while indoor gardens finish their flowering in just 7 to 8 weeks.
Frisian-Duckhybrid4.4Euphoric,Hungry,Relaxed,Sleepy,HappySweet,Citrus,WoodyFrisian Duck is a structurally unique strain developed by Dutch Passion. Its genetics were bred over several generations of Frisian Dew x Duckfoot. The genetics from Duckfoot (named for its oddly shaped leaves that resemble duck feet) allows this plant to hide in plain sight, making it ideal for outdoor grows. Frisian Duck is also rather hardy and able to thrive in harsh growing conditions. Expect pepper and pine on the nose with buds that vary in appearance from light blue to purple.    
Frostbitesativa4.3Sleepy,Tingly,Happy,Relaxed,UpliftedEarthy,Skunk,BerryFrostbite is a mostly sativa strain whose trichome-covered flowers look as if they should be frosty to the touch. The strain’s aroma is warmer, evoking earthy and spicy, tea-like notes. These plants do best when grown indoors, flowering at 8 to 9 weeks and producing heavy yields.
Frosted-Freakhybrid4.8Happy,Relaxed,Focused,Euphoric,UpliftedFlowery,Lime,VanillaFrosted Freak is a Michigan hybrid that crosses Brand X with a long-lost sativa-dominant strain known as High Roller. She gets her name from the thick dusting of crystal resin that blankets its dense sage buds. With a citrus and piney mint flavor, Frosted Freak delivers potent effects that relax muscles, encourage the appetite, and calm nerves.
Frosty-Jesushybrid5NoneNoneFrosty Jesus is a clone-only strain from Rebel Spirit Cannabis that double dips in OG genetics. Created by crossing OG Kush and Jesus OG, this strain captures the warm, pleasant mid-level sedation Kush strains are known for while pushing the lineage a notch further. The strain emits a classic OG terpene profile of lemon peel, pine, and earthy, herbaceous undertones while providing a happy, creative mental state and pleasant body buzz. Frosty Jesus develops a loose bud structure and vibrant green buds.
Fruit-Loopshybrid4.5Relaxed,Happy,Uplifted,Euphoric,FocusedSweet,Berry,LemonFruit Loops is an indica-dominant hybrid that smells as good as it sounds, Tucan sold separately. This luscious strain reeks of its recessive Grapefruit and Blueberry genetics and takes White Widow’s moderate body effects further with every puff. This high potency hybrid lingers and is slightly stimulating, but overall, mellow. Fruit Loops is a must-have for those seeking heady conversations and shrugging off daily stressors.
Fruit-Punchsativa4.6Happy,Energetic,Creative,Focused,UpliftedSweet,Berry,SkunkFruit Punch is a mostly sativa strain from Heavyweight Seeds, who bred this flavor powerhouse from Skunk, Haze, and Northern Lights genetics. Named for its swift hit of sweet fruity and tropical flavors, this sativa has something to offer in both taste and effect. Fruit Punch charges the mind with creative and social energy, so keep this strain in your stash jar for active days spent with friends or personal hobbies. 
Fruit-Spirithybrid4.4Focused,Happy,Relaxed,Euphoric,SleepyEarthy,Blueberry,SweetFruit Spirit is a 60% sativa-dominant hybrid that was bred by Royal Queen Seeds through crossing Blueberry and White Widow. This is a match made in heaven, as Fruit Spirit inherits a pleasant blueberry aroma and White Widow’s heavy resin production. A sense of happiness eases the mind in total cerebral relaxation, making Fruit Spirit suitable for patients treating mood disorders, anxiety, or depression. This sweet-smelling hybrid flowers in 7 to 8 weeks indoors, but outdoor gardens should only be grown in warm, sunny regions.
Fruity-Chronic-Juiceindica4.2Relaxed,Euphoric,Happy,Uplifted,CreativeCitrus,Grapefruit,TropicalFruity Chronic Juice, bred by Delicious Seeds, is an indica-dominant cross of White Widow and Chronic that is short in stature but can stretch tall when given enough room for the roots to spread. It expresses itself with an array of citrus flavors, like orange and grapefruit, that give way to subtle undertones of pine and hash on exhale. The potent effects balance between physical relaxation and cerebral energy to create a well-rounded buzz that is both calming and creative. 
Fruity-Pebbleshybrid4.4Happy,Relaxed,Uplifted,Euphoric,GigglySweet,Tropical,BerryFruity Pebbles (AKA Fruity Pebbles OG) by Alien Genetics was a limited-time offering from the breeder. This sweet hybrid takes genetics from Green Ribbon, Granddaddy Purple, and Tahoe Alien to create a tropical, berry flavor reminiscent of the cereal. The euphoric effects will keep you happy when you’re stressed and help you catch some sleep when faced with insomnia. Sit back, relax, and pour yourself a bowl of Fruity Pebbles!
Fruity-Widowhybrid4.9Relaxed,Sleepy,Happy,Hungry,TalkativeSweet,BlueberryFruity Widow by 710 Genetics is a coupling of classic phenotypes to create a potent union of sweet terpenes and hybridized effects. 710 Genetics combined the flavorful Blueberry and the well-balanced, resinous White Widow to create an instant classic. Enjoy Fruity Widow throughout the day to enhance mood, combat depression, and spur creativity.  
Fruityliciousindica4Relaxed,Happy,Euphoric,Uplifted,ArousedSweet,Blueberry,MintyFruitylicious is an indica-dominant hybrid bred by Mandala Seeds. Its fruit flavors are passed down from its parent strains, Blueberry and Very Berry Hashberry, and mix with subtle notes of hazelnut and pine. The effects of Fruitylicious are happy and uplifting with a burst of euphoria that helps keep a smile on your face during outdoor activities and creative endeavors. 
Fucking-Incredibleindica4.3Relaxed,Happy,Euphoric,Hungry,GigglyEarthy,Pungent,WoodyFucking Incredible is a pure indica strain and was created by combining the genetics of two magnificent indicas back in 1990. Seven generations of stabilization breeding gave us the present day version.
Full-Moonsativa4.9Aroused,Creative,Euphoric,Happy,UpliftedSpicy/Herbal,Citrus,EarthyNirvana Seeds found this beauty on the Thai island of Koh Phangan and named it after the famous Full Moon Party held monthly on Haad Rin beach. A classic tropical sativa, Full Moon is a tall, stretchy, long-flowering strain that will produce dense buds under HID lighting. Sweet-smelling with a spicy smoke typical of most Thai varieties, users can expect a trippy, visually stimulating high that can be uncomfortable to those unfamiliar with strong sativas.
Funfettihybrid4.8Happy,Relaxed,Euphoric,Energetic,UpliftedBerry,Woody,EarthyFunfetti is a 60/40 indica-dominant hybrid that crosses Cherry Pie with a select phenotype of Animal Cookies, nicknamed Secret Cookies. This strain was originally bred in Northern California by a group of breeders know as Bay Exclusives and was released in limited quantities. Funfetti expresses itself in dark shades of purple and blue that contrast the bright orange pistils and milky trichomes covering all available surface area of the bud. It carries a piney OG undertone to go along with its sweet creamy flavor that is reminiscent of fresh baked birthday cake. 
Funky-Monkeyindica4.4Relaxed,Tingly,Happy,Giggly,UpliftedGrape,Earthy,BerryFunky Monkey is a euphoric indica-dominant cross between Grape Ape and Mendo Purps. Its giggly, talkative qualities pair well with social outings or chumming with friends at home.
Futurehybrid4.8Relaxed,Euphoric,Uplifted,Sleepy,HappyDiesel,Earthy,CitrusFuture by Exotic Genetix is a strain of cannabis crafted in the present, but sent from the future. This potent cross of Gorilla Glue #4 and Starfighter F2 delivers immediate euphoria that elevates the mind and relaxes the body. The strength of this strain has been known to dole out anxiety in novice consumers, so mind your dosage. But overall, Future is a wonderfully potent hybrid cross with aromas of chemical and chocolate with a light, earthy sweetness. Utilize this strain throughout the day to curb nausea and depression. 
G-Forceindica5NoneG-Force by Flying Dutchman is a hearty G13 and Skunk/Northern Lights cross with heavy effects and a generous yield. This potent indica produces massive resinous colas that mature over a nine-week flowering cycle. The effects are extremely heavy on the limbs while still offering a potent euphoric rush that can even challenge the most seasoned cannabis enthusiast. G-Force is a perfect evening strain to shrug off stress and help mute aches and pains.    
Goathybrid4.4Euphoric,Relaxed,Sleepy,Energetic,HappyEarthy,Sage,LemonCreated by Scapegoat Genetics and TSL Farms, G.O.A.T. is a hybrid strain that crosses Animal Pie and ACDC. Bursting with fragrant cherry aromas, G.O.A.T. is as flavorful as it is potent. With a 1:1 ratio of CBD:THC, this hybrid is preferred by patients treating pain, multiple sclerosis, and cancer. 
G-13indica4.4Relaxed,Happy,Euphoric,Uplifted,HungryEarthy,Sweet,WoodyG13 is a very strong strain of cannabis indica that is the subject of many urban legends. According to some accounts, the CIA, FBI, and other agencies gathered the best strains of marijuana from breeders all over the world. At a super-secret installation at the University of Mississippi, they bred many new super hybrids in the late 1960s. Allegedly, a single cutting of this plant was liberated by an unnamed technician and bred for the masses.Although the legends are probably not true, G13 delivers effects like no other. If you have the opportunity, definitely partake in this strain.
G13-Dieselhybrid4.8Euphoric,Happy,Creative,Relaxed,FocusedSweet,Diesel,SkunkG13 Diesel from Head Seeds is a well-balanced hybrid strain that descends from G13 and East Coast Sour Diesel. Its effects distribute themselves evenly between mind and body, bringing dueling sensations of cerebral energy and physical relaxation. This indica-leaning hybrid is a perfect way to get the appetite started or for spending cozy evenings at home. True to its Diesel heritage, G13 Diesel carries a pungent fuel-like odor sweetened by notes of citrus.
G13-Hazehybrid4.4Happy,Relaxed,Euphoric,Creative,FocusedPine,Sweet,EarthyThis hybrid of G13 has been crossed with an original Haze to give it a more uplifting sensation while still retaining the heavy hitting indica undertones. G13 was bred for maximum potency and renowned for its medical use, and it's definitely not recommended for beginners.
G13-Widowhybrid4.8Creative,Euphoric,Focused,Tingly,SleepyFlowery,Earthy,LimeG13 Widow is a mix of two of the most renowned strains from across the cannabis landscape. G13, whose legend started in the US, combines with the prized White Widow, first bred in the Netherlands. The aroma of this intricate hybrid is sweet and tropical with notes of overripe fruit. G13 Widow is known to express itself as sativa- or indica-dominant depending on which of the many phenotypes it displays. The influence of G13 brings out medical strength, euphoric body effects, while White Widow brings a more uplifted, cerebral buzz. Medical patients note G13 Widow’s ability to fend off body pains and also its impact on stomach issues and appetite stimulation.
Gg-1hybrid4.5Relaxed,Euphoric,Happy,Sleepy,UpliftedEarthy,Pungent,PineHitting the market in summer of 2016, GG #1, formerly known as Gorilla Glue #1, is the potent by GG Strains and flavorful sister strain to GG #4, who took the fast lane to fame in recent years after snagging several Cannabis Cup awards. This indica-dominant phenotype has a more piney aroma than her sister, though they were bred from the same parent genetics (Chem’s Sister, Sour Dubb, and Chocolate Diesel). Patients typically look to GG #1’s heavy-handed effects to treat pain and sleeplessness.
Gg-4hybrid4.7Relaxed,Happy,Euphoric,Uplifted,HungryEarthy,Pungent,PineGG #4, formerly known as Gorilla Glue #4, developed by GG Strains, is a potent hybrid strain that delivers heavy-handed euphoria and relaxation, leaving you feeling “glued” to the couch. Its chunky, resin-covered buds fill the room with pungent earthy and sour aromas inherited from its parent strains, Chem’s Sister, Sour Dubb, and Chocolate Diesel. Taking first place in both the Michigan and Los Angeles 2014 Cannabis Cups as well as the High Times Jamaican World Cup, this multiple award-winning hybrid's supremacy is no longer a secret, and consumers will search far and wide to get their hands sticky with GG #4.
Gg-5hybrid4.5Relaxed,Happy,Sleepy,Euphoric,UpliftedEarthy,Pungent,WoodyAvailable exclusively at California's CannaCruz, GG #5, formerly known as Gorilla Glue #5, is a potent hybrid from GG Strains that crosses GG #1 and GG #4 phenotypes. True to its name, GG #5 is known to leave its consumer “glued” to the couch in deep relaxation. With a strong diesel flavor, GG #5 delivers stupefying effects that are reported to be heavier than either parent strains, so patients looking for a good sleep aid, muscle relaxant, or pain reliever should keep this one on their radar. GG #5 grows as a branchy plant with Kush-like buds.
Gi-001hybrid5Creative,Focused,Energetic,Uplifted,EuphoricCitrus,Lime,LemonGI001 is a sativa-dominant cannabis strain developed by one of Growth Industries’ botanists. This strain is characterized by a lime green plant color, citrus taste, and high yields during cultivation. With little to no psychoactive effects, GI001 is a great alternative for those who don’t want their medication to interfere with daily activities. Through Growth Industries’ medical grade, standardized cultivation policies and procedures, GI001 boasts a CBD to THC ratio of 24:1 on a consistent basis.  Currently, Growth Industries’ strains are only available through authorized vendors and pharmaceutical raw material outlets.
Griz-Kushhybrid4.5Happy,Euphoric,Creative,Uplifted,EnergeticPungent,Skunk,LemonGRiZ Kush is a custom strain bred by Native Roots in collaboration with RootSeller Genetics. This exclusive hybrid blend of Tangerine Haze and Pakistani Chitral Kush genetics was hand-selected by the musician GRiZ based on his favorite flavors and desired effects. The strain was developed to have an earthy, citrus aroma and a balance between heady sativa energy and relaxing indica effects. The buds present themselves with a hint of purple coloring and carry a robust tangerine flavor with a hint of pine from the Kush undertones. The complex flavor of GRiZ Kush brings with it a wave of euphoric laughter and a burst of creative energy that relaxes anxieties while stimulating the appetite.
Gschybrid4.5Relaxed,Happy,Euphoric,Uplifted,CreativeEarthy,Sweet,PungentGSC, formerly known as Girl Scout Cookies, is an OG Kush and Durban Poison hybrid cross whose reputation grew too large to stay within the borders of its California homeland. With a sweet and earthy aroma, GSC launches you to euphoria’s top floor where full-body relaxation meets a time-bending cerebral space. A little goes a long way with this hybrid, whose THC heights have won GSC numerous Cannabis Cup awards. Patients needing a strong dose of relief, however, may look to GSC for severe pain, nausea, and appetite loss.There are several different phenotypes of the GSC strain including Thin Mint and Platinum Cookies, which exhibit some variation in appearance and effect. Typically, however, GSC expresses its beauty in twisting green calyxes wrapped in purple leaves and fiery orange hairs. Patients and consumers looking to cultivate this cannabis staple themselves should wait 9 to 10 weeks for their indoor plants to finish flowering.
Gtohybrid4Energetic,Focused,Uplifted,Creative,EuphoricBlueberryGTO is a well-balanced hybrid that crosses parent strains Golden Goat and Triangle OG. The strain has a pungent, skunky aroma that can fill a room, but the exhale is sweet, earthy, and slightly tropical. Its effects are heady and talkative while exhibiting soothing warmth in the extremities. Enjoy GTO throughout the day to elevate mood, stimulate creativity and conversation, and curb depression. 
Gabriel-Sherbethybrid5Euphoric,Relaxed,Uplifted,Happy,FocusedBerry,Minty,SweetSherbet by Gabriel Cannabis is a special cross of a Champagne mother and a flavorful Blackberry father. This classy union yields a phenomenal sherbet flavor intermixed with notes of mint and fresh berries. Gabriel’s Sherbet is a gentle indica-leaning hybrid that mellows anxiety and stress while abating nausea and minor pain. This strain grows dense, multifaceted buds that express bright orange stigmas contrasted against purple and forest green foliage.  
Galactic-Jacksativa4.6Energetic,Uplifted,Focused,Euphoric,RelaxedCitrus,Sweet,FloweryGalactic Jack is a soaring sativa-dominant hybrid that is out of this world. By crossing the universally appreciated Jack Herer with the interstellar royalty of Space Queen, Heroes of the Farm Genetics developed an energetic strain that is great for staying productive. This sativa provides an aroma of sweet lemons mixed with flavors of skunky grapefruit and effects best described as uplifting and carefree.
Galactica-Ogindica5Euphoric,Focused,RelaxedSpicy/Herbal,Earthy,PungentGalactica OG by Palomar Craft Cannabis is an intensely powerful indica with heavy physical effects. This strain boasts a potent terpene profile thick with pine and earthy aromas. An indica-dominant cross of Saturn OG x Jedi Kush, Galactica OG’s effects hit the consumer with an intense buzz that rushes to the head before settling into the body. Anticipate deeply sedative physical effects that help relieve insomnia and minor physical discomfort while locking consumers to the couch. 
Game-Changerhybrid4.5Relaxed,Happy,Uplifted,Euphoric,SleepyEarthy,Grape,AppleThe 60/40 indica-dominant hybrid Game Changer is a clone-only strain plausibly named for its ability to pivot bad moods, aches, and pains. It descends from California’s Purple Dragon and Thailand’s landrace sativa known as Green Thai, and this genetic fusion is evident in Game Changer’s twisting hues of vibrant green and deep purple. Floral notes sit quietly under a loud aroma of tropical fruit and grape in a show of this hybrid’s complex terpene profile. Whether it’s day or night, Game Changer offers unencumbered euphoria perfect for those looking to ease into the cannabis waters.
Gandalf-Ogindica4.9Sleepy,Relaxed,Happy,Euphoric,TinglyPine,Sweet,GrapeGandalf OG is an extremely potent indica-dominant strain that packs medical-grade sedation, analgesic qualities, and an OG aroma that could only originate in a world of fantasy and wonder. This strain achieves such pronounced potency by combining parent strains Louie XIII and Skywalker OG. This indica-rich synergy creates a strain with debilitating sedation that binds the consumer to their chair while muting chronic physical pain with ease. It reeks of classic OG elements like pine, earth, and lemon peel and has deep green leaves and calyxes. Because Gandalf OG is so sedating, this strain is designed for use after the sun goes down. 
Ganesh-Berryhybrid4.6Euphoric,Relaxed,Uplifted,Creative,FocusedFlowery,Sweet,BerryFrom Zion Botanicals comes Ganesh Berry, a hybrid cannabis strain that pulls genetics from Plushberry and a Northern Indian and Afghani hybrid. In small doses, Ganesh Berry provides focused and creative effects that can be enjoyed any time of the day. Up the dose and you’ll notice considerably heavier body sensations that relax muscles and tranquilize the mind. These effects are ushered in by a fusion of sweet fruity and berry flavors.
Garlic-Budindica4.1Relaxed,Happy,Creative,Uplifted,TinglyEarthy,Woody,PepperGarlic Bud is a classic indica strain from the 90's, bred by The Seed Bank (now known as Sensi Seeds) using Afghani genetics. Its name is only loosely tied to Garlic Bud's aroma, which smells a lot more like tangy musk and spice than anything you'd throw in your stir fry. This pungent-smelling indica expresses a duality of effects: heavy body effects that crush insomnia and pain coupled with an invigorating cerebral buzz. A 7 or 8 week flowering time is all Garlic Bud needs to reach full maturation, finishing with sizeable yields.
Gas-Maskindica4.2Sleepy,Tingly,Euphoric,RelaxedDiesel,Pungent,ChemicalGas Mask by Pacific NW Roots is a funky strain with an aroma so pungent, you might need a gas mask. Created by backcrossing a Cherry Pie and Alien Kush F2 hybrid, Gas Mask reeks of fuel with a distant note of overripe citrus. This strain was created through a collaboration with Exotic Genetix, a Pacific Northwest mainstay. Gasmask has an 8 to 9 week flowering period and a medium-sized yield for attentive growers. This pungent phenotype is known for its strong, long-lasting high, so mind your dosage. Anticipate a heavy, mind-numbing cerebral sensation that evaporates stress as it sinks into the limbs.  
Gatekeeper-Oghybrid5Euphoric,Relaxed,Sleepy,Uplifted,FocusedEarthy,Sweet,FloweryGatekeeper OG is a sativa-dominant hybrid strain that was bred as an attempt to recreate and stabilize the “Farmer 12” version of OG Kush. Its breeding processes consisted of crossing Sensi Star, Medicine Man, and OG Kush, and then backcrossing it with OG Kush several more times to accentuate its earthy pine aroma and powerful effect profile. Expect that familiar OG Kush experience that begins with blissful relaxation and ends with a ravenous appetite.
Gelatohybrid4.7Relaxed,Happy,Euphoric,Uplifted,CreativeSweet,Pungent,FloweryGelato (also referred to as 'Larry Bird') is another tantalizing hybrid cannabis strain from Cookie Fam Genetics, following in the footsteps of its parents Sunset Sherbet and Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies. This Bay Area, California native gets its name from the fruity, dessert-like aroma, a common genetic thread among the Cookie family. Her buds tend to bloom in dark purple hues illuminated by fiery orange hairs and a shining white coat of crystal resin. Novice consumers may want to approach this THC powerhouse with caution, but those armed with a high tolerance will delight in Gelato’s heavy-handed euphoria. Physical relaxation comes on strong, but many find themselves still mentally agile enough to stay productive and creative when enjoying Gelato during the day.
Gemstonehybrid4.8Happy,Relaxed,Focused,Euphoric,UpliftedCitrus,Flowery,EarthyGemstone is a coveted hybrid strain with a complex genetic background that combines Skunk #1, Northern Lights, Lavender, and Sour Diesel. Emerald green hues intermix with amethyst purples underneath a shimmering coat of crystal trichomes. As enticing as its exterior is Gemstone's aroma: a fragrant blend of flowery sweetness. With relaxing effects that begin in the body, Gemstone works its way up over time to a euphoric, energetic peak. Patients treating anxiety and pain often choose this hybrid as their go-to daytime medication, as it allows a good degree of functionality alongside potent relief. 
Georgia-Pinehybrid4.8Euphoric,Uplifted,Energetic,Happy,RelaxedSweet,Flowery,PineGeorgia Pine by Swamp Boys Seeds is a complex, terpene-rich hybrid with a bouquet like no other. A cross between Killer Queen G13 and William’s Wonder, Georgia Pine yields aromatic notes of gasoline and black licorice wrapped in the scent of wild watermelon. This strain has been known to produce a healthy yield with a THC percentage upwards of 20%. 
Ghost-Cookieshybrid4.8Sleepy,Happy,Relaxed,Uplifted,GigglyBerry,Earthy,BlueberryGhost Cookies from Deschutes Growery is a hybrid cross between Ghost OG and Girl Scout Cookies. This strain retains most of its dark, broad-leaf indica foliage while expressing creative and uplifting effects in consumers. Ghost Cookies holds on to the doughy aroma Cookies is famous for while turning up the volume on notes of hash and sweetness.
Ghost-Oghybrid4.5Relaxed,Happy,Uplifted,Euphoric,HungrySweet,Citrus,EarthyGhost OG, a cut of OG Kush, is a hybrid strain loved for its balanced cerebral and body effects. Often described as simultaneously potent and non-intrusive, Ghost OG has won itself Cup awards and renown among consumers. Its strong citrus smell and crystal-covered buds hint at this strain’s strong genetics and its ability to annihilate pain, insomnia, depression, and anxiety. 
Ghost-Og-Moonshineindica4.8Happy,Uplifted,Euphoric,Hungry,RelaxedPungent,Skunk,PineGhost OG Moonshine is described as a “chameleon” by breeder Colorado Seed Inc. Some consumers feel the immediate stimulation from the strain’s Blue Moonshine genetics while others experience intense appetite ignition, making this strain versatile and exceptionally useful for those combating anorexia/eating disorders, chemotherapy side effects, stress, anxiety, and nausea.     
Ghost-Shipindica4Relaxed,Happy,Sleepy,Euphoric,TinglyEarthy,Pungent,SkunkGhost Ship is an indica-dominant cross between Purple Kush Starship and Gupta Kush created by Colorado Seed Inc. Pervasive relaxation cascades over the body, but the buzz is not lethargic. With a very strong aroma that can only be described as “Kushy,” this strain soothes aches and pains while lending heady introspection. Think hard and rest easy. This flower is a solid option for muscle relaxation and stress relief.  
Ghost-Train-Hazesativa4.6Uplifted,Happy,Energetic,Euphoric,FocusedEarthy,Citrus,PineFirst bred by Rare Dankness, Ghost Train Haze is a sativa cross between Ghost OG and Neville’s Wreck. Unlike typical sativas, Ghost Train Haze grows dense buds blanketed in white, crystal-capped trichomes. With a sour citrus and floral aroma, Ghost Train Haze delivers a potent dose of THC to knock out pain, depression, and appetite loss, but patients prone to anxiety should steer clear of this heavy-hitter. Low doses are conducive to concentration and creativity, but you may notice some cerebral haziness as you administer more. Ghost Train Haze is a suitable outdoor strain for warm climates and has a 65 to 80 day flowering time indoors.
Gigabudindica4.4Relaxed,Uplifted,Happy,Tingly,EnergeticSweet,Spicy/Herbal,TropicalGigabud by G13 Lab is an indica-dominant hybrid cross between Big Bud and Northern Lights. This strain produces happy but sleep-inducing effects with an earthy aroma of fresh apricots. Gigabud’s relaxing qualities make it a strain best saved for the end of your day or when faced with sleepless nights.
Ginger-Alehybrid4.9Euphoric,Happy,Relaxed,Creative,GigglyBerry,Earthy,DieselGinger Ale, a cross between Cinderella 88 and Cafe Girl, is a potent hybrid known to test upwards of 20-25% THC. This heavy-handed cross delivers an immense burst of euphoria coupled with weighted body effects that saturate the consumer’s perception while locking them to the couch. Use this strain with care as the effects have been known to overpower unseasoned consumers. With smooth floral notes and a subtle herbaceous spice, Ginger Ale relaxes the consumer nearly to the point of sedation. Enjoy Ginger Ale to combat restlessness, stress, and nausea.  
Glad-Maxhybrid4.3Euphoric,Relaxed,Uplifted,Happy,CreativeEarthy,Sweet,FloweryGlad Max, cultivated by Monarch Wellness in Arizona, is a spin on the classic sativa-dominant Caramelicious. This high-THC hybrid strain is known to have long-lasting euphoria that lifts the mood while relaxing the body. Consumers have compared this strain to Mother’s Helper in its aroma and effects, but Glad Max is said to carry even happier, more lighthearted qualities. Its buds have a sweet, earthy aroma and tend to take on a slight caramel hue with maturation.
Glass-Applehybrid4.8Uplifted,Energetic,Focused,Euphoric,HappyApple,Sweet,MintyGlass Apple is an award-winning strain from The Dandelion Co. out of Boulder, CO. This cross of Pineapple Express and Glass Slipper won Best Hybrid at the 2013 Rooster Classic. Having the aroma of freshly-cut Granny Smith apples and offering well-rounded sativa-dominant effects, Glass Apple firmly lands in a sweet spot for consumers seeking a functional buzz while boosting energy and cannabinoid intake.
Glass-Slipperhybrid4.3Happy,Uplifted,Relaxed,Euphoric,CreativeSweet,Earthy,FloweryA cross between Cinderella 99 and Pineapple 99, Glass Slipper is a sativa-dominant hybrid described to have a nice cerebral effect with a sweet, somewhat fruity flavor profile.
Glue-Techhybrid4.6Happy,Relaxed,Hungry,Uplifted,EuphoricEarthy,Sweet,BerryGlue Tech is a functional indica that shows its rich Afghani lineage in the form of bright green buds coated in sugary trichomes. This strain's effects are relaxing and sedating, especially with continued consumption, but also anticipate appetite enhancement. These attributes make Glue Tech ideal for people suffering from eating disorders, GI problems, and chronic physical pain. The aroma is hashy, musky, and slightly sweet. Its flavor shares this muskiness with elements of earth and skunk on the exhale.   
Go-Timehybrid4.3Focused,Uplifted,Energetic,Euphoric,RelaxedEarthy,Woody,TeaGo Time is a sativa-dominant hybrid strain bred by JinxProof Genetics. A cross between Norton and JOG Kush, this uplifting strain is perfect for perking up moods, stimulating focus, and coercing arousal. Zesty lemon aromas combine with sour, skunky diesel notes with an earthy, hashy finish. As pretty as it is potent, Go Time flowers erupt with bulging calyxes of pastel purples, pinks, and greens underneath a snow-white coat of crystal resin. 
Gobbilygooindica4.5Hungry,Euphoric,Relaxed,Happy,SleepyBerry,Grape,LavenderGobbilygoo is an indica strain bred by Alphakronik, who combines genetics from Blue Magoo and Gobbstopper (a Purple Urkle and Sin City Kush hybrid). With a sweet flavor of blueberries and grapes, Gobbilygoo delivers deeply relaxing effects that keep both mind and body heavily pacified. Designed for growers in the Pacific Northwest, Gobbilygoo is highly resistant to mildew and flowers in 50 to 55 days.
Gobbstopperindica4.5Happy,Relaxed,Sleepy,Creative,EuphoricSpicy/Herbal,Sweet,BerryGobbstopper is a berry flavored indica strain and the second entry in Alphakronik Genes’ Wonka Series. Created by crossing Purple Urkle and Sin City Kush, Gobbstopper’s long-lasting fruity flavor opens up on the nose with sweet, tart fruit and savory earthiness. This strain’s aroma ranges from grape Pez with hints of tapioca to Mt. Hood raspberries and sandalwood. Its bud structure reflects its Kush genetics, offering deep colors and healthy trichome coverage. The effects are relaxing and floaty, “making you feel as if you were floating down a river of warm, melted chocolate,” or so says Alphakronik.
God-Budindica4.3Relaxed,Happy,Euphoric,Uplifted,SleepyPungent,Earthy,SweetGod Bud, originally from Jordan of the Islands, is a longtime favorite of cash croppers and medicinal users alike, providing large, dense, purple tinged buds on short, compact plants with heavy branching. A mix of  Hawaiian, Purple Skunk, and the mysterious Canadian strain known only as “God,” this strain produces copious amounts of resin and an almost overwhelming musky-sweet smell. God Bud is a potent indica-dominant hybrid that can give users an almost hallucinogenic high while tasting of tropical fruit with undertones of berry, lavender and pine. This strain was also produced under the name BC God Bud by Canadian outfit BC Bud Depot.
Gods-Giftindica4.5Relaxed,Happy,Euphoric,Sleepy,HungryGrape,Earthy,SweetA strain that became popular in California dispensaries in 2005, God's Gift contains flavors of grape, citrus, and hash. Its parents are Granddaddy Purple and OG Kush. No matter what your belief system, this strain is a 'gift' with its strong THC content of 18-22%. Its flowering time usually takes approximately 8-9 weeks.
Gods-Green-Crackhybrid4.5Relaxed,Happy,Euphoric,Uplifted,EnergeticEarthy,Woody,SweetGod’s Green Crack is a balanced hybrid strain bred by Jordan of the Islands, who wanted to lighten up the heavy effects of God Bud with a high-flying Green Crack sativa. The indica and sativa parents work together to deliver a duality of head and body effects that lift the mood while relaxing muscles. Its buds take on a deep purple coloration toward the end of its maturation, especially when raised in lower temperatures. 
Godberryindica4.6Relaxed,Happy,Hungry,Sleepy,EuphoricEarthy,Berry,BlueberryGodberry is a potent indica-dominant hybrid strain that provides strong pain relief effects. Most likely a cross between God and Blueberry, this fruity strain is a favorite among growers because it easily produces high yields both indoors and out. Completely body-numbing, this strain won’t lead to any active pursuits and is good for those TV marathon days.
Godfather-Ogindica4.6Relaxed,Sleepy,Happy,Euphoric,HungryEarthy,Pine,Spicy/HerbalDubbed “The Don of All OGs,” this strain has quite a name to live up to. A popular medical strain in Southern California, Godfather OG, like many other OG strains, is often recommended for insomnia and pain due to its sedative indica properties. The Don is a result of crossing XXX OG and Alpha OG, and there is a kushy spiciness in its scent coupled with some subtle grape notes. Godfather OG is powerful; with THC levels that have been measured as high as 28%, this strain is an offer you can’t refuse. Godather OG won 1st Place for Best Indica at the 2013 High Times Cannabis Cup in Los Angeles.  
Godfather-Purple-Kushindica4.3Euphoric,Relaxed,Happy,Sleepy,TinglyBerry,Spicy/Herbal,PungentBred by MTG Seeds, Godfather Purple Kush is an indica-dominant cross between Godfather, Purple Kush, and Afghani. This trifecta of indica genetics come together to produce heavy effects that ease your mind and body into full relaxation. Its dark purple buds give off an earthy, spicy aroma accented by sweet notes of berry.
Godzillaindica4.3Relaxed,Euphoric,Happy,Hungry,TinglyEarthy,Flowery,WoodyCrafted from the genetics of God Bud, Godzilla is a mostly indica strain bred by Caña de España specifically for hot climates. Crushing euphoria and sedation are delivered alongside a sour berry flavor accented with subtle notes of vanilla. Thoughts wander away, taking with them stress, anxiety, and depression. After some time, Godzilla’s effects subside to clearheaded, functional bliss. Patients treating pain and muscle spasms may find relief in Godzilla’s potent and tranquilizing onset. Following a 55 day flowering cycle indoors or at the end of September outdoors, this indica produces colorfully vibrant buds of green and purple hues.
Godzilla-Bloodhybrid0NoneNoneGodzilla Blood by Pua Mana 1st Hawaiian Pakalolo Seed Bank is a combination of rare Hawaiian genetics and the ever-potent, GG4. It was created by crossing Godzilla Glue (GG4 x Kona Gold) and The Blood BX2, which is known for its outstanding potency. This strain emits a deep aroma of tropical earth intermixed with spicy, hashy notes. The flavor is sweet and hashy with touches of pungent chemical on the exhale. Godzilla Glue produces especially resinous buds that make it ideal for extraction and high-tolerance consumers looking to up their cannabinoid content.   
Godzilla-Gluehybrid4.7Uplifted,Focused,Happy,Relaxed,EuphoricTropical,Spicy/Herbal,SweetGodzilla Glue by Pua Mana 1st Hawaiian Pakalōlō Seed Bank is a blend of Gorilla Glue #4 from Amazon Organics and Pua Mana’s own Killa Kine King Kamehameha Kailua-Kona Gold. This sticky, tropical coupling produces monstrous green stalks with fat, resinous colas that reek of pungent earth and pine with a hint of sweet tropical breeze. Godzilla Glue’s powerful euphoria is suited for seasoned consumers. It can become rather sedative with continued consumption, so enjoy Godzilla Glue with care. This strain’s high-THC content and robust genetics make it a welcome challenge for strain hunters and heavyweights.    
Gods-Bubbaindica4.7Relaxed,Happy,Sleepy,Tingly,UpliftedEarthy,Pungent,WoodyBred by Jordan of the Islands, God’s Bubba is an indica cross between two hefty parent strains, God Bud and Pre-98 Bubba Kush. Potency, a compact stature, and heavy harvests are what these breeders aimed for, to the delight of commercial growers and consumers with stubbornly high tolerances. Indica lovers will appreciate the tranquilizing qualities God’s Bubba has to offer, especially those treating pain and insomnia. 
Gods-Treatindica4.7Uplifted,Euphoric,Happy,Focused,EnergeticBlueberry,Berry,FloweryGod’s Treat, bred from the holy matrimony of Dutch Treat and God Bud, is an indica-dominant hybrid from Jordan of the Islands Seeds. A fusion of candy and floral notes emanate from the crystal powdered buds clinging loosely to the stalk. Despite strong indica genetics, God’s Treat provides a mellow and uplifting experience suitable for either day or nighttime enjoyment. The surprisingly gentle cerebral effects make this strain a great choice for patients needing potent relief, but not sedation, throughout the day. The tall conic flowers surrounded by thin sativa-like leaves grow best with multi-branch cultivation in either indoor or outdoor gardens. Growers flock to God’s Treat for its resistance to mold and short flowering time of just 6 to 7 weeks.
Gog-Magogindica4.5Sleepy,Hungry,Uplifted,Euphoric,HappyEarthy,Pungent,Spicy/HerbalGog & Magog, a strain produced by Israeli cannabis suppliers Tikun Olam, is an 80/20 indica-dominant hybrid. This variety is a top choice for patients seeking high-THC strains to treat conditions like nausea, inflammation, pain, and glaucoma. Gog & Magog are names referenced in the Qur'an and throughout the Bible.
Goji-Dieselhybrid4.8Euphoric,Focused,Uplifted,Creative,HappyDieselGoji Diesel is an uplifting strain brought to us by The Blowing Tree out of Providence, Rhode Island. This particular Diesel is a cross of Goji OG by Bodhi Seeds and CBDiesel by MTG Seeds. This hybrid has over 100 phenotypes in the wild and has been known to yield over a pound and half per plant with a relative THC content of 24%. With notes of diesel and a rich earthy undertone, this strain is energizing and cerebral, making it an excellent option for creatives seeking a change in mood.   
Goji-Oghybrid4.5Happy,Relaxed,Uplifted,Euphoric,CreativeSweet,Berry,CitrusGoji OG is a sativa-dominant hybrid bred by Bodhi Seeds crossed between Nepali OG and Snow Lotus. The flavor is as unique as the berry it's named after, offering a dynamic aroma including red berry, black cherry, strawberry, hawaiian punch, and licorice. Indoor or outdoor grows offer high yields with a flowering time of around 9 weeks. 
Gold-Kings-Thaisativa4.5Energetic,Happy,Aroused,Uplifted,CreativeEarthy,Citrus,LimeGold King’s Thai (also known as Gold King’s Thai Stick) is the historical seed stock from a 1979 Thai Stick mother gathered by Gold King. This heirloom lineage is a special and rare cut that grows tight, colorful buds contrary to the traditional lanky stocks of Southeast Asia. During maturation, the plant’s trichome dusted foliage transitions to a light amber/gold, contrasting against the purple and red hues of its leaves. The aroma is floral and tropical without being overpowering. Gold King’s Thai has an extended 9 to 11 week flowering cycle, but is well worth the wait for classic strain hunters.  
Goldberryindica4.5Euphoric,Tingly,Creative,Happy,FocusedMint,Earthy,WoodyThe Goldberry strain is a result of crossing the very popular indica Pot of Gold with Blueberry. Goldberry produces big, fluffy buds that are covered in crystals and often have deep orangey-red hairs. The flowers smell like fresh fruit—lemons and berries, to be specific—while the taste is reminiscent of blueberry lemonade with a slight skunky aftertaste. This hybrid is described as optimal for pain relief and relaxation due to its indica qualities.
Golden-Calyxsativa5Relaxed,Uplifted,Energetic,Happy,ArousedSweet,Citrus,TropicalGolden Calyx by Calyx Garden in a sativa-dominant cross of a Platinum Calyx father and a Golden Goat mother. The Golden Calyx phenotype was chosen for its unique expression of the best attributes of its parent. This includes a mind-boggling aroma of piña colada, bubble gum, and lavender alongside uplifting physical effects that help stave off fatigue and nausea. Golden Calyx produces a healthy yield over its 8 to 9 week flowering cycle. 
Golden-Gagehybrid4.4Happy,Energetic,Talkative,Giggly,UpliftedPepper,Spicy/Herbal,CitrusGolden Gage by Green Gage Genetics is a wooly sativa-dominant hybrid with neon-orange pistils and trichome-laden foliage that will make your fingers sticky. By crossing Golden Goat and Joseph OG, the breeders at Gage Green created a special cut with truly lifted attributes. Anticipate powerful, creative euphoria and spiced, hashy flavors with hints of citrus beneath. This strain is ideal for consumers looking for mental stimulation that plays well outside, at the club, with breakfast, or after work.   
Golden-Goathybrid4.5Uplifted,Happy,Euphoric,Relaxed,EnergeticSweet,Citrus,TropicalGolden Goat was created by accident in Topeka, Kansas, when a male Hawaiian-Romulan pollinated Mr. Dank's Island Sweet Skunk mother. The strain is often light green and pink in color, which is indicative of its Hawaiian sativa side. The scent is described as being a combination of sweet, sour, and spicy, with a tropical fruit flavor. Effects are strong and felt from head to toe, lasting about 1-2 hours. Flowering time is 9-11 weeks, with a golden appearance closer to harvest. This sativa-dominant hybrid has a THC level of up to 23% and a CBD of 1.07%.
Golden-Lemonhybrid4.7Uplifted,Relaxed,Euphoric,Tingly,HappyLemon,Citrus,SweetGolden Lemon by DNA Genetics is citrusy strain with a potent punch. This 60/40 indica-dominant hybrid is a cross between Kosher Kush and Lemon Skunk, and emits a distinctly pungent herbal, citrus aroma that speaks to its parentage. The effects immediately hit the consumer between the eyes, leaving bright, sizzling euphoria in the mind. Golden Lemon melts over the body and shows its sedating indica-dominant side with heavy consumption. Testing in at an average 23% THC, Golden Lemon is suited for seasoned cannabis connoisseurs. 
Golden-Nuggethybrid4.8Uplifted,Creative,Focused,Happy,ArousedSweet,Lime,SkunkGolden Nugget by Greenpoint Seeds is a cross of Stardawg and Golden Goat. The strain is emerald green with bright pistils and has a tart, sweet terpene profile intermixed with a tropical fruit and spice. Golden Nugget’s robust body buzz sticks to the bones, assisting consumers with stress and fatigue. Utilize this strain throughout the day to elevate mood and spur creativity. 
Golden-Pandahybrid4.6Relaxed,Happy,Euphoric,Uplifted,HungryPungent,Sweet,CitrusGold Panda is a cross between Golden Pineapple and Gold Nugget. This sativa-dominant hybrid has the earthiness and trichome production of Girl Scout Cookies, with light green buds that pack rich tropical and spicy notes. Like other Kush derivatives, this strain is built to fight physical discomfort, showing powerful body effects stilted by a luminous mental state brought forward by its recessive Jack Herer genetics. 
Golden-Pineapplehybrid4.5Happy,Euphoric,Uplifted,Relaxed,CreativePineapple,Tropical,CitrusGolden Pineapple is a hybrid cross between Golden Goat and Pineapple Kush that delivers creative, uplifting effects with a fruity, tropical flavor. Its aroma is remarkably similar to sour pineapple, providing a flavorful escape from stress, anxiety, and depression. Golden Pineapple’s engaged, active effects will give you the energy you need to keep going throughout your day, although in larger doses, it can be difficult to direct that focus effectively.
Golden-Sodahybrid0NoneNoneGolden Soda by Calyx Garden is a hybrid strain created by crossing Grape Soda and Golden Goat. This strain combines the sweet indica-leaning phenotype of Tahoe OG Kush (Grape Soda) with the bright, tropical flavors and effects of Golden Goat, creating a strain that is equally unique in fragrance and effect. Golden Soda’s aroma is a mixture of pine, lavender, and sweet, earthy grape. Its balanced effects improve mood while taking the edge off pain.
Golden-State-Bananaindica4.8Euphoric,Relaxed,Sleepy,Creative,HappyCitrus,Sweet,TropicalGolden State Banana is a fruity indica cross of Ghost OG and Banana Kush. This semi-sedative strain fills the consumer’s mind with euphoria while wrapping the limbs in a warm, relaxing sensation. The aroma is a mixture of Ghost OG’s pungent, citrus terpenes and Banana Kush’s tropical scents, creating a rich bouquet with bright floral sweetness. Uplifting and relaxing, Golden State Banana’s effects are ideal for unwinding at the end of the day while elevating mood and frontloading creativity.  
Golden-Tangiesativa3.5Focused,Happy,Aroused,Energetic,TinglyCitrus,Orange,EarthyGolden Tangie by Calyx Garden is a sativa-dominant strain with tropical terpenes and stimulating effects. It was created by combining Golden Goat and Tangie, forming a pungent and sticky flower that smells of citrus and pine. This strain’s invigorating effects can be immediately felt in the head, neck, and shoulders. Golden Tangie elevates the mood while dissipating stress as its potent euphoria settles into the body. Consumers seeking to overcome fatigue and remain active should consider this sativa.  
Golden-Tickethybrid4.5Happy,Euphoric,Uplifted,Relaxed,CreativeCitrus,Earthy,LemonGolden Ticket from Archive Seeds Bank is a 50/50 hybrid strain that gives you special access to euphoria’s top floor. Combining genetics from Golden Goat and Face Off OG, Golden Ticket balances full-body relaxation with invigorating cerebral qualities. Its aroma is an enticing mix of tangy lemon, sweet lime, and sour skunk. Keep in mind, Golden Ticket may also refer to a phenotypic variation of Chernobyl, a hybrid from TGA Seeds.
Golden-Tigersativa5Talkative,Uplifted,Energetic,Euphoric,HappyMinty,Lemon,ApricotGolden Tiger is a resinous flower created from two Thai strains and two separate Malawi cuts. Bred by Ace Seeds, this pure sativa flower is a complex blend of Koh Chang Thai and Hmong Thai crossed with Malawi and 3rd Generation Malawi. This powerful sativa is not for beginners, as it offers long-lasting stimulating effects often with a potent psychedelic bent. With a terpene profile that is bright with notes of floral spice and tart lemon, its vigorous physical and mental effects make this a sativa of the highest caliber. This strain’s long sativa lineage comes with a long 11 to 14 week flowering time.
Gooindica4.3Relaxed,Sleepy,Hungry,Euphoric,HappyBerry,Blueberry,SweetGoo, not to be confused with Afgoo, is an 80% indica strain that mixes a sweet-tasting Blueberry with the hashy, resinous Hindu Kush. Deep physical relaxation is coupled with slight cerebral energy, delivered alongside a fruity, blueberry flavor with earthy and sour notes. You may begin to feel pangs of hunger settle in with this indica, making it a suitable medicine for those needing appetite boost. Patients treating insomnia, pain, and muscle spasms may also find relief in the heavy, sedating effects Goo has to offer. Cultivators should harvest Goo after a 7 to 8 week flowering time indoors or in early October for outdoor gardens.
Gooberryindica4.3Sleepy,Aroused,Hungry,Relaxed,HappyBlueberry,Berry,SweetGooberry is an indica-dominant strain descended from legendary parents Afgoo and Blueberry. This fruity, spicy strain will leave you giggling on your couch with upward of 20% THC. Consumers highly recommend this strain for night time use to treat pain and insomnia, and it's sure to leave you with the munchies. Like most indicas, Gooberry will flower in 7-9 weeks with a short, bushy structure. 
Good-Medicinehybrid4.3Uplifted,Energetic,Happy,Focused,TalkativeEarthy,Spicy/Herbal,CitrusThe name says it all with this CBD rich strain. Bred by CBD specialist Bodhi, Good Medicine crosses a Green Crack and Tres Dawg hybrid with the high-CBD Harlequin sativa. Offering sweet flavors of mango and candy followed by a mellow and relaxing high, Good Medicine is great for solving medical needs without keeping you on the couch.
Gorilla-Biscuitindica4.7Relaxed,Euphoric,Creative,Sleepy,HappyCoffee,Pine,CheeseGorilla Biscuit by Seeds of Compassion is an indica-dominant cut bred from crossing the Turpentine pheno of Sensi Star and Stardawg IX. This rare and rather old school blend is named for Methaqualone, also known as quaaludes, a medication which has a sedative and sensual effect on the body. Its effects behave in a similarly sedative manner, leaving the limbs heavy and relaxed. Gorilla Biscuit has a strong terpene profile, smelling intensely of Pine Sol and espresso beans. 
Gorilla-Cookieshybrid4.8Relaxed,Happy,Euphoric,Uplifted,SleepySweet,Earthy,MintyGorilla Cookies by Elev8 Seeds is the powerful union of Gorilla Glue #4 and Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies. The pungent Gorilla Glue aroma is loud, but Thin Mint’s exotic terpene profile adds nuance to the bouquet. Both parents were bred for potency and that shows in the resin-coated buds that harden like stones after curing. Enjoy this one-hitter quitter with care, as the effects will alter the trajectory of your entire day. Gorilla Cookies is a quality strain for managing physical pain, nausea, and stress. 
Gorilla-Gripsindica5Sleepy,Uplifted,Euphoric,Happy,RelaxedBlueberry,Grape,BerryGorilla Grips by SinCity Seeds is a hard-hitting indica-dominant strain not meant for unseasoned cannabis consumers. Bred from the well-known Gorilla Glue #4 and SinCity’s own Blue Power stud, Gorilla Grips combines pungent aromas with potent effects. It offers a solid yield and an abundance of trichomes, making it ideal for hash production. This strain’s terpene profile is a mixture of fuel, pine, and sweet, dark fruit, resulting in a one-of-a-kind aroma. 
Gorklesativa5Relaxed,Happy,Creative,Focused,ArousedSweetGorkle is a cross between The Fork and Rebel God Smoke. This sativa-dominant strain exhibits the better parts of it Hawaiian genetics through an uplifting and stimulating body buzz that lingers for hours. Its effects are also easy on the joints and limbs in a nod to its recessive Rug Burn OG genetics. Consumers seeking relief from fatigue and lethargy may also find this strain to be very useful. Enjoy Gorkle during the day to maximize its physical stimulation. This strain was handcrafted by Colorado Seed Inc. 
Government-Muleindica4Euphoric,RelaxedSweet,Lemon,FloweryGovernment Mule by Cannacopia is a witty strain with relaxing effects. This clever cross of G13 and Deep Chunk riffs off G13’s mythos as the strain created by the United States government as well as a nod to The Allman Brothers’ side-project, Gov't Mule. It develops purple trichome-laden buds that are knotted and bulbous. The aroma is pungent and earthy while offering floral undertones that center the mind. Enjoy Government Mule later in the evening to maximize this strain’s calming, sedative effects.  
Grand-Doggy-Purpsindica4.4Relaxed,Happy,Euphoric,Uplifted,TinglySweet,Grape,EarthyGrand Doggy Purps, or more formerly Grand Doggy Purple, is an indica-dominant hybrid cross between Granddaddy Purple and a Chemdawg phenotype known as Chemdawg D. Bred by Connoisseur Seeds, this hybrid inherits an aromatic fusion of sweet grape and sour skunk. Though mostly indica, this strain's effects are lifted by cerebral energy, allowing focus and productivity in spite of its indica potency. 
Grand-Hinduindica4.6Relaxed,Happy,Euphoric,Focused,UpliftedGrape,Berry,SweetGrand Hindu is the potent cross of Granddaddy Purple and Hindu Kush. Both sides of this mix are apparent in the sweet grape aroma of this strain that is served up with a healthy dose of earthy kush spice. Flowers will also have the purple coloration that is indicative of its GDP genetics. Lazy and relaxing, this strain is a good choice for pain when zoning out is an option.
Grand-Hustlehybrid4.1Uplifted,Relaxed,Euphoric,Focused,GigglyHoney,Earthy,CitrusGrand Hustle is a hybrid strain that is designed to help give users a vacation from the hustle and bustle of their lives. A cross of Afgoo and Green Crack, this strain takes after the more sativa nature of the latter and provides uplifting, focused effects. Potent and well-balanced, this hustle is one that’s worth giving a try.
Granddaddy-Purpleindica4.4Relaxed,Sleepy,Happy,Euphoric,HungryGrape,Berry,SweetIntroduced in 2003 by Ken Estes, Granddaddy Purple (or GDP) is a famous indica cross between Purple Urkle and Big Bud. This California staple inherits a complex grape and berry aroma from its Purple Urkle parent, while Big Bud passes on its oversized, compact bud structure. GDP flowers bloom in shades of deep purple, a contrastive backdrop for its snow-like dusting of white crystal resin.Its potent psychoactive effects are clearly detectable in both mind and body, delivering a fusion of cerebral euphoria and physical relaxation. While your thoughts may float in a dreamy buzz, your body is more likely to find itself fixed in one spot for the duration of GDP’s effects. Like most heavy indica varieties, Granddaddy Purple is typically pulled off the shelf to treat pain, stress, insomnia, appetite loss, and muscle spasms. GDP blesses growers with massive commercial yields which are ready for harvest following a 60 day flowering time indoors.
Grandmas-Batchhybrid4.8Euphoric,Happy,Tingly,Uplifted,CreativeButter,Lemon,FloweryGrandma’s Batch by Purple Caper Seeds is a cross between Candyland and Girl Scout Cookies. This savory strain emits a sweet gas aroma while tasting sweet and doughy on the palate. The breeder has described the strain as “warm and fuzzy,” offering pleasant and relaxing physical effects suited to a day indoors. 
Grandmas-Sugar-Cookiesindica5Relaxed,Happy,Energetic,Focused,CreativePungent,Sweet,CheeseGrandma’s Sugar Cookies by Johnston’s Genetics is a sweet cross of Girl Scout Cookies and Black Sugar Berry. This strain brings GSC’s happy, heavyweight buzz together with the candied indica-dominant genetics of Black Sugar Berry (Black Sugar Rose x Plushberry) to offer consumers a delectable terpene profile rich with notes of anise, tart cherries, dough, and pungent earth. It behaves similarly to Girl Scout Cookies, but offers deeper relaxation that may lead to sleep. This strain’s strong, carefree effects make it ideal for folks looking to nullify stress and enhance mood.     
Grandpa-Larry-Ogindica4.4Euphoric,Happy,Relaxed,Sleepy,FocusedGrape,Pungent,EarthyAn instant classic from top tier genetics, Grandpa Larry OG is the next elite OG strain. Granddaddy Purple and Larry OG were crossed to create this indica that behaves more like a hybrid. With clear, creative thoughts paired with a subtle relaxing effect, this strain can relieve pain without locking you to the couch. Taking after Granddaddy Purple in growth, these dense dark green and purple buds are covered in trichomes and orange hairs.
Grandpas-Breathindica4.7Relaxed,Euphoric,Sleepy,Uplifted,CreativeEarthy,Flowery,LavenderGrandpa’s Breath is a semi-sedative indica-dominant strain that provides functional relaxation. This special cut combining parent strains OG Kush and Granddaddy Purple was bred by Dungeons Vault Genetics, and it emits pungent, earthy terpenes with a little fruitiness intermixed. Grandpa’s Breath has an above average yield, but also tends to take a touch longer to flower. Utilize Grandpa’s Breath in the evening to maximize the deep relaxation central to its effects.    
Grape-Apeindica4.3Relaxed,Sleepy,Happy,Euphoric,UpliftedGrape,Sweet,BerryGrape Ape, propagated by Apothecary Genetics and Barney’s Farm, is a mostly indica strain that crosses Mendocino Purps, Skunk, and Afghani. Named for its distinct grape-like smell, this indica is known for providing carefree relaxation that can help soothe pain, stress, and anxiety. Its dense, compact buds are wreathed in deep purple leaves which darken as this indica reaches full maturation following its 7 to 8 week flowering time.
Grape-Calyxhybrid5Uplifted,Creative,Euphoric,Happy,HungrySweet,Grape,FloweryGrape Calyx by Calyx Garden is a strain with deep roots in a half-dozen genetic parents. Calyx Garden has been breeding this strain since 2012 and began by crossing Durban Poison and Master Kush. The cross was then combined with SFV OG, which was then bred with Platinum Girl Scout Cookies. This “Suicide Girl” strain was then crossed with the rare Purple Pineapple to create a strain bursting with purple calyxes, appearing similar to a bunch of grapes dusted with trichomes. Grape Calyx is ideal for consumers seeking to relieve general physical discomfort, stimulate appetite, and enhance their mood.  
Grape-Cookiesindica4.6Relaxed,Creative,Uplifted,Sleepy,EuphoricGrape,Berry,DieselGrape Cookies by Pisces Genetics is the rich indica-dominant cross between Forum Girl Scout Cookies and Grape Kush. With strong OG elements on one side, complex floral terpenes on the other, and flavors of sweet berry and grape throughout, this strain is a knockout. The frosted buds exhibit hints of lavender, rose, grape, that morph into subtle fuel and red wine on the exhale. 
Grape-Crushhybrid4.3Happy,Uplifted,Talkative,Hungry,EnergeticGrape,Sweet,BerryGrape Crush (or Grapekrush) is an indica-heavy hybrid strain with just enough sativa to keep the high energizing and smooth. This plant was bred by DJ Short to be an outdoor grower, but with the right TLC, Grape Crush delivers indoors as well. The strain comes from Blueberry parents and inherited their purple to blue coloring and their namesake berry flavor. Grape Crush plants flower in 8-9 weeks, and the buds are intended to produce a slow-moving high that relaxes the body and inspires the mind.
Grape-Dawghybrid0NoneNoneGrape Dawg is an indica-leaning hybrid created by Nebula Gardens. This grape phenotype was “mysteriously” given to Robert Meyer before circulating throughout the Pacific Northwest and is a cross between Lemon Kush and Alien Dawg. This strain’s delicious flavor is contrasted against the strain’s pungent, room filling aroma of sweet gas and citrus. Grape Dawg’s uplifting mental state coupled with nausea reduction and appetite stimulation make this an enjoyable accompaniment throughout the day, but especially before or after a meal. 
Grape-Drinkindica4.7Tingly,Creative,Euphoric,Giggly,HappyGrape,Sweet,FloweryGrape Drink is a sweet cross of familiar genetics. Kimbo Kush x Grape God offer their best attributes to this indica, expressing themselves as large spear-shaped colas from Kimbo Kush and the intoxicatingly sweet aroma of Grape God. While Grape Drink’s sweet candy flavor is enough to win over consumers from coast to coast, its luscious body effects and reflective mental state make it a must-have. Enjoy Grape Drink in small doses for a manageable all-day indica, but continue to consume this heady cut and anticipate heavy body effects that lead toward rest and relaxation.       
Grape-Godhybrid4.3Relaxed,Happy,Euphoric,Uplifted,SleepyGrape,Berry,SweetGrape God is an indica-dominant hybrid that combines God Bud and Grapefruit genetics. As its name suggests, this strain has a sweet grape aroma with earthy notes that activate on the exhale. Powerful, long-lasting euphoria knocks out stress, leaving your mood elevated and your body relaxed. 
Grape-Infernoindica4.5Relaxed,Happy,Sleepy,Euphoric,TinglyGrape,Sweet,DieselGrape Inferno is a 70/30 indica-dominant strain bred by NorStar Genetics and propagated by TGA Genetics. A cross between Nepali OG and Querkle, Grape Inferno inherits a dense bud structure and a sweet grape aroma from which this strain gets its name. With flavorful undertones of hash and berries, Grape Inferno delivers a meditative and calming high that lets the body relax while the mind wanders. Its buds bloom in a colorful show of lavender, pink, red, and green.
Grape-Krushindica4.3Happy,Uplifted,Talkative,Hungry,EnergeticGrape,Sweet,BerryGrape Crush (or Grapekrush) is an indica-heavy hybrid strain with just enough sativa to keep the high energizing and smooth. This plant was bred by DJ Short to be an outdoor grower, but with the right TLC, Grape Crush delivers indoors as well. The strain comes from Blueberry parents and inherited their purple to blue coloring and their namesake berry flavor. Grape Crush plants flower in 8-9 weeks, and the buds are intended to produce a slow-moving high that relaxes the body and inspires the mind.
Grape-Kushhybrid3.9Relaxed,Happy,Giggly,Sleepy,EuphoricGrape,Sweet,EarthyDJ Short's Grape Kush is a productive marijuana hybrid strain that has sharp and fruity aromas. The effects are long-lasting and powerful, inducing euphoric head effects and a relaxed body.
Grape-Oxindica4.6Sleepy,Relaxed,Hungry,Tingly,UpliftedGrape,Cheese,SweetGrape OX is a 90% indica strain bred by Rare Dankness, who crossed Grape Ape with the OX to achieve this potent, purple-hued variety. Its aroma is a sweet blend of grape and blueberry, flavors best captured between 60 and 65 days into Grape OX’s indoor flowering cycle. Grape OX took 3rd place in the indica category of High Times’ 2014 Michigan Medical Cannabis Cup.
Grape-Skunkindica4.1Happy,Relaxed,Giggly,Tingly,EuphoricGrape,Sweet,SkunkThis indica-dominant strain is a fruity cross of three strains: Grapefruit, Super Skunk, and Blueberry. Grape Skunk has a strong odor that is mostly berries with some skunky earthiness underneath. While growing, Grape Skunk plants have typically indica characteristics, remaining short and bushy and flowering quickly at 7 to 8 weeks. Buds are dense and will release a feeling of allover calm for patients. Plants can be grown both indoors and outdoors and may have some electric blue coloring depending on environment.
Grape-Sodahybrid4.9Relaxed,Happy,Euphoric,Uplifted,CreativeGrape,Citrus,SweetA strong and fast-acting phenotype of Tahoe OG Kush, Grape Soda by Taste Budz is an excellent evening strain. It provides an idle, heavy-bodied sensation that frees you from worry. The sweet and pungent purple buds give this heady phenotype a very distinct look and flavor. Grape Soda features a pungent citrus aroma with notable grape notes on the palate, and the breeder recommends this strain for depression, anxiety, insomnia, indigestion, inflammation, and minor pain.
Sour-Grapeshybrid4.4Happy,Relaxed,Uplifted,Euphoric,HungryGrape,Sweet,BerryAlso called 'Sour Grapes,' Grape Stomper is a craft hybridstrain created by Gage Green Seeds. A complex cross between breeder JojoRizo’s Purple Elephant and breeder Elite Seeds’ Chemdawg Sour Diesel, Grape Stomper has quite the pedigree. Slightly sativa-dominant, the effects of this strain are felt most in the head. In true hybrid form, however, a pleasant tingly-body sensation usually appears after a few minutes. This is a sociable strain that's for consumers who would like pain relief while out and about. As the name suggests, Grape Stomper also features a strong, fruity aroma similar to grape candy. 
Grape-Valley-Kushindica4.8Relaxed,Sleepy,Euphoric,Happy,ArousedBerry,Grape,PineGrape Valley Kush is an indica-dominant cross of SFV OG and Grape Kush bred by Moxie Seeds. The earthy aroma of this strain mixes with flavors of pine and sweet citrus to bring on full-bodied relaxation with a hint of social energy that makes this strain good for relaxing with friends in your down time.
Grapefruitsativa4.3Uplifted,Energetic,Happy,Euphoric,FocusedGrapefruit,Citrus,SweetThis potent sativa was developed by crossing Cinderella 99 with a fast-flowering sativa selected for its rich grapefruit flavor. The tropical, citrus smell of Grapefruit mixes with energetic effects to give you a happy stress-reliever that also works well for battling migraine headaches.
Grapefruit-Dieselhybrid4.2Focused,Energetic,Relaxed,Euphoric,HappyGrapefruit,Citrus,DieselGrapefruit Diesel is a hybrid strain that is usually indica-dominant but gives most users a focused mental high that is more commonly associated with sativas. The genetics on this one aren’t hard to guess: its parents are Grapefruit and NYC Diesel. These plants show more of their indica side when growing, staying short and branchy and flowering within 8 weeks. Grapefruit Diesel’s flowers sometimes have hints of pink coloring and a potent smell of over ripe citrus fruit. With THC levels between 15 and 20%, the effects should be as strong as the scent. The energetic buzz comes on fast but tends to smooth out over time.
Grapefruit-Hazesativa4.4Uplifted,Happy,Energetic,Euphoric,RelaxedDiesel,Earthy,GrapefruitThe famous Grapefruit strain and the Super Silver Haze come together for a very strong hybrid. A beautiful blend of fruity and spicy flavours with a very cerebral high.
Grapefruit-Kushhybrid4.3Happy,Uplifted,Relaxed,Focused,CreativeGrapefruit,Sweet,CitrusThis cannabis strain is a cross of BC Kush and Grapefruit, Grapefruit Kush is one of the classic old-school Afghani Kush strains.  Large buds with a fruity hash taste, produces enjoyable smooth and creamy smoke with a great high.
Gravityindica4Sleepy,Hungry,Relaxed,Aroused,EuphoricSweet,Citrus,RoseGravity is an indica strain of marijuana that, due to its high CBD content, is becoming a popular recommendation for the treatment of chronic pain and the stress often associated with chronic pain conditions. The strain comes from Hash Plant and Northern Lights stock and, as expected, delivers a strong body sensation that makes this a popular nighttime strain. Effects can be more active for some but will still offer deep relaxation. Gravity’s dense buds will have a nice contrast of coppery-red hairs and should have a floral aroma and a sweet and sour fruit taste.
Grease-Monkeyhybrid4.6Relaxed,Euphoric,Sleepy,Happy,HungryEarthy,Pungent,DieselGrease Monkey is a sweet, earthy strain with strong skunky overtones. Created by Exotic Genetix, Grease Monkey is a cross of Gorilla Glue #4 x Cookies and Cream. This strain’s indica-dominant genetics saddle the consumer with a lazy, munchie-fueled body buzz that softens the blow of chronic pain, nausea, and stress. While defined as a hybrid, this Grease Monkey’s deep relaxation will naturally lead some consumers toward sleep, so mind your dosage.   
White-Sharksativa4.2Happy,Uplifted,Relaxed,Focused,EuphoricSweet,Citrus,EarthyGreat White Shark is a potent strain that is known for its ability to provide a strong indica body buzz very quickly. For this reason it’s often recommended medically to treat chronic pain ailments. The sativa qualities of this strain keep this heavy hitter from being a complete knockout, but it isn’t recommended for days when a lot of work needs to get done. Great White Shark plants grow best indoors and will flower between 8 and 10 weeks. It has a strong fruity aroma that also alludes to its Super Skunk lineage. The buds themselves should be examples of the “white” part of its moniker, with a blanket of crystals and burnt orange to brown hairs. Also known as Peacemaker or just White Shark, this strain won the 1997 High Times Cannabis Cup.
Green-Avengerhybrid5Energetic,Happy,Uplifted,Creative,EuphoricSweet,Minty,HoneyThe celebrated breeder Subcool is well-known for his fondness of Brothers Grimm genetics, having used several of their strains in his breeding projects. As a thank you for championing their genetics while they were on a long hiatus from the seed business, the now active Brothers Grimm named a special hybrid after his seed company TGA (The Green Avengers). After finding a special male in a pack of TGA’s Vortex, they decided to cross it with their Genius, one of the most sought after Apollo 11 phenotypes. The result is Green Avenger, a squat, branchy plant with long, sticky colas of tropical, fruity smelling flowers. With notes of pineapple and citrus, Green Avenger delivers a speedy, euphoric rush.
Green-Candysativa4.3Uplifted,Happy,Relaxed,Focused,GigglyEarthy,Sweet,TobaccoGreen Candy is a hybrid marijuana strain that's a cross between Candy Kush and Green Crack. It provides a cerebral sensation and relaxing body effects.
Green-Cheesehybrid4.1Euphoric,Relaxed,Energetic,Focused,CreativePungent,Cheese,EarthyGreen Cheese is the hybrid cross of a Cheese phenotype and the ever-stimulating Green Crack. This strain has earthy cheese and herbaceous smells intermixed with Green Crack’s sweet and citrus notes. It is mentally and physically invigorating, offering an immediate mental punch that is driven by creative thoughts and a springy physical energy. Green Cheese helps elevate mood, but don’t plan on accomplishing much as this strain is a one-way ticket to the whimsical shores of La La Land.
Green-Cracksativa4.3Energetic,Happy,Uplifted,Focused,EuphoricEarthy,Citrus,SweetDon’t let the name fool you: this is pure cannabis. Few strains compare to Green Crack’s sharp energy and focus as it induces an invigorating mental buzz that keeps you going throughout the day. With a tangy, fruity flavor redolent of mango, Green Crack is the perfect daytime medication for patients treating fatigue, stress, and depression.Green Crack has branched into two genetic lineages, the most common of which is its sativa line descended from Skunk #1. The 75% indica variety of Green Crack is said to have come from an Afghani strain, and is marked by a tighter bud structure. Because its name perpetuates a negative image of cannabis, some people have taken to calling this strain Cush (with a ‘C’) or Green Cush instead.
Green-Crack-Extremesativa4.6Energetic,Creative,Focused,Euphoric,UpliftedSweet,Earthy,Spicy/HerbalThis is the more “extreme” sister of the original Green Crack that will leave you with the same creative mental effects but may not leave you quite as focused. Green Crack Extreme’s dense buds will be bright green and covered in sugary crystals that fit with its sweet candy smell. Contrary to its extreme name, this strain is helpful in reducing stress and getting inspired.
Green-Door-Kushhybrid4.5Happy,Relaxed,Euphoric,Creative,HungrySpicy/Herbal,Citrus,WoodyGreen Door Kush is a hybrid strain that is known for producing great medical effects when it comes to pain and nausea while remaining active enough for daytime use. This balanced hybrid can be hard to find, but it is sure to deliver results for those who need potency and is recommended for those dealing with digestive issues, pain issues, or chronic nausea as a result of other treatments or medications. The buds are usually popcorn-sized or larger and fairly dense.
Green-Dragonindica4.2Uplifted,Happy,Focused,Energetic,RelaxedSweet,Earthy,PungentGreen Dragon is a cross of two indicas, Afghani and Turkish Gummy. Bred by Master Thai, these timeless buds are striking in appearance, aroma, and effects. Green Dragon is commonly depended upon for pain management, providing a lift often described as colorful. Suitable for any growing environment, a heavy yield can be expected to flower at around 50 days.
Green-Dreamhybrid4.4Happy,Uplifted,Creative,Euphoric,HungryEarthy,Citrus,FloweryGreen Dream is a sativa-dominant hybrid cross of Green Crack and Blue Dream.  
Green-Goblinsativa4.3Uplifted,Euphoric,Happy,Focused,CreativeSweet,Pine,DieselGreen Goblin is either the family-friendly name of Green Crack or a specific phenotype of the Green Crack plant. Either way, it is most likely a cross of Northern Lights with Skunk #1, but some versions seem to have some diesel mixed in as well. The pungent aroma of the Goblin is overall musky and skunky with hints of that diesel fuel, and the buds will be a forest green with rusty orange hairs. This strong sativa will leave most happy, dreamy, and sometimes creative and extra-alert. The head buzz is coupled with relaxing body effects that continue on even after the mind clears.
Green-Goddesshybrid4.6Euphoric,Relaxed,Aroused,Happy,UpliftedCitrus,Earthy,FloweryGreen Goddess is an indica-dominant hybrid that descends from Skunk #1 and Sweet Leaf Indica. With an aroma that blends notes of rose with ruby red grapefruit, this hybrid offers a divine flavor profile that brings justice to her name. Crystal-coated emerald buds are wrapped with vibrant amber hairs in a display as enticing as Green Goddess’ fragrance. Blissful euphoria rushes through the mind, bringing with it a surge of focus and intrigue while eradicating life’s stressors. 
Green-Hazesativa3.8Happy,Talkative,Creative,Focused,HungryWoody,Flowery,EarthyGreen Haze by A.C.E. Seeds is another version of their sativa Oldtimers Haze and takes after her Thai and South Indian ancestry. Like its Haze parentage, Green Haze is also upbeat and verging on psychedelic for some. This sativa plant is truly for someone who loves growing as it can take a full 16-20 weeks to flower. Green Haze grows tall and is a lookalike of Purple Haze except for, of course, the color. The flowers will have a woody smell mixed with fruit. Green Haze has a high potency and is good for tackling pain, though it may also inspire some serious snacking.
Green-Kushindica3.8Euphoric,Hungry,Energetic,Relaxed,FocusedCitrus,Sweet,EarthyGreen Kush is the offspring of cannabis favorites Green Crack and Purple Kush. Dense with orange hair and a sweet pine aroma, this slightly indica-dominant strain begins with an upbeat cerebral effect before inducing a heavy body sensation. This plant has an intermediate growing difficulty but can thrive indoors or outdoors and matures at around 8 weeks. The end product will be shorter to average-sized plants with moderate yield.
Green-Lanternsativa4.6Uplifted,Energetic,Talkative,Focused,HungryEarthy,Pine,CitrusGreen Lantern is a mostly sativa strain whose undocumented history poses frustrations for genetic enthusiasts. While some rumors mark the 1960s as Green Lantern’s beginning, others tell us that Green Lantern is a newer strain that resulted from crossing Green Crack and White Rhino. Whatever its parentage may be, Green Lantern inherits mellow euphoric effects and a peppery pine aroma comparable to that of Jack Herer. Its aroma suggests the presence of caryophyllene and pinene, which are terpenes that fight inflammation and promote focus. 
Green-Line-Oghybrid5Happy,Relaxed,Sleepy,Hungry,UpliftedSweet,Lime,SkunkGreen Line OG by Cresco Labs is the offspring of Lime Skunk and Ghost OG. Notes of sweet citrus and forest floor fill the nose with a refreshing aroma. Inheriting both the uplifting nature of its Lime Skunk father and the potency of its Ghost OG mother, Green Line OG delivers equal parts mental clarity and physical comfort, offering consumers mood elevation while curbing aches and pain.   
Green-Love-Potionindica4.1Creative,Hungry,Relaxed,Uplifted,HappySpicy/Herbal,Lavender,SweetGreen Love Potion is an 80/20 indica-dominant strain that is surprisingly functional. This particular cut grows into a bouquet of green and purple leaves that emits an odor denoting its Lavender parentage. With a relatively clear-headed buzz, this strain works well for indica lovers seeking euphoria and a comforting relaxation in the body without being sedative. Patients prefer Green Love Potion for enhancing the mood and remedying mild physical pain. 
Green-Mangoindica4.4Euphoric,Uplifted,Happy,Creative,RelaxedCitrus,Earthy,WoodyGreen Mango by Sumo Seeds is a tropical indica-dominant treat that took 2nd place in the “Hydro” category at the 2016 Highlife Cup in Amsterdam. It was created by crossing Master Skunk and Dr. Herer to create Master Jack, which was then crossed with Sumo’s ultra-stable Somango. These genetics give way to a pungent, bright terpene profile that manifests as a rich mango flavor with hints of citrus. The buzz is uplifting and cerebral while remaining indica-dominant, sparking creativity between the ears and stimulating conversation. Growers with restricted space will appreciate that Green Mango typically keeps its height below four feet while producing a yield upward of 550-750g/per plant.   
Green-Poisonindica4.2Relaxed,Happy,Euphoric,Sleepy,HungrySweet,Flowery,EarthyGreen Poison is a dangerously flavorful indica cross championed by Sweet Seeds. It pulls you in with a fruity and floral aroma, then delivers a potent dose of euphoria and body-numbing relaxation. Don’t be fooled by the lethal name: the only thing Green Poison kills is pain, insomnia, muscle spasms, and appetite loss. Growers should bear in mind that Green Poison is particularly susceptible to fungi, but those up to the challenge will want to wait 7 weeks for this indica to finish flowering indoors or near the end of September outside.
Green-Pythonindica4.3Sleepy,Euphoric,Happy,Relaxed,TinglyWoody,Sweet,EarthyGreen Python is an indica-dominant strain bred by House of Funk Genetics that was created by cross-pollinating Burmese (from Bodhi Seeds) with a Green Crack clone. The resulting hybrid is full-bodied and known for its fast flowering cycle. The bite from Green Python is a blend of balanced effects that incite cerebral energy with a calm, relaxed body.
Green-Queenhybrid4.2Happy,Hungry,Energetic,Euphoric,CreativeSweet,Citrus,PineGreen Queen was bred by JB Dank Nugs and is the hybrid cross of Green Crack and Space Queen. Each of these strains has exceptional standalone effects, but when combined, their speedy and heady elements work in concert to create a strain greater than the sum of its parts. Green Queen’s aroma is skunky and subtly sweet, with hints of citrus and pepper on the finish. The effects are cerebral and euphoric without being overstimulating, though expect a notable boost of physical and mental energy. This bud is deep green with bright orange pistils. 
Green-Ribbonhybrid4.2Energetic,Happy,Focused,Creative,TalkativeSweet,Earthy,FloweryGreen Ribbon is a 50/50 hybrid that tends towards the sativa side when it comes to effects; patients report an energetic, heady feeling when using it. Originating in San Jose, California, this strain includes some Green Crack but the status of the other parent is unknown, with Trainwreck, Afghanica, and White Rhino all contenders. The light green buds have a subtle floral scent and are slightly fruity, lending to an earthy taste. Green Ribbon generally has a high THC content around 18-20%.
Gremlinhybrid4.4Euphoric,Relaxed,Uplifted,Aroused,SleepySweet,Pungent,CitrusA cross between King Louis XIII and Mogwai (White Fire Alien OG and ’09 Cookies crossed with a secret strain), Gremlin is a hybrid strain that carries the sweet scent of cookie dough and earthy pine. Heavy-handed euphoria and physical relief melts through the body, dulling pain and insomnia while sharpening the appetite.
Grilled-Cheesehybrid4.7Uplifted,Creative,Energetic,Euphoric,FocusedCheese,Pepper,PungentGrilled Cheese is a cross of TGA/Subcool’s Cheese Quake and Colorado Seed Inc.’s Gupta Kush. This strain shows off cheesy terpenes with a hint of citrus on the finish. Expect a mellow buzz with meditative Kush elements. Use this pungent strain to help relieve mild to moderate physical discomfort and for mood enhancement. 
Grimaceindica4.4Relaxed,Happy,Sleepy,Euphoric,HungryEarthy,Sweet,PungentGrimace is a mostly indica strain that brings to mind a large, conic purple character, one of the many off-putting mascots representing a well-known fast food hamburger franchise. The connection makes sense the moment you see the bulbous purple-hued buds produced by Grimace plants. Little is known about where this mysterious phenotype came from, but indica genetics are evident in Grimace's sedating, mellow effects.
Grimace-Ogindica4.3Sleepy,Euphoric,Relaxed,Aroused,HappyPungent,Diesel,Spicy/HerbalGrimace OG by Archive Seed Bank is an indica-dominant cross of Purple Urkle and Face Off BX1. This strain won 3rd place at the 2013 Los Angeles High Times Cannabis Cup, and descends from the original Purple Urkle from Humboldt County. Known to produce fast flowering plants thick with trichomes, Grimace OG emits a range of terpenes, from grapey sweetness to pungent, sour OG stank. Grimace OG’s classic OG effects offer relaxation and euphoria that is perfect for turning down stress and turning up your mood.   
Grimmdicaindica5Euphoric,RelaxedLegendary Canadian breeders Brothers Grimm Seeds are back at it, reworking some of their original genetics and re-releasing classic seed lines that are hoarded and coveted by those in the know. With Grimmdica, they have crossed their heirloom Sensi Hash Plant with their favorite Afghani male to produce a truly old-school indica hybrid. The blissful, tranquilizing euphoria and rich, acrid hash flavor with hints of pine are sure to please lovers of classic indica strains everywhere.
Guard-Dawgindica4.2Happy,Relaxed,Sleepy,EuphoricDiesel,Sweet,EarthyGuard Dawg is an indica-dominant phenotype bred by RedEyed Genetics. This flower’s genetic parentage is a combination of Abusive OG and TreStardawg. The plant smells of its OG heritage with overtones of caramel and coffee bean. But watch out! This strain packs a wallop and is recommended for nighttime use only.     
Guava-Chemhybrid4.5Relaxed,Creative,Happy,Focused,EuphoricTropical,Sweet,ChemicalGuava Chem is a hybrid strain that competed in the 2014 L.A. Cannabis Cup.
Guava-Gelatohybrid4.3Sleepy,Euphoric,Happy,Relaxed,UpliftedMint,Grapefruit,TropicalGuava Gelato is a Gelato phenotype from Sherbinkski. This genetic expression of the Gelato lineage delivers a unique terpene profile steeped in creamy, tropical aromas with bright notes of piña colada and hops. The buds take on a dense structure that is representative of its parental lineage while emitting an aroma all its own. Guava Gelato’s effects are indica-forward, laying heavily atop the limbs while it excites and uplifts the mind. These attributes make for an effective strain when combating stress, daily aches and pains, and nausea. 
Guava-Kushhybrid4.1Relaxed,Sleepy,Happy,Uplifted,EuphoricSweet,Tropical,PeachGuava Kush is a hybrid strain that competed in the 2014 L.A. Cannabis Cup.
Gucci-Oghybrid4.7Euphoric,Happy,Uplifted,Relaxed,EnergeticPine,Lemon,SweetGucci OG is an OG Kush variant named with the lavish cannabis connoisseur in mind. Hailing from southern California like so many of its OG relatives, Gucci OG takes on the family’s signature aroma of pine and lemon, but with a unique hint of sweet berry. This hybrid’s effect can vary with different doses; small amounts may provide a spark of energy and creativity, while larger doses tend to give way to heavy sedation or dizzying euphoria. 
Gumboindica4.6Relaxed,Euphoric,Happy,Sleepy,HungryEarthy,Sweet,FloweryGetting its name from the classic bubble gum flavor, Gumbo is a perfect medicine for the evenings and has a smooth taste and finish. Gumbo is great for treatment of muscle spasms, sleeplessness, helpful with overall pain management as well as serving as an appetite stimulant.
Gummohybrid5Euphoric,Uplifted,Happy,Relaxed,ArousedCitrus,Sweet,OrangeGummo by Gabriel Cannabis is a unique, fruity cross of flavorful genetics. It was created by crossing Bubble Gum and Orange Bud, and emits a bouquet full of tart citrus and sweet fruit. This strain tastes like it smells with effects that are surprisingly laid back, even with the strain’s bright terpene profile. Anticipate calming physical effects that are juxtaposed against a happy and euphoric mental state. Enjoy Gummo throughout the day to elevate mood and tame pain.
Gummy-Bearshybrid4.2Relaxed,Uplifted,Happy,Euphoric,SleepySweet,Berry,StrawberryGummy Bears by Elemental Seeds is a gooey hybrid with sweetness and potency. By combining Trueberry (True OG crossed with a Strawberry Banana x Blackberry hybrid) with the citrus sovereign Big Lemon, Gummy Bears achieves a unique array of colored leaves and outstanding resin production. The flavor has been described as “berries soaked in lemonade,” and the strain acts as a mid-level hybrid that doesn’t tug too hard toward sedation. This strain has a quick 60-day grow cycle and produces a healthy yield with the proper attention. Enjoy Gummy Bears any time of the day for manageable relaxation and an airy, carefree mental state.   
Gupta-Hazehybrid5Relaxed,Happy,Sleepy,Euphoric,GigglyEarthy,Citrus,LemonTangerine Haze and Gupta Kush come together in this outstanding hybrid by Colorado Seed Inc. With sweet and stimulating effects brought forward by Tang’s NYC Diesel x G13 Haze parentage and a yield and potency boost from Gupta Kush, Gupta Haze is mentally clarifying with a generous body buzz. Expect plants with an average THC content of no less than 21% that finishes is about 10 weeks.  
Gupta-Kushhybrid4.3Relaxed,Sleepy,Hungry,Aroused,HappySweet,Earthy,WoodyThis famous indica-dominant strain is a homage to the neurosurgeon and medicinal marijuana advocate, Dr. Sanjay Gupta. The folks at Colorado Seed Inc. wanted to honor Dr. Gupta with an old-school indica that was versatile and potent. With a genetic pedigree based in Ghost OG Kush and Blue Moonshine, this strain is as heady as it is sedative, offering ideal effects for chronic pain or restlessness. This genetic cross also strengthened the plant’s structure and yield making it an ideal cross for breeders seeking these stout attributes.
Guptillahybrid5Happy,Relaxed,Euphoric,Focused,SleepyGrape,Pepper,OrangeGuptilla is a potent indica-dominant cross bred by Colorado Seed Inc. With the glittering trichome laden foliage of Gorilla Glue #4 intermixed with the “Dr. of Dankness” Gupta Kush, this strain raises kushy, full-bodied indica effects to a level that few have the privilege of enjoying. Anticipate pungent floral and earthy overtones with pronounced cerebral headiness that is anchored to the earth by the physical weight this strain places on the limbs. Enjoy this strain at the end of the day, as its effects are very sedating.   
Gutbusterindica4.5Relaxed,Sleepy,Giggly,Tingly,HappyBlueberry,Woody,BerryWashington State breeders Exotic Genetix crossed two of their own strains to create Gutbuster, a 70% indica-dominant hybrid that offers the mellowing effects that indica fans love. Combining the blackberry flavors of Kimbo Kush with the vanilla ice cream and chocolate chip cookie flavors of Cookies and Cream makes Gutbuster a truly memorable strain. THC levels have been recorded as high as 25%. 
Hades-Hazeindica4.7Relaxed,Sleepy,Talkative,Euphoric,GigglyCitrus,Minty,EarthyHades Haze is a devilish bent on classic Haze genetics. Known for its rarity and indica-dominant nature, Hades Haze drops sedating weight on the consumer while still hazing the mind with a potent euphoria. Usually accompanied by a THC content of 20% or higher, Hades Haze’s powerful euphoria gives way to creativity, laughter, and a lighthearted demeanor ideal for a night of movies and video games. Hades Haze exhibits its true indica nature with continued consumption, weighing on the limbs and eyes while encouraging rest and relaxation. Utilize Hades Haze to combat insomnia, anxiety, and pain.   
Haleighs-Hopehybrid4.8Relaxed,Happy,Uplifted,Talkative,EuphoricEarthy,Pine,PungentHaleigh’s Hope is a high-CBD strain from Colorado named after a 4-year old with cerebral palsy and epilepsy. Her conditions were treated with an oil derived from this strain, which exhibits a CBD:THC ratio of 24:1. This low-THC, high-CBD cannabinoid profile was finally achieved after four years of crossing and selecting from hundreds of different phenotypes.
Hammerheadindica5Sleepy,Aroused,Tingly,Relaxed,UpliftedDiesel,Berry,EarthyHammerhead is a pungent indica-dominant strain that develops dense, trichome-coated buds with a small boost of CBD. These physical attributes speak to the strain’s White Rhino and Medicine Man genetics, which also lend Hammerhead effects of sleep-inducing, full-body relaxation. Its buds are dense and deep green with a showing of light amber hairs. Hammerhead exhibits notes of fruit, honey, and pungent dankness, making it as appetizing as it is effective.  
Hannibal-Nectarindica0Uplifted,Euphoric,Happy,Sleepy,CreativeStrawberry,Earthy,VanillaHannibal Nectar by Insanity Strains is a pro-grade cross not meant for unexperienced cannabis consumers. This weighty cross of The Loops and Pineapple Cheese hits the body like a ton of bricks, squinting the eyes and hazing the mind. The strain’s aroma is that of pungent citrus and cheesy musk which morphs into a tang of musky grapefruit on the palate. Enjoy this strain near the end of the day to maximize its potent, stoney effects.
Haolehybrid4.1Euphoric,Relaxed,Happy,Uplifted,CreativeSweet,Pungent,EarthyHaole is a Hawaiian term for a foreigner or anything that is not native to the Hawaiian Islands, which makes it the perfect name for this hybrid. Breeder Reserva Privada has taken the renowned sativa Maui Wowie and crossed it with the mainland’s LA Confidential to create Haole, a pleasant, calming strain that is well-suited to relieve stress and relax body pains. Though its genetics are balanced between indica and sativa, this cross tends to express itself with more emphasis on its indica traits. The aroma is sweet and earthy and is reminiscent of Grandma’s spice cake.Reserva Prevada chose a Maui Wowie mother due to its ease of growth and the consistent end product and then decided to influence the genetics with the manageable height, increased potency, and reduced flowering time of LA Confidential. The result is a beginner-friendly strain that is easy to grow and enjoyable for consumers of all experience levels.
Haomaindica4.8Relaxed,Happy,Sleepy,Hungry,UpliftedCitrus,Flowery,EarthyA cross between The Purps and Afghani, Haoma is a 70% indica strain with calming, stress-relieving effects. Haoma’s dense, compact buds have a fruity, floral aroma and melt away anxiety, pain, inflammation, and muscle spasms according to many patients. Testament to this strain’s quality are the several trophies Haoma has taken home in both flower and concentrate form. Some Haoma variants are bred to contain a higher level of CBD to help patients needing extra full-body relief. A good strain for novice growers, Haoma is cultivated both outdoors and in with a flowering period of 7 to 8 weeks. 
Haoma-Misthybrid5Tingly,Happy,Relaxed,Uplifted,EuphoricSweet,Flowery,CitrusHaoma Mist crosses a Haoma indica with the hybrid Cannatonic, resulting in one THC-rich indica-dominant hybrid.
Hardcore-Ogindica4.6Relaxed,Happy,Uplifted,Sleepy,TinglyEarthy,Sweet,BerryAn indica-dominant cross between Big Bud and DJ Short Blueberry, Hardcore OG is a California strain bred with the stalwart cannabis veteran in mind. Its dense, pungent buds produce thick coats of resin that can be extracted for potent (and we mean potent) concentrates. The weight of this sedating indica sinks throughout the body, submerging stress, pain, and other ailments under its crushing THC content.
Harle-Tsuhybrid4.4Relaxed,Happy,Uplifted,Focused,EuphoricEarthy,Woody,Spicy/HerbalHarle-Tsu, bred by the Southern Humboldt Seed Collective, is a high-CBD hybrid cross between Harlequin and Sour Tsunami. With a CBD content 20 times higher than its THC content, Harle-Tsu brings relief to pain and inflammation without psychoactivity. Harle-Tsu seeds have a 75% chance of expressing its high-CBD characteristics, and indoor plants will finish flowering in 8 weeks. 
Harlequinsativa4.3Relaxed,Focused,Happy,Uplifted,EnergeticEarthy,Sweet,WoodyHarlequin is a 75/25 sativa-dominant strain renowned for its reliable expression of CBD. A descendant of Colombian Gold, a Nepali indica, and Thai and Swiss landrace strains, you can depend on Harlequin to provide clear-headed, alert sativa effects. Unlike most high-CBD strains, Harlequin almost always develops a CBD:THC ratio of 5:2, making this strain one of the most effective out there for treatment of pain and anxiety, as CBD can counteract THC’s paranoia while amplifying its painkilling properties. Flavors can range from earthy musk to sweet mango, but without a doubt, what draws crowds to Harlequin is its ability to relax without sedation and to relieve without intoxication.
Harlequin-Gdphybrid4.2Relaxed,Talkative,Tingly,Energetic,EuphoricMint,EarthyKnown by many names, Harlequin GDP is a CBD-dominant cross of Harlequin and Granddaddy Purple. This earthy, slightly sweet sativa-dominant hybrid has been seen with a 3:1 CBD/THC ratio, slotting it firmly as a medicinal strain while offering enough THC whizbang for recreational cannabis consumers. Harlequin GDP's effects are lucid, but not stimulating, as well as cozy, but not couch-locked, making it ideal for folks seeking to quash anxiety and minor physical pain.    
Harley-Stormsativa4.8Relaxed,Uplifted,Creative,Euphoric,HappySpicy/Herbal,Sweet,TropicalHarley Storm by Cannavative is a complex union of CBD-rich parent strains. By crossing Harle-Tsu and Thunderstruck, this aptly named strain takes on mild cerebral effects while remaining primarily medicinal. Harley Storm offers consumers an uplifting headiness with alert stimulation while reducing inflammation and pain. Consume this strain’s massive 22:1 CBD/THC ratio on its own or as a supplementary addition to other strains.
Harley-Twinsativa5Uplifted,Creative,Energetic,Euphoric,RelaxedSweetHarley Twin is a CBD-rich, sativa-dominant strain that inherits genetics from Harle-Tsu and Harlequin. This wellness oriented combination has an alert buzz that is maintained by its balanced THC/CBD ratio, encompassing the mind in soft haze while gently stimulating the body. These effects coupled with the natural anti-inflammatory qualities inherent to Harley Twin can help turn down the dial on minor physical pain, stress, and nausea. Anticipate a grassy aroma with a hint of cherry sweetness after combustion/vaporization. 
Harmoniaindica4.3Relaxed,Happy,Uplifted,Focused,SleepyEarthy,Sweet,TropicalHarmonia is an indica strain bred by combining a Pure Kush and LA Confidential cross with a Sweet Tooth and Juicy Fruit hybrid. This strain’s CBD content tends to be slightly higher than its THC profile, making this indica a great choice for those sensitive to psychoactive effects or patients treating pain, inflammation, or anxiety. With an aroma of sweet lemon and berries, Harmonia delivers functional, clear-headed effects that allow you to stay active and productive throughout the day. Don’t confuse Harmonia with its sister strain Pokie, who inherits a high-THC and low-CBD chemical profile despite being bred from the same parent genetics.
Harmonyhybrid4.4Relaxed,Euphoric,Focused,Creative,HappyWoody,Citrus,LemonHarmony is a hybrid that synchronizes the very best of its three parent strains, Santa Marta Colombian Gold, Lemon OG Kush, and Lemon Thai. These tall plants produce flowery, lemon-smelling buds distinctly kush-like in structure. Its effects are invigorating and uplifting, but higher doses might push you into a more spacey experience. Indoor growers wait 8 to 9 weeks for Harmony to flower while outdoor cultivators prepare for harvest in the month of October.
Harry-Potterhybrid4.8Relaxed,Happy,Uplifted,Creative,GigglySweet,Citrus,LemonHarry Potter is an otherworldly hybrid strain that crosses Blissful Wizard with Fire Alien Kush. Bred by Sasquatch Gardens in California, Harry Potter casts a pacifying spell over the body, easing aches and pains while hushing anxiety. 
Hash-Plantindica4.2Relaxed,Sleepy,Happy,Euphoric,HungryEarthy,Spicy/Herbal,DieselOne of Sensi Seeds's classics, Hash Plant stays compact during her extra-short flowering time. Her tight, resin-drenched flower clusters develop a brittle surface when dried and give off a deep, rich Afghani aroma that’s undercut with a hint of hashish. When consumed, her dominant flavor is the spicy-sharp bite of smouldering resin glands. The instant vaporization of those layers of sparkling trichomes accelerates Hash Plant’s rapid, blissful and breathtakingly powerful body-stone. This 90% indica is the product of careful genetic selection, a process that involved matching the mysterious Hash Plant original from the U.S. with Northern Lights. 
Hashbar-Ogindica4.5Euphoric,Happy,Relaxed,Creative,FocusedSkunk,Sweet,EarthyIn the old days of clandestine growing, people found many strains to be unsuitable for stealthy indoor grows. Sativa strains were too large and took too long, while many indica strains smelled too strongly to go unnoticed. Enter the Pacific Northwest Hash Plant, a compact, quick-flowering, low-odor plant that still delivers large yields and tons of resin. Archive Seed Bank crossed this plant with their favorite male, the Face Off OG backcross, to create Hashbar OG, a 70% indica-dominant hybrid that generates THC levels between 20% and 24%. While the smell of this strain is light, it still delivers a nice OG flavor when smoked.   
Hashberryindica4.3Relaxed,Euphoric,Hungry,Happy,FocusedBerry,Sweet,MintVoted Strain of the Year by High Times in 2006, Hashberry has a classic indica flavor with hashish undertones. Its thick stems are necessary to support the heavy buds, providing a classic aroma and flavor of mint or pepper. The effects begin swiftly and slowly plateau to the 'mellow' phase. Toward the end, a body sensation begins but leaves the consumer still social and active.
Hashplant-Hazesativa4.4Happy,Uplifted,Relaxed,Euphoric,SleepyBlueberry,Sweet,OrangeThe uplifting high of the Hashplant Haze is enjoyable throughout the day due to it's being a sativa dominant strain. The taste is that of fruity, hashy, haziness that comes from DNA Genetics by crossing California Hash Plant and Cannalope Haze.  
Hawaiiansativa4.2Uplifted,Relaxed,Euphoric,Talkative,GigglySweet,Tropical,CitrusHawaiian is a mostly sativa hybrid that will give you a happy, vacation feeling. Creative but not so focused, this bud is great for a relaxing day. These light green buds have a sweet smell and taste that is not super potent but will bring to mind fresh tropical fruit.
Hawaiian-Cookieshybrid4.6Happy,Relaxed,Creative,Energetic,ArousedSweet,Citrus,PineappleHawaiian Cookies is a sativa-dominant hybrid cross between Hawaiian Snow and Girl Scout Cookies that first entered the scene in 2014. From its Hawaiian Snow parent, Hawaiian Cookies inherits a tropical citrus aroma in a flavorful introduction to its potent euphoric effects. Happy, uplifting effects are following by a slight jolt of cerebral energy that lifts depression and stress while dulling pain, appetite loss, and insomnia. Its rounded bud structure and dark coloration further testify to this strain’s elite parent genetics.
Hawaiian-Delightindica3.8Happy,Relaxed,Aroused,Uplifted,EuphoricPungent,Sweet,DieselHawaiian Delight has a strong and musky aroma, hashy finish with a pleasant after taste.
Hawaiian-Dieselsativa4.2Uplifted,Creative,Euphoric,Happy,RelaxedDiesel,Citrus,TropicalHawaiian Diesel is the tropical mix of an Aloha State native strain with Sour Diesel. A true sativa, this strain will have energetic effects that are good for socializing. Hawaiian Diesel plants flower between 8 and 10 weeks and grow best indoors. Flowers will have a fresh citrus and pine aroma and a sweet tropical fruit flavor.
Hawaiian-Dreamsativa4.4Uplifted,Relaxed,Happy,Focused,EuphoricSweet,Tropical,PineappleHawaiian Dream is an uplifting sativa strain that crosses Blue Dream with a Hawaiian variety. Though some renditions of this strain have a THC-dominant chemical profile, Hawaiian Dream is best known for its high CBD content which is often twice as abundant as its THC. Patients look to this high-CBD sativa to remedy pain, inflammation, and anxiety without physical heaviness or a foggy head.
Hawaiian-Firehybrid4.4Energetic,Focused,Talkative,Euphoric,UpliftedTropical,Sweet,Strawberry“Fire” is a slang term for really good cannabis and in the case of this Hawaiian strain, it really is true. Rumored to originally hail from Maui, this strain will put you in an island mood with uplifting, happy effects that tend to make patients feel social and talkative. A great strain for relaxing with friends or listening to music, the cerebral effects of Hawaiian Fire are great for daytime use. It is also known to inspire your appetite in a big way, so pass the poi.  
Hawaiian-Hazesativa4.4Uplifted,Happy,Energetic,Talkative,RelaxedSweet,Tropical,PineappleHawaiian Haze is a mostly sativa strain that produces some high-quality sativa effects. A mix of Hawaiian and Haze genetics, these light, airy buds will have your head in the clouds. Many users also report that it makes them sociable and talkative, so it may be a good daytime medication. Hawaiian Haze’s floral smell and taste of tropical fruit might just have you daydreaming about an island vacation. These plants grow tall and flower slowly, taking between 12 and 14 weeks, so they are probably better suited for a grower with some experience and patience.
Hawaiian-Mayan-Goldsativa5Uplifted,Creative,Energetic,Euphoric,HappyMinty,Sweet,LimeWhat do you get when you cross two of the most potent equatorial sativa strains and plant them in the volcanic soil of paradise? You get Hawaiian Mayan Gold by Pua Mana 1st Hawaiian Pakalōlō Seed Bank. This cross of Kona Gold and Colombian Mojito landraces produces massive sativa spears that reach for the sky. Growers take note, this strain can be difficult to tame without the proper vertical real estate. Hawaiian Mayan Gold’s stimulating energy, long-lasting effects, and tropical terpene profile make it an instant classic right out of the jar.     
Hawaiian-Punchsativa4.4Uplifted,Happy,Relaxed,Euphoric,TinglySweet,Citrus,BerryOriginating in Hawaii, Hawaiian Punch delivers a 'punch' not unlike the most righteous wave in Hawaii. This strain is extremely potent, yet delivers an aloha feeling to your mind and body, much like an ocean breeze. Hawaiian Punch is one that will gradually sneak up on you, especially the first time. Flowering time is 55-60 days, and a THC content up to 21%.
Hawaiian-Purple-Kushindica4.5Relaxed,Happy,Giggly,Creative,TalkativeTropical,Sweet,FloweryHawaiian Purple Kush is an 80/20 indica-dominant strain that brings together the taste of the tropics and the potency of the Kush. Patients swear by this Hawaiian and Purple Kush cross for treatment of pain, insomnia, and muscle relaxation.
Hawaiian-Sativasativa4.2Uplifted,Euphoric,Happy,Relaxed,CreativeCitrus,Sweet,TropicalHawaiian Sativa is a pure sativa strain that heads straight to the head with little to no body effects for some consumers. The head effects might be a little intense for new consumers or those looking for more calming effects. Hawaiian Sativa has also earned the nickname “banana pot,” not because of its tropical heritage, but because it grows long, curved flowers that resemble the fruit. These “banana buds” actually smell and taste more like citrus, but their added length provides plenty of room for sticky resin, making this a potent strain with high THC levels. Since its effects are so active, this strain is popular for daytime consumption and has shown effectiveness as a treatment for glaucoma patients. As a true sativa, Hawaiian Sativa plants grow tall and take a full 12 weeks to flower, but the rewards are plentiful for the patient grower.
Hawaiian-Skunkhybrid4.2Sleepy,Happy,Euphoric,Uplifted,EnergeticSweet,Earthy,SkunkHawaiian Skunk is an outdoor plant that offers high THC content (evidenced by dense crystals) with few growing difficulties. A cross between Hawaiian Indica and Skunk #1, this light green, poppy bud suggests the uplifting, sativa-dominant buzz it induces. The strain is commonly praised for its smell that borders between fruity and musky thanks to its balanced genetics.
Hawaiian-Snowsativa4.5Happy,Creative,Euphoric,Uplifted,EnergeticTropical,Earthy,WoodyA 2003 Cannabis Cup winner, Hawaiian Snow is a trifecta of Haze genetics, combining Neville’s Haze, Pure Haze, and Hawaiian Haze into one superior sativa line. It has all the features one might expect from its genetic lineage: a tall, stretchy structure, slow flowering time (up to 14 weeks), intense spicy-incense aroma with hints of citrus and eucalyptus, and generous amounts of THC, at times over 23%. Where Hawaiian Snow really stands out is in its high, a very stimulating head buzz that is perfect for social interaction and creative endeavors. Hawaiian Snow has been known to leave users with an overwhelming case of the giggles 
Hawaiian-Sunrisehybrid4.1Uplifted,Happy,Relaxed,Tingly,EnergeticCitrus,Lemon,Spicy/HerbalHawaiian Sunrise is a mysterious Hawaiian strain acquired by Colorado Seed Inc. while preparing their robust roster for the mainland. This strain is the mother of Hibiscus Sunrise, another potent cut by Colorado Seed Inc. Although this plant has a notoriously light yield, the buds that mature on the stalks of this colorful and aromatic plant are worth the effort.
Hawaiian-Trinityhybrid5Talkative,Uplifted,Creative,Euphoric,FocusedSweet,Tropical,FloweryHawaiian Trinity by Pua Mana 1st Hawaiian Pakalolo Seed Bank is a sativa-dominant hybrid created by crossing the legendary Kona Gold and Trinity. It has a unique terpene profile that smells like burnt rubber tires, tropically flavored taffy, and a hint of unnamable funkiness. This odd aroma gives way to tropical and earthy flavors that linger on the tongue well after exhale. Hawaiian Trinity sprouts large frosty colas and tends to offer consumers an intense physical rush that mellows out into a deeply sedating body high.  
Hawaii-78sativa4.8Creative,Euphoric,Happy,Relaxed,SleepyPineapple,Sweet,TropicalHawai’i ‘78 is a Hawaiian landrace sativa, also known as the 'Sweet Lady of Waiāhole.' This strain originated on the island of O’ahu, near where the film Jurassic Park was shot. According to sources, Hawai’i ‘78 even became a favorite with the production crew while on site. This strain represents old school Hawaiian genetics and stimulates while imbuing the consumer with a content, mellow haze.
Hayleys-Hazesativa0Sleepy,Uplifted,FocusedAppleHayley's Haze by Cresco Labs is a sativa-dominant phenotype of an Outer Space x Alien Dutchess hybrid. The strain’s pronounced Island Sweet Skunk lineage imbue the consumer with a relaxed mental state without compromising productivity. Hayley's Haze exhibits a spicy, herbaceous aroma with hints of berry, pine and lemon. Its earthy, citrus notes shine through upon combustion, dazzling the taste buds while soothing the mind. 
Hazesativa4.2Uplifted,Happy,Creative,Tingly,RelaxedEarthy,Pungent,SweetThe illustrious Haze sativa first took root in Santa Cruz, California during the 1960s where long growing seasons accommodated her lengthy flowering cycle. Since then, Haze has become the proud parent of countless hybrids around the globe, passing on its genetics from Colombia, Mexico, Thailand, and South India. Although Haze cultivators must wait patiently for Haze flowers to reach full maturation, few strains can match the high-energy, creative buzz provided by this sativa staple. Haze's aroma is typically characterized by a spicy scent accented by hints of citrus and earthy sweetness. 
Haze-Berrysativa4.2Talkative,Aroused,Giggly,Happy,EnergeticSweet,Berry,BlueberryA cross between Super Silver Haze and DJ Short’s famous Blueberry, Haze Berry is an 80% sativa hybrid that has become quite popular for its combination of sweet berry, indica-like flavors and sativa highs. As you might expect from a plant with two extremely potent parents, Haze Berry routinely tests at well over 20% THC, and some cultivars have a significant amount of CBD as well. In addition, it provides higher than average yields and a relatively short flowering time of 9-10 weeks, making this a very attractive strain for sativa enthusiasts. Haze Berry gives the consumer a euphoric, creativity-inducing high that gradually gives way to a profound sensation of relaxation and well-being.
Haze-Heavenhybrid4.5Happy,Talkative,Uplifted,Energetic,CreativePungent,Spicy/Herbal,SweetBred by Soma Seeds, Haze Heaven is a 60/40 indica-dominant hybrid whose classic genetics derive from Northern Lights #5, Haze, Afghani, and Hawaiian. Its heritage equips this strain with diverse qualities that appease the connoisseur as well as the commercial grower; large buds packed with resin show off Haze Heaven's indica dominance, but the buzzing energy expected from Haze hybrids is still present alongside mellow, relaxing effects. Hints of musk and spice can be detected on the inhale, balancing flavors from both indica and sativa sides of the family. This variety still takes about 10 to 11 weeks to finish flowering, but growers with enough skill to successfully cultivate Haze Heaven are typically rewarded with generous yields.
Haze-Mistsativa4Energetic,Focused,Happy,HungryNoneBred by Flying Dutchmen, Haze Mist is a sativa strain that was parented by a South Indian Skunk hybrid and a Haze male. Haze Mist balances sweet, sour and spicy flavors while its effects lean entirely to the cerebral side of the spectrum with very little full-body sensations. Like a true sativa, Haze Mist stretches tall and requires patience during her 13 to 14 week flowering cycle. 
Haze-Wrecksativa4.6Uplifted,Happy,Euphoric,Talkative,CreativeCitrus,Pine,WoodyYou could call Haze Wreck the “perfect storm” of sativas, as it unites the lineages of two legendary strains, Haze and Trainwreck. Both of these strains descend from indigenous landrace sativas, whose ancient genetics are like diamonds to growers. As the legacy of these native strains, Haze Wreck has a strong tropical and fruity smell with notes of sweet, earthy pine. Its buds have a typical sativa appearance, with narrow pointed buds wrapped in vibrant orange hairs. The cerebral effects arrive quickly, facilitating creativity and relaxation. Stress relief and depression are no match for Haze Wreck’s euphoric qualities, and patients requiring a high THC content for their symptoms may find their relief in this powerful sativa. Haze Wreck also goes by the names Trainwreck Haze and Hazy Train.
Head-Cheesehybrid4.6Euphoric,Happy,Uplifted,Creative,RelaxedCheese,Pungent,EarthyHead Cheese combines the legendary strains 707 Headband and UK Cheese into a pungent and potent sativa-dominant hybrid. With a THC content pushing 25%, Head Cheese offers astonishing relief to symptoms like pain, migraines, inflammation, spasms, sleeplessness, and appetite loss. Bulky yellow-green buds carry the sharp cheese aroma and savory taste of its UK Cheese parent strain. Its effects are both relaxing and euphoric, a sensation that blissfully radiates throughout the mind and body.
Head-Triphybrid4.3Relaxed,Focused,Happy,Uplifted,EuphoricEarthy,Pine,CoffeeHead Trip is an indica-dominant cross of Chocolate Trip (Katsu cut) and Snow Lotus bred by Bodhi Seeds. It produces relaxing body effects and a somewhat psychedelic cerebral experience that reveals where Head Trip gets its name. The aroma is an earthy mix of chocolate and coffee that offer flavorful relief from anxiety and depression.
Headbandhybrid4.3Happy,Relaxed,Uplifted,Euphoric,CreativeEarthy,Diesel,CitrusMeet Headband, the love-child of cannabis’ power couple, OG Kush and Sour Diesel. The smooth, creamy smoke is accented by flavors of lemons and diesel while the long-lasting effects are great for pain relief, helping you to relax, and to combat elevated stress levels. Many report that the effects create a slight pressure around the crown of their head and feels as though they are wearing a headband. The effects have been known to come on slow, so pace yourself with this potent hybrid. 
Headbangerhybrid4.4Happy,Uplifted,Euphoric,Relaxed,HungryCitrus,Skunk,SweetHeadbanger, a winner of the 2013 Amsterdam Cannabis Cup, is a sativa dominant hybrid cross between Sour Diesel and Biker Kush. This strain inherits a dense, conic bud structure from its Kush forefathers, as well as the sour aroma and head-focused effects of its Sour Diesel mother plant. Bred by Karma Genetics, Headbanger’s 10 to 12 week flowering period requires patience but promises high yields. Its uplifting and euphoric qualities make Headbanger a potent medicine for mood disorders, particularly depression.
Heaven-Scenthybrid4.8Creative,Energetic,Euphoric,Focused,HappyMinty,Sweet,TropicalHeaven Scent is a hybrid cannabis strain bred by MTG Seeds that crosses genetics from God’s Gift and Green Crack. The polar opposite effects of its indica and sativa parents meet halfway, delivering you to a balanced state of blissful, relaxed happiness. Its buds express themselves in hues that range from deep blue to dark purple.
Heavy-Duty-Fruityhybrid4.1Relaxed,Happy,Sleepy,Hungry,GigglySweet,Citrus,EarthyHeavy Duty Fruity seems to have everything going for it: high yields, yummy flavor, and potency. T. H. Seeds bred this West Coast native from local (and locally named) favorites Killing Garberville, Seattle Big Bud, and Mendocino Hash Plant to create a multi-skilled strain. Growers should be aware that plants do not always have classic seven-point leaves, but her unique beauty does not affect her output. Heavy Duty Fruity also gives off a heavy duty sweet smell, so it may require management for indoor growers. What is not a concern is yield and bud size, both of which are consistently large with this strain, both indoors and out. Plants usually flower between 8 and 9 weeks. Depending on when this plant is harvested, her effects range from psychedelic and spacey to mellow relaxation.
Heisenberg-Kushsativa4.4Talkative,Relaxed,Focused,Hungry,HappyBerry,Sweet,StrawberryHeisenberg Kush is a cross of SC Blue Dream and Sin City Kush bred by Alphakronik Genes Seeds as part of their Great Minds series of genetics. Named for the renowned German physicist Werner Heisenberg, who is considered the pioneer of quantum mechanics, Heisenberg Kush is a fast-flowering, sativa-dominant blend that produces a spectrum of blue and purple hues. Skunky grape notes mix with earthy undertones of sandalwood and a sweet strawberry finish to create the invigorating flavor palate of Heisenberg Kush. 
Hell-Raiser-Oghybrid4.8Relaxed,Euphoric,Uplifted,Talkative,HappyPine,Citrus,Spicy/HerbalHell Raiser OG, bred by Archive Seed Bank, is a 60% indica-dominant cross between Fire OG and Face Off OG. After its 72-day flowering time indoors, Hell Raiser OG produces round, crystal covered buds that show off its OG lineage through a sour lemon and pine aroma. Hell Raiser OG took 1st place in the concentrates category of the 2014 High Times San Francisco Cannabis Cup.
Hells-Angel-Oghybrid4.5Relaxed,Euphoric,Sleepy,Happy,HungryEarthy,Pungent,WoodyHell’s Angel OG (also called Biker's Kush or just Hell's OG) is an indica-dominant hybrid that is said to contain OG Kush and Blackberry genetics. The strain’s origins are poorly documented, but popular myth will tell you Hell's Angel OG was bred by the biker ruffians themselves in Southern California. If nothing else, we could assume this strain is named after its fierce psychoactive effects that settle in quickly and heavily. Lifting stress from the mind and pain from the body, Hells Angels OG is a therapeutic strain commonly used to treat inflammation, insomnia, and PTSD. Underneath its dominant earthy flavors hides a subtle citrus, candy-like aroma. This hybrid produces large, heavy buds that flower in 8 to 9 weeks indoors while outdoor plants are ready for harvest during the September-October transition.
Hellfire-Oghybrid4.5Euphoric,Relaxed,Happy,Energetic,SleepyEarthy,Citrus,DieselHellfire OG is a California hybrid strain that crosses Rascal’s OG Kush with SFV OG Kush. Another robust and powerfully euphoric addition to the OG family tree, Hellfire OG is the perfect THC powerhouse for the cannabis veteran or the patient needing potent relief. In a show of its genetic line, Hellfire OG carries that signature OG smell of lemon diesel and earthy spice.
Hemlockhybrid4.5Happy,Uplifted,Relaxed,Giggly,TalkativeSweet,Citrus,PineA cross of Durban Poison and LA Confidential, Hemlock is a hybrid strain that smells of sweet grapefruit with a hint of ammonia. Found mostly in Colorado, Hemlock averages about 21% THC and features a short, stocky, easy-to-grow structure with good yields and high resin production.  This hybrid gives users a relaxed feeling of well-being, and is potentially good for treating migraines, anxiety, and PTSD. 
Hempstarsativa4.3Happy,Euphoric,Creative,Uplifted,EnergeticWoody,Pungent,EarthyHempstar, now known as 'Brainstorm,' was developed by Dutch Passion Seeds as a tribute to all the hempsters and the international hemp movement. This sativa-dominant strain was originally a three-way cross between Skunk, Oasis, and Haze, but Dutch Passion later brought Northern Lights #5 and Haze together to create the modern Brainstorm strain. It has a mild taste and traditional sativa effects.
Herculeshybrid4.8Happy,Uplifted,Energetic,Giggly,CreativeEarthy,Sweet,TropicalHercules! Hercules! These hybrid buds are a blend of Hawaiian Urkle and Gupta Kush crafted by Colorado Seed Inc. A 60/40 sativa-dominant blend, Hercules offers the functional sedation of Kush with the mental alertness native to strong sativas. This all-day strain is ideal for physical activity, including, but not limited to: fighting Cerberus or eating an entire box of cereal.  
Herojuanaindica4.4Relaxed,Sleepy,Happy,Hungry,EuphoricEarthy,Spicy/Herbal,WoodyOriginally bred by Woodhorse Seeds, Herijuana is a combination of the highly regarded Humboldt County Afghan indica called Petrolia Headstash and an outdoor hybrid from Kentucky known only as the “Killer New Haven” strain. This combo was worked by breeders for 15 generations to create an inbred line (IBL), meaning that most of the seeds will grow into plants that are nearly identical. Herijuana produces large dense flowers on an open, stretchy plant, with aromas and flavors ranging from spicy earth and sandalwood to hashy fruit. THC levels have been measured at over 25%, and the high provides a heavy, almost numbing feeling. 
Hibiscus-Sunrisehybrid4.5Euphoric,Uplifted,Relaxed,Energetic,HappyFlowery,Lavender,SweetHibiscus Sunrise is Colorado Seed Inc.’s version of “beach chair weed.” This relaxing, clear headed indica-dominant hybrid emanates chill vibes made for bright days. Offering a mental clarity that enables activity, Hibiscus Sunrise also provides a body high that is dense but not weighted. Pair this strain with a good playlist and indulge in the sights and smells of a world observed from a higher perspective. 
Higher-Powersativa4.8Creative,Uplifted,Energetic,Focused,HappyGrape,Flowery,Tree,FruitHigher Power is a cross between the hybrid strain Geezus and the sativa African Queen bred by Wild Oregon Weed.  It has a delicious odor akin to grape Froot Loops and has been measured at 24% THC.  This sativa offers a truly stimulating high that will leave you energized and bursting with creativity. 
Highwaymanhybrid3.8Focused,Happy,Relaxed,Sleepy,EuphoricSpicy/Herbal,Flowery,EarthyHighwayman is a cross of William’s Wonder and Tang Tang created by Colorado breeder Tierra Rojo and supposedly named in honor of Willie Nelson and the rest of the famed outlaw country supergroup, the Highwaymen. An even mix of sativa and indica genetics, it produces an uplifting, creative head high along with a subtle body buzz and aromas of chocolate and coffee.  This strain can be beneficial in treating pain, anxiety, and depression.
Himalayan-Blackberryindica4.9Sleepy,Relaxed,Euphoric,Happy,UpliftedEarthy,Berry,PineHimalayan Blackberry by Soulshine Cannabis is a strain that blends earthy flavors with relaxed physical attributes. This indica-dominant cut combines Nepalese with North Indian and offers stoney effects that help relieve pain while imbuing the mind with subtle invigoration. The aroma is rich and floral, speaking to strong Kush overtones that are amplified by the sativa qualities of Nepalese. Enjoy this strain near the end of the day to fully harness its sedative effects.
Himalayan-Goldhybrid4.2Happy,Euphoric,Creative,Aroused,SleepySpicy/Herbal,Earthy,CitrusThe Himalayan mountains are home to many cannabis strains. Parents of Himalayan Gold originate in Himalayan-bordering countries of Nepal and North India. When grown indoors, Himalayan Gold plants can reach up to 5 feet. However when grown outdoors, they have been known to reach up to 8 feet in length. The aromas of this plant have been characterized as a sweet and spicy chocolate and a hint of pepper. With a THC content up to 15% and a CBD of 1.4%, the high hits down and then works its way up.
Hindu-Kushindica4.3Relaxed,Sleepy,Happy,Euphoric,UpliftedEarthy,Woody,SweetHindu Kush is a pure indica strain named after the mountain range stretching 500 miles between Pakistan and Afghanistan where it originated. The harsh climate of its homeland has conditioned this strain to express a thick, protective coat of crystal trichomes cherished by hash makers worldwide. With a subtle sweet and earthy sandalwood aroma, Hindu Kush induces a deep sense of calm that helps bring relief to those suffering pain, nausea, and stress disorders.
Hindu-Skunkindica4.2Relaxed,Euphoric,Happy,Aroused,UpliftedEarthy,Woody,SweetAlso known as Skunk Kush, Hindu Skunk is a cross of Hindu Kush and Skunk #1. The taste of the smoke is smooth and provides a strong and very mellow high.  
Hippie-Chickensativa4.3Euphoric,Happy,Uplifted,Relaxed,TalkativeSweet,Tree,Fruit,BerryHippie Chicken is a mostly sativa strain with strongly euphoric effects that border on psychedelic – hence the name. A cross between Blueberry and Alaskan Thunder Fuck, Hippie Chicken takes after its sativa parent in its giggly, energetic effects which are accented only slightly by the tingly, relaxing effects passed down by Blueberry. 
Hippie-Cripplerhybrid4.3Happy,Uplifted,Relaxed,Euphoric,EnergeticPungent,Earthy,SweetDon’t worry, Hippie Crippler isn’t some strange affliction you may get from hanging around with flower children, it’s an uplifting sativa-dominant hybrid. Patients love this cross of AK-47 and Blue Satellite for its sweet smell and taste. Take this Hippie home and you’ll be glad you did. While this strain is popular for daytime, it may leave some patients bleary-eyed and a little spacey depending on tolerance and dosage.
Hoarfrosthybrid4.8Creative,Euphoric,Focused,Happy,HungrySpicy/Herbal,Woody,VanillaHoarfrost by Cabin Fever Seed Breeders is a pungent hybrid with incredible trichome production. By crossing the mysterious White Forest with Raskal’s own White Fire, CFSB created a stimulating cross with heady euphoria that is ideal for long conversations and afternoons full of imagination. The flower emits a scent of fuel and hash with a gentle undercurrent of tart fruit. Enjoy Hoarfrost to elevate mood and stimulate creativity.  
Hobbithybrid4.3Tingly,Uplifted,Happy,Focused,HungryFlowery,Tea,VanillaHobbit by Kannabia Seeds is a resilient autoflowering variety with sweetness and strong elemental resistance. This strain has a sweet aroma that has been described as “strawberry candy” and an equally sweet smoke with latent earthy notes. Hobbit deftly combines stimulating Haze elements with a pervasive body buzz that is lightly weighted while remaining pleasant and functional. Many growers covet this autoflowering wonder for its quick 65-day flowering time and above-average yield.  
Hogs-Breathindica4.2Relaxed,Happy,Sleepy,Hungry,TinglyEarthy,Pungent,CheeseWinner of the 2002 Cannabis Cup for best indica, Hog's breath was bred from Hindu Kush and Afghani in Tennessee. Her buds are light and dark green with orange hairs and a healthy amount of crystals on its dense buds. The taste has been described as cheddar and provides a overall tingly mind and body high. The THC content is up to 13% and CBD up to 0.47%.
Hollands-Hopeindica4.2Relaxed,Euphoric,Happy,Sleepy,UpliftedSweet,Earthy,PungentHolland's Hope was one of the first cannabis varieties designed for tough outdoor conditions. In the early 1980s, Holland's Hope was created by White Label Seed Company, a partner breeder of Sensi Seeds, and named for her ability to produce excellent results in a wet and unpredictable summer, giving hope to Holland's outdoor growers. Because she was bred for wet circumstances, Holland’s Hope is fungus-resistant. This pure indica produces solid, heavy buds that will provide you with a knock-down stone.
Hollywood-Oghybrid4.4Relaxed,Happy,Hungry,Tingly,UpliftedEarthy,Sweet,AmmoniaHailing from southern California, Hollywood OG is an indica-dominant hybrid that delivers strong cerebrally focused effects with a sweet, earthy flavor. A subtle floral aroma sits underneath the dominant smell of lemon and diesel. Thick buds sparkle with crystal trichomes, which begin to hint at this strain’s potency. Hollywood OG’s onset is immediate and hard-hitting, making this indica hybrid a top choice for patients needing fast relief of pain, tension, and stress.
Holy-Ghosthybrid4.6Relaxed,Euphoric,Hungry,Giggly,HappyEarthy,Citrus,GrapefruitHoly Ghost is a harmony of attractive genetics that balance the relaxing nature of indicas with sativas’ cerebral activity. Parent strains Satori, Amnesia Haze, Pitbull, and Durban Poison combine to create a pungent blend of diesel and citrus aromas that are enhanced by an earthy exhale of spiced sandalwood. The interplay of sativa and indica genetics relax the body without putting you to sleep, and energize the mind without overstimulation. Holy Ghost is an enjoyable answer when faced with stress or depression. 
Holy-Grail-Kushhybrid4.5Relaxed,Happy,Uplifted,Euphoric,CreativeEarthy,Pungent,WoodyHoly Grail Kush is a newer strain created by seed breeders DNA Genetics and Reserva Privada Colorado. It entered into the Seed Company Hybrids category at the 2011 High Times Cannabis Cup. As the offspring of multi-award winners OG #18 and Kosher Kush, it’s no surprise that Holy Grail Kush came out on top and is said to have nabbed the competition’s first-ever perfect score. The plants are easy to grow, with large, dense buds appearing at 9 to 10 weeks. Most of Holy Grail Kush’s praise centers around its potency; THC levels have tested at over 20%, but this hybrid produces a more mellow relaxation than the melt-your-face-off indica sensation the name might suggest. The aroma of this plant is pure kush and has a strong spicy citrus smell, both while growing and once harvested, that is uniquely complex.
Hondurassativa3NoneNoneHonduras is a Central American landrace strain preserved by Ace Seeds. Its structure, flowering time, and overall appearance are reminiscent of old lowland Colombian strains while the effects and terpene profile are closer to Mexican sativas. The strain’s invigorating effects help stave off fatigue and lethargy, but can have overstimulating side effects for those prone to anxiety. Honduras’ aroma is tart and floral with a spicy finish.  
Honey-Bananashybrid4.7Happy,Relaxed,Uplifted,Euphoric,CreativeHoney,Sweet,FloweryHoney Bananas from Elemental Seeds is a heavy-handed hybrid strain bred from Strawberry Banana and Honey Boo Boo. This cannabis strain earns its name with a resinous coat as sticky as honey and an unmistakable banana aroma. She leans heavily toward the indica side of the family, providing weighty full-body effects coupled with an invigorating buzz of cerebral euphoria.
Honey-Boo-Booindica4.7Euphoric,Happy,Aroused,Creative,GigglySweet,Pungent,ButterAn 80% indica by DNA Genetics, Honey Boo Boo is a limited edition strain that crosses a Bubba Kush mother with a Captain Krypt OG male. With a sweet flavor that in part lends this strain her name, Honey Boo Boo deals a heavy-handed blast of euphoria that melts throughout the body. Her dense buds finish flowering after 8 to 9 weeks, and her maturation is often marked by darkened purple leaf tips.
Honey-Rockhybrid4Hungry,Relaxed,Tingly,Sleepy,EuphoricHoneyHoney Rock by Sumo Seeds is the product of selective breeding and the pursuit of exceptional cannabis. By crossing Super Widow (White Widow x Super Skunk) with Swazi Poison (Swazi x Durban Poison), Sumo Seeds created a rock-hard indica-dominant hybrid that combines landrace genetics with refined hybrids. Honey Rock’s effects are deeply soothing, offering stoney sedation and relief from aches and pains. This is not a daytime strain; the eclectic cannabinoid profile and overall potency make this strain one of Sumo’s heaviest. 
Hong-Konghybrid4.5Hungry,Relaxed,Happy,Uplifted,EnergeticDiesel,Citrus,EarthyHong Kong is a sativa-dominant cross between sativa favorite Sour Diesel and Sensi Star. This hybrid exhibits the smell and taste characteristic of Sour Diesel: pungent sour citrus aroma lending to an earthy, citrusy, diesel fuel taste. The plant itself has an average, grassy green appearance, but provides both high yield and THC levels. Best used during the daytime, Hong Kong is known for its long-lasting effects which are energetic and positive. Keep your snacks close by—many patients also report that Hong Kong will increase their appetite.
Hoodwrecksativa4.2Euphoric,Happy,Creative,Energetic,FocusedSweet,Minty,TropicalDeveloped in Mt. Hood, OR, by Valhalla Pharm, Hoodwreck is a sativa-dominant hybrid cross of Trainwreck and Purple Diesel. These dense, sticky, dark green buds feature purple highlights and an earthy, slightly citrusy scent with a sweet diesel flavor when smoked. The effects of this strain creep up on you slowly, gradually elevating your mood and fully relaxing your body. 
Huckleberryhybrid4.2Happy,Relaxed,Talkative,Uplifted,EuphoricBerry,Earthy,SweetThe origins and genetics of Huckleberry are under debate, but there is no disputing the strain’s unmistakable berry aroma. The flower is compact, light green in color, and generally covered in orange hairs. Huckleberry plants have a flowering time of 8-9 weeks and produce average yields. They might be a bit tricky for the novice grower. The effects of this strain are on the milder side and largely reported as relaxing, cutting through stress without the cloudiness. Undoubtedly, this strain is best known for its intense fruity smell and taste, similar to its relative Blueberry.
Huckleberry-Houndhybrid5Creative,Euphoric,Happy,RelaxedBlueberry,Skunk,ChemicalHuckleberry Hound is an obscure hybrid that has alleged roots in Blueberry and Chemdawg families. With notes of berry intermixed with a palatable melange of chemicals, this flower's bouquet is challenging but worthwhile. Expect airy body effects that take on more weight with time and cerebral effects that remind many of Sour Diesel’s type of mental stimuli. Most Chemdawg lineage is potent, so be aware, as this strain is a howler. 
Hulkamaniaindica4.5Aroused,Tingly,Uplifted,Euphoric,HappySweet,Berry,FloweryHulkamania is an honorary strain for “The Hulkster” himself, Hulk Hogan. While this strain may not arrive in Hogan’s recognizable spandex, bandana, and mustache of the iconic wrestler, it does combine some heavy-lifting THC muscle in the form of a Monster Cookies and Bruce Banner cross. Hulkamania combines relaxing physical effects with creative and uplifted mental effects, offering consumers the best of both worlds. Also, in true Cookies fashion, the strain smells doughy with notes of sweet earth on the exhale.  
Humboldthybrid4.3Relaxed,Sleepy,Euphoric,Happy,UpliftedFlowery,Sweet,CitrusThe genetics of the Humboldt strain are something of a mystery, but it’s believed to be an Afghani strain that was cultivated in the Humboldt County area of California in the 1970s and later gained popularity in Europe in the 1990s. These plants are fast, tall growers that need lots of attention. Given proper care, they grow well indoors and out, flower in 8 weeks, and have above average yields. Humboldt’s aroma is floral and sweet and its high is uplifting and upbeat, bringing to mind the qualities of a Haze strain. It’s a good choice if you want to stay clear-headed.
Humboldt-Dreamindica4.8Relaxed,Creative,Euphoric,Uplifted,HappySweet,Berry,EarthyHumboldt Dream is Humboldt Seed’s Purple Panty Dropper combined with Blue Dream. This strain takes the sensuous body high of the Purple Panty Dropper and adds the pseudo-stimulation of Blue Dream to elicit a mental aloofness. Expect a hazy couchlock that encourages appetite and creativity.  
Humboldt-Headbandindica4.8Euphoric,Sleepy,Happy,Relaxed,FocusedSweet,Grape,DieselHumboldt Headband is Humboldt Seed’s version of the crowd-pleaser, Headband. Unlike the traditional sativa-dominant Headband, Humboldt breeds in Purple Panty Dropper for its weighty indica genetics, resulting in a euphoric 75% indica-dominant strain that relieves aches and pains. Expect a heady pressure that may resemble the sensation of wearing a headband. As its effects melt into the body, anticipate pleasurable physical relaxation with latent aphrodisiac effects.  
Hurklehybrid4.7Relaxed,Happy,Hungry,Focused,SleepySweet,Earthy,BerryBred by TGA Genetics, Hurkle is a hybrid cross between the high-CBD sativa Harlequin and a Querkle indica. Most Hurkle phenotypes will hover around a 1:1 ratio of THC and CBD, but some variation should be expected. Flavors of grape, coffee, and chocolate overwhelm the palate in a flavorful introduction to Hurkle’s calming effects. CBD and THC team up to crush pain, stress, and anxiety, leaving you feeling relaxed in both mind and body.
Hurricanesativa4.3Uplifted,Relaxed,Energetic,Happy,FocusedSpicy/Herbal,Grape,BerryHurricane is a 70/30 sativa-dominant hybrid from Colorado breeders Reserva Privada that combines the spicy Haze genetics of Panama Punch with the OG Kush flavors of the award-winning LA Confidential. These flowers give off a mix of fruity smells with undertones of spice, and an earthy, herbal flavor when smoked or vaporized. Its potent mix of indica and sativa genetics produces a pleasant, giggly head high with a pain-relieving indica effects, and is generally considered suitable for daytime use.
Hustler-Kushhybrid4.7Happy,Energetic,Euphoric,Uplifted,TalkativeEarthy,Woody,SweetHustler Kush is an indica-dominant hybrid bred by Greenworks out of Seattle, WA. These potent buds offer a sweet, earthy, piney aroma with fast-acting and long-lasting effects optimal for pain relief.
I-95hybrid4Creative,Energetic,Euphoric,Focused,HappyI-95 is deep hybrid cut bred from Triangle Kush and a Legend OG x Stardawg IX2 hybrid by Money Mike of Top Dawg Genetics. This strain is known to produce dense, light green buds covered in glistening trichomes, and it offers balanced physical and mental effects. I-95's terpene profile is a pungent bouquet of diesel fuel and sour funk that fills the room and excites the palate. This strain is grown by Canna Organix in Washington state.  
Iced-Grapefruithybrid4.3Happy,Euphoric,Relaxed,Focused,CreativeCitrus,Grape,GrapefruitICED Grapefruit by Female Seeds is a hybrid strain that brings together genetics from ICE and Grapefruit. The resulting hybrid leans slightly to the sativa side, offering uplifting and happy effects that keep positivity flowing. The physically relaxing qualities of this strain come from its ICE parent, an indica-dominant hybrid cherished for its sedating effects. Both parents come through in the flavor as hashy notes intermix with sweet citrus and fruit. 
Ifc-Ogindica0NoneNoneIFC OG by Intergalatikz is a frosty indica strain with pungent terpenes and pleasantly sedating effects. Created by crossing Stardust OG and OG Kush, IFC OG’s light green foliage and skunky, chemical-filled aroma speak to the strain’s lineage and relaxing body effects. Noted for having a THC content between 20-27%, IFC OG’s potent indica genetics make this strain an ideal companion for lazy days. 
Ig-Kushhybrid4.5Sleepy,Happy,Relaxed,Tingly,HungrySweet,Orange,EarthyImperial Genetics was created by the breeders who originally brought the OG Kush craze to California and Colorado from Florida. Hoping to bring new, exciting flavors to their classic genetics, they crossed some of their original strains with other West Coast clones, and the IG Kush is one of the first resulting seed lines. Crossing Deadhead OG with ‘92 OG Kush, IG Kush has the sturdy structure and dense, high potency flowers typical of OG Kush strains along with a sweet fruity flavor likened to sour gummy candy. It generally has a THC content ranging from 20-25% with a strong hybrid high combining cerebral and body effects.     
Icehybrid4.1Euphoric,Uplifted,Relaxed,Happy,TinglyDiesel,Flowery,EarthyNirvana Seeds really took their time with this indica/sativa hybrid, carefully selecting from thousands of plants before combining choice Skunk #1, Afghani, Northern Lights, and Shiva genetics into one potent seed line. Ice features copious yields of high density flowers with incredible trichome production. Some phenotypes will grow quite large, so growing indoors can be challenging. Most users report Ice as having a petrol aroma and a very heavy indica-type buzz, while some variations can present a more uplifting sativa-like effect.
Ice-Creamhybrid4.1Happy,Relaxed,Uplifted,Focused,EuphoricSweet,Vanilla,WoodyThis indica-dominant 60/40 strain bred by Paradise Seeds creates a great hybrid balance of effects. Much like the frozen treat, Ice Cream has a smooth, creamy taste.
Ice-Princesshybrid5Happy,Relaxed,Sleepy,Uplifted,EuphoricTropicalIce Princess by Brothers Grimm Seeds is a hybrid cross between a Cinderella 99 mother and a White Widow father. This combination creates dense, resinous pine tree shaped colas that reek of skunk, spice, and tropical fruit. It fares best indoors and is known to yield larger crops with the addition of extra light. Ice Princess offers consumers cerebral effects similar to Cinderella 99, but with heavier physical potency.  
Ice-Queenhybrid4.6Euphoric,Relaxed,Happy,Creative,TalkativeSweet,Earthy,FloweryIce Queen is a hybrid strain that crosses White Widow and Cinderella 99 in a sativa-heavy blend fit for royalty. Its light, loose buds are powdered with frost-like resin that blankets the buds like fresh snowfall. One whiff of Ice Queen fills your nose with a sweet bouquet of lavender and rose aromas accented by subtle pepper notes. Another variety of Ice Queen was once bred by No Mercy Seeds, who combined Master Ice and Valley Queen; however, you may find this rendition harder to come by in today’s market.
Ice-Wreckhybrid4.3Relaxed,Euphoric,Creative,Uplifted,TinglyEarthy,Woody,SweetBy combining two high-potency strains, Ice and Trainwreck, Crop King Seeds has created a real knockout of a hybrid that has tested at over 27% THC. Ice Wreck blends the cerebral high of a sativa with the deep body stone of an indica into one great package.
Iced-Widowindica4.4Relaxed,Happy,Euphoric,Uplifted,GigglyStrawberry,Sweet,PungentThis powerful indica combines the high THC content of ICE with the prized White Widow.  Iced Widow's compact stature and quick flowering time have made this strain popular among growers of any experience level, while the potency and diesel flavors demand attention from the hardest hitting indica fans. The strong and long-lasting effects make it an ideal solution when combatting chronic pain.
Ill-Ogindica3.7Euphoric,Giggly,Happy,Relaxed,UpliftedEarthy,Pungent,PineIll OG by Los Angeles Kush is a True OG backcross that goes three generations deep. This strain’s OG aroma is all pine and earth, speaking to the heavy, long-lasting physical effects that saddle the body with weighted relaxation. Its carefree buzz makes this stoney indica perfect for curbing stress and depression. Couchlock and lethargy are natural side effects, so consider enjoying this sedating strain later in the evening.   
Illuminati-Ogindica4.7Relaxed,Sleepy,Focused,Talkative,EuphoricEarthy,Sweet,Pungent3C Illuminati OG is a direct cut from Josh D’s 1996 Club 33 OG phenome and makes up the genetic backbone of many west coast cannabis varieties. In spite of its ubiquity, its origins remain a debatable mystery (as its name suggests). The colas are a blend of beautiful green tones and its scent is fresh and piney. Illuminati’s denseness hits the tongue with a blast of pine and a touch of tar, just to be followed by a subtle floral sweetness. Its effects set in very quickly, starting with a relaxation that begins at the crown of the head and melts over the entire body.
In-The-Pinessativa4.4Happy,Uplifted,Focused,Relaxed,EuphoricPine,Sweet,PineappleFrom Aficionado Seeds comes In The Pines, a sativa-dominant strain bred by crossing Pineapple Thai, Master Kush, and Pineapple. Tropical fruity flavors activate on the inhale and usher in this sativa’s invigorating, active effects. Clear creativity comes alive as the senses sharpen, making In The Pines the perfect companion strain for hobbies and productive afternoons.
Incredible-Bulkindica4.5Relaxed,Happy,Hungry,Sleepy,EuphoricEarthy,Skunk,Spicy/HerbalIncredible Bulk is a mixture of three notable indicas. Big Bud combines with Super Skunk and Green Spirit to create the sweet earthy flavors of hash that usher in Incredible Bulk’s relaxing effects. Its sedating effects make Incredible Bulk a great choice to help you unwind at the end of the day. Originally bred by Dr. Krippling for its heavy yields and ease of growth, Incredible Bulk is a very stable plant that makes a compelling case for indoor cultivation. The buds are known to explode in size when grown hydroponically.
Incredible-Hulksativa4.5Happy,Euphoric,Focused,Relaxed,UpliftedSweet,Earthy,CitrusIncredible Hulk is a sativa strain that harnesses the active and stimulating effects of its parent strains, Green Crack and Jack Herer. Creativity and social energy get a boost while blueberry, pineapple, and earthy flavors overwhelm the palate. This high-energy sativa is preferred as a daytime remedy for minor aches and pains.
Industrial-Planthybrid4.1Energetic,Uplifted,Euphoric,Happy,RelaxedCitrus,Spicy/Herbal,SweetIndustrial Plant was one of the first strains of cannabis to be developed to thrive under the artificial lights of indoor gardens. Its stable genetics and large yields have made it an exceptional commercial Dutch strain. To produce this hybrid Dinafem Seeds crossed Afghani with Thai genetics. The result is a skunky, citrus aroma with hints of wood and spice that sweeten to fruity hints of bubblegum when ground into shake. The effects of Industrial Plant are balanced and uplifting, and while not overpowering, they do provide a sense of peaceful relaxation that won’t completely kill your motivation.
Ingridindica4.3Relaxed,Euphoric,Creative,Sleepy,HappyCheese,Pungent,SkunkIngrid is a lesser-known indica, but it’s growing in popularity as consumers begin to discover this gem of a strain. This plant can be grown indoors or out, but produces higher yield indoors with flowers appearing around 5 to 7 weeks. The buds are dense, tightly bound flowers with very little loose greenery. Perhaps most striking are the flowers’ nearly neon green color. The neon buds emit a skunky aroma and induce a typical indica-strong body effect.
Intergalactichybrid0Creative,Giggly,Happy,RelaxedNoneIntergalactic is an extremely potent hybrid strain. With a terpene profile rich in pine and earth, and dense, frosted nugs that twinkle like the night sky, Intergalactic delivers a rush of euphoria and energy, making it ideal for mood elevation. But beware, this high-THC strain can give unseasoned consumers anxiety and significantly stimulate the appetite. Intergalactic is an uplifting strain that can be consumed any time of the day, but for best results, mind your dosage. This strain is a perfect companion for getting creative and active.   
Irene-Kushhybrid4.6Relaxed,Happy,Creative,Euphoric,FocusedEarthy,Citrus,PineIrene OG is a sour-scented hybrid strain that is said to have originated in the United States' Deep South. Its genetics are a mystery to most, but rumor has it that Irene OG descended from California's OG Kush. Hints of its heritage are found in its earthy pine aroma, but this hybrid has a distinctive diesel smell that deviates from the typical OG flavor. The onset begins with a high-energy cerebral buzz and accelerated thoughts. Over time, Irene OG sinks into the rest of the body, balancing physical and mental relief.
Irish-Creamindica4Uplifted,Euphoric,Relaxed,Sleepy,GigglyNoneIrish Cream by Mighty Irish Seeds is a backcross of Mighty Irish Hope. This indica-dominant strain is short and squat with strong floral aromas. The flavor is sweet and smooth on the palate while the strain’s effects remain moderately weighted. As described by the breeder, the physical sensations that accompany this strain go from “melted to toasted,” leaving the consumer relaxed and carefree.
Iron-Trianglehybrid4.2Happy,Giggly,Tingly,Uplifted,FocusedDiesel,Spicy/Herbal,SweetIron Triangle is an indica-dominant hybrid originating within the humid geometry created by Jacksonville, Miami, and Tampa. This red-eye inducing strain exhibits an aroma of lemon and fuel. Gupta Kush amps up the yield of its zesty buds and plants a firm foot in the cerebral head high while offering a stunning sedation. This balanced 50/50 hybrid created by Colorado Seed Inc. packs OG and Kush genetics that will slow even the most seasoned consumers.
Island-Hazesativa4.8Creative,Uplifted,Relaxed,Sleepy,TalkativeSweet,Berry,BlueberryIsland Haze is an uplifting sativa with euphoria and creativity on tap. This strain is a cross of Cannalope Haze and Blue Jam (Atomic Haze x Blueberry), giving this strain a double dose of fruity terpenes and Haze genetics. Known for its happy mental state and whimsical creativity, this strain’s effects can assist with depression and fatigue. The bright fruit-forward aroma also makes this strain a crowd pleaser and welcome addition to sunny days outdoors.
Island-Maui-Hazesativa4.5Euphoric,Tingly,Creative,Happy,RelaxedTropical,Mango,AmmoniaIsland Maui Haze is a 75/25 sativa-dominant strain with effects that can creep up on you. These dense, forest green buds may not initially attract you based on its strong, ammonia smell; however, this crystal-covered strain is praised for its uplifting, energetic effects that can relieve pain and other symptoms without bringing you down into a lazy state. 
Island-Sweet-Skunksativa4.3Happy,Relaxed,Uplifted,Energetic,FocusedSkunk,Sweet,TropicalIsland Sweet Skunk, sometimes called Sweet Island Skunk, is a sativa strain that users enjoy for its energetic effects. The flavor is most easily described as “sweet skunk,” where tropical fruit flavors take the lead. Often the fruity aroma is likened to grapefruit. Originally bred by Federation Seed Company in Canada, this strain is a descendant of Skunk #1 and grows tall, straight, high-yielding plants. Some varieties of Island Sweet Skunk have a heightened CBD content to help patients treating anxiety, inflammation, and muscle spasms. Flowering occurs at 7 to 8 weeks and buds will have bright yellow-orange hairs. They will remain loose and fluffy, so make sure they don’t get too dried out. 
Js-Famous-Kushhybrid4Focused,Hungry,RelaxedPepper,Earthy,SkunkJ’s Famous Kush is a cross of three Northern Californian hybrids. The resinous colas carry a strong skunky smell and produce sweet earthy flavors, with notes of black pepper and hash. The effects from J’s Famous Kush provide a euphoric burst that is surprisingly uplifting for a strain dominated by indica genetics.
J-27sativa4.2Euphoric,Energetic,Focused,Uplifted,CreativeDiesel,Earthy,WoodyNamed after the Central California highway of its supposed origin, J-27 is a strong sativa that will definitely give you a fast rush. Great for battling depression and for patients who need to be focused while medicated, J-27 may cause some anxiety in higher doses. This strain is also noted for its powerful citrus-heavy aroma. J-27 flowers will be large and should have plenty of orange hairs. While its genetics are unknown, it is rumored to have some Jack Herer in its lineage and many patients find its effects to be similar.
J1hybrid4.5Euphoric,Happy,Creative,Uplifted,EnergeticCitrus,Pine,SweetJ1, or Jack One, is a high-end hybrid strain that is gaining widespread popularity. Although a hybrid, the high-energy effects categorize the strain more on the sativa end of the scale. J1 is a cross between two famous sativas, Skunk #1 and Jack Herer, and is best known for its strong, uplifting, clear-headed buzz that allows for mobility. The flowers are emerald green and frosty with a sweet aroma resembling the unmistakable Jack Herer pungency. This strain’s seemingly only flaw is the top-shelf price that tends to come with its exceptional quality.
Jt15indica5Relaxed,Sleepy,Happy,Hungry,UpliftedJT15 is an indica Kush cross with a powerful onset and a deep, earthy, woody aroma. Its relaxing qualities make JT15 a preferred strain for patients treating pain, insomnia, and stress.
Jack-47hybrid4.7Happy,Euphoric,Relaxed,Giggly,EnergeticEarthy,Lemon,Spicy/HerbalJack 47 combines two of the most sought-after varieties of cannabis: Jack Herer and AK-47. This super hybrid, bred by Sweet Seeds, is mostly sativa and carries the sweet, captivating aroma of Jack Herer. Growers will appreciate the vigorous growth and large colas this strain produces. While connoisseurs are drawn in by the smooth earthy flavor of sugary lemons, patients enjoy Jack 47's immediate relief from stress and muscle pains.
Jack-Burtonindica4.5Aroused,Sleepy,Uplifted,Creative,EuphoricSweet,Flowery,RoseJack Burton by THClones is a sensuous indica-dominant strain born from two distinct Cookie crosses. Created by combining Fortune Cookies and Thai Cookies, Jack Burton draws out each strain’s sweet, pungent aromas while offering consumers long-lasting physical effects that titillate the senses. The terpene profile is buttery and floral while the strain’s subtle euphoria tempers focus and uplifts the mind. Enjoy at the end of the day to indulge in Jack Burton’s physical benefits with your partner or significant other.
Jack-Dieselsativa4.2Euphoric,Happy,Energetic,Giggly,CreativeDiesel,Earthy,SweetJack Diesel crosses two mainstays in the cannabis world, Jack Herer and NYC Diesel, to produce a pungent mix of floral and diesel aromas. Its woody flavors are intertwined with sweet hints of fruit that bring on potent, long-lasting sativa effects. The uplifting sativa buzz is reminiscent of Haze varieties, generating immediate relaxation followed by an energetic rush that stimulates creativity along with your appetite.
Jack-Flashhybrid4.2Uplifted,Euphoric,Happy,Relaxed,EnergeticCitrus,Sweet,EarthyTo create Jack Flash, Sensi Seeds started out with their Jack Herer's gene pool and then crossed it with Super Skunk and Haze. Jack Flash offers an earthy citrus aroma, impressive yields, and the active cerebral legacy of her Jack Herer parent. This hybrid gets its name from its lightning-fast onset which may prove useful to patients needing immediate symptom relief.
Jack-Frosthybrid4.4Happy,Euphoric,Relaxed,Energetic,UpliftedPine,Citrus,EarthyBred by Goldenseed, Jack Frost was developed over 5 years of persistence in order to improve on the potency and aroma of this strain. Initially with a lineage of Jack Herer, White Widow, and Northern Lights #5, these strains were bred before then introducing Rainbow Kashmiri (now it its third year of exclusive inbreeding). THC content in this strain has been measured up to 22.6%.
Jack-Hazehybrid4.1Happy,Energetic,Euphoric,Uplifted,GigglyEarthy,Woody,Spicy/HerbalA cross between Jack Herer and Super Silver Haze, this is one giggly hybrid. Sativa-dominant, Jack Haze provides patients with an intense psychoactive sensation. Like drinking a strong cup of coffee, this strain’s energizing and uplifting effects make it great for daytime use. Patients who suffer from depression or stress tend to really enjoy this strain. Jack Haze is quite potent, so it should be used with caution by novice patients.
Jack-Herersativa4.4Happy,Uplifted,Energetic,Focused,EuphoricEarthy,Pine,WoodyJack Herer is a sativa-dominant cannabis strain that has gained as much renown as its namesake, the marijuana activist and author of The Emperor Wears No Clothes. Combining a Haze hybrid with a Northern Lights #5 and Shiva Skunk cross, Sensi Seeds created Jack Herer hoping to capture both the cerebral elevation associated with sativas and the heavy resin production of indicas. Its rich genetic background gives rise to several different variations of Jack Herer, each phenotype bearing its own unique features and effects. However, consumers typically describe this 55% sativa hybrid as blissful, clear-headed, and creative.Jack Herer was created in the Netherlands in the mid-1990s, where it was later distributed by Dutch pharmacies as a recognized medical-grade strain. Since then, the spicy, pine-scented sativa has taken home numerous awards for its quality and potency. Many breeders have attempted to cultivate this staple strain themselves in sunny or Mediterranean climates, and indoor growers should wait 50 to 70 days for Jack Herer to flower.
Jack-Skellingtonsativa4.7Euphoric,Relaxed,Happy,Creative,FocusedDiesel,Pungent,EarthyJack Skellington by TGA Genetics is a 70% sativa cross between Killer Queen and Jack the Ripper. TGA sought out the most resin-heavy phenotypes of each parent for an ideal, crystal-coated offspring. With a fruity citrus and diesel aroma, Jack Skellington promises an intensely psychoactive experience that brings creativity and introspection to a new level. Jack Skellington flowers in 8 weeks indoors and thrives in sea of green (SOG) setups.
Jack-Smacksativa5Focused,Happy,Creative,Aroused,EnergeticEarthy,Tree,Fruit,FloweryJack Smack by Ustad Seeds is an astonishingly powerful sativa. Known for its mind-warping rush of euphoria and heart-racing stimulation, Jack Smack is pure rocket fuel. Mind your dosage as this strain can easily overstimulate even the most seasoned consumer. Jack Smack is a cross of Jack Herer and Herijuana and exhibits a strong fuel aroma native to both parent strains. Enjoy this strain to combat lethargy and depression.
Jack-Widowhybrid4.2Happy,Uplifted,Euphoric,Creative,HungrySweet,Mango,EarthyAs the name suggests, this sativa-dominant hybrid is a cross between two infamous, award-winning strains: White Widow and Jack Herer. The plant lives up to its lineage, with high THC content and stable, long-lasting sativa effects. Its growing difficulty is easy to moderate. As a plant, Jack Widow is compact, resistant, and high yielding. Flowering times are quick, between 6 and 7 weeks.
Jack-Wrecksativa4.5Energetic,Happy,Uplifted,Euphoric,CreativeCitrus,Pine,SweetJack Wreck is a potent sativa strain that combines two timeless classics, Jack Herer and Trainwreck. While Trainwreck’s influence is evident in Jack Wreck’s sweet citrus aroma, don’t expect the mellow, dreamy buzz associated with Jack Herer: Trainwreck genetics give Jack Wreck an intense kick of cerebral psychoactivity. The racy jolt of energy provided by this sativa hybrid may be too intense for some patients, but those needing high THC levels for pain, appetite loss, and inflammation can trust Jack Wreck for potent daytime relief.
Jack-The-Rippersativa4.2Happy,Energetic,Uplifted,Euphoric,CreativeCitrus,Earthy,PineJack the Ripper, or JTR, is the flagship hybrid from TGA Genetics and was created by the breeder Subcool in an attempt make his famous Jack’s Cleaner in seed form. Described by many as the fastest lemon Haze available to date, it was created by crossing the Jack’s Cleaner clone with a vigorous Space Queen male known as Space Dude. Featuring incredibly resinous triangle-shaped buds and an intense spicy, lemon-pine aroma, Jack the Ripper is a relatively short 70% sativa-dominant strain that usually tests over 20% THC. The effect is intense, visually stimulating, and can sometimes leave novice consumers disoriented and paranoid.
Jacks-Cleanersativa4.2Happy,Focused,Energetic,Euphoric,UpliftedSweet,Citrus,LemonBred by TGA Subcool, this sativa-dominant hybrid is a cross between Jack Herer and The Cleaner, a strain with roots from Pluton, Lamb’s Bread, Purple Haze, and Northern Lights. Its overpowering lemon pungency and strong yellow appearance can be attributed to its Cleaner genetics. This plant flowers in 6 to 8 weeks, returning high yields with impressive potency. Although the strain initially induces sativa effects, the high potency makes this hybrid appropriate for day and night time use.
Jacks-Dreamhybrid4.3Uplifted,Creative,Energetic,Focused,HappyBerry,Blueberry,GrapeJack’s Dream is a stimulating hybrid with familiar flavors and gentle effects. This common sense cross of Jack Herer and Blue Dream offers the consumer an immediate rush of energy that crests into heady euphoria that encourages laughter. The smell and taste have been described as a sweet Trainwreck, exhibiting hints of skunk, pine, and a latent berry sweetness that glides over the tastebuds. Enjoy Jack’s Dream throughout the day to improve mood and stimulate creativity.
Jackalopesativa4.2Happy,Relaxed,Aroused,Sleepy,TalkativeCitrus,Earthy,FloweryJackalope is a mostly sativa strain that crosses Chocolope and Black Jack in a flavorful combination of berry and chocolate confection. Jack Herer ancestry reveals itself through this strain's energized and happy effects, which slowly taper down to mellow relaxation over time. 
Jacked-Uphybrid4.1Energetic,Uplifted,Hungry,Aroused,CreativeBerry,Citrus,LemonOriginally bred by Heroes of the Farm, Jacked-Up is a 60/40 sativa-dominant hybrid cross between Jack Herer and Timewreck. It typically provides strong cerebral, uplifting effects ideal for daytime use. These resin-packed flowers boast a spicy, woody aroma with intricate undertones of berry, citrus, peaches, and apricots. As multifaceted as its flavor profile, Jacked-Up buds are a colorful display of lavender and green pastels bursting with orange hairs.
Jacky-Girlhybrid0NoneNoneJacky Girl or Jack’s Girlfriend is a hybrid cross of Jack Herer and Girl Scout Cookies created by Rebel Spirit Cannabis. It explodes out of the bag with an intoxicating aroma of mint, citrus, and pungent earth. This tall plant’s structure takes after its Jack Herer parentage while its flavors and effects take a cue from GSC. Jacky Girl behaves like a hybrid, offering mental and physical effects that produce a functional, yet pleasurable buzz that is equal parts stimulating and euphoric. Enjoy Jacky Girl to enhance mood, dissipate stress, and stimulate creativity.  
Jacky-Whitesativa4.4Focused,Energetic,Creative,Happy,EuphoricSweet,Grapefruit,CitrusJacky White is a 75% sativa strain bred by Paradise Seeds, who crossed the legendary Jack Herer sativa with a resinous White Widow hybrid. She introduces herself with a sweet grapefruit and citrus aroma, which leads the way into Jacky White’s well-balanced head and body effects. Lofty euphoria lifts the mind into an upbeat cerebral space, while the indica in her softens the racy sativa effects with a deep, physical calm. Since her debut in 2005, growers have cherished Jacky White for her hardiness, stability, fast flowering, and plentiful yields.
Jah-Kushhybrid4.6Happy,Euphoric,Aroused,Giggly,UpliftedEarthy,Citrus,SweetJah Kush is a true catch for any cultured cannabis consumer. Its well-rounded excellence is achieved by a distinct, exceptional aroma and long-lasting, mellow effects that are dynamic but not overwhelming. This hybrid is optimal for tension relief and mood lift, offering a rich and slow experience with a citrus aftertaste. With disputed genetics and supposed origins in Northern California, Jah Kush is a self-made success story.
Jahwaiiansativa4.7Aroused,Creative,Energetic,Euphoric,HappySweet,Tropical,EarthyJahwaiian by Pua Mana 1st Hawaiian Pakalōlō Seed Bank is a tropical mashup of two legendary strains. By combining Lamb’s Bread genetics sourced directly from Nine Mile, St. Anne’s, Jamaica, and the “Sweet Lady of Waiāhole” (AKA Hawai’i ‘78), Pua Mana crafted an uplifting strain that harnesses the tropical vibes and aromas distinct to the Hawaiian and Caribbean coastlines. Jahwaiian’s effects are stimulating, delivering plenty of energy to the body. Also anticipate a manageable headiness that encourages self-reflection. This strain may help curb depression and fatigue while encouraging physical activity.
Jamaicansativa4.3Uplifted,Happy,Creative,Energetic,TalkativeEarthy,Pungent,WoodyJamaican refers to the indigenous varieties of cannabis (or landraces) that grow natively in this region of the world. Because of Jamaica's latitude and climate, these varieties tend to be sativa in structure and effect.
Jamaican-Dreamsativa4.5Happy,Euphoric,Uplifted,Relaxed,EnergeticLime,Sweet,PineappleJamaican Dream is a 90% sativa bred by Eva Seeds using Jamaican genetics. A subtle and sweet flavor carries you through to an elevated mood and weightless euphoria. The effects are light enough to start your day with, making this strain ideal for early treatment of depression and fatigue. Jamaican Dream’s pointed, compact buds will finish their flowering cycle after 42 to 45 days indoors, or at the end of September in outdoor gardens.
Jamaican-Lionsativa4.7Uplifted,Relaxed,Happy,Energetic,TalkativeEarthy,Lime,TropicalJamaican Lion is a high-CBD sativa strain with mildly psychoactive effects that stimulate creativity and focus without the loss of functionality. Its rich genetic background combines Mountain Lion -- a Rock Bud and Lionheart cross -- with a Jamaican sativa known as Yarders. Shadrock, Jamaican Lion’s creator, first brought the strain to California in 2007, where it was distributed to patients by Harborside. Ushered in by a sweet herbal aroma, Jamaican Lion induces mild psychoactivity that carries through despite its low THC content. Sensory perception sharpens as bad moods dull in clear-headed sensations that can be described as simultaneously uplifting and calming. Few strains compare to Jamaican Lion as it eases pain, anxiety, and inflammation without intoxication or mental cloudiness. Its CBD content is highest around week 9 of flowering, but if you’re looking for more of a 1:1 ratio of CBD and THC, Shadrock recommends harvesting at week 8 instead. 
Jamaican-Pearlsativa4.2Euphoric,Happy,Uplifted,Creative,EnergeticTropical,Earthy,SweetJamaican Pearl is a sweetly potent outdoor sativa strain from Dutch breeder Sensi Seeds whose presence will bring a taste of the Caribbean to cannabis consumers. Jamaica is home to sativas of astounding quality and potency, selectively bred for countless generations. This strain, a genetic cross between Marley's Collie and Early Pearl, provides a nice breezy cerebral sensation with tropical flavors.  
Jamba-Juicehybrid5Tingly,Giggly,Happy,Talkative,EnergeticEarthy,Sweet,BerryJamba Juice is a unique clone-only offering from Golden State Genetics. This pungent hybrid packs tantalizing exotic fruit aromas, offering sweet and candy flavors from start to finish.
Jane-Doehybrid4.3Euphoric,Happy,Relaxed,Tingly,SleepySweet,Berry,CitrusJane Doe is perfectly named because this strain is a bit of a mystery girl, though her genetics most likely include some OG. This strain is well-balanced with effects that provide euphoria and relief without sleepiness. This Jane is anything but plain, with a crisp lemon aroma and big, trichome-covered flowers that make her a beauty.
Jasminhybrid4.6Euphoric,Relaxed,Happy,Sleepy,HungrySweet,Lavender,RoseJasmine, or Yasmin, is a 70/30 indica-dominant hybrid bred by the Israeli medical cannabis supplier Tikun Olam. Though originally developed to treat sleep disorders, patients also discovered its success in combating nausea, inflammation, pain, and indigestion.
Jawa-Pieindica4.5Relaxed,Happy,Sleepy,Uplifted,EuphoricLime,Mint,SweetJawa Pie is a sumptuously minty cut by Ocean Grown Seeds. This indica achieves its unique bouquet of shortbread, lime, and menthol by combining CookieFam’s Key Lime Pie with Ocean Grown’s own Alien Rift. The heavy combination anchors the consumer to the couch with weighted limbs and stoney sedation, making this an ideal end-of-the-day strain. Utilize Jawa Pie to mute stress, anxiety, and physical pain.   
Jazzhybrid4.3Uplifted,Relaxed,Euphoric,Energetic,HappySweet,Flowery,PepperJazz is the mysterious combination of a Mexican landrace from Oaxaca and an Iranian landrace indica. Even with its hot heritage, gardeners consistently note how well this strain grows in colder climates. Expect notes of hash and pepper on the palate that translate to a full-bodied smoke or vapor when combusted. When grown indoors, this strain has been known to reach 3 to 4 feet tall, but when planted outdoors, this plant shoots upwards, reaching nearly 6 feet in height. 
Jean-Guyhybrid4.4Euphoric,Uplifted,Happy,Energetic,CreativeLemon,Sweet,WoodyJean Guy, said to be a phenotype of White Widow, is a hybrid from Canada with intensely cerebral effects and a sour citrus smell. Frosted dark green leaves hide pastel buds loaded with golden crystal trichomes. Hints of lemon and pine come through in Jean Guy’s flavor, providing a gentle launch into jolting sativa effects. Its energizing and uplifting qualities makes Jean Guy a perfect strain to start the day with, although scattered and distracting thoughts may interfere with productivity. Jean Guy is a reputable source of relief for fibromyalgia and cancer symptoms, but patients prone to anxiety may want to dose with caution due to its typically high THC content.
Jedi-Kushindica4.5Euphoric,Relaxed,Happy,Uplifted,SleepyEarthy,Pungent,SweetCali Connection’s Jedi Kush brings together the forces of Death Star and SFV OG Kush, an indica alliance that will awaken both mind and body. Jedi Kush’s timid aroma isn’t fully realized until a bud is cracked open, releasing a complex fusion of sour skunk and tangy diesel. Dreamy euphoria blankets the mind, a sensation that builds over time into bolting cerebral energy that’s unexpected from our indicas. This lethargy-free strain is a great way for patients to get a powerful dose of cannabinoids during the day while treating ailments like pain, PTSD, depression, stress, headaches, and appetite loss. Jedi plants show resilience in outdoor gardens but also thrive indoors with a flowering time of 8 to 9 weeks.
Jelly-Rollindica4.8Relaxed,Happy,TinglySweet,PungentJelly Roll is a sweet treat crafted by Colorado Seed Inc. to show off their wonderful Jellyroll (God Bud x Grapefruit) crossed against their yield powerhouse, Gupta Kush. With delicious grape and anise aromas brought by the Jelly Roll #7, Jelly Roll emanates a rich odor that will fill the room. Use this indica for a long lasting, mid-level body high driven by a heady energy many would describe as meditative.  
Jennisativa4.8Euphoric,Happy,Relaxed,Uplifted,CreativeSweet,Berry,Tree,FruitJenni is a lightweight sativa strain grown by Peace Naturals Project Inc. in Canada. A sweet fruity aroma emanates from Jenni’s pointed buds, providing a flavorful precursor to this strain’s soothing, clear-headed effects. With a modest THC level that typically reaches just 10%, Jenni allows you to remain functional and productive throughout the day. These easy-to-manage effects makes Jenni a great choice for novice consumers who need to treat aches, pains, and other symptoms without the anxiety that often comes with too much THC. 
Jenny-Kushhybrid4.6Happy,Energetic,Talkative,Euphoric,HungryCitrus,Earthy,LemonJenny Kush is a hybrid cannabis strain named in memory of Jenny Monson, a cannabis activist who passed away in 2013. The strain was originally bred by Rare Dankness Seeds with all proceeds going toward the Jenny Kush Foundation, a charity established to help support her children. This hybrid introduces herself with a sweet earthy aroma cut with the sharp zesty sweetness of citrus and lemon. Amnesia Haze and Rare Dankness #2 are believed to have parented Jenny Kush, giving this strain a balance of sativa and indica effects. Providing soothing relaxation with an uplifting burst, Jenny Kush is suitable for use any time of the day.
Jericho-Hazesativa5Tingly,Uplifted,Creative,Energetic,FocusedStrawberry,Apple,EarthyJericho Haze in an Indian landrace sativa that was transplanted stateside by Vidl of Oregon. This strain was backcrossed to emphasize and stabilize its alluring attributes, including a sweet melon and strawberry aroma and energetic physical effects. Jericho Haze offers an intense physical energy that hits hard and fades slow, leading to a stimulated appetite as the high fades. Its dark leaves and copper hairs are a stark contrast against the frosted, nearly blue buds that develop over a naturally long flowering cycle. Utilize Jericho Haze to combat lethargy while stimulating appetite. 
Jesses-Girlindica4.8Euphoric,Aroused,Uplifted,Relaxed,HappyEarthy,Spicy/Herbal,WoodyJesse’s Girl by Peak Organics is the handcrafted indica-dominant cross of Black Cherry Kush and Purple OG. This heavy hitter exhibits dense purple buds that frost over with trichomes as the plant matures. Jesse’s Girl lets off a complex autumnal odor that contains hints of oak, spiced fruit, toasted nut, and earth. Enjoy this strain to help relieve stress and fatigue throughout the day. 
Jesushybrid4.5Happy,Relaxed,Euphoric,Giggly,TinglyEarthy,Citrus,LemonJesus, not to be confused with Jesus OG, is a Seattle staple grown by Solstice. This hybrid is a cross between White Widow and Blue Dynamite, a combination that gives rise to pungent, resin-loaded buds that smell of sweet lemon and herbs. Its cerebrally-focused effects give way to happy moods and outbursts of giggles, with soothing full-body relaxation trailing close behind.
Jesus-Ogsativa4.6Uplifted,Happy,Euphoric,Energetic,RelaxedLemon,Citrus,EarthyJesus OG was bred by TGA Subcool Seeds as the not-so-immaculate conception of Hell’s Angel OG and Jack the Ripper (talk about an “unholy” parentage). Jesus OG proves to be a godsend for growers and produces tall plants and heavy yields. Users enjoy the lemony kush aroma of this sativa-dominant hybrid, along with heavy effects that relax the body while leaving the mind functional and clear.
Jet-Fuelhybrid4.6Happy,Uplifted,Relaxed,Euphoric,FocusedDiesel,Pungent,EarthyJet Fuel, also known as G6, from 303 Seeds is the ultimate cross of some of the most renowned Diesel strains. By combining Aspen OG with High Country Diesel, we are left with a sativa-driven hybrid that stays true to the influence of SFV OG Kush and East Coast Sour Diesel in its lineage. The name Jet Fuel isn’t purely devoted to the sweet, pungent aroma of diesel fumes that this strain exudes, but also the high-energy jolt of uplifting sativa effects that eventually level off to provide a dream-like state of relaxation.
Jilly-Dawghybrid5Uplifted,Euphoric,Giggly,HappyCitrus,Mango,PungentJilly Dawg is a sativa-dominant hybrid created by Adam Dunn. It’s a genetic cross of the tropical Jillybean and the potent Chemdawg 91. This pairing defines Jilly Dawg’s unique smell, emanating notes of mango, orange, pine, and diesel. Jilly Dawg’s sativa-driven effects make it a perfect strain for creative and social consumers looking to spur good conversation and heady thoughts. 
Jillybeanhybrid4.3Happy,Uplifted,Euphoric,Relaxed,CreativeSweet,Citrus,OrangeJillybean is described as being an upbeat and happy hybrid, with flavors of tangy orange and mango. This strain is a top choice for creative minds and social butterflies looking for unencumbered euphoria during daytime hours. Bred by crossing Orange Velvet and Space Queen, Jillybean often expresses herself in deep hues of maroon on the leaves. 
Jimi-Hendrixhybrid4.7Uplifted,Hungry,Creative,Euphoric,HappyCitrus,Sweet,EarthyThere are many genetic combinations that fall under the name Jimi Hendrix, but this southern Oregon hybrid descends from Jack Herer, Headband, and Black Cherry Soda. Led by its sativa genetics, Jimi Hendrix delivers a cerebrally focused jolt of euphoric energy that helps feed creativity and focus in low doses. In a show of its diverse terpene profile, Jimi Hendrix has a complex aroma that spans flavors from earthy pine to sweet lemon and citrus. 
Jock-Horrorsativa4.1Euphoric,Happy,Hungry,Energetic,CreativeSweet,Berry,EarthyJock Horror is sativa-dominant hybrid parented by Northern Lights and two other strains of the Skunk and Haze families. These resinous buds offer a fresh, unique aroma with uplifting effects. Best produced indoors, growers can expect these tall plants to flower between 9 and 11 weeks.
Johnnys-Tonicsativa4.9Happy,Giggly,Relaxed,Focused,TalkativeFlowery,Earthy,SkunkJohnny’s Tonic is a sativa-dominant California strain bred by Elemental Seeds. It took home a 2014 Cannabis Cup award for its high CBD content inherited from Cannatonic.
Joliet-Jakeindica4.8Relaxed,Sleepy,EuphoricBerry,Sweet,MentholJoliet Jake by Cresco Labs brings back-to-back Bubba Kush genetics together with potent results. The funky undertones of Pre-98 Bubba Kush are enriched by the floral aromas of Katsu Bubba’s phenotype mother. Its generous trichome density and hues of purple foliage give the strain an appetizing appearance alongside pain mitigating effects that relax the mind and body without being excessively sedative. Enjoy this 90% indica later in the day to maximize this strain’s deep physical relaxation.  
Jolly-Rancherhybrid4.3Euphoric,Happy,Giggly,Tingly,CreativeSweet,Pungent,BerryNot much is known about the California-bred hybrid Jolly Rancher, but this hybrid strain has nevertheless carved a name for itself among West Coast genetics. Its name and initial appeal lies primarily in Jolly Rancher’s sour candied aroma, although there’s also something to be said about its high-flying euphoria and colorful buds. Coated with a sticky blanket of sugar-like resin, Jolly Rancher is a treat for all the senses.
Josh-D-Ogindica3.7Aroused,Tingly,Uplifted,Creative,EuphoricBerry,Blueberry,Blue,CheeseJosh D OG by Karma Genetics is a handcrafted OG hybrid with a lineage stretching back to Florida, 1991. Josh D and Matt “Bubba” Berger began developing these genetics in Orlando and helped define the OG culture we know today. This strain is a three deep cross of SFV OG x Triangle Kush x Hell’s Angels OG and offers consumers relaxing effects with an amplified Kush flavor. This indica-dominant hybrid is euphoric and happy while still saddling consumers with potent mid-level sedation.   
Jrindica4.5Relaxed,Happy,Euphoric,Hungry,SleepyPungent,Earthy,SweetNamed after the dark alcoholic beverage from Germany, Jr is an indica-dominant strain with a tinge of black licorice in its aroma. Little is known about its genetics, but rumor has placed Jr somewhere in the Hindu Kush genealogy or a cross of LA Confidential and Blue Dream. Some also suspect it was bred and popularized in Southern Oregon. As stupefying as its name makes it out to be, Jr's full body effects are better described as relaxing than sedating.
Juicy-Fruithybrid4.1Happy,Euphoric,Relaxed,Uplifted,EnergeticCitrus,Earthy,SweetAlso known as Fruity Juice, this cannabis strain was developed by Sensi Seeds. Crossed with pure Afghani indica and pure Thai sativa, Juicy Fruit is a large-leafed, thick-stemmed plant with colors of green and purple. Once broken up, colors of lavender, orange, and amber-purple float throughout the trichome heads and into the stems. Flowering time is approximately 7-9 weeks, with a THC level measuring about 15-20%. Smells are described as ranging from tangy and sweet, sort of like fruit punch and lemons, to a blend of piña colada and plums. The effects begin with a dizzy, light-headed feeling and can last up to 3 hours. 
Juicy-Jackhybrid4.3Uplifted,Happy,Euphoric,Creative,TalkativeEarthy,Sweet,CitrusJuicy Jack combines the tropical flavors of Juicy Fruit with the therapeutic attributes of Jack Herer. This hybrid is balanced between its indica and sativa heritage but its effects lean towards the creative, uplifting buzz associated with sativas. Juicy Jack creates a flavorful mouthful of sweet berry notes that mingle with a spiced, earthy musk to usher in a euphoric burst of heady effects.
Juliethybrid4.5Happy,Uplifted,Energetic,Euphoric,RelaxedPine,Sweet,EarthyJuliet is a sativa-dominant hybrid cross between Cinderella 99 and NYC Diesel that uplifts both mind and body with a sweet berry aroma. A subtle buzz of cerebral energy promotes focus and sharpens the senses in a comfortable psychoactive experience conducive to social activities. Juliet’s happy calm may be useful for patients treating mood and stress disorders like anxiety and depression.
Julius-Caesarhybrid4.5Happy,Euphoric,Uplifted,Relaxed,FocusedEarthy,Pine,SweetA Cali Connection product, Julius Caesar is the child of imperial powers SoCal Master Kush and SFV OG Kush, giving it a high quality pedigree. Plants have average growing and yield characteristics, including a flowering time of 8 to 10 weeks. Effects are powerful and take over quickly, much like the conqueror it is named after. A high THC content makes this strain ideal for complete (although sometimes brief) stress and anxiety relief.
Jungle-Juicehybrid4.4Relaxed,Happy,Creative,Sleepy,EnergeticFlowery,Citrus,Tree,FruitBred by Golden State Genetics, Jungle Juice is a hybrid strain that crosses Animal Cookies and their in-house Tangie male. Balancing sweet and sour citrus flavors, this strain offers a flavorful release from stress, sleeplessness, and pain.
Jupiter-Ogindica4.4Relaxed,Sleepy,Euphoric,Happy,HungryPungent,Diesel,SweetNamed for the largest planet in our solar system, Jupiter OG has a big impact on its users. Not only does this indica boast one of the highest yields of the planetary strains, it’s also fast-acting and extremely potent. Known among the celestials for its particularly dense nugs with an abundance of reddish hairs, Jupiter OG leaves nothing to be desired. This strain features a pungent fuel smell and overpowering taste. Jupiter OG provides a very heavy and long-lasting body high, making it great for people looking for relief from insomnia or pain.
K-Trainindica4.4Euphoric,Happy,Uplifted,Relaxed,CreativeCitrus,Tree,Fruit,LemonK-Train is a mostly indica strain that was developed by Greenhouse Seeds as a cross between OG Kush and Trainwreck. These parents are both popular in their own right and were chosen to try and combine their prized effects: the muscle-relaxant qualities of OG Kush with the lucid mental buzz that Trainwreck induces. Once you get on the K-Train, be prepared to sit back and relax with something creative for a while. Thanks to its potency, it’s a popular medical choice to treat depression, stress disorders, and pain for patients who want to relax without total sedation. Still a strong indica, the K-Train hits you hard and fast and may prove to be an intense ride for some. These plants are easy to grow and should flower in 9 weeks with the oversized buds that are characteristic of its Trainwreck lineage. K-Train’s Kush genetics dominate the aroma, making it sweet and earthy with a hint of black licorice.
K1hybrid4.1Happy,Focused,Energetic,Euphoric,RelaxedPine,Chemical,AmmoniaK1 is a sativa-dominant hybrid cross between Durban Poison and LA Kush. This variety took third place in the hash category of the 2014 Denver Cannabis Cup.
K2hybrid4Relaxed,Happy,Giggly,Hungry,SleepyEarthy,Citrus,SweetNamed for Earth's second highest mountain peak, K2 is sure to leave you at a higher elevation. The mellow flavor is accented with hints of fruit and spice, and the captivating aroma helped to make it a staple at coffee shops in Amsterdam. A cross between White Widow and Hindu Kush, this dependable Dutch hybrid first attracted growers for its compact stature, while the relaxing indica effects have kept consumers who battle anxiety and insomnia asking for more.
Kc-33hybrid4.4Relaxed,Tingly,Euphoric,Happy,HungryCitrus,Lemon,SweetKC 33, bred by KC Brains in Holland, is a 60/40 indica-dominant hybrid cross between Afghani, Haze, and a Ukrainian landrace strain. The '33' marks the breeder's age when this strain was conceived in 1993. With a zesty lemon aroma, KC 33 delivers weightless cerebral effects that never sink down to the body. This strain was mainly bred for the outdoor cultivator, as these plants thrive in wet, cooler climates. 
Kc-36indica4.2Sleepy,Relaxed,Uplifted,Euphoric,HungrySweet,Blueberry,GrapeCultivated by KC Brains, KC 36 is an indica strain bred specifically to flourish at high latitudes. A cross between White Widow and KC 606, these frosty and compact buds deliver full-on body relaxation alongside a sweet and spicy floral aroma. The peaceful, introspective qualities of KC 36 make this indica a perfect pair for meditation and enjoying nature.
Kt-Dawghybrid4.8Uplifted,Happy,Relaxed,Giggly,EuphoricSweet,Flowery,EarthyKT Dawg offers a complex mixture of effects that soothes and uplifts. This hybrid blends anti-inflammatory pain relief and pleasurable physical effects with a focused, cerebral buzz. KT Dawg’s aroma is pungent, reeking of skunk and forest floor. The earthy terpenes mellow on the palate while stimulating appetite and creativity. KT Dawg is a cross of Kunduz,  Tang Tang, and Stardawg.    
Kaboomsativa4.5Energetic,Happy,Uplifted,Creative,EuphoricLemon,Pine,EarthyKaboom is a cross that combines Jack's Cleaner genetics with those of Vortex. This sativa-dominant strain gives you an energetic head buzz that provides a spark of creativity and lifts the mood. Medical patients enjoy Kaboom's ability to relieve pain while maintaining daily functions.
Kahunaindica4.2Uplifted,Euphoric,Relaxed,Creative,FocusedSweet,Orange,TropicalKahuna is a 4-way cross between Super Skunk, Big Skunk Korean, Jack Herer, and Afghan Hawaiian that brings together a wide set of influences for a complex high. The Kahuna variety has both tropical influences in its parentage and spiritually attuning effects when used.
Kaia-Kushhybrid4.7Relaxed,Happy,Euphoric,Tingly,UpliftedLemon,Sweet,PungentCreated by Apothecary Genetics, Kaia Kush is a 60% sativa cross between Super Silver Haze and OG Kush. This earthy, spicy hybrid is perfect for daytime consumption, with creative and relaxing effects that won’t impede your productivity. Kaia Kush’s full onset can be slow, but be patient while dosing: once effects kick in, they tend to stick around for a long time. Pain, appetite loss, depression, and fatigue are flushed away without that feeling of being overly medicated. This first place champion of the 2007 Amsterdam High Times Cannabis Cup is suitable for outdoor grows as well as indoor gardens, with a flowering time of 9 to 10 weeks.
Kalalau-Kushhybrid5Tingly,Uplifted,Euphoric,Happy,CreativeSweet,Tropical,PineappleKalalau Kush is a stimulating sativa-dominant hybrid named for the beautiful Kalalau Valley on the garden island of Kaua’i. This flower smells of guava with herbaceous undertones. The flavor is tropical, exhibiting hints of mango and musky spice. Kalalau Kush offers consumers potent cerebral energy and vigorous physical stimulation. It is ideal for outdoor activity and for patients combating depression and lethargy. This strain is produced by Pua Mana 1st Hawaiian Pakalōlō Seed Bank.  
Kalashnikovahybrid4.3Relaxed,Happy,Energetic,Hungry,SleepySweet,Citrus,EarthyKalashnikova is Green House Seeds’ hybrid of AK-47 and White Widow. It produces strong, long-lasting indica effects while maintaining a clear train of thought. Kalashnikova’s aroma is a mixture of lemon, mango, and sweet honey. With flavors of spiced hash and earthy musk, Kalashnikova ushers in full body relaxation while stimulating creativity, and allows you maintain an outgoing nature in social settings.
Kaleidos-Dopehybrid4NoneNoneAnother banger from Snow High Seeds, Kaleidos Dope is a cross of a quick and frosty Sour LSD female with Snow High’s own OG Purple Fire Thai male, creating a delicious, potent, high yielding hybrid that is sure to impress commercial growers and connoisseurs alike. There are several excellent phenotypes to choose from, all exhibiting high THC levels of anywhere from 18-24%.  Aromas and flavors include grape bubble gum, strawberry, sweet-and-sour fruit punch, and chem/fuel. Combining a euphoric body high with colorful, trippy visuals, Kaleidos Dope may be too much for the novice consumer.     
Kali-47sativa5Uplifted,Creative,Energetic,Euphoric,HappySweet,VanillaKali 47 is a mostly sativa strain that is characterized by sweet fruity flavors with hints of caramel. For many patients, Kali 47 may relieve an array of symptoms including depression, pain, and stress. A cross between Kali Mist and AK-47, Kali 47 delivers happy euphoric effects that allow the mind to stay agile while relaxing the body. This sativa is easy to grow, making it an ideal choice for novice cultivators. 
Kali-Chinaindica4.2Creative,Relaxed,Euphoric,Sleepy,TalkativeSpicy/Herbal,Minty,PepperKali China, bred by Ace Seeds, is a 75% indica strain that combines an uplifting Kali Mist with the potent China Yunnan. This strain inherits stimulating and engaging effects from its sativa parent along with a short flowering time from the China Yunnan indica. Aromas of sweet mango intermix with earthy notes of hash and spice in an intricate flavor profile. Kali China’s effects command relaxation, but leave the mind nimble enough for conversation and focus. When grown indoors, Kali China finishes flowering after 45 to 55 days while outdoor gardens complete their bloom during the September-October transition. 
Kali-Doghybrid4.8Relaxed,Uplifted,Happy,Focused,EnergeticCitrus,Lemon,DieselThis OG Kush and Sour Diesel hybrid from Royal Queen Seeds is a powerful strain that has an overwhelming aroma of lemons and diesel fuel. Kali Dog is a sativa-dominant cross but a heavy influence from the indica genetics gives this strain a balanced effect that is described as uplifting, relaxing, and cerebral.
Kali-Mistsativa4.1Energetic,Focused,Uplifted,Euphoric,CreativeWoody,Earthy,CitrusKali Mist is known to deliver clear-headed, energetic effects that can verge on psychedelic at times. Despite having an unknown genetic history, Kali Mist is believed to have originated in the 1990s through crossing two sativa-dominant hybrids. This lightweight sativa is a perfect choice for consumers looking to maintain focus and productivity throughout their day.
Kandaharindica4.7Relaxed,Sleepy,Euphoric,Uplifted,GigglyApricot,Earthy,Spicy/HerbalKandahar, named after the homeland of its ancestor, is a 90% indica strain bred by the Ministry of Cannabis. Its Afghani parent, grown near the city of Kandahar, was crossed with an unknown Afghan Skunk hybrid to help lighten some of the indica intensity. The result is a powerful but functional strain that goes best with relaxing activities at home. Its aroma is a complex blend of earthy wood with nutty undertones that are only fully realized in Kandahar’s taste. Kandahar exhibits the typical indica stature: short, bushy plants with thick layers of crystal trichomes. Indoor gardens finish flowering between 8 and 9 weeks, while outdoor harvest falls at the beginning of October.
Kandy-Kushhybrid4.3Happy,Relaxed,Uplifted,Euphoric,HungrySweet,Citrus,LemonKandy Kush is a favorite of DNA Genetics’ Reserva Privada line that combines two California classics, OG Kush (thought to be the “Christopher Wallace” cut) and Trainwreck, to make a tasty indica-dominant hybrid (although sativa phenotypes displaying more of the Trainwreck structure have been noted).  Like the name suggests, the flavor is sweet like candy with a strong lemon-Kush scent.  Very popular with medicinal growers, Kandy Kush provides a potent indica high with pronounced pain relief.
Kaptns-Grand-Dreamhybrid4Uplifted,Euphoric,Giggly,Happy,RelaxedAmmonia,Blueberry,GrapeKaptn’s Grand Dream is an indica-dominant hybrid steeped in genetic diversity. This particular strain crosses Granddaddy Purple, Lemon Kush, Blueberry, Grape Krypt OG, and Blue Dream to cherry-pick unique the cannabinoids that makes this strain as potent as it is flavorful. Expect fruity terpenes and moderate sedative effects that go full-on tranquilizer with continued use.  
Karma-Bitchhybrid4.4Uplifted,Creative,Happy,Focused,RelaxedEarthy,Coffee,TeaKarma Bitch is a 50/50 hybrid cannabis strain bred by Rare Dankness using parent strains Skywalker OG and Nevil’s Wreck. It produces a well-balanced cerebral sensation with lingering notes of chocolate and coffee. Once the pistils turn a fiery orange color around 9-10 weeks, the resinous flowers will be ready for harvest.
Katsu-Bubba-Kushindica4.4Relaxed,Uplifted,Happy,Euphoric,GigglyLime,Sweet,MintyKatsu Bubba Kush is a unique Bubba Kush phenotype with a deep, floral terpene profile. Representing its genetic namesake in appearance and bud structure, Katsu Bubba’s nugs are dense and resinous. This strain’s high THC content hits the consumer with powerful euphoria that cascades over the body, relaxing and weighing down extremities. Utilize Katsu Bubba Kush to help with insomnia, nausea, and minor pain. Also, anticipate strong appetite stimulation.   
Katsu-Kushindica4.1Relaxed,Sleepy,Euphoric,Happy,UpliftedEarthy,Sweet,WoodyKatsu Kush, or just Katsu, is an indica cannabis strain that descends from the hardy Hindu Kush landraces. This indica is named after the original breeder’s alias, and has garnered a reputation for its powerful, full-body effects that leave you blissfully stuck to the couch. Some phenotypes of Katsu Kush exhibit higher levels of CBD, so patients treating pain, inflammation, and anxiety should keep an eye out for this type. With a sweet earthy flavor, Katsu Kush offers a solution for stressful days and sleepless nights.
Kauai-Electricsativa4.8Creative,Energetic,Happy,Focused,UpliftedOrange,Tree,Fruit,SweetKaua’i Electric is a Hawaiian landrace sativa that has been cultivated on the Powerline trail near Mt. Wai’ale’ale, also known as the rainiest place on Earth. This hearty sativa exhibits a range of bright tropical colors and smells of passionfruit and guava. The flavors are fresh and tropical with an aftertaste of skunk and earth. Kaua’i Electric has a carefree cerebral energy while leaving the body light and blissful.   
Kelly-Hill-Goldindica5Happy,Energetic,Euphoric,Talkative,ArousedPepper,Earthy,CoffeeCultivated by Joseph Arthur Botanicals in Colorado, Kelly Hill Gold is a 70/30 indica-dominant strain that crosses Acapulco Gold and Chemdawg 4. With buds that are large and full of orange pistils, this strain gives off strong earthy notes and the smell of burnt coffee. Averaging at 24.5% THC, its potent effects will send you into a relaxed and euphoric state that can help alleviate anxiety and stress.
Kens-Kushhybrid4.2Relaxed,Happy,Euphoric,Uplifted,HungryEarthy,Skunk,Spicy/HerbalKen’s Kush is a potent hybrid cannabis strain bred by Ken Estes that crosses his famous Granddaddy Purple with the equally esteemed OG Kush and Sour Diesel. Together these parents pass on a flavor profile of sweet berries, sour skunk, and grassy earth. Dreamy relaxation pours over the mind and body, helping you feel serene without the sedation typically associated with heavy indica varieties.
Kerala-Krushsativa4.6Energetic,Happy,Hungry,Focused,RelaxedMango,Sweet,OrangeKerala Krush by Flying Dutchmen is an 85% sativa strain that unites genetics from Skunk #1 and a South Indian sativa. This uplifting sativa delivers a very smooth, clear cerebral buzz with flavors of mango fruit and warm spice. Patients may gravitate to this strain for relief of menstrual cramps and nausea. 
Key-Lime-Piehybrid4.5Happy,Relaxed,Uplifted,Sleepy,CreativeLime,Sweet,CitrusKey Lime Pie from Burning Bush Nurseries is a gourmet phenotype of the superstar strain Girl Scout Cookies. Selected for its strong indica characteristics and heavy resin production, this dynamic hybrid boasts flavors of lime candy, mint, and spice that spark flavors of earth and chocolate when activated by heat. The buds of Key Lime Pie regularly show traces of purple hues due to the plant’s affinity towards colder temperatures. The bold indica influence produces relaxing body effects that help to relieve chronic pain and insomnia, but have been known to overwhelm those less familiar with cannabis.
Khalifa-Kushhybrid4.7Happy,Relaxed,Uplifted,Euphoric,CreativeEarthy,Pine,LemonKhalifa Kush, or Wiz Khalifa OG,  is a hybrid that was bred specifically for the rap artist Wiz Khalifa, who claims it descended from an OG strain. The ‘real’ Khalifa Kush is supposedly unavailable to the public, but those who have acquired strains under this name say that the effects and aromas are similar to that of OG Kush: sour lemon and pine, with an active cerebral buzz ideal for morning and daytime use.
Kholahybrid4.2Giggly,Hungry,Aroused,Euphoric,UpliftedKhola is a sociable cross between Brazilian, Thai, and Dutch strains. Originally created by Dutch Passion, Khola is giggly and mellow. Its mild nature makes it perfect for users who need to get things done. Providing you with the best of both worlds, this hybrid is uplifting and cerebral, yet provides a light and relaxing body sensation. Khola flowers between 7 and 10 weeks and grows well both indoors and outdoors, making it one of the more versatile strains available.
Khufuindica4.2Relaxed,Euphoric,Happy,Focused,SleepyPungent,Sweet,WoodyKhufu is an indica-dominant hybrid from The Devil’s Harvest Seed Company that combines Cheese, Afghani #1, and SFV OG genetics to excellent effect. Growers can expect extremely high yields of potent Kush-type flowers, with giant calyxes and very little leaf. The effects of Khufu will leave you wanting nothing more than to gorge on snacks while glued to your favorite chair. Patients treating pain, anxiety, nausea, and insomnia may benefit from Khufu’s therapeutic effects.
Kid-N-Cookieshybrid4.6Happy,Relaxed,Tingly,Giggly,HungryEarthy,Pine,SkunkA cross of Girl Scout Cookies (Forum cut) and Snowman OG, Kid N’ Kookies by Kid N' Blaze is a collaboration between Fresno, CA breeders Loud Seeds, and Christopher “Kid” Reid, better known as one half of the famous ‘90s rap duo “Kid n’ Play.” As a potent indica-dominant hybrid testing at over 22% THC, Kid N’ Kookies has a heavy, sedating high that can provide relief from pain, nausea, migraines, and insomnia. The flavor is much like the “cookie” taste of GSC with undertones of pine.  
Kilimanjarosativa4.5Happy,Focused,Uplifted,Creative,EnergeticLemon,Earthy,Spicy/HerbalKilimanjaro is a pure sativa landrace from the mountain slopes of Tanzania, where it was originally cultivated for use in hunting and religious practice by the native population. Tribes commonly referred to this strain as the “elephant stomper” and utilized it for its energetic, hyper effects. Its aroma carries notes of lemony citrus and fruit, and Kilimanjaro’s tall growth makes it ideal for outdoor or greenhouse gardens.
Kill-Billhybrid4.4Relaxed,Sleepy,Euphoric,Hungry,TinglyPine,Diesel,SageKill Bill, a cleverly named cross between Killer Queen and Willy's Wonder, is a hybrid strain that seeks out and assassinates stress, pain, and appetite loss like a vengeful Uma Therman. This skunky, piney hybrid from Reservoir Seeds delivers a flood of cerebral energy coupled with an overpowering calm that envelops the body from head to toe. Growers can raise Kill Bill plants outdoors or indoors in either soil or hydro gardens, so long as these buds are given at least 7 or 8 weeks to fully mature.
Killer-Grapehybrid4.6Euphoric,Uplifted,Happy,Sleepy,TinglySweet,Grape,TropicalA cross between Killer Queen and Querkle, Killer Grape is a heavy-handed 50/50 hybrid strain that deals a stupefying blast of cerebral euphoria and deeply relaxing effects. Lavender and purple hues tinge leaves and buds underneath a dusty coat of snow-white resin. This strain from NorStar Genetics gets its name from the sour grape aroma its buds carry, which is accented by spicy, hashy undertones.
Killer-Queenhybrid4.3Happy,Energetic,Creative,Uplifted,TalkativeCitrus,Sweet,TropicalA British Columbia native, Killer Queen is the outcome of an imaginative cross between G13 and Cinderella 99. Uplifting and thought-provoking, this hybrid is great for the workaholic who would like some daytime relief. The effects of this strain are felt most heavily in the face, eyes, and forehead, evidencing the sativa aspects of this hybrid. Upon first taste, Killer Queen takes up the fruity characteristics of Cinderella 99. The tropical flavor, however, is quickly followed by an earthy, herbal tone. If you are searching for an energizing strain that allows you to focus, Killer Queen may be just the perfect match.
Killing-Fieldssativa4.5Energetic,Happy,Focused,Euphoric,UpliftedLemon,Citrus,PungentKilling Fields is the result of some clever breeding by Sannie’s Seeds. Using two of their own strains, The One and Jack, they’ve come up with this sativa that is known for its complex aroma. Killing fields packs a candy sugar and spice mix with notes of berry and citrus. It feels like a treat, especially for patients looking for something tasty. Like many sativas, this strain is slower to flower at 11-13 weeks. It grows tall, so space is a must, especially since these plants do best indoors. When the buds do show up, they will be large foxtails of dark green and blue. This is one for sativa lovers with a strong, cerebral feeling that lasts.
Kimbo-Kushhybrid4.5Relaxed,Sleepy,Happy,Focused,UpliftedEarthy,Sweet,PungentKimbo Kush, named for the late Kimbo Slice, is a beautifully flavorful indica-dominant hybrid with a lineage that is fruity and stunning. A cross between Blackberry Kush and Starfighter, this strong parentage offers a heavier than average Kush experience, leaning closer to a full indica buzz with every puff. Starfighter supplies Kimbo with a touch of citrus and a brightness that illuminates the thoughtful elements of its Kush genetics. Enjoy this strain at the end of the day, as it can have potent relaxing effects that might give you the 1-2 punch K.O. Kimbo Slice was known for. 
King-Cakehybrid4.8Relaxed,Euphoric,Uplifted,Happy,ArousedSweet,Vanilla,SkunkKing Cake is a clone-only strain from Oregon growers Golden Beaver Farms that combines Ken’s Granddaddy Purple with Mystic Gem and was originally released under the name Disco Glitter. It has tested at up to 20% THC and combines an uplifting and creative head high with a relaxing body feel. King Cake features a unique terpene profile that smells like sweet basil and licorice and produces frosty purple, green, and yellow flowers reminiscent of the Mardi Gras pastry after which it is named.
King-Konghybrid4.2Happy,Focused,Giggly,Relaxed,UpliftedEarthy,Flowery,PungentKing Kong, mothered by Ed Rosenthal Super Bud, is an indica-dominant hybrid with head-to-toe effects as strong as the giant ape himself. These dense conic buds come frosted in crystals and ribboned in hairs despite its short flowering time of only 7 to 8 weeks. King Kong is known to have a pungent sour, skunky smell with long-lasting effects that target pain, nausea, anxiety, and the appetite. Even though its genetics tip toward the indica side, King Kong has an uplifting and focused effect enjoyed by indica and sativa lovers alike.
King-Louisindica4.6Relaxed,Sleepy,Happy,Euphoric,HungryEarthy,Woody,PineKing Louis XIII might be most famous for making wigs on men de rigeur for the French aristocracy, but in Southern California the name will bring to mind a popular indica-dominant strain. This strain announces itself as many people did in the 1600s: by its smell. The difference is this monarch’s odor is one that’s meant to be enjoyed; its dense nugs have an overwhelmingly piney smell with an earthy musk that will have you thinking of your last forest adventure. Bred in part from OG Kush, Louis XIII has a very similar spicy kush aroma. Good for insomnia, this strain often tests at over 20% THC.
Kings-Breadsativa4.2Focused,Relaxed,Creative,Uplifted,EuphoricEarthy,Citrus,LemonSaid to be a sativa landrace from the Blue Mountains of Jamaica, King’s Bread (or King’s Breath) delivers mellowing and euphoric cerebral effects. Finger-like bulbs reach out from the citrus-scented buds wrapped in crystal trichomes. Lamb’s Bread is counted among its progeny, although King’s Bread’s lineage is not well documented. Pain relief, appetite stimulation, and stress alleviation are just a few of the therapeutic benefits King’s Bread has to offer.
King-Kushindica4.3Relaxed,Happy,Hungry,Euphoric,SleepyDiesel,Sweet,EarthyKing's Kush, bred by Green House Seeds, derives from OG Kush and the elusive Grape strain. With gradual but powerful effects, King's Kush is famous for its potency and shiny trichromes during flowering. This strain comes across as sweet and sour with a powerful and tangy grape scent, as well as some hints of lavender. The flowering time for King Kush is approximately 9 weeks, at which point purple and blue veins will appear on the plant. King Kush's THC content can be up to 20%.
Kisshybrid4NoneNoneFormally Queso, this wonderful hybrid was created in 2011 by Kannabia Seeds using Cheese and Afghani genetics. Kiss is a hybrid strain that provides powerful body effects and mood elevation. This potent flower is typically used to relieve pain, anxiety, and insomnia while offering a pugent cheese-like aroma. This aroma comes from the assumed cross of Northern Lights and Skunk, speaking to the 65/35 Indica-dominiant split described by Kannabia. Hailing from Spain, this savory international delight is a treat for anyone lucky enough to get their hands caked with the kiefy dust of this Europian native. 
Kiwiskunkindica3.9Happy,Hungry,Sleepy,Aroused,TinglySpicy/Herbal,Pungent,WoodyIn the late 1980s, the Skunk invasion landed on New Zealand’s shores. Kiwiskunk was introduced when a New Zealand Skunk variety met NYC Diesel, adding a little something extra to its flavor profile. This 75/25 indica-dominant strain gives off a very potent skunky smell with sweet and citrus flavor. You’ll likely be left with a happy but couch-locked feeling best enjoyed while curling up to a comedy movie.
Kobain-Kushindica4.3Hungry,Aroused,Relaxed,Happy,EuphoricEarthy,Ammonia,ChestnutKobain Kush is an indica-dominant hybrid that crosses Pre-98 Bubba Kush with White Lotus. The goal of this breeding project, by Red Eyed Genetics, was to increase the yield, stretch, and overall vigor of the early Bubba Kush cutting to achieve shorter vegetative cycles and enhance the overall potency and bag appeal. Subtle hints of purple begin to show late in the flowering period, with Kobain Kush buds that emit a mixture of sweet coffee and earthy pine that is highlighted with diesel undertones. The relaxing kick of indica effects will help calm stress and relax the body from head to toe.
Kona-Goldsativa4.4Happy,Uplifted,Energetic,Euphoric,GigglyTropical,Pineapple,OrangeKona Gold is a sativa strain that has traveled far from its native origin, the volcanic soils of Hawaii’s Big Island. Soaring cerebral-focused euphoria captures the mind while leaving the body light and functional, making this sativa a perfect pair with or replacement for your morning cup of coffee. A tropical medley of pineapple and citrus flavors are cut by a sharp sour aroma that could almost be compared to diesel fuel. The authentic Kona Gold is unique to its mineral-rich homeland, but its replications overseas still have much to offer sativa enthusiasts.
Konghybrid4.7Relaxed,Happy,Sleepy,Euphoric,HungryEarthy,Woody,SkunkKong is an indica-dominant strain bred by Holy Smoke Seeds, who created this hybrid by crossing Motavation with a backcrossed White Russian. This powerhouse hybrid takes after its namesake in both strength and appearance, with hairy buds that secrete massive amounts of THC-rich resin. As promised by its heavy trichome coverage, Kong packs a punch and leaves your body anchored in relaxation while your mind floats to happy escapes.
Kool-Aid-Smileindica4.8Relaxed,Happy,Talkative,Uplifted,CreativeSage,Berry,GrapeKool-Aid Smile by Andromeda Strains is a deep purple cross of fruity parents. This robust resin-producing flower is the product of Purple Drink x Cherry Sauce and carries telltale notes of its complex lineage in both flavor and appearance. Developing fat, knotty colas that reek of grape candy, Kool-Aid Smile is a flavorful crowd-pleaser with indica-dominant effects. With a mid-level physical sedation coupled with a bright and whimsical mental state, Kool-Aid Smile is sure to elevate your mood, mute nausea and minor physical pain, and ignite your appetite.   
Kosher-Kushindica4.5Relaxed,Sleepy,Happy,Euphoric,HungryEarthy,Pungent,WoodyKosher Kush, offered now in seed form from DNA Genetics, originated in Los Angeles as a clone-only strain. Winner of High Times Cannabis Cup’s Best Indica in 2010 and 2011, as well as Best Strain in 2011, Kosher Kush produces staggering levels of THC, with some samples testing over 29%. Known as one of the most odiferous OG Kush-related strains, it has a unique yet familiar smell reminiscent of rich earth and fruit, and is considered by many to be one of the tastiest smokes around. The high experienced is typical of many heavy indica strains, producing pronounced relaxation and pain relief, with sleep often following close behind.  
Kosher-Tangiehybrid4.5Happy,Relaxed,Uplifted,Creative,EuphoricCitrus,Pine,OrangeKosher Tangie, a 60/40 indica-dominant hybrid, combines two award-winning strains from DNA Genetics. Taking the musky pine aroma of Kosher Kush and crossing it with the sweet tangerine notes of Tangie, Kosher Tnagie has complex palate of skunky citrus flavors. The combination of indica and sativa genetics provide balanced effects that calm the body and lift your mood.
Krakenindica4.4Euphoric,Happy,Creative,Energetic,RelaxedButter,Citrus,CheeseKraken is a mythical strain of unknown parentage brought to us from Spanish breeder Buddha Seeds. Breeding with power and production in mind, this indica hybrid produces chunky, dense buds with a blanket of crystal resin. Producing big harvests and intensely euphoric effects, this monster of an indica lives up to its name. 
Krishna-Kushindica4.9Relaxed,Happy,Giggly,Aroused,SleepySweet,Berry,LavenderKrishna Kush by Colorado Seed Inc. is a Kush grower’s dream. This stout, purple plant produces dense colas rich with glittering trichomes. Combining elements of Lavender, Big Skunk Korean, Afghani, and Super Skunk against the in-house genetics of Gupta Kush, this strain creates a deeply sedative smoke that perfumes the air with pungent floral undertones.  
Kryptoniteindica4.3Relaxed,Happy,Euphoric,Creative,GigglyFlowery,Tropical,SweetA mysterious clone-only hybrid, Kryptonite is rumored to be a cross between Mendocino Purps and Killer Queen created by breeders at the Bay Area’s famed Oaksterdam University. Known to produce THC levels up to of 25%, this indica-dominant strain is a good choice for those seeking to treat serious pain without the extreme sleepiness associated with some pure indicas. Kryptonite features a musty tropical fruit smell and a sweet, sugary flavor reminiscent of Cinderella 99, one of the parent strains to Killer Queen. 
Kuatohybrid5Talkative,Euphoric,Aroused,Tingly,UpliftedSweet,Orange,Pungent“Open your mind” with this hybrid strain named for everyone’s favorite alien baby. Bred by Terraform Genetics, Kuato’s resin-coated buds release a strong spicy aroma with an orange zest. This cross between Alien Orange Cookie and Blucifer takes after its ancestor Blue Dream, boasting an energetic body buzz and uplifted cerebral experience. A great plant for growers of all levels, expect high yields of dense, frosty flowers in around 50 days.
Kubbie-Kushindica3Relaxed,Sleepy,Euphoric,HappyBerry,Blueberry,FloweryKubbie Kush by Cresco Labs is an indica-dominant cross between Lemon Alien and Pre-98 Bubba Kush. This flower’s Alien lineage gives the buds density and copious resin production as well as a sweet, floral terpene profile. The Bubba Kush attributes are felt in the creeping physical sensation that weighs on the body without being overly sedative. Kubbie Kush is a relaxing strain that is ideal for consumption near the end of the day and may help shrug off physical and mental stress.
Kuchihybrid3.6Aroused,Creative,Energetic,Euphoric,FocusedSweet,Earthy,LemonKuchi is a hybrid bred by Devil’s Harvest Seed Company. It combines Exodus Cheese and SFV OG Kush to produce a sweet, tangy fruit flavor with a piney note from the Kush influence. Though balanced between relaxing indica and uplifting sativa genetics, the indica punch often shines through thanks to the influence of SFV OG Kush’s potent pain-fighting effects.
Kurple-Fantasyhybrid4.7Relaxed,Uplifted,Happy,Euphoric,TinglyEarthy,Grape,FloweryKurple Fantasy is a mostly indica strain that shows off her beauty in deep hues of purple, brightened by a starry coat of crystal trichomes. In 2012, Kurple Fantasy took 2nd place in the High Times Denver Medical Cannabis Cup in the indica category. A sweet grape aroma accents the full-body experience of this indica, whose effects are often described as easy, relaxed euphoria. According to its breeders at Imperial Genetics, Kurple Fantasy is a cross between ’92 OG Kush and Old Man Purps.
Kush-Cleanerhybrid4.6Relaxed,Euphoric,Aroused,Creative,EnergeticWoody,Pine,DieselKush Cleaner is a hybrid strain that combines Kush genetics with Jack’s Cleaner. Exactly which Kush was used in breeding this sativa-leaning strain is up for debate, but OG Kush, Ogre, and Purple Kush are all likely suspects. Its aroma is a strong mix of earthiness and pine, much like that of its Jack Herer ancestor. Expect Kush Cleaner to focus its efforts cerebrally, but its mellow relaxation will eventually permeate throughout the body, easing pain and tension.  
Kush-Risehybrid3.5Relaxed,Creative,EuphoricNoneKush Rise by Colorado Seed Inc. is an odoriferous blend of tropical elements like citrus and greenery mixed with the pungent earth and gentle sweetness of quality ocean grown genetics. By combining Hawaiian Sunrise and Rug Burn OG, CO Seed Inc. has crafted a strain with a bright mental alertness coated in calming body buzz. Kush Rise is another fantastic “beach chair bud” from the crew out of Colorado.    
Kush-N-Cheesehybrid4Relaxed,Focused,Uplifted,Sleepy,HappySweet,Lemon,CheeseKush-N-Cheese by Dinafem Seeds is a pungent cross that is known for being good to both expert and novice growers. Created by crossing Emerald OG with UK Cheese, this pungent pairing emits a savory stink of cheese, oil, and citrus. Offering predominantly physical effects, Kush-N-Cheese leans toward an indica-dominant effect while remaining a somewhat functional hybrid. Anticipate long-lasting relaxation that increases in weight and depth with continued consumption. 
Kushadelicindica4.5Relaxed,Sleepy,Euphoric,Uplifted,FocusedPungent,Pine,EarthyKushadelic from Soma Seeds mixes the potency of indica with the cerebral energy of a sativa in this G-13 Haze and OG Kush cross. Whether you’re out socializing or enjoying your own company, Kushadelic provides a comfortable, versatile buzz in moderate doses. The floral, citrus aroma from Kushadelic’s Haze genetics pierces through dominant earthy and hashy notes. Soma recommends growing Kushadelic in organic soil and allowing 10 to 11 weeks for its full flowering indoors.
Kushagehybrid4.4Relaxed,Happy,Euphoric,Hungry,TinglyEarthy,Sage,Spicy/HerbalThis sativa-dominant marijuana hybrid strain was developed to be a resilient, hardy grower and won its breeders at T.H. Seeds 3rd place in the sativa category at the 2005 High Times Cannabis Cup. Kushage plants come from OG Kush and SAGE parents, and like many sativas, they have a slightly longer flowering time at 10-11 weeks. These plants have lots of branches with dark green leaves, but its buds are light green and smell like fresh cut pine. Kushage is a good choice for a cerebral buzz and might just get those creative juices flowing.
Kushashimahybrid4Relaxed,Sleepy,Uplifted,Creative,EnergeticPungent,Pine,SweetKushashima is a hybrid strain that competed in the 2014 L.A. Cannabis Cup.
Kushberryindica4.3Relaxed,Sleepy,Happy,Uplifted,CreativeBerry,Earthy,LemonKushberry is the perfect blend of two West Coast flavors, Blueberry from Oregon and the OG Kush from LA. The exotic flavor doesn’t rival its strength; it is one of DNA Genetics strongest strains. Kushberry is known for relieving pain, sleeplessness, and appetite loss.
Leagle-Eaglehybrid4.7Energetic,Creative,Talkative,Focused,UpliftedSweet,Diesel,SkunkThe L'Eagle Eagle hybrid is a blend of Candy Haze and Skunk #6 genetics offered at L'Eagle Services in Denver, Colorado. It’s fruity on the inhale, while the exhale brings a sweet and spicy aftertaste alongside an inspirational buzz that encourages activity. Highly potent and energetic, this is a great daytime strain for users with a high THC tolerance.
La-Sunshinehybrid4.7Uplifted,Energetic,Happy,Euphoric,CreativeCitrus,Earthy,Spicy/HerbalL.A Sunshine is a designer strain by Darkhorse Genetics crafted for the cannabis comedy duo Cheech & Chong. Its complex heritage is a grab bag of genetic crosses, including Chem Soda F1 x Starfighter (Tahoe phenotype) x (Coal Creek Kush x Strawberry Diesel). This hybrid blends active body effects with cerebral indicas to offer a bud that is functional (at smaller doses) but potent enough to satisfy seasoned consumers.   
Lak-Federal-Reserveindica5Relaxed,Tingly,Hungry,Uplifted,CreativeLemon,Earthy,SweetFederal Reserve by Los Angeles Kush is another heavy indica cut out of Southern California. Created by crossing SFV OG with a special Los Angeles Kush phenotype, this strain offers deep relaxation and sedation. Federal Reserve's terpene profile is strong and pungent, smelling of pine, gas, and skunk. Its body effects can help sooth minor physical pain and help nullify stress and anxiety.   
La-Chocolathybrid4.5Relaxed,Happy,Euphoric,Sleepy,HungryEarthy,Coffee,SweetLA Chocolate, bred by DNA Genetics, is a 60/40 indica-dominant strain parented by their cherished LA Confidential indica and Chocolope sativa. This power-couple collectively passes on the best of their qualities: thick resin production, heavy yields, and a sweet, earthy aroma of chocolate and coffee. Its soothing physical effects sink through the body, keeping you relaxed while kindling the appetite.
La-Confidentialindica4.3Relaxed,Happy,Sleepy,Euphoric,UpliftedSweet,Earthy,PineLA Confidential is known as a very popular and successful strain. Its buds have a frosty, lime green appearance and little purple leaves. The taste is smooth and piney, with a classic skunky aroma that does not linger for too long. Overall, LA Confidential is a well-rounded strain that delivers a fast-approaching sensation that is both psychedelic and super calming on the mind and body. For newer patients seeking relief, LA Confidential can both lull you to sleep and treat acute pain. 
La-Jackhybrid3.7Euphoric,Creative,Relaxed,Sleepy,TinglyBerry,Apple,BlueberryLA Jack is a rare sativa strain with a mysterious heritage. With its true cross unknown, many cannabis aficionados that have encountered this west coast native say she is a cross of Candy Jack and LA Confidential. With a rich lemon/pine smoke that adopts a fruit salad of flavors on the exhale, this spacey strain offers mental energy and a weighted body. 
La-Kookieshybrid4.7Hungry,Relaxed,Happy,Creative,TalkativeEarthy,Coffee,BerryLA Kookies is Los Angeles Kush’s version of the legendary California native, Girl Scout Cookies. This strain takes a potent GSC phenotype and crosses it with OG Kush Breath, a genetic relative of GSC. This tertiary backcross enriches the strain’s Cookie attributes while enhancing its savory terpene profile. The aroma is pungent and doughy with touches of pine, while the flavor is sweet with candied cherries, butter cookies, and earth. This perfect middle-of-the-road hybrid relaxes the body while enhancing mood, making it a natural complement for consumers suffering from chronic pain. 
La-Kushhybrid4.5Relaxed,Happy,Creative,Uplifted,EuphoricMenthol,Pungent,PineOriginating in Los Angeles, California, LA Kush is a hybrid with obscure genetic roots. Not to be confused with OG Los Angeles Kush,  the general consensus is that LA Kush is a variety of OG Kush, and possibly a select phenotype of Abusive OG. In spite of the mystery, LA Kush presents itself as an earthy mix of pine and menthol flavors. Its happy effects bring a smile to your face, lifting your mood and relaxing sore muscles. If you are looking to alleviate stress or need a spark of creativity, look to LA Kush. 
La-Ogindica4.4Relaxed,Euphoric,Sleepy,Happy,TinglyEarthy,Berry,FloweryLA OG is a potent variety of medical cannabis with an earthy taste and a powerful head and body high.
La-Ultraindica4.7Relaxed,Euphoric,Happy,Sleepy,TinglyLemon,Chemical,DieselLA Ultra by Resin Seeds is a strong indica strain whose genetics are kept secret, but its breeders and name hint at a LA Confidential and MK Ultra cross. An 80/20 indica-dominant hybrid, LA Ultra provides a mesmerizing, trippy high that lends a spark to creativity if you can harness it. This indica is spicy and fruity in fragrance, and its buds grow with chunky, finger-like calyxes that are utterly drenched in resin.
La-Womanhybrid4.2Relaxed,Euphoric,Tingly,Happy,SleepyEarthy,Pungent,PineLA Woman is a match of two multi-award winning strains by DNA Genetics, Martian Mean Green and LA Confidential. This strain's taste is sweet and robust with the flavor lasting well after the exhale. It's hard to go wrong with LA Woman's incredible smell and potency. This strain has frosty buds and is definitely a crowd-pleaser.
Lapdhybrid4.7Uplifted,Energetic,Happy,Relaxed,CreativeDiesel,Pepper,PungentLAPD is a perfectly balanced hybrid named after parent strains, LA Confidential and Purple Diesel. A flavorful medley of sweet grape, earthy pine, and spicy pepper build the complex aroma of LAPD’s compact crimson and purple buds. Small to moderate doses induce a mellow, cerebral euphoria that sinks down to the rest of the body in a full physical calm. According to its breeders at California Bean Bank, LAPD’s abbreviated name appropriately describes these variable effects: “to protect and serve, or to take you out.” LAPD is typically chosen by patients treating pain, cramps, stress, and fatigue. This hybrid grows best in greenhouse gardens using sea or screen of green methods, with a flowering time of 50 to 60 days. 
Lsdhybrid4.3Happy,Relaxed,Euphoric,Uplifted,CreativeEarthy,Pungent,CitrusThe LSD strain was bred by Barneys Farm, with a lineage from Mazar-I-Sharif and Skunk #1. It is a disease-resistant plant that does well in most growing conditions. The buds form in curved triangles, yielding approximately 600 grams per square meter. Flowering time is approximately 8-9 weeks. This marijuana strain is popular for delivering a vivid and psychedelic experience with a powerful body buzz and cerebral high. The THC content has been measured up to 24% with a CBD of 1.3%. 
Lvpkhybrid4.6Happy,Relaxed,Hungry,Sleepy,UpliftedSweet,Earthy,BerryLVPK, or Las Vegas Purple Kush, is a member of the notorious Purple Kush family of California. This strain is primarily a cross between Purple Afghani and Hindu Kush, though other strains may be in the mix. While LVPK is an indica-dominant hybrid, it combines the sharp cerebral qualities of sativas with the body-heavy, sleepy effects of indicas. With a dark, herbal taste and skunky smell, this strain is sure to provide users, especially kush lovers, with a satisfying medicated experience.
La-Ninasativa4.7Uplifted,Creative,Energetic,Talkative,EuphoricSweet,EarthyLa Niña, a close relative of El Niño, is a sativa-dominant hybrid cross between Haze and White Widow. These large, airy buds offer a mild sweet, fruity aroma and clear, functional effects that make this strain a great daytime choice. Not recommended for beginning growers, this tall plant requires judicious attention until flowering between 8 and 10 weeks.
Lady-Libertyhybrid4.2Sleepy,Hungry,RelaxedSweetLady Liberty is a balanced 50/50 hybrid strain that delivers a strong blast of energized euphoria alongside a sweet grapefruit aroma. Notes of citrus arrive on the inhale while sweet earthiness is unleashed on the exhale in a flavorful introduction to Lady Liberty’s dual-edged head and body effects. Relaxation overcomes your physical senses while uplifting euphoria shakes creativity and happiness wide awake. She wears her potency in a crystal coat of trichomes, a shining testament to Lady Liberty’s THC content which often surpasses 22%.
Ladyburn-1974hybrid4Relaxed,Sleepy,Creative,Giggly,HungryEarthy,Pepper,AmmoniaLadyburn 1974 by Green House Seeds is an indica-dominant hybrid cross between Jack Herer and Ice Dream. Balanced effects offer both physical and mental relief, as well as effective pain management. Beginner growers will find success in both indoor or outdoor grows, with flowers at around 9 weeks.
Lake-Of-Firehybrid4.6Euphoric,Uplifted,Happy,Relaxed,ArousedDiesel,Pine,EarthyLake of Fire is a hybrid of Gorilla Glue #4 and Kobain Kush bred by Red Eyed Genetics. The result is a heavily frosted, chocolate, and pine flavored mixture of diesel fumes that produce balanced effects that stimulate the mind while relaxing the body. The influence of Kobain Kush genetics adds vigor and minimizes difficulty in cultivating a spinoff of the award-winning Gorilla Glue #4. 
Lamb-S-Breadsativa4.4Euphoric,Creative,Happy,Uplifted,EnergeticEarthy,Woody,PungentAlso called 'Lamb's Breath,' Lamb's Bread is a bright green and sticky sativa strain. The effects have been known to give mass amounts of energy and positive introspection. Stress subsides quickly from the Lamb's Bread buzz, which can help ease depression. The origins of this plant comes from Jamaica and it has been reported that even Bob Marley himself has encountered this wonderful slice of cannabis genealogy.
Lambo-Oghybrid4.5Happy,Euphoric,Sleepy,Hungry,RelaxedTropical,Sweet,AmmoniaCreated by T.H. Seeds, Lambo is notable for being bred specifically to grow well outside. A cross of Jamaican Haze, Jamaican Purple and Super Afghan, this “guerilla grower” has a strong natural resistance to molds and pests and an 8 week flowering time, making it ideal for those in warmer climates who want to give outdoor growing a try. Originally named Rambo, this strain has been redubbed thanks to some litigious copyright people, but it’s still the same good stuff.
Lamborghinihybrid4Relaxed,Sleepy,Euphoric,Happy,UpliftedDiesel,Pine,LimeLamborghini, or just Lambo, is a sativa-dominant hybrid strain that combines the upbeat, high-energy Lamb’s Bread with the relaxing and blissful qualities of Holy Grail Kush. This strain inherits a complex flavor profile that begins with a sharp piney inhale and ends with a sour lime exhale. Its large buds bloom with a sticky coat of crystal trichomes in a show of Lambo’s potency.
Larry-Bird-Kushhybrid4.9Relaxed,Euphoric,Energetic,Happy,UpliftedSweet,Orange,EarthyLarry Bird Kush is a nearly perfect 50/50 hybrid strain named after the famous Boston Celtics basketball player. This strain combines Sunset Sherbet and Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies from the famous west coast tastemakers Cookie Fam Genetics. The aroma of “The Great White Hope” is thick with sweet grape tang reminiscent of Grape Crush. Deep purple sugar leaves and a dense layer of trichomes illustrate the strain’s indica parentage. LBK’s effects are more uplifting and heady, making it a perfect strain for consumers looking for an indica flavor and smell while retaining physical sativa effects.
Larry-Oghybrid4.3Relaxed,Happy,Uplifted,Euphoric,SleepyLemon,Pine,CitrusLarry OG, also called Lemon Larry, is yet another member of the famous ocean-grown family. Originally created in Orange County, this indica is a cross between OG Kush and SFV OG. Larry OG produces a potent yet easy body buzz that will allow you to relax while getting things done. The effects are happy but not overwhelming. Like other members of the OG family, this strain has a very clean and piney aroma. The nugs tend to be dense and feature distinct burnt orange hairs that are longer than average.
Las-Vegas-Purple-Kush-Bxindica5Sleepy,Happy,Relaxed,Aroused,CreativeNoneLas Vegas Purple Kush BX is a clone-only strain released in 2013 and has been described as Alphakronik Gene’s most potent indica. This backcross consists of Las Vegas Purple Kush and Sin City Kush genetics, creating a similar experience and aroma to Pre-98 Bubba Kush without the coffee smell and with a slightly sweeter aroma. This strain has been known to help with an array of ailments associated with physical pain and gastrointestinal issues.
Lashkar-Gahindica4.7Relaxed,Euphoric,Sleepy,Hungry,HappyEarthy,Pungent,SweetLashkar Gah is an indica landrace strain named after its geographic origin in south Afghanistan. Like other Afghani indicas, Lashkar Gah is consistent in its delivery of powerful, sedating effects that promote rest and relaxation. Pain, insomnia, and other severe symptoms collapse under the weight of Lashkar Gah’s heavy effects, and a quick examination of its resin-caked buds explains this indica’s potency. Your body may feel pinned down by Lashkar Gah’s euphoric punch, but your mind will likely float away blissfully as the burdens of stress and anxiety dissolve.
Laughing-Buddhasativa4.4Happy,Euphoric,Uplifted,Energetic,GigglyTropical,Sweet,Spicy/HerbalLaughing Buddha is an award-winning sativa (2003 High Times Cannabis Cup) from Barney's Farm that grows fast and tall. An earthy cross between Thai and Jamaican strains with a sweet, fruity smell that is broken up by hints of spice and provides a rich pungent smoke that will leave consumers feeling happy, upbeat, and will leave them giggling even when battling depression. The oversized colas often need pruning and extra support, but the added work pays off come harvest time when full, frosty buds cover almost the entire plant.
Laughing-Gashybrid0Energetic,Giggly,Happy,Talkative,TinglyNoneLaughing Gas by TKO Reserve is a fuel-forward cross of Sour Diesel and Cherry Pie. This pungent pair creates a strain that emits a powerful fuel aroma intermixed with notes of  grass, pine, and a distant sweetness. The dense, knobby buds offer consumers stimulating, happy, and creative effects that can help diminish depression and initiate activity.   
Lavenderindica4.1Relaxed,Happy,Sleepy,Uplifted,EuphoricLavender,Flowery,SweetBuilt from strains around the world, Lavender by Soma Seeds has its origins from Super Skunk, Big Skunk Korean and Afghani Hawaiian. This strain, sometimes referred to as Lavender Kush, has dense buds that give off a floral and spicy aroma. It has a dark purple coloration at the ends of its leaves.
Lavender-Hazesativa4.1Euphoric,Uplifted,Energetic,Happy,RelaxedLavender,Flowery,EarthyLavender Haze is a lovely cross of G-13 Haze and Lavender. It’s known for its dense flowers that usually include shades of purple. The buds have a strong floral aroma that will make you think of a fresh sprig of lavender blooms. This hybrid has some great balanced effects to both lift your mood and provide some strong body relaxation. Light enough to pursue energetic activities but strong enough to erase pain and maybe ease you to sleep, Lavender Haze is a great daytime choice. Plants of this strain can be grown both indoors and out, with indoor flowering happening between 8 and 9 weeks.
Lavender-Joneshybrid4.4Happy,Relaxed,Euphoric,Uplifted,CreativeLavender,Earthy,SweetLavender Jones, also called Purple Jones, is a hybrid strain that expresses itself in vibrant hues of purple and green. Its Purple Urkle parent passes on more than just its colorful display and dense bud structure; deep relaxation typical of indica varieties comes through, coupled with dreamy cerebral euphoria inherited from its hybrid parent, Casey Jones.
Lazy-Trainhybrid0NoneNoneLazy Train is a rare indica-dominant hybrid of Qrazy Train and Lavender. This strain produces olive green buds with dainty amber hairs and emits a strong floral aroma. The effects hit slowly, creeping over the consumer's body as blissful and weighed relaxation. Lazy Train has been known to produce upwards of 20% THC and dense coats of resin. Its herbal, woodsy aroma and pleasant physical effects make it ideal for mood enhancement, stress reduction, and minor physical discomfort.     
Le-Silver-Royalehybrid4.5Uplifted,Talkative,Euphoric,Happy,EnergeticSkunk,Cheese,WoodyLe Silver Royal is grown solely by Kleen Karma Gardens in Oregon. This wondrous cross of Green Queen and Super Silver Haze blends bright cerebral qualities with the hazy energy of its recessive Green Crack and Super Silver Haze genetics. A 60/40 sativa-dominant hybrid, this stimulating strain is ideal for physical activity or rising above the cloud cover the Pacific Northwest is known for.     
Leda-Unosativa5Tingly,Focused,HungryNoneA Cannabis Cup finalist in the sativa category, Leda Uno will undoubtedly raise your spirits. The team at KC Brains took its KC 33 crossed with a Brazilian female landrace and crossed it once more with its KC 606 and Leda hybrid. The result is a smooth lemony hybrid with beautiful chunky, light green buds. Best when grown in soil, this plant can shoot to 10 feet outdoors and produces considerable yields.
Lee-Royindica4.7Relaxed,Euphoric,Sleepy,Uplifted,TinglyLime,Lemon,CitrusLee Roy by Rare Dankness Seeds is a connoisseur-grade sativa-dominant strain with incredible trichome production. Created by blending Triangle Kush with Rare Dankness #2, Lee Roy offers a Kush-forward aroma intermixed with lemon and lime. The plants prefer cooler temperatures and the yield is healthy if not generous. Utilize Lee Roy to contend with ADD/ADHD, depression, gastrointestinal disorders, and nausea. Rare Dankness Seeds also noted that this resinous strain is well-suited for hash production.  
Legalized-Oghybrid4.8Hungry,Sleepy,Relaxed,Happy,FocusedPungent,Chemical,Spicy/HerbalLegalized OG is a popularized cut of the famous OG Kush. This strain’s flavor is piney with fruity nuances that some might describe as grape or berry. The effects set in immediately and envelop the body from the head down with a sedating buzz that lingers and weighs on the body. Legalized OG stays true to its OG roots and would be an ideal cut for patients seeking relief from chronic pain, nausea, or restlessness.  
Legend-Ogindica4.6Relaxed,Sleepy,Happy,Creative,FocusedPungent,Earthy,PineLegend OG is a presumed OG Kush phenotype that offers a fresh take on a classic. Known for tart, floral, and pungent terpenes, Legend OG stays true to its Kush background. Heavily sedating in large doses, Legend OG works hard to relax the consumer by elevating the mind while soothing aches and pains throughout the body. Its sleepy qualities also make it a solid choice before bedtime, but monitor your dosage, as high-THC varieties can overstimulate some minds.
Legend-Of-Nigeriasativa0NoneNoneLegend of Nigeria by Swamp Boys Seeds is a cross of SBS’s clone-only Legend OG and its own beloved Nigerian strain. This sativa-dominant hybrid sprouts medium-sized plants that need space to stretch and flower. Legend of Nigeria produces dense buds that gives off a potent blueberry and fuel aroma that is just as rich on the palate. This strain produces a larger-than-average yield with proper vegetative staging and training, and has an approximate 63-day flowering time. 
Legendary-Lemonsativa4Aroused,Euphoric,Relaxed,Creative,SleepyApricot,Chemical,BlueberryLegendary Lemon is a sativa-dominant strain that blends two Mexican speed demons, Zacatecas and Oaxaca, with two zesty zingers, Lemon Skunk and Lemon Kush. This tangy bud hits hard with a strong cerebral buzz and offers whimsical euphoria that makes consumers feel light on their feet. Enjoy this strain to defeat depression or to frontload strong mood enhancing effects. The flavor has been described as “rich lemon custard.' 
Lem-Chemhybrid4Energetic,Focused,HungryLem Chem is a potent hybrid that is both sweet and sour, with distinct fuel/chemical nuances in flavor that denote its Chemdawg parentage. The buds have deep green foliage and tan/rusty pistils that also demonstrate the Chemdawg in this strain. Anticipate uplifted, mood-altering effects that settle in the limbs. The strain is neither sedative or active, but rather a balanced hybrid that reduces physical discomfort in such a way that promotes physical activity and wellbeing. Lem Chem can be very strong, so mind your dosage. 
Lemon-Alien-Dawghybrid4.5Relaxed,Creative,Focused,Aroused,SleepyPungent,Pine,EarthyLemon Alien Dawg comes from Alien Genetics, who crossbred an Alien Dawg female with Lemon Kush to create this pungent hybrid cannabis strain. Large chunky buds radiate with sweet and sour fruity notes dominated by the zesty scent of lemon. Leaning slightly to the indica side of the genetic spectrum, Lemon Alien Dawg lets your body sink into deep relaxation while the mind floats away to happy escapes.
Lemon-Bananashybrid5Talkative,Tingly,Uplifted,Creative,EnergeticSpicy/Herbal,Lime,LemonLemon Bananas is a hybrid strain that achieved fame in the 2015 SoCal Cannabis Cup when Dabblicious Extracts processed it into an extract worthy of 1st place in the Best Hybrid Concentrate category.
Lemon-Bubblesativa4.6Happy,Energetic,Talkative,Euphoric,UpliftedLemon,Citrus,SweetLemon Bubble from Pheno Finder Seeds is an award-winning strain that combines Super Lemon Haze with Silver Bubble to create a potent sativa that is applauded for its emphasis on flavor. Recently, Lemon Bubble took 3rd place in the Sativa Cup at the 2014 High Times Cannabis Cup. Its citrus flavors are highlighted by sweet lemons and finish with an earthy Haze undertone to produce happy thoughts and a soothing sense of euphoria.
Lemon-Cakesativa4.3Relaxed,Uplifted,Happy,Energetic,EuphoricLemon,Cheese,SweetLemon Cake by Heavyweight Seeds is a potent sativa-dominant strain with sweet and musky aromas. Also known as Lemon Cheesecake, Lemon Cake is the cross of Lemon Skunk and a “dangerously powerful Cheese,” according to HS. With a nine to ten week flowering time, squat morphology, and abundant yield, Lemon Cake is kind to growers, especially those outdoors. This strain emits a pungent citrus aroma with a musky Cheese undertone. Heavyweight Seeds recommends consuming this strain to combat stress, loss of appetite, and minor physical discomfort.
Lemon-Crmesativa0NoneNoneLemon Créme is a unique and unstable sativa-dominant strain created by Love Genetics. It was brought into existence by crossing Lemon Jack with DNA Genetics’ Sour Cream (a Sour Diesel heirloom x G15 Haze). The breeder notes that this strain is prone to produce three distinct phenotypes with varied aromas, such as Earl Grey tea, lemon Pinesol, and American sweet tea. Lemon Créme is a rare cut due to its instability, but has gone on to influence other Love Genetics’ crosses like Prometheus. This strain has an approximate flowering time of 69 to 77 days.
Lemon-Daddyhybrid4.1Energetic,Happy,Focused,Giggly,RelaxedLemon,Citrus,EarthyLemon Daddy is a sativa-dominant cross between the flavorful Super Lemon Haze and a resin-heavy Granddaddy Purple. Together, these two parents pass on a fresh citrus and grape aroma that lingers after the exhale. Mellow effects settle in shortly after, promoting relaxation and enhanced focus useful for any time of the day. 
Lemon-Dieselhybrid4.2Euphoric,Happy,Relaxed,Creative,EnergeticLemon,Diesel,CitrusBred by Green Lantern Seeds, Lemon Diesel is the child of California Sour and Lost Coast OG. This cannabis strain grows tall with dense buds, and usually fills in most during the last couple weeks of growth. Its leaves are long and broad with purple-gray color during maturity. Flowering time is generally 9-10 weeks with a THC content up to 14% and CBD of 0.23%. The buds have been described as smelling fruity and sweet, with a hint of a skunk. The smell and flavor have been likened to citrus and pepper, with effects that can 'sneak up' on its consumer. Lemon Diesel was in the Top Ten at the Emerald Cup in 2010. 
Lemon-Drophybrid4.1Happy,Euphoric,Focused,Uplifted,RelaxedLemon,Citrus,PineLemon Drop is a mellow, fluffy bud that provides a pleasant, giggly sensation. This strain tends to provide a more euphoric, focused experience, though indica-dominant variations exist and produce a stronger body feeling that is relaxing yet not overpowering. Fittingly, Lemon Drop has a lemony, clean taste that is reminiscent of the candy of the same name.
Lemon-Firehybrid4.7Happy,Uplifted,Energetic,Euphoric,FocusedCitrus,Lemon,EarthyLemon Fire is a hybrid that won Best U.S. Concentrate in the 2014 Washington Cannabis Cup by Mr. B Extracts. 
Lemon-Gsativa4.4Relaxed,Euphoric,Happy,Uplifted,CreativeLemon,Sweet,PungentLemon G is the pride of Ohio, representing the Midwest among all the Dutch and West Coast strains out there. Potent, well-focused and even, this sativa hybrid is a daughter of Original G13. As this is not a pure sativa, relaxing indica effects tend to show up first after consuming Lemon G. Over time, however, the upbeat, euphoric, and giggly sativa effects begin to emerge. Lemon G is a sociable strain and, as the name suggests, has a strong lemon fragrance. Taste-wise, this strain is fairly mellow and does not necessarily exhibit the strong citrus properties found in its scent.
Lemon-Hazesativa4.3Happy,Uplifted,Euphoric,Energetic,RelaxedLemon,Citrus,SweetLemon Haze has been characterized as smelling of fresh peeled lemon slices with a similar taste. Its buds appear to be green and yellow with amber hairs on the trichomes, giving it the yellow tint. This strain's THC has been measured at about 15-20% with a CBD of 0.38%. 
Lemon-Icesativa4.6Energetic,Euphoric,Happy,Creative,FocusedLemon,Citrus,DieselLemon Ice by Ripper Seeds is a sativa-dominant strain created from Lemon Haze x Afghani. This collision of opposites creates a unique strain with columnar bud structures that adapts well to “sea of green” growing methods. The strain is also known for its furry buds knotted with pistils and a spicy, citrus-forward aroma. Lemon Ice does have a longer than average flowering time of 75-85 days, but patient gardeners are rewarded with a more than generous yield. Ripper Seeds defines the effects as “bearable,” which translates to “mind your dosage” as strong sativa effects can be hard to handle for those prone to anxiety.   
Lemon-Jacksativa4.4Focused,Energetic,Happy,Uplifted,CreativeLemon,Citrus,SweetWhile Lemon Jack has yet to earn the reputation of its father, Jack Herer, this sativa deserves some respect. A potent strain featuring a distinct, chemical-like lemon smell, Lemon Jack has strong psychoactive effects. Focused and energizing, this strain’s effects draw from both its Jack Herer and Lemon Kush heritage. Like a strong cup of coffee, Lemon Jack is a daytime strain. Patients who suffer from headaches and fatigue tend to find relief with this strain, though it may not be the best choice for those who suffer from anxiety.
Lemon-Jefferyhybrid4.5NoneSweet,Citrus,LemonLemon Jeffery by Irie Genetics was created when Irie Jeff blended his Golden Goat male with a favorite Lemon Skunk female. Irie Jeff bred these strains together to improve Lemon Skunk’s lanky structure while preserving the strain’s distinct lemon candy flavor. Lemon Jeffery can reach into the mid-20% THC range, and can produce a heavy yield if given the space to grow. This strain has an approximate flowering time of 70 days. 
Lemon-Kushhybrid4.1Relaxed,Happy,Euphoric,Uplifted,EnergeticLemon,Citrus,EarthyThe general consensus surrounding Lemon Kush is that is a cross between Master Kush and Lemon Joy. However, breeder specific variations exist. Alien Genetics, for example, explains their Lemon Kush as a hybrid between Lemon G, a prized strain from Ohio, and an Afghan Kush. The genetics are the only area of dispute as everyone will agree that the sweet flavors of lemon and citrus mix exceptionally well with the earthy kush undertones. The light green buds are covered in a white frosting of trichomes and provide uplifting and creative effects. Lemon Kush is the perfect solution for when the stresses of life have you feeling sour.
Lemon-Larry-Lavenderhybrid4.1Relaxed,Focused,Giggly,Uplifted,CreativeCitrus,Lemon,LavenderLemon Larry Lavender by Big Buddy Seeds is greater than the sum of its parts. The stunningly flavorful cross of Lemon Larry OG Kush and Lavender offers sweet citrus aromas overlaid by velvety floral terpenes. With loosely sedative effects brought on by the Lavender and an elevated mental state from the concentration of limonene, Lemon Larry Lavender pairs perfectly with video games and movie nights with friends. Providing a bright mind and relaxed body, this indica-dominant strain is ideal for abating depression as well as minor aches and pains. 
Lemon-Marmaladehybrid4.8Uplifted,Happy,Euphoric,Relaxed,TinglyLemon,Diesel,SweetLemon Marmalade is a potent hybrid from Washington State, bred by Platinum Extracts. The strain was developed by crossing Deadhead OG with Cookie Dough, a select phenotype of Girl Scout Cookies. Caked with trichomes and radiating citrus and diesel fumes, Lemon Marmalade creates a complex flavor mix of lemon and piney Kush with subtle fruit undertones. Lemon Marmalade took home the prize for Best BHO – THC at the 2015 DOPE Cup in Seattle and rumor has it the flower has tested upwards of 30% THC. The effects from Lemon Marmalade come on quick with a euphoric burst of heady energy that quickly levels off into a more relaxing full-bodied experience.
Lemon-Meringuesativa4.7Uplifted,Happy,Energetic,Creative,RelaxedLemon,Citrus,SweetLemon Meringue by Exotic Genetix is a sweet, zestful cross of Lemon Skunk and Cookies and Cream. This pungent combo emits a variety of aromas including citrus, diesel, and nuttiness, but at the center of this bouquet is a tart slice of lemon meringue pie with a fat dollop of whipped cream on top. Lemon Meringue offers uplifting mental effects and sativa-driven energy that encourages physical activity. This strain’s subtle motivational qualities and pleasant euphoria make it a go-to for folks combating fatigue, depression, and minor headaches.    
Lemon-Og-Hazehybrid4.5Energetic,Happy,Focused,Euphoric,CreativeLemon,Citrus,LimeLemon OG Haze by Nirvana is the sensible combination of its titular elements: Lemon OG and Haze. While Lemon OG contains weighty Kush elements that are kind on the body, the excess limonene and alpha-pinene lead the consumer into a state of mental alertness and euphoria. In the right measure, this strain can be a one-way ticket to productivity, hazing the mind into a content lull while wrapping the body in a calm focus. Enjoy this strain as a means to crush anxiety, depression, lethargy, and fatigue.   
Lemon-Oghybrid4.3Relaxed,Euphoric,Happy,Sleepy,UpliftedLemon,Citrus,EarthyWhat this skunky indica lacks in longevity it makes up for in speed. A cross between the mythical Las Vegas Lemon Skunk and The OG #18, Lemon OG provides users with a quick-acting sleepy head sensation. While Lemon OG has inherited a skunky aroma from its kush relatives, this particular strain is mild tasting and pleasant smelling with fruity undertones. Lemon OG tends to feel more psychoactive than other members of the kush family, but still offers a heavy, medicated feel. The strain is great for stress relief and increasing appetite. These plants usually flower in 8-10 weeks.
Lemon-Piesativa4.2Energetic,Euphoric,Uplifted,Talkative,HappyLemon,Citrus,DieselLemon Pie from Leafs by Snoop is a sativa-dominant hybrid that will bring about relaxation and creativity. It carries hints of citrus, spice, and diesel flavor in dense, orange-haired buds. Testing over 22% in THC, this powerful strain will have you out and about doing your favorite indoor or outdoor activities. 
Lemon-Sativasativa4.2Happy,Euphoric,Energetic,Creative,FocusedLemon,Citrus,EarthyLemon Sativa is not your typical high-energy strain. While most sativas can be similar to a strong cup of coffee, Lemon Sativa tends to provide patients with a relaxing, heavy body sensation. As the name suggests, this strain has an aroma similar to a lemon drop candy. Lemon Sativa is great for patients who would like to relax while doing housework or catching up on other low-key tasks.
Lemon-Skunkhybrid4.3Happy,Uplifted,Relaxed,Euphoric,FocusedLemon,Skunk,CitrusLemon Skunk was conceived from two separate Skunk phenotypes that displayed exceptionally zesty lemon traits. The skunky, citrus flavor draws you in immediately, and the happy, energetic buzz will shake you out of any funk. DNA Genetics has developed Lemon Skunk as great strain for combating depression and stress.
Lemon-Thaisativa4.1Focused,Happy,Creative,Talkative,EnergeticLemon,Citrus,EarthyLemon Thai is great for those looking for a little extra creative spark. Originally produced by Dutch Flowers, Lemon Thai is a cross between a Thai sativa and a Hawaiian strain. Taking after its Thai parentage, the effects of this strain are extremely cerebral, allowing users to feel introspective, focused, and thoughtful. This strain features a pleasant lemony-mint taste and typically flowers in 10 weeks. Lemon Thai produces high yields both indoors and outdoors but appreciates a lot of space to grow.
Lemon-Walker-Oghybrid4.4Relaxed,Uplifted,Happy,Focused,EnergeticCitrus,Lemon,PungentLemon Walker OG is a beautiful and complicated hybrid cross. With front-end parentage that consists of Lemon Skunk and Skywalker OG (Skywalker x OG Kush), this stimulating strain offers a potent cerebral buzz that transplants itself in the body with continued use. With bright notes of citrus and a pungent and slightly fruity undertone brought through by Skywalker, this strain is ideal for those seeking uplifting, mood enhancing effects. Also, this strain won 2nd place for Best U.S. Concentrate at the 2014 Denver Cannabis Cup. 
Lemon-Wreckhybrid4.1Relaxed,Creative,Euphoric,Tingly,FocusedLemon,Citrus,DieselLemon Wreck (also known as Lemon Trainwreck) is a sativa-dominant cross between Lemon Diesel and Trainwreck. This strain features a taste similar to sour lemon candy, and produces both a strong body and head stone. While it may have stimulating and cerebral effects at first, this is truly a nighttime strain for some as it produces strong sleepy effects over time. Lemon Wreck is helpful to those suffering from insomnia or are in need of relaxation.
Lemonberryhybrid4.3Euphoric,Energetic,Giggly,Happy,CreativeLemon,Sweet,BlueberryDabney Blue and Lemon Thai come together to produce Lemonberry by Fusion Seeds. Dabney Blue imparts its berry flavors and the sweet aroma of blueberry muffins, typical of strains influenced by DJ Short’s Blueberry line. Lemon Thai adds its own touch of citrus flavors and uplifting effects. Lemonberry is a strain rooted in the Pacific Northwest and is desired for its collage of flavors and balanced effects. The sativa influence in this hybrid helps form a happy head buzz that initiates bouts of creativity and the giggles.
Lemonderhybrid4.5Happy,Uplifted,Giggly,Energetic,EuphoricCitrus,Lemon,EarthyLemonder is a body-heavy hybrid with an outstanding aroma. This strain is a cross of Lavender, Super Lemon Haze, and OG Kush, and offers alert mental clarity and relaxing physical effects. The buds glitter with trichomes and are tangled in orange/bronze hairs. Its aroma smells like lemon peel, pine needles, and a sprinkling of earthy spice. Enjoy Lemonder throughout the day as its effects are manageable and won’t pull too firmly toward stimulation or relaxation. Expect smile-inducing euphoria and a calming, carefree body buzz. 
Lemonhead-Oghybrid4.9Relaxed,Uplifted,Happy,Euphoric,CreativeLemon,Citrus,SweetLemonhead OG by Royal Choice Farms is a gleeful Kush cut with bright, refreshing terpenes. Sweet on the nose and the palate, this strain offers consumers a clean, zestful lemon flavor coupled with a lung-expanding mint/eucalyptus. As with many OG strains, euphoria takes the lead, elevating the consumer’s mood and provoking both smiles and laughter. The effects remain peppy as they transition into the body, leaving a warm and fuzzy sensation without being overly stimulating.   
Lennonsativa0NoneNoneLennon is a dizzying sativa-dominant strain from Pyramid Seeds. It’s a cross between Jack Herer and a pure Haze, giving the strain heady, uplifting qualities. This sativa is not for the faint of heart. Lennon’s potent psychoactive effects can be overwhelming for uninitiated consumers, leading to dizziness and disorientation. Mind your dosage and enjoy this strain’s citrus liqueur flavor alongside titillating mental and physical stimulation.   
Leonidassativa4Focused,Aroused,Uplifted,Creative,EnergeticGrape,Lavender,VioletLeonidas is a Super Silver Haze variation produced by Canadian LP Tweed. With genetic roots stemming from Haze, Skunk #1, and Northern Lights, this sativa-dominant strain lifts you into a state of unencumbered happiness and focus. Citrus flavors mingle with a sweet and sour bite inherited from Leonidas’ Skunk ancestor, providing a flavorful precursor to the weightless euphoria to come. Like the Spartan warlord this strain was named after, Leonidas delivers a swift kick to depression, fatigue, and stress and sends them down a bottomless black pit.
Lethal-Purplehybrid3.3Talkative,Creative,Euphoric,Happy,HungrySweet,Grape,FloweryLethal Purple is a vibrantly colored indica-dominant hybrid first bred by Great White North Seeds in Canada. Once ripe, this floral-scented strain darkens to a deep purple color, flecked with lavender pastels. Sativa genetics peek through Lethal Purple’s heavy indica sensations and allow mental clarity and functionality in spite of its potent full-body effects.
Liberty-Hazehybrid4.5Happy,Uplifted,Relaxed,Euphoric,EnergeticCitrus,Lime,SweetLiberty Haze is the winner of the 2011 High Times Cannabis Cup and quickly became popular for its fast flowering time and unique taste. Barney’s Farm created this strain by breeding G13 with Chemdawg, the latter of which is known for its quick flowering time. Liberty Haze picked up these traits and this medium tall, bushy plant matures in 8-9 weeks. The buds are lime green heavy with crystals and usually have plenty of red hairs. Users like this strain for its refreshing lime taste and its potency—THC content has been tested at 25%. However, this hybrid has more heady, cerebral effects, making it a popular choice for those treating depression and anxiety.
Lifesaverhybrid4.5Relaxed,Euphoric,Energetic,Uplifted,TinglyCitrus,Sweet,BerryWhen it comes to both its candy-like taste and ability to knock out chronic pain, Lifesaver definitely lives up to its name. This indica-dominant cross of the breeder strains BOG Bubble and Subcool JCB was created to meet the special demands of pain sufferers. Relaxing with a grape and bubble gum aroma, this strain is worth a try for those looking for a stronger, medicated feeling. Lifesaver flowers quickly, usually within 8 weeks.
Light-Of-Jahsativa4.6Happy,Uplifted,Energetic,Euphoric,RelaxedSpicy/Herbal,Tropical,PungentLight of Jah is a sativa-dominant cannabis strain whose name is often used interchangeably with Jack Herer, but may also refer to a Jack Herer and Afghani hybrid. This hybridized rendition still leans toward the sativa side with uplifting effects that fuel creativity and positive moods. Its flavor is a sweet combination of tropical fruit and hashy, peppery spice. 
Lime-Green-Skunkhybrid4.5Happy,Euphoric,Uplifted,Relaxed,FocusedLime,Citrus,TropicalHappy and relaxed, Lime Green Skunk is the laid-back daughter of Super Skunk and Northern Lights. The “Lime Green” description holds true for both its coloring and aroma. This strain features vibrant lime-colored leaves with a hefty amount of burnt orange hairs. The taste is a strong, sweet citrus, and the smell is equally as tropical. Great for daytime smoking, LGS produces sativa-like energizing effects while still providing a calm and floaty buzz.
Lime-Purple-Mistindica4.3Happy,Relaxed,Tingly,Sleepy,UpliftedBerry,Lime,SweetLime Purple Mist is an indica-dominant strain with deeply relaxing qualities that taper in slowly over time. Its soothing, full-body qualities are a great way to unwind after a long day or for banishing bad moods. The high-THC content of Lime Purple Haze shakes the appetite wide awake, so be sure to have provisions prepared.
Lime-Skunksativa4.8Uplifted,Creative,Happy,Euphoric,EnergeticLime,Citrus,PungentLime Skunk, not to be confused with Lime Green Skunk, is the odoriferous offspring of DNA Genetic’s Lemon Skunk and Exotic Genetix’ Green Ribbon BX, and the latest offering from Cresco Labs. This sativa-dominant strain by Exotic Genetix boasts THC content and an unparalleled aroma of fresh limes. Its terpene profile is dominated by high concentrations of limonene and pinene, lending its racy yet clear-headed buzz to consumers looking to enjoy a flavorful connoisseur-grade strain while maintaining a high level of productivity.
Lime-Sorbetindica5Relaxed,Euphoric,Sleepy,Happy,GigglyLime,Citrus,SweetLime Sorbet by Cresco Labs is the descendent of the storied Katsu cultivar of Bubba Kush and Lime Skunk. Blending these distinct strains produced a remarkable phenotype that is exceptional in flavor and versatile in effect. This indica has a  pungent earthy aroma intermixed with the tart, fresh flavor of lime that lingers on the exhale. Lime Sorbet’s Kush parentage lends this strain pleasant physical relaxation while subduing both anxiety and stress. 
Limonsativa4.8Happy,Creative,Euphoric,Energetic,GigglyLemon,Citrus,DieselCreated by LivWell, Limon is a sativa-dominant strain that blends Sour Diesel, Strawberry Diesel, and NYC Diesel. With notes of diesel and skunk in flavor, these bright green frosty buds will leave you with an uplifting and long-lasting cerebral buzz.
Lions-Gateindica4.4Happy,Uplifted,Energetic,Focused,CreativeMenthol,Sage,CitrusLions Gate is a mellow indica strain with a skunky aroma and long-lasting effects that radiate throughout the body. In defiance of indica stereotypes, Lions Gate provides an uplifting buzz conducive for focus and creativity. For growers cultivating this indica, indoor gardens flower in about 8 weeks.
Liquid-Butterindica4.5Relaxed,Sleepy,Happy,Talkative,GigglyButter,Earthy,WoodyLiquid Butter will have you melting into the couch or your favorite tub of ice cream. An extremely potent indica, this strain has powerful muscle-relaxing effects and is great for appetite stimulation. Known for a taste that lives up to its namesake, the strong piney scent this strain gives off is slightly misleading. Patients who suffer from pain and anxiety typically have success with this strain, but it’s best to use Liquid Butter when you don’t have a lot to get done. 
Little-Devilhybrid4.2Uplifted,Energetic,Happy,Relaxed,ArousedNoneDeveloped by Tikun Olam in Israel, Little Devil is an indica-dominant strain with a high THC content. Little Devil treats a wide spectrum of medical symptoms, bred with some sativa genetics to counterbalance its sedating indica qualities.
Little-Dragonhybrid5Uplifted,Euphoric,Happy,Relaxed,TalkativeDiesel,Minty,WoodyLittle Dragon offers a more citrus-forward Kush experience, blending OG Kush, Colombian, and Thai genetics. While OG Kush anchors the physical effects with mid-level pain relief and a general heaviness in the limbs, the Central American and Southeast Asian genetics explode on the palate and offer complementary mental stimulation. Enjoy Little Dragon as a functional analgesic strain that shows off its flavorful exotic roots on the exhale.
Locktitehybrid4.3Relaxed,Happy,Uplifted,Tingly,EuphoricDiesel,Citrus,WoodyUsing their Mt. Rainier hybrid and crossing it with the award-winning Gorilla Glue #4, RedEyed Genetics created the sticky Locktite. Scents of citrus and diesel overwhelm you as you enjoy this tasty flower engulfed in trichomes. Taking after the Gorilla Glue in effect and certainly in resin production, this is an upbeat and powerful strain.
Locomotionindica4.6Euphoric,Happy,Relaxed,Uplifted,ArousedEarthy,Sweet,PungentLocomotion is a 70/30 indica-dominant strain by Heroes of the Farm. A cross between Blue Diesel and Timewreck, this strain delivers a dreamy cerebral high while soothing the body. Locomotion’s sour-smelling buds bloom with deep hues of silvery purple. Novices take caution with this potent indica: a little bit goes a long way.
Lodi-Dodihybrid4.5Happy,Giggly,Energetic,Euphoric,UpliftedSweet,Flowery,TropicalLodi Dodi is a sativa-dominant hybrid popular in Washington State. Exclusively bred by The Clone Zone, the genetic heritage of Lodi Dodi is undefined and closely guarded. Lodi Dodi carries a sweet, unique flavor of tropical fruit and fresh wildflowers. The pungent aroma leads the way towards a cerebral buzz, known to spark creativity and a boost of energy that will turn any task into a more enjoyable adventure.
Logic-Dieselhybrid4.8Talkative,Energetic,Happy,Uplifted,EuphoricDiesel,Skunk,MintyCreated by GroundSwell Cannabis Boutique in Denver, CO at the request of world-renowned electronic/acid jazz musician DJ Logic, Logic Diesel is a cross between Mystic Kush and NYC Diesel. It has a sweet and sour, skunky diesel odor and flavors ranging from sweet sandalwood to spicy fuel. Logic Diesel will provide an intense, exciting sense of euphoria along with a mildly relaxing body high that is perfect for hitting the dance floor.
Longbottom-Leafhybrid4.8Euphoric,Happy,Uplifted,Energetic,HungryPepper,Sweet,Spicy/HerbalLongbottom Leaf is the name of the pipe-weed the hobbits of Middle Earth would enjoy between meals. This sweet, slightly stimulating sativa-dominant hybrid is a mix of Jack’s Cleaner and SFV OG. Longbottom Leaf hits the head immediately, delivering lung expansion and a mental sizzle that settles into the body and leaves the consumer in state of alert tranquility. These latent OG elements make Longbottom Leaf an excellent functional option for patients seeking daytime relief from minor physical discomfort. The crystalline buds exhibit notes of citrus and celery, while the flavor is tart and musky.   
Lost-Coast-Oghybrid4.5Relaxed,Euphoric,Uplifted,Happy,CreativeEarthy,Lemon,CitrusLost Coast OG is a 60/40 indica-dominant hybrid that marries Chemdawg 4 genetics with those of two age-old heirloom strains, Pakistani Kush and Lemon Thai. Flavors of sour citrus and earthy musk burst through on the exhale in show of its signature OG terpene profile. This California native induces a soaring cerebral buzzing sensation that brings new vitality to mood, creativity, and conversation. The potently euphoric effects can sometimes skid into anxiety with large doses, so novices should approach this OG with some degree of caution. 
Lost-Sierra-Night-Nursehybrid0NoneNoneNight Nurse is a fruity hybrid cross of Romulan x Orange Pez x Shishkaberry created by Red Dirt Ridge Genetics of Paradise, CA for Lost Sierra Cannabis Company. This balanced strain offers consumers a positive, uplifting buzz that turns down the volume on depression and anxiety. LS Night Nurse also offers a fruity terpene profile that is tart and jammy, satisfying the fussiest palates.
Loud-Dreamhybrid4.1Happy,Focused,Euphoric,Creative,UpliftedPine,Earthy,Spicy/HerbalThe sativa-dominant Loud Dream from Loud Seeds was created by backcrossing a Blue Dream F1 with itself for a stable female seed. This California strain has enormous, thick, indica-looking buds that jut out from a crown of sativa leaves. Loud Dream is a sticky and bug-resistant plant with a sweet aroma.
Loud-Scouthybrid4.4Relaxed,Happy,Focused,Uplifted,EnergeticGrape,Sweet,TropicalLoud Scout is an award-winning hybrid from Loud Seeds. By crossing Girl Scout Cookies with Platinum OG Kush, Loud Seeds created a potent and complex mix of sweet, floral flavors that took 1st place for Hybrids at the 2012 Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam. The unique flavor profile of Loud Scout ushers in a heady mix of cerebral energy with a calm, relaxed body that is great for unwinding. 
Love-Potionsativa4.4Happy,Talkative,Euphoric,Relaxed,EnergeticSkunk,Citrus,GrapefruitLove Potion #1 is a 70% sativa strain bred by Reeferman Seeds. G13 was crossed with a Santa Marta Colombian Gold, and crossed with the Colombian Gold again to achieve this skunky, lemon-flavored sativa hybrid.
Love-Potion-9indica4.2Euphoric,Happy,Talkative,Focused,EnergeticSweet,Flowery,HoneyLove Potion #9 is an indica-dominant strain with a sweet, fruity flavor and potent effects best suited for evening use.
Lowryderhybrid4.4Relaxed,Uplifted,Happy,Creative,SleepySweet,Pine,CitrusLowryder is a hybrid strain that was inbred for nine generations by Joint Doctor Seeds to give it a dwarfed size. Growing no more than 16 inches tall, it's the cannabis equivalent of a bonsai for the discrete grower’s windowsill or balcony. Lowryder’s small size comes from a species of cannabis ruderalis crossed with Northern Lights #2 and then William’s Wonder. Consumers, be patient with this strain: its medicinal and cerebrally stimulating effects have a slow but powerful onset. A mild earthy aroma radiates from the small, conic buds which autoflower in a short 40 to 45 days. Lowryder is a stalwart plant that can survive in harsh, colder climates, making it a popular strain in northern regions like Finland and Canada.
Loyalityhybrid5Tingly,Relaxed,Focused,Uplifted,CreativePungent,Citrus,EarthyLoyalty is an indica-dominant hybrid bred by TSL Farms in Los Angeles. This Animal Pie and OG Kush cross shows off its uniquely colored buds with purple hues throughout. Consumers look to this strain to get creative, and it may also provide relief from migraines, pain, and stress.
Luca-Brasihybrid5NoneNoneLuca Brasi is the indica-dominant hybrid of heavy hitters Corleone Kush and Pre-98 Bubba Kush. This potent combination creates a strain with a nearly 1:1 THC/CBD ratio which lends itself to all manner of physical wellness. With such strong body effects, this is an ideal medicinal strain for patients contending with nausea, chemotherapy side effects, and chronic physical pain. Expect a stone-solid weight on the body and peppery, earthy elements in both aroma and flavor.      
Luca-Brasi-X-Sour-Dieselhybrid4.4Focused,Energetic,Uplifted,Happy,RelaxedEarthy,Lemon,PungentA strain bred with medical patients in mind, Luca Brasi x Sour Diesel is a sativa-dominant hybrid rich in CBD. Bred in Denver, Colorado by The Bank, this strain can snuff out pain and deliver a mild clear-headed high from its low THC content. The dense dark green buds will release aromas of lemon and diesel with skunky undertones.
Lucid-Boltindica5Giggly,Hungry,Relaxed,Sleepy,TalkativeBlueberry,Berry,EarthyLucid Bolt is a functional indica-dominant hybrid bred to brighten the mind and relax the body. These genetics were cultivated by Paradise Seeds and have become exceptionally popular with all-day consumers seeking a strain that is mentally alert but kind on the extremities. This strain finishes relatively quickly, coming to maturity in approximately 8 to 9 weeks.  
Lucid-Dreamhybrid4.6Energetic,Euphoric,Uplifted,Focused,RelaxedBerry,Blueberry,SweetLucid Dream is a dynamic blend of Amnesia Haze and Blue Dream. This sativa-dominant hybrid provides a stimulating mix of uplifting Haze effects with the sweet blueberry notes of Blue Dream. Lucid Dream's energetic, uplifting buzz makes it a great daytime choice for patients treating migraines, nausea, and stress.
Lucky-Charmshybrid4.5Euphoric,Happy,Relaxed,Uplifted,TinglyBerry,Sweet,CitrusLucky Charms from Bodhi Seeds is potent hybrid cross between The White and Appalachia. It may be named after breakfast cereal, but this strain tastes far more like tangy fruit than it does marshmallows. Lucky Charms does, however, boast an enticing coat of sugary resin inherited from its trichome-heavy parent, The White. When grown indoors, Lucky Charms flowers after 9 weeks.
Lucyhybrid4.4Relaxed,Sleepy,Uplifted,Happy,HungryEarthy,Woody,SweetLucy is a robust indica-dominant CBD-rich strain created from crossing Luca Brasi and LA Confidential. This strain packs a ton of cannabinoids into a tiny package, rendering THC and CBD content above 10% each. With this potent ratio, you can expect to feel an intense sense of wellbeing that isn’t overwhelmingly sedative. Also known for its mental stillness, Lucy pulls the handbrake on “monkey mind” and anxious thoughts. Utilize this strain later in the day to maximize its effects or simply as a supplementary anti-inflammatory that can assist with headaches and muscle pain.
M-39indica3.2Relaxed,Sleepy,Happy,Hungry,EuphoricWoody,Earthy,LemonThe offspring of Northern Lights #5 and Skunk #1, M-39 is a difficult crop to grow properly. However, when grown correctly, the M-39 marijuana strain has a fruity and lemon taste with many trichomes and very visible crystals. The buds are very compact, heavy, and dense. Flowering time is about 45 days, with the strain's THC content measuring up to 16.5%. 
Mc1hybrid0Hungry,Aroused,Tingly,Uplifted,CreativeDiesel,Spicy/Herbal,SweetMC1 was gifted to Subcool of TGA Genetics in seed form. Sadly, while the strain was making its way to Subcool, the breeder (MC1) was killed in an accident. Ten seeds were then given to Urb_Man to pheno hunt and one stood out amongst the seven females that sprouted. This singular flower was worthy of carrying on the breeder's name and rarely appears across the West Coast. MC1 is a cross of OG Kush, Sour Diesel, and Arcata Trainwreck. 
Milfhybrid4.4Happy,Euphoric,Uplifted,Giggly,RelaxedEarthy,Sweet,SageMILF, also known as MILF Weed, from Mother Chucker’s Seeds takes its name from an acronym for Marijuana I’d Like to Flower. This sativa-heavy hybrid crosses White Widow with a select cut of Trainwreck from Arcata, California (e-32). While there is a known indica-dominant phenotype floating around, the MILF strain tends to be led by a strong heady buzz that elevates your mood.
Mk-Ultraindica4.5Relaxed,Euphoric,Sleepy,Happy,HungryEarthy,Pungent,WoodyNamed after the methods of mental manipulation employed by the CIA’s Project MKUltra, this indica-dominant strain stands apart due to its powerful cerebral effects. A cross between mostly-sativa hybrid OG Kush and indica G-13, this strain is bred by T.H. Seeds and won 1st place Indica at the High Times Cannabis Cup in 2003 and 2nd place in 2004. Indoor growing is facilitated by the plant’s short stature, and its above average yield delivers particularly sticky, dense, pungent flowers. MK Ultra is renowned for its ‘hypnotic’ effects that are fast-acting and best used when strong medication is desired. As evidenced by its collection of awards, this indica is one of the strongest in the world. It might be best for a day when not getting off the couch would be fine.
Mad-Dawghybrid4.5Happy,Uplifted,Hungry,Talkative,EnergeticSweet,Earthy,CitrusMad Dog is a hybrid strain that delivers euphoric relaxation and a subtle, uplifting jolt of cerebral energy. It has an earthy pine aroma with sweet, minty undertones.
Mad-Scientistindica4.6Relaxed,Uplifted,Focused,Euphoric,HappyWoody,Pungent,PineMad Scientist, or Mad.S, by Sannie’s Seeds is an indica-dominant concoction that combines Herijuana and White Widow genetics. With a THC profile that often stretches to 24%, Mad Scientist delivers powerfully relaxing effects that ease the mind and body into a peaceful sedation. Hints of sweet lemon and coffee release on the exhale, and its dense buds are powdered with a snow-white blanket of crystal resin.
Madagascarindica4.1Sleepy,Relaxed,Hungry,Happy,EuphoricEarthy,Sweet,SkunkMadagascar is an indica with a clean, floral smell. In true indica spirit, this strain produces a heavy-bodied, quick, and powerful sensation that is great for putting you to sleep in a hurry. Madagascar’s effects aren’t the longest-lasting but they hit quickly, making this strain great for those who just need a little help tackling insomnia.
Madcowsativa3.4Sleepy,Uplifted,Energetic,Relaxed,TalkativeSweet,Earthy,AmmoniaMadcow descends from two high-energy sativas, Durban Poison and Purple Cow. With a heavy blanket of crystal resin, this strain is a solid choice for veteran consumers and for making concentrates. This pure-blooded sativa will hit you with weightless cerebral effects and induce fits of laughter. Smooth yet spicy, this flower releases a flavor similar to that of butterscotch.
Madman-Oghybrid4.6Relaxed,Sleepy,Hungry,Uplifted,EuphoricEarthy,Pine,WoodyAnother excellent hybrid from Southern California breeders Ocean Grown Genetics, Madman OG combines LA Confidential with OG Kush to create a powerful and delicious indica. Generally considered a high-THC strain, it has been tested at anywhere from 16-24%. Smooth coffee flavors give way to sour earthy undertones, with a fresh pine scent typical of many OG Kush varieties. Madman OG gives users a pleasant, relaxed body high that often leads to munchies and sleep. 
Madzillaindica5Tingly,Uplifted,Euphoric,Happy,RelaxedEarthy,Woody,PineMadzilla is an indica strain from Los Angeles that crosses King Louis XIII and OG Raskal's Fire OG. Its big bulbous colas are an array of dark green hues with bright orange pistils and a thick layer of sticky trichomes. Madzilla carries a sweet pine aroma and an earthy taste with floral undertones. The full-body indica effects calm the mind and relax sore muscles and body pains.
Mag-Landraceindica4.6Relaxed,Happy,Sleepy,Euphoric,UpliftedEarthy,Sweet,PungentMag Landrace by Ataraxia is an Iranian landrace propagated in the great state of Illinois. This heavy bud grow dense flower speckled with vivid hues of purple and orange. The strain’s aroma is a mixture of earthy spice and diesel while the effects lay into the body, helping mitigate pain, stress, and restlessness. 
Magic-Beans-Ogindica4.2Happy,Sleepy,Euphoric,Relaxed,TinglyLemon,Woody,PineMagic Beans OG is a sticky indica strain with heavy, relaxing effects. Known for its weighted sensation on the body and earthy, sweet aroma, Magic Beans OG is a soothing strain with a gentle, herbaceous palate. Enjoy this indica to combat insomnia, stimulate appetite, and to help manage pain. Magic Beans OG’s sedative qualities make it a perfect nightcap and a must-have for indica enthusiasts.  
Magic-Jordanhybrid4Euphoric,Focused,Tingly,Uplifted,CreativeMinty,Orange,LemonMagic Jordan is another mysterious Hawaiian cut from Colorado Seed Inc. While its specific genetic lineage is unknown, the testing results on this flower illustrate an unusually high concentration of CBG, which may benefit patients treating sleeping disorders and other conditions. The strain possesses mid-level potency and has been described by the grower as “friendly and unique,” catering to both new and seasoned cannabis consumers.  
Magnumhybrid3.9Energetic,Happy,Creative,Uplifted,EuphoricEarthy,Citrus,LemonA high caliber strain of mysterious origins, Buddha Seeds took a variety of powerful ruderalis, indica, and sativa strains to create this auto-flowering hybrid. This plant will explode with growth and branches and will provide high yields of spicy-smelling flowers. Magnum takes predominantly after its sativa parent when it comes to effects, producing fits of laughter and a euphoric cerebral blast.
Magnum-Pisativa4.3Uplifted,Focused,Energetic,Euphoric,CreativeTropical,Citrus,OrangeMagnum PI is a sativa-dominant strain with its genetic origins cloaked in a Hawaiian shirt of pure mystery. This stimulating cross, supposedly created by Seahorse Gardens near the Puget Sound, exhibits hints of citrus and sweet earth on the nose. The effects have been described as clear-headed and stimulating, which makes this strain a perfect accompaniment for outdoor activities.
Mai-Tai-Cookieshybrid4.9Happy,Relaxed,Euphoric,Creative,UpliftedOrange,Tree,Fruit,Spicy/HerbalMai Tai Cookies is a CBD-rich hybrid strain bred by Terraform Genetics, who crossed Alien Orange Cookies and ACDC.  She took 1st place for “Best CBD Flower” at the 2016 High Times Cannabis Cup in Los Angeles. This hybrid is very frosty compared to most CBD strains and has a unique aroma of cherries and orange peels.  With a high that is very relaxing and yet functional, patients would typically choose this strain for pain and anxiety. Her flowers have a dense structure similar to that of Girl Scout Cookies and are ready for harvest after a flowering cycle of 50-55 days. This wonderful strain won 1st Place for Best CBD Flower at the 2016 High Times Cannabis Cup in Los Angeles and 2nd Place for Best CBD Concentrate at the 2016 High Times Concentrate Cup.
Majestic-12hybrid4.8Relaxed,Tingly,Happy,Euphoric,CreativeEarthy,Sweet,Berry3C Majestic 12 satisfies all the requirements of a delicious ‘purple’ strain. Leaves of violet and purple? Check. Dense with frosty trichomes and orange pistols? Check. Deep, sweet earthy flavor? Check. Extremely relaxing on the mind and body? Check. This strain is named for a secret committee of scientists, military, and government officials organized to investigate and recover an alien spacecraft—an apt title for this hybrid blend of Space Queen and Obama OG. It hits the mind first, but is closely followed by total body relaxation. Majestic 12 is preferred by patients looking to tackle anxiety and pain at the same time. 
Mako-Hazesativa4.2Euphoric,Happy,Relaxed,Hungry,UpliftedPine,Citrus,EarthyMako Haze is named after the shark that has a reputation for speed and power, and the strain has the same reputation for its effects that come on quickly. This 75% sativa strain was created by Kiwiseeds and quickly became popular in the company’s native Amsterdam for its smooth smoke and energetic effects. It has also earned recognition in the U.S. as the 1st Prize winner in the sativa category at the 2006 High Times Cannabis Cup. Mako Haze is the product of breeding Haze with Kiwi Green. Like many fellow sativas, it’s a slow grower, flowering at 10-13 weeks, but produces a high yield of buds covered in sticky THC crystals. Testing has placed this strain’s THC content at over 19%.
Malakoffsativa3.7Focused,Talkative,Creative,Energetic,HappySweet,Earthy,WoodyBred by Medical Seeds Co., Malakoff is an 80/20 sativa-dominant strain that crosses Strawberry Haze and White Widow. Malakoff tends to hit with a strong cerebral effect, making it a great choice for users who prefer a creative and energizing high. It may also offer therapeutic qualities for those suffering from anxiety or depression. This strain flowers in about 70 to 75 days and can be harvested mid-October.
Malawisativa4.4Energetic,Uplifted,Focused,Happy,CreativeEarthy,Flowery,GrapeMalawi is a pure sativa strain that comes from the Salima region of Malawi in southeast Africa.  This strain has an extremely long flowering time, sometimes up to 120 days.  Always worth the wait, Malawi produces long and resin-coated buds, a great smoke for any occasion.
Mammothhybrid4.5Happy,Relaxed,Focused,Uplifted,CreativeHoney,Earthy,WoodyThis hybrid from The Bank Cannabis Genetics is a cross between the sativa-dominant Snowcap and indica-dominant LA Confidential. There isn’t a lot of  information available on Mammoth, but the breeder suggests that growers should look for phenotypes featuring the enormous yields of Snowcap, the shorter flowering time and manageable height of LA Confidential, and the dense buds, high potency, resin production, and disease resistance of both parents.
Mandala-1hybrid4.3Euphoric,Creative,Energetic,Uplifted,FocusedApple,Minty,BerryBred by Mandala Seeds, Mandala #1 is a hybrid strain with genetic roots in South Africa, New Zealand, and Northern India. Dreamy euphoria illuminates the mind, waking creativity and happiness with a sweet fragrance of apples, raspberry, and mint. Mandala #1 may hit like a sativa, but to the delight of commercial growers, it grows like an indica with a short flowering cycle of just 55 to 60 days 
Mangoindica4.1Relaxed,Sleepy,Happy,Euphoric,FocusedMango,Earthy,SweetThe Mango cannabis strain has been around since the early 1960s. In 1991, it was crossed with KC 33 to give us the current Mango strain. Its buds have been known to grow very large, about the size of a softball, and can be up to a foot and a half in length. The foliage turns to a deep red/purple color with a smell and taste of sweet mango. Mango takes 9 to 11 weeks to flower and has a THC content of 15-20%.
Mango-Dreamsativa3.9Talkative,Happy,Euphoric,Relaxed,CreativeMango,Tropical,EarthyMango Dream might be just the fresh burst of energy you need to get going. Most likely a cross of Mango and Blue Dream, this sativa serves up an instant mental boost, much like a morning cup of coffee. While it can have mild pain relief effects, this Dream is more for those who are looking for a cerebral rush. Flowers will be frosty with trichomes and have rich mango-hued hairs.
Mango-Habanerohybrid3.5Focused,Uplifted,Creative,Energetic,EuphoricPepper,Spicy/Herbal,SweetMango Habanero by Taste Budz is a sweet and spicy SFV OG phenotype descending from The Cali Connection’s famous genetics. The dense buds smell like tropical salsa with notes of pepper, herbs, mango peel, and sour funk. Its spicy aroma can be a little overpowering, but the sweet finish and carefree buzz transport consumers to a blissful shoreline. The grower recommends Mango Habanero for consumers suffering from nausea, inflammation, and depression.  
Mango-Hazesativa4.6Happy,Relaxed,Euphoric,Focused,UpliftedMango,Sweet,TropicalMango Haze is a mostly sativa strain bred by Mr. Nice Seeds, who crossed Northern Lights #5, Skunk, and Haze to create this uplifting, fruity variety. Though similar to its sibling strain Super Silver Haze, Mango Haze exhibits a distinctive mango aroma coupled with a buzzing cerebral sensation. 
Mango-Kushhybrid4.3Happy,Relaxed,Uplifted,Euphoric,GigglyMango,Sweet,CitrusThe Mango Kush marijuana strain tastes similar to the actual mango fruit, with a distinct kush flavor and hints of pine on the exhale. Its buds are covered with orange pistils and are described as very dense. The plant has an average growth height of 4-5 feet. Flowering is 9-11 weeks and is a favorite with both indoor and outdoor growers. The buds have thick shiny trichomes which are evident when the bud is broken apart. The smell and taste are the same and described as mango and banana. THC content has been measured up to 16% and CBD at 0.3%. 
Mango-Tangohybrid4.6Relaxed,Happy,Euphoric,Giggly,SleepyMango,Tropical,CitrusMango Tango is a hybrid cannabis strain by Elemental Seeds whose crushing indica effects dance with a pungent, fruity flavor profile. Its True OG parent passes on heavily relaxing effects typical of Kush varieties while its loud citrus and peach flavors come from Tangie and Peaches genetics. A subtle pine flavor can be detected on the exhale, creating a complex taste that helped this strain win 1st place in the 2015 SoCal Cannabis Cup.  
Mangoliciousindica5Uplifted,Focused,Relaxed,Giggly,HappySweet,Tropical,PineappleMangolicious is an indica-dominant cross of Big Bud and White Widow. This cut expresses a tropical aroma and robust bud structure. It has a relatively speedy flowering time and a generous yield thanks to its Big Bud genetics. Mangolicious’s full-body effects and pleasant mango smell speak to potentially high levels of myrcene, a terpene known for its weighted “couchlocking” effect.
Manitoba-Poisonhybrid4.5Relaxed,Happy,Sleepy,Focused,UpliftedSpicy/Herbal,Earthy,CheeseManitoba Poison is a 50/50 hybrid with heavy indica properties that vastly outweigh its sativa counterpart. Its effects arrive instantaneously, delivering deep relaxation that easily converts to a good night’s sleep. The rounded, purple-fringed buds are wreathed in dark jade leaves and have a fresh, woody aroma that carries through until the exhale. Bred by Great White North from unnamed African varieties, Manitoba Poison thrives outdoors in temperate northern climates and grows about 4 feet tall.
Maple-Leaf-Indicaindica4.3Relaxed,Sleepy,Tingly,Euphoric,HappySweet,Butter,WoodyThe Maple Leaf is a heroic strain of Indica with fat leaves, plump buds, and caked with crystals. Ml's lineage spans from the Hindu Kush region in Afghanistan and has survived through some turbulent times due to the invading former USSR in the 80s. The taste of the herb is sweet, somewhat citrusy, and smells of incense. The effect of this wonderful strain has been known to act as an aphrodisiac and gives off a very relaxing and sensational body buzz. Coupled with a loved one and some good music or a good movie, Maple Leaf Indica can help provide the right mood for romance...or if enjoyed too much, can bring on a deep sleep right in the middle of your plans.     
Maramota-10hybrid5Talkative,Energetic,Giggly,RelaxedSweet,Berry,EarthyMaramota #10 is a concoction of DJ Short Blueberry mixed with a cross of G13 and Hash Plant. This hybrid by Irie Vibe Seeds produces a multifaceted aroma of sweet berries and earthy hash that conjures memories of strawberry shortcake. A heavy yielder, Maramota #10 is a good way to stimulate the appetite or to help put you to sleep at the end of the day.
Marcosus-Marshmellowhybrid3.9Euphoric,Uplifted,Happy,Creative,EnergeticMinty,Sweet,BerryMarcosus Marshmellow is a Girl Scout Cookies phenotype grown by Remedy Cultivation. Named for its cloudy white trichomes and sticky buds, this strain stinks of sweet, minty terpenes with an enjoyable earthy undertone. Marcosus Marhmellow imbues consumers with a happy, relaxing buzz. The strain’s pleasant euphoria can help improve mood, stimulate appetite, and assist with restlessness.  
Margaret-Cho-Ghybrid4.7Euphoric,Focused,Relaxed,Talkative,UpliftedSweet,Grapefruit,HoneyComedian Margaret Cho makes her move into the cannabis game with Margaret Cho-G, a cut of the famous OG Kush available in Bay Area, California. Sweet lemon, woody pine, and sour diesel flavors lead you into Margaret Cho-G’s powerfully tranquilizing effects that any OG Kush enthusiast will appreciate. Pairing this strain with some stand-up is a surefire recipe for laughing fits, giving this hybrid even more reason to be dubbed “Margaret Cho-G.”
Marionberry-Kushhybrid4.5Happy,Relaxed,Uplifted,Euphoric,CreativeBerry,Earthy,SweetLike the fruit it is named for, Marionberry Kush is a delicious hybrid bred by Heroes of the Farm. A well-balanced cross of Raspberry Kush and Space Queen that puts off a full spectrum of fruity flavors, Marionberry Kush closely resembles her genetic “sister” Cinderella 99. There are six main phenotypes of Marionberry that all show a range of fruit flavors like passionfruit and raspberry. The aroma is smooth, sweet, and earthy with a sour twist. The effects are pronounced and uplift the mind almost immediately and then slowly relax the body without putting you to sleep. 
Marleys-Colliehybrid4.3Focused,Aroused,Hungry,Tingly,RelaxedSweetMarley's Collie is an indica-dominant hybrid bred by Sensi Seeds that won the Dutch High Life Cup in 1999. These sticky, spiky buds offer a pungent sweet aroma with musky Afghan undertones, delivering effects that are strong in both physical and cerebral sensation. Indoor and outdoor grows can expect flowers between 60 and 65 days.
Mars-Ogindica4.4Relaxed,Sleepy,Hungry,Euphoric,FocusedPine,Woody,CitrusMars OG is one spacey indica. Coming out of the California Bay Area, Mars OG has been given its planetary name in reference to its growing conditions. Planetary strains refer to strains which began indoors and were moved outdoors to complete the grow cycle in more natural conditions. The end result is a dense bud with a high flower-to-leaf ratio that produces a heavy-handed body buzz. With a hearty, thick taste and pungent smell, Mars OG will take away your pains and easily put you to sleep.
Martian-Candyhybrid4.7Relaxed,Happy,Uplifted,Euphoric,TalkativeSweet,Woody,EarthyMartian Candy (also known as Martian Candy OG) is a indica-dominant hybrid with an aroma that is out of this world. This strain smells rich with herbaceous notes and just a hint of eucalyptus. It leans heavily on the body, lowering the eyes immediately after the first puff. Its strong body buzz expands gradually, relaxing the limbs to the point of sedation with continued use. Martian Candy is ideal for patients suffering from stress, anxiety, PTSD, and nausea.  
Martian-Mean-Greenhybrid4.2Euphoric,Happy,Hungry,Uplifted,FocusedSweet,Citrus,GrapefruitA combination of Sharksbreath and G13 Haze, Martian Mean Green (type C) is one of DNA Genetics' flagship strains. With its super pungent aroma and consciousness-altering effects, consumers might wonder if this herb came from outer space. Martian Mean Green is a sativa-dominant hybrid that can be helpful for relieving stress.
Martian-Muffinsindica0NoneNoneMartian Muffins by Jahnetics is a heavy indica with famous parents. Created by crossing GSC and Romulan, this glittering, multi-faceted bud offers strong bag appeal and even stronger effects. The strain’s quick onset and deeply relaxing effects make it well-suited for consumers suffering from stress and anxiety. Be aware of this strain’s strong sedating qualities, especially when enjoyed in large amounts.  
Master-Bubbaindica4.3Relaxed,Euphoric,Happy,Uplifted,SleepyEarthy,Pungent,SkunkMaster Bubba is the perfect strain for those looking for true indica effects. Bred from Master Kush and Bubba Kush, it’s popular for the treatment of pain, stress and insomnia thanks to the strong body sedation it provides. Master Bubba plants flower at 8 to 9 weeks with smaller, dense buds that can have a fruity, musky aroma. Kush earthiness is the main note in its smooth flavor. This strain can be very potent, making it best in the evening or as a nightcap.
Master-Jediindica4.4Relaxed,Euphoric,Creative,Focused,UpliftedSkunk,Spicy/Herbal,DieselThe secret of the Jedis may lie in this powerful plant. We can only assume that Master Jedi was created in the Galactic Republic, most likely as a cross between Master Kush and Jedi Kush. When growing, these younglings are bushy and generally high yielders. Once they flower at about 8 weeks, the buds will give off the distinctly musky aroma that kush strains are known for. These kush traits come through in the taste as well along with a lemony citrus aftertaste. The indica Force is strong with this one and it definitely promotes full body relaxation, so make sure you’re ready to begin your training. Master Jedi may also be a Jedi 41 backcross. 
Master-Kushindica4.3Relaxed,Happy,Euphoric,Sleepy,UpliftedEarthy,Pungent,WoodyMaster Kush is a popular indica cross created out of two landrace strains from different parts of the Hindu Kush region. Master Kush is bred by the Dutch White Label Seed Company, located in Amsterdam. During maturation the plant produces a subtle earthy, citrus smell with a hint of incense, which is often described as a vintage flavor. The taste of Master Kush is reminiscent of the famous hard-rubbed charas hash. This strain holds a superb balance of full-body relaxation without the mind-numbing effect that many indica strains produce. Instead, Master Kush offers a sharpened sensory awareness that can bring out the best of any activity.
Master-Ogindica4.4Relaxed,Sleepy,Happy,Hungry,UpliftedEarthy,Pine,PungentMaster OG is an indica-dominant strain from Cabin Fever Seed Breeders. This offspring of Master Kush and Empress Kush produces large, dense buds that tend to bend branches under the weight. This colorful, pine-scented flower is an ideal match for those suffering pain, nausea, and lack of sleep.  
Master-Skunkhybrid4.6Relaxed,Uplifted,Euphoric,Happy,CreativeSkunk,Lemon,HoneyMaster Skunk by Mr. Nice Seeds is an indica-dominant hybrid that crosses Master Kush with Skunk #1. With an aroma both sweet and earthy like its Master Kush parent, Master Skunk induces heavy relaxation throughout the mind and body. This strain is recommended for late-night consumption and for patients treating sharp or chronic pain. Master Skunk plants are resilient and mold-resistant with a flowering time of 7 to 9 weeks, making this hybrid a great choice for growers learning the horticultural ropes.
Master-Yodahybrid4.5Relaxed,Happy,Euphoric,Uplifted,FocusedPungent,Sweet,EarthyWith lab-tested THC levels that reach over 20%, strong medicine, Master Yoda is. This strain, however, is not about brute “Force,” as the original Master Yoda would know, and the sativa side of this mostly indica buzz has just enough of an uplifting balance to please just about anyone. Master Yoda clinched 1st Place at High Times Los Angeles Cannabis Cup in 2012, where the OG Kush and Master Kush cross was already a local favorite. Growers also like this strain for its hybrid resilience and its 8 week flowering time.
Matanuska-Thunder-Fucksativa4.3Happy,Euphoric,Energetic,Hungry,RelaxedEarthy,Woody,PungentSince many marijuana strains hail from the tropics or specific breeding hubs, it’s no surprise that this Alaskan hybrid’s name celebrates its origins. Developed from strains grown in Matanuska Valley’s grasslands, the flowers on these plants develop a frosting of icy white hairs that bring to mind its snowy homeland. Despite its rugged roots, these plants do best indoors but will still yield well in outdoor dry climates for the experienced grower. They will remain squat in size but tend to have very large leaves. This strain smells like hot chocolate with fruit, the latter of which can dominate the taste. Matanuska’s effects tend to come on slowly and then give a strong body buzz. It also goes by the less colorful name Matanuska Tundra, especially outside of the United States.
Mataro-Blueindica4.6Relaxed,Sleepy,Euphoric,Hungry,TinglyBerry,Sweet,EarthyMataro Blue by Kannabia Seeds is a rare three-way cross of Black Domina x Mazar I Sharif x Blue Monster. This strain is a stable, high yield producer on top of having flavorful, award-winning genetics. Its strong medicinal effects sedate and relax the consumer, helping to combat insomnia, chronic pain, and restlessness. Mataro Blue won 1st place rosin at the 2016 Lift Expo, Toronto, as well as 1st place medical indica at the 2012 Treating Yourself Expo, Toronto.  
Mau-Mauhybrid4Uplifted,Happy,Creative,Energetic,EuphoricMau-Mau is a hybrid from Irie Vibe Seeds that crosses an indica-dominant Blockhead female with a Killer Queen male. The strain was named as a tribute to a street artist from the UK with the same name, and after experiencing the buds himself, Mau-Mau decided to design the original packaging for the seeds. This hybrid is sturdy and easy to grow, finishing in 8 to 9 weeks.
Mauisativa4.2Relaxed,Uplifted,Tingly,Happy,TalkativeCitrus,Sweet,TropicalA relative to Hawaiian sativa strains, Maui lives up to its tropical reputation. The musky overtones for this easy sativa are complemented by its fruity aftertaste and floral aroma. Less uplifting than other sativas, Maui tends to be head heavy and delivers a slow cerebral sensation that becomes more prominent over time. Maui effects tend to be medium-long in duration, lasting over 2 hours for many users.
Maui-Bubble-Gifthybrid4.6Relaxed,Uplifted,Happy,Tingly,EuphoricSweet,Citrus,PungentMaui Bubble Gift is an indica-dominant hybrid strain whose known parent strains include Bubble Gum and a Maui Wowie/God’s Gift hybrid. This strain’s CBD content often outweighs its THC levels, making it a great match for consumers with pain, anxiety, and inflammation. With only mildly psychoactive effects, Maui Bubble Gift delivers its soothing relief alongside an earthy, floral aroma.
Maui-Citrus-Punchsativa4.5Relaxed,Energetic,Uplifted,Creative,EuphoricCitrus,Tropical,SkunkMaui Citrus Punch is an exquisitely fruity strain that combines the best of Maui Dawg and Tangelo Kush. These parent strains come together to create a cross that is pleasurable to nearly all the senses, exhibiting bright citrus notes with funky skunky undertones. The flavor holds on to the citrus and slight earthiness that slowly morphs into a high energy euphoria which settles in the body. Consider enjoying Maui Citrus Punch outdoors, as the aroma alone will draw attention. 
Maui-Haolehybrid4.6Happy,Creative,Euphoric,Aroused,SleepyPungent,Tropical,EarthyMaui Haole is a balanced hybrid that combines the sweet, tropical flavors of Maui Wowie with Romulan’s full-bodied relaxation. Bred by Pua Mana 1st Hawaiian Pakalōlō Seed Bank, Maui Haole takes powerful influence from the original Romulan Joe cut of Romulan. Its uplifting sativa influence stems from Maui Wowie genetics sourced from the Lower Nāhiku region of Hawaii. Haole is a Hawaiian term for a foreigner or someone that is not native to Hawaii, and Romulan is an alien race from the legendary sci-fi series Star Trek. Thus, the combination of the two leaves us with Maui Haole, or 'Hawaiian Alien.'
Maui-Mango-Dieselhybrid4.3Euphoric,Relaxed,Uplifted,Happy,CreativeMango,Sweet,DieselMaui Mango Diesel is a sativa-dominant hybrid of Maui Wowie and Brooklyn Mango bred by Pua Mana 1st Hawaiian Pakalōlō Seed Bank. The Maui Waui father was sourced from Lower Nāhiku Maui, while the mother is Dr. Underground’s Brooklyn Mango. Their combination results in a flavorful mix of sweet mango and tropical flavors that invigorate the senses and uplift your mood.
Maui-Pineapple-Chunkhybrid4.7Creative,Euphoric,Uplifted,Aroused,EnergeticTropical,Flowery,MentholMaui Pineapple Chunk is a 50/50 hybrid bred by Pua Mana 1st Hawaiian Pakalōlō Seed Bank, who crossed Pineapple Chunk with their Nāhiku Maui Wowie to create this balanced Hawaiian strain. Sweet and sour tropical flavors reminiscent of this strain’s homeland deliver you to a calm, uplifted mindset far away from stress.
Maui-Wowiesativa4.4Happy,Uplifted,Energetic,Relaxed,CreativeTropical,Pineapple,CitrusMaui Wowie (not Maui Waui) is a classic sativa whose tropical flavors and stress-relieving qualities will float you straight to the shores of Hawaii where this strain was originally born and raised. Since its beginnings in the island’s volcanic soil, Maui Wowie has spread across the world to bless us with its sweet pineapple flavors and high-energy euphoria. Lightweight sativa effects allow your mind to drift away to creative escapes, while Maui Wowie’s motivating, active effects may be all you need to get outside and enjoy the sun. This tall, lanky strain is best suited for cultivation in warm, tropical climates that mirror its homeland, but a bright environment and nutrient-rich soil are typically adequate for indoor growth.  
Mazar-I-Sharifindica4.4Relaxed,Sleepy,Euphoric,Happy,HungryEarthy,Spicy/Herbal,PineA legendary strain grown in the far north of Afghanistan.  In fertile and well-irrigated soils these vigorous giants are capable of reaching 4 metres in height or more, and will produce a similarly immense yield of intensely resinous flowers.  Over-indulgence produces a mind-warping, immobilising and narcotic effect. One of this strain's phenotypes has been described as producing 'very potent physical relaxation'; this is likely to be indicative of high CBD levels.
Mazar-Kushindica4.3Relaxed,Sleepy,Happy,Giggly,HungryPungent,Earthy,Spicy/HerbalMazar Kush is an indica-dominant hybrid cross between Afghani and Mazar I Sharif, two age-old indica strains originating from the Afghanistan-Pakistan region. This strain delivers powerfully relaxing effects to both body and mind, making it a good choice for late night use or for after-work unwinding.
Mean-Mistyhybrid4.2Relaxed,Uplifted,Talkative,Tingly,EnergeticFlowery,SweetMean Misty is a fruity hybrid with quality mental and physical effects. Brought to life through the genetic cross of Secret Recipe and Blue Dream, Mean Misty emanates a strong berry aroma with earthy elements that speak to its OG heritage. This strain sits firmly between physical and mental effects, gaining an effervescent head rush from the Sour Diesel (in Secret Recipe) and the Haze (in Blue Dream) while garnering the mid-level relaxation of Abusive OG (in Secret Recipe) and Blueberry (in Blue Dream). This strain has been known to push upwards of 20% THC, so mind your dosage and enjoy with care.    
Medihazesativa4.6Relaxed,Happy,Focused,Uplifted,EnergeticEarthy,Sweet,Spicy/HerbalMediHaze (or CBD Medi Haze) is an 80/20 sativa-dominant strain bred by CBD Crew that crosses genetics from Super Silver Haze, Neville’s Haze, and an undisclosed CBD-rich parent. Its THC to CBD ratio typically comes out 1:1, but some seeds will offer a doubled CBD content. THC and CBD’s synergy provide relief to a variety of symptoms, some of which include pain, inflammation, and anxiety. Pine, mint, and spice aromas burst from MediHaze buds in a fragrant introduction to its clear-headed, uplifting effects. 
Medibudhybrid4.5Uplifted,Relaxed,Euphoric,Happy,FocusedSweet,Earthy,SkunkMedibud (or Medi Bud) is an uplifting hybrid strain of unknown genetic origins, but many attribute its upbeat, active effects to sativa parentage. Others claim Medibud is a 60/40 indica-dominant cross, so it’s possible that this strain expresses itself in various phenotypes. Typically, you can expect high-energy euphoria and heightened sensory awareness from Medibud, but its indica-leaning phenotypes may induce heavier, more relaxing effects. 
Medicine-Manhybrid4.4Relaxed,Uplifted,Sleepy,Happy,EuphoricBerry,Woody,EarthyMedicine Man delivers potent pain relief and high levels of THC and CBDs, making it a popular recommendation for many medical conditions from headaches and migraines to chronic pain management. Its heritage lies in Brazilian, Indian, and Afghani strains, though Medicine Man is sometimes mistaken to be its close family member, White Rhino. These plants require a little know-how to grow, but when done right they should produce large flowers in 8 to 10 weeks. Medicine Man is a nice strain to look at, with a range of greens and sometimes purples and yellow and red hairs throughout its dense buds. This medicine has a fruity aroma, with just a slight sour note that isn’t quite strong enough to have you reaching for that spoonful of sugar.
Medicine-Womanhybrid4.6Uplifted,Happy,Relaxed,Euphoric,CreativeEarthy,Citrus,DieselMedicine Woman is a 60/40 sativa-dominant hybrid strain from renowned Oregon medical cannabis grower David Verstoppen. Aiming to help treat the symptoms of his wife’s fibromyalgia, Dave crossed Hash Plant, Dynamite, and G13 to create this potent hybrid. Measured at over 23% THC, it relaxes muscles and provides powerful pain relief along with an energetic, clear-headed high. The aroma of Medicine Woman is sweet and skunky, and it tastes of sour citrus and diesel fuel.
Medusahybrid4.1Relaxed,Happy,Euphoric,Creative,UpliftedEarthy,Blueberry,PungentMedusa mixes smooth, sweet flavors with an earthy aroma of fresh blueberries to create a compelling hybrid. Using their strain Misty, Nirvana Seeds has developed a strong mix of sedating body effects with balanced and clear cerebral activity. Medical consumers appreciate Medusa’s ability to combat sleep issues and body pains.
Mega-Jackpothybrid4Relaxed,Happy,Uplifted,Euphoric,HungryBerry,Strawberry,GrapeMega Jackpot is a sativa-dominant hybrid that mixes genetics from Jack Herer, Northern Lights, and Haze. The three-way combination creates a potent strain with flavors of grape and vanilla. The effects from Mega Jackpot create a cerebral energy that incites creativity and happiness. While not the easiest strain to grow, seasoned growers will appreciate Mega Jackpot’s purple hues and THC levels that reach upwards of 25%.
Megalodonsativa4.4Uplifted,Happy,Hungry,Creative,EuphoricSkunk,Pungent,EarthyMegalodon, named for the prehistoric shark of the same name, is a sativa-dominant strain with a trichome-rich lineage. This strain was created by crossing Great White Shark x White Widow x Snow White, alluding to the dense blanket of trichomes that coats it. The Canadian-born strain smells of fresh cut grass and skunk. Megalodon’s effects are heady and uplifting, making it ideal for focus, creativity, and shrugging off depression. Pair this strain with a sunny day for best possible results. 
Mekamika-Hazesativa5Uplifted,Creative,Energetic,Euphoric,FocusedPineapple,Mango,FloweryMekamika Haze won Best Sativa at the 2015 Amsterdam Unity Cup. This pure landrace sativa supposedly hails from the Amazon and shares genetics with another mysterious strain, Mango Rossa (Manga Rosa from Brazil). The bright, lanky sativa is a challenge to grow, but attentive farmers are rewarded with beautiful buds that smell of tropical citrus and mango with pungent, earthy undertones.  
Melon-Gumhybrid4.3Happy,Relaxed,Creative,Euphoric,FocusedSweet,Lavender,FloweryMelon Gum was born with the crossing of Lavender and Bubble Gum, who pass on a combination of fruity flavors and vibrant bud coloration. Sweet notes of melon, strawberry, and lemon come together to create an intricate flavor profile that lends this strain its name. Melon Gum produces heavy yields following its 50 to 57 day flowering time indoors, and outdoor cultivators should plan to harvest during the September and October transition.
Memory-Losssativa4.6Creative,Uplifted,Happy,Euphoric,TalkativeEarthy,Sweet,WoodyMemory Loss is a fast-finishing 70% sativa hybrid from Archive Seed Bank that smells very much like a Dutch Haze, with a strong, peppery incense odor and undertones of bubblegum and fruit. This cross of Amnesia Haze and a Face Off OG male produces large, easy to grow plants and heavy yields. Memory Loss is named for its mind-warping high that can leave users in a disoriented and forgetful mental state.
Mendo-Afgooindica5Sleepy,Hungry,Relaxed,Uplifted,EuphoricEarthy,Pungent,SkunkMendo Afgoo is an unknown cross that has recently sprouted up on menus in cannabis dispensaries up and down the West Coast. The genetics are somewhat contested, with some claiming the strain is an Afgooey rebranded and others inferring parental genetics via nomenclature (Mendocino Madness x Afghani). The effects of the strain uplift the mind while saddling the body with a creeping heaviness. Mendo Afgoo is pungent and earthy, expressing deep green buds with coppery hair. Its stress-relieving effects make it a natural fit for the end of the day.   
Mendo-Breathindica4.8Relaxed,Euphoric,Sleepy,Happy,UpliftedEarthy,Pungent,SweetMendo Breath is an interesting mix of OGKB (OGKushBreath, which is the supposed patriarch in the Cookies Fam genetics) and Mendo Montage. Their forces combined make dense frosty buds that reek of sweet vanilla and caramel. But no matter how good this smells, save it for after work. This thumper can pivot your entire day’s plans with its powerful body high built for chronic pain and discomfort. 
Mendocino-Madnesshybrid4Dry,MouthEarthy,ChestnutMendocino Madness is the fastest growing hybrid in the T.H. Seeds catalog. This speedy, generous flower is a pest-resistant cross of Madness (from Northern California) and T.H. Seed’s Kwiksilver father. Mendocino Madness expresses purple foliage and finishes in approximately seven weeks, making this an ideal outdoor plant, especially with its natural insect resistance. Its hybrid effects fuel a stimulated mental state that bursts through the body, leaving relaxation in the limbs. Enjoy Mendocino Madness to improve mood and relinquish stress. 
Mendocino-Purpshybrid4.3Relaxed,Happy,Euphoric,Tingly,HungryEarthy,Grape,FloweryMendocino Purps, or Mendo Purps, or even just The Purps, comes out of Mendocino County in Northern California. Winning one of the Top Ten slots in High Times' Strains of the Year in 2007, Mendocino Purps began as a clone-only plant, but BC Bud Depot developed a stable cross to make The Purps seeds available. This cannabis strain grows well both in and outdoors. It can grow 3-4 feet at harvest indoors and 6-8 feet outdoors. Flowering time for this strain is 8-9 weeks. It has medium-thick leaves and green hues that turn more purple as the plant ripens. The taste has been likened to a caramel coffee and woodsy pine. 
Mercury-Ogindica4.4Relaxed,Sleepy,Euphoric,Happy,HungryPungent,Earthy,WoodyMercury OG is a potent indica with unknown genetics. It has both the high THC content and a distinct, overwhelming aroma typical of OG strains. This strain is favored for its powerful effects that provide clarity and heightened sensory perception; it is reputed as particularly influential when listening to music. Although uplifting, this indica is on the heavier side, appealing to experienced users who desire strong medicinal treatment.
Merlot-Ogindica4.9Relaxed,Happy,Uplifted,Euphoric,TinglyButter,Flowery,EarthySoCal cannabis breeders Ocean Grown Seeds originally designed the Merlot OG in 2006 as an attempt to create an OG Kush-type plant with deep purple colors by crossing Larry OG and Grape Ape. The resulting plant was then crossed with Blackberry Rhino x SFV OG and then backcrossed to stabilize its OG characteristics. Merlot OG produces large, dense indica-type buds that are blanketed in white trichomes and will often turn dark purple, especially in cooler conditions. 
Mexicansativa3.4Uplifted,Euphoric,Giggly,Energetic,TalkativeEarthy,Woody,DieselMexican refers to the indigenous varieties of cannabis (or landraces) that grow natively in this region of the world. Because of this region's latitude and climate, these native landrace strains tend to be sativa in structure and effect.
Mexican-Sativasativa3.3Happy,Uplifted,Energetic,Hungry,FocusedWoody,Earthy,NuttyMexican Sativa is a 70/30 sativa-dominant hybrid that offers an uplifting, clear-headed buzz alongside a fresh sandalwood aroma. To reduce the plant's flowering time, Sensi Seeds breeders crossed a cultivar from the southern province of Oaxaca with the hardy African sativa Durban Poison and a fast-flowering Pakistani indica. 
Michael-Phelps-Oghybrid4.4Relaxed,Hungry,Sleepy,Creative,TalkativePine,Pear,EarthyWhen word got out that the Olympic gold medalist enjoyed cannabis, it was only a matter of time before a strain would be named in his honor. Michael Phelps OG is a hybrid strain that no doubt carries OG Kush genetics, but other ancestry remains uncertain. You can smell the OG in this one as earthy, sweet notes of pine and lemon explode on the exhale. Small doses of Michael Phelps OG leave your mind and body agile, but overdo it and you’re more likely to find the effects ironically lazy and inactive.
Mickey-Kushsativa4.6Uplifted,Happy,Focused,Relaxed,EuphoricEarthy,Sweet,Tree,FruitMickey Kush is a 75% sativa cross between Sweet Irish Kush and Jack The Ripper. These potent buds offer an earthy, kush flavor with lemon undertones, and deliver energetic, focused effects. Mickey Kush is renowned for its high THC and CBG cannabinoid content, making it a prime choice for tumor treatment, alleviating nausea, pain, and depression. These indoor or outdoor plants reach a medium height with a moderate to heavy yield, flowering between 7 and 8 weeks.
Middleforkhybrid4.6Creative,Happy,Uplifted,Focused,EuphoricEarthy,Blueberry,TarMiddlefork is a sativa-dominant hybrid strain bred from Dutch Treat. Created in Washington state just outside the city of Bellingham, Middlefork has become a local staple known for its potent relief of anxiety, pain, spasms, and nausea. Creativity and energy are ushered in by sweet berry and tangy citrus notes inherited from the strain’s Dutch Treat parent.
Middlefork-X-Pineapple-Expresssativa4.9Happy,Euphoric,Giggly,Uplifted,RelaxedPineapple,Sweet,GrapeMiddlefork x Pineapple Express is a 75% sativa strain from western Washington that combines the best of both parents: a pungent pineapple aroma and heavy resin production. Notes of berry and earthiness accent the dominant fruity aroma of this strain, bringing fragrant intricacy to this sativa hybrid. Bliss and euphoria overcome the mind, lulling you into a deep sense of calm and contentment. In addition to its rich terpene profile, Middlefork x Pineapple Express typically demonstrates a high cannabinoid content that can stretch beyond 20% THC.
Midnighthybrid4.4Happy,Uplifted,Euphoric,Relaxed,CreativeEarthy,Pungent,LavenderMidnight, a popular strain in Israel, is a sativa-dominant variety developed by Tikun Olam to treat nausea. This high-CBD strain also controls pain, inflammation, and indigestion, with uplifting and invigorating effects ideal for daytime consumption.
Milky-Wayindica4.7Relaxed,Happy,Euphoric,Energetic,FocusedSweet,Menthol,PepperMilky Way is an 80/20 indica-dominant blend bred by Kiwiseeds. Named for the milky white trichomes that cover its buds and sugar leaves, Milky Way has a sweet aroma with flavors of sugar and spice. The effects are characterized as potent, relaxing, and full-bodied thanks to the heavy indica influence.
Millenniumhybrid4.4Creative,Relaxed,Uplifted,Happy,EnergeticBlueberry,Earthy,DieselNamed after the idea that it will be around for many years, millennium is a balanced hybrid with 75% indica from the mountains of Iran crossed 25 percent with a Niagara/Shiva sativa. Easy to grow indoors and outdoors.
Mint-Chocolate-Chiphybrid4.6Relaxed,Happy,Tingly,Uplifted,TalkativeMinty,Earthy,MintMint Chocolate Chip is a rare cross of opposing genetics. Created from SinMint Cookies and Green Ribbon BX, this strange hybrid is mentally uplifting while remaining grounded in functional relaxation. The terpene profile is sweet, minty, and herbal, and the buds are dense with resin. Mint Chocolate Chip remains functional in smaller doses, but shows its distracting and relaxing qualities with continued consumption.   
Mission-Kushhybrid4Creative,Uplifted,Energetic,Euphoric,HappyPineMission Kush by View Askew Farms is a powerful West Coast herb grown near the banks of the Columbia River. Bred from Silver Surfer and Haze, Mission Kush holds on to the earthy and herbaceous terpenes of its predecessors. The complementary effects of this sativa-dominant strain set in quickly, imbuing the consumer with a strong, positive focus that promotes productivity, long conversations, and mood elevation. Utilize Mission Kush to curb depression and mental fatigue while enhancing mood and productivity.   
Misty-Kushindica4.4Happy,Euphoric,Relaxed,Uplifted,TalkativeSweet,Mango,LemonMisty Kush’s genetics include two of the most famous indica plants, White Widow and  Northern Lights, along with another strong indica, Shiva. Given its origins, it may be surprising that this strain’s effects tend to be more uplifting and mental than is usually expected from an indica. Misty Kush was created by breeders at Nirvana Seeds and quickly gained a following in its native Amsterdam. Misty are true indicas as plants; they’re short in stature and will flower in 8 to 9 weeks. Indoor growing is best, but the plants’ strong stink may be a problem. This is one of those strains that truly has a “sweet stink” ranging from rotten fruit to old socks. Luckily, the taste is pure sugary goodness.
Misty-Morninghybrid4Sleepy,Euphoric,RelaxedSpicy/Herbal,PineMisty Morning is a sweet creeper crafted by the fine folks at Colorado Seed Inc. This slow-moving strain crawls over the body like mist, gently subduing aches and pains with a subtle yet tangible potency. By crossing Sugar Cane and Gupta Kush, CO Seed Inc. fashioned a stable indica-dominant strain with quality medicinal benefits and inspiring trichome production, making it suitable for patients and consumers with a higher THC tolerance. Enjoy Misty Morning in controlled doses as its effect can complement physical activity in small doses, but can also stunt any physical activity with continued consumption. 
Mob-Bosshybrid4.5Energetic,Happy,Euphoric,Uplifted,RelaxedEarthy,Pine,CitrusReleased in 2009 by Grindhouse Medical Seeds, Mob Boss is a sativa-dominant hybrid bred from Chemdawg D and Tang Tang. This California strain earned its fame through its staggeringly heavy resin production and intoxicatingly potent effects. Mob Boss’ intensity hides behind a light, sweet floral aroma with undertones of citrus and herbs. While some phenotypes deliver a hard-hitting jolt of cerebral psychoactivity, others tend to induce a lighter, more clear-headed buzz. Patients use Mob Boss for potent relief of muscle tension, mood elevation, and appetite stimulation. Depending on how its traits are expressed, Mob Boss typically finishes flowering in 60 to 70 days indoors.
Moby-Dicksativa4.3Uplifted,Euphoric,Happy,Relaxed,EnergeticSweet,Citrus,EarthyOriginating in Amsterdam and currently bred by Dinafem Seeds, Moby Dick’s high THC content makes it one of the strongest sativas. Winner of ‘Girl of the Year’ by the cannabis newspaper Soft Secrets in 2010, this strain is a cross between indica-dominant hybrid White Widow and sativa Haze; the former is known for its power while the latter for its cerebral stimulation, creating a mostly sativa plant that delivers a charged buzz. This strain is also favored for its short flowering period, mold resistance, and high yield, making it a grower favorite. However, the plant does require more attention and care. The aroma is a sweet citrus from the Haze, which dominates the palate with vanilla and eucalyptus tones.
Mochihybrid5Sleepy,Happy,Hungry,Relaxed,TinglyPungent,Minty,FloweryMochi by Sherbinski is another strain that leans on the Cookie Fam lineage for flavor, potency, and stability. This phenotypic expression of Sunset Sherbet x Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies is an indica-leaning hybrid with beautiful, dense buds. Mochi’s appearance is a frosty mixture of purple and jade foliage knotted with bright red hairs. Its effects are very similar to that of its parent strains, offering moderate pain and stress reduction while imbuing the consumer with a calm and creative aura. The Mochi strain is also known by the names Gelato 47 and Mochi Gelato. 
Molokai-Frostindica4.8Relaxed,Euphoric,Happy,Creative,UpliftedPungent,Woody,ChestnutMoloka’i Frost (also known as Moloka’i Hashplant) is a potent sativa-dominant strain with a robust medicinal history. In 1969, residents of the Lalaaupapa Moloka’i leper colony were allowed to leave and access modern medicine. But a special medicine also left the Kalawao Valley (pronounced ka-la-wow), too. This flower grows like a sativa, but exhibits extremely powerful indica-like effects, including heavy sedation, strong analgesic effects, and latent euphoria that complements this strain’s heavy body elements. This rare resinous flower is a Hawaiian landrace worth seeking out.  
Molokai-Purpzindica5Aroused,Creative,Euphoric,Relaxed,SleepyBerry,Grape,SweetMoloka’i Purpz is a luscious Hawaiian landrace strain from the island of Moloka’i. With deep purple hues and an aroma so rich with grape and berry that some might say it even “smells purple,” Moloka’i Purpz delivers sedating effects ideal for those suffering from insomnia and stress. Anticipate a flavor as rich as the smell, with notes of exotic berry and grape intermixed with a sweet skunkiness. This indica-dominant strain is extremely relaxing, lulling the body and mind into a state of weighted tranquility. 
Money-Makerindica4.6Relaxed,Sleepy,Happy,Euphoric,UpliftedEarthy,Berry,SkunkMoney Maker is a blend of three of the finest old school cannabis varieties. Breeder Strain Hunters has mixed the potency and vitality of Master Kush and Hindu Kush in combination with the vigorous growth and sweet flavors of Skunk #1 to form an indica-dominant cross that can be appreciated by cultivators and connoisseurs alike. Its aroma is a sharp mixture of spiced berries and piney kush. Money Maker provides an earthy mix of flavors reminiscent of dried fruits and roasted nuts that produce immediate relaxing effects. A good choice for insomnia or to stimulate your appetite, Money Maker is a strain that many reserve for the end of their day. 
Monkey-Pawhybrid4.5Relaxed,Happy,Hungry,Uplifted,EuphoricGrape,Berry,Spicy/HerbalMonkey Paw takes its name from its fingerling buds that resemble the curled paws of primates. It is a fabled old school strain whose roots sprouted in Michigan and has built a solid reputation for itself across the Midwest. This hybrid is a compelling mixture of Acapulco Gold and Colombian Gold sativas that are balanced by Afghani’s indica influence to produce a pungent combination of sweet and fruity flavors. Its aroma is reminiscent of the thick musk of Skunk varieties with sharp notes of zesty citrus that cut the senses. The aftertaste of fresh fruits, like grape and blueberry, serves as precursor to the relaxing effects that calm body pains and stimulate the stomach. 
Monolithindica5Relaxed,Sleepy,Tingly,Euphoric,FocusedPungent,Earthy,PineMonolith is an indica-dominant strain with Afghan roots that stretch back to the 1980s. This indica exhibits a pungent aroma that has an earthy, herbaceous core glazed with stinky-sweet terpenes powerful enough to clear a room. The onset of Monolith is surprisingly uplifting, making the consumer smile and laugh while banishing stress and anxiety from the mind. Monolith stimulates the appetite and infuses the limbs with a warm, tingly sensation. Enjoy this indica to nullify stress, curb minor physical pain, and encourage rest and relaxation.    
Monster-Cookiesindica4.6Relaxed,Happy,Sleepy,Euphoric,HungryEarthy,Grape,PineMonster Cookies is an 80% indica cross between Girl Scout Cookies and Granddaddy Purple that delivers a jarring dose of euphoria and relaxation. Its aroma is dominated by earthy notes, enriched by a grape and berry scent passed on by Granddaddy Purple. Hues of purple and green weave together under a silver blanket of crystal trichomes, colors that continue to darken with maturation. Calming sedation wells up over time, making this strain ideal for late night use. 
Monster-Oghybrid4.9Hungry,Relaxed,Happy,Tingly,SleepyWoody,Spicy/Herbal,EarthyMonster OG from The Green Element is a hybrid strain that crosses a heavy OG indica with an OG Kush and SFV OG hybrid. With a THC profile that can stretch past 26 percent, Monster OG’s effects come on strong to relax muscles, soothe pains, relieve stress, increase the appetite, and promote rest. Stout plants produce tights resin-packed buds that carry a blend of deep, earthy diesel and subtle burnt spice notes.
Montana-Silvertiphybrid4.6Relaxed,Happy,Euphoric,Uplifted,GigglyEarthy,Spicy/Herbal,SweetMontana Silvertip is a Granddaddy Purple and Super Silver Haze hybrid cross that inherits the name of its homeland. Typical medical applications for Montana Silvertip include ADD/ADHD, migraines, and anxiety.
Moon-Cookieshybrid4.8Hungry,Focused,Euphoric,Happy,RelaxedSpicy/Herbal,Minty,FloweryMoon Cookies is a twice deep GSC x GSC cross that is certain to moon rock you! This intergalactic herb’s stinky-sweet terpene profile is a complex melange of dough, earth, and green forest. The effects are those of classic Girl Scout Cookies, and the buds are resinous rocks that are hard and dense. Enjoy Moon Cookies into the afternoon as the physical effects of this strain can get heavier and more sedative with continued consumption. But in good measure, Moon Cookies offers a bright cerebral buzz that can improve mood while its physical effects mute minor physical discomfort, nausea, and stress.     
Moondancesativa5Creative,Euphoric,Happy,RelaxedLavender,PineMoondance is a sativa-dominant strain that offers a CBD content as high as 11%. With an average THC level of just 4%, consumers will notice only minimal cerebral, euphoric sensations. Candied grape aromas turn to spicy pepper, fresh mint, and sharp pine flavors on the exhale. Stress, body aches, and painful inflammation wither away while the mind is left agile and clear, making this strain an excellent daytime choice for patients and those needing to stay active. Inheriting genetics from Super Silver Haze, Neville’s Haze, and an unknown CBD-rich parent, Moondance is a variation of the better-known MediHaze sativa.
Moonshine-Hazesativa4.3Uplifted,Euphoric,Happy,Relaxed,CreativeEarthy,Citrus,PineMoonshine Haze by Rare Dankness Seeds is a mostly sativa strain bred by combining Nevil's Wreck and Amnesia Haze.
Moonwalker-Kushhybrid4.9Relaxed,Euphoric,Happy,Focused,GigglyEarthy,Pine,MintyMoonwalker Kush is a balanced indica-dominant hybrid that is the genetic cross of Triple OG and Tahoe Alien. This odoriferous combination speaks volumes through its scent, which is thick with soured earth and a hint of pepper on the finish. The herbaceous terpene profile aligns nicely with this strain’s intense relaxation and moderate cerebral effects. Try Moonwalker Kush after dark to harness the sedative effects nestled below layers of trichomes and brown pistils.    
Moose-And-Lobstasativa4.9Happy,Uplifted,Euphoric,Energetic,TalkativeCitrus,Diesel,PungentMoose and Lobsta is a 70% sativa-dominant hybrid that produces heavy yields of high-potency flowers in about nine to ten and a half weeks of flowering. It smells strongly of skunk and tropical fruit and has a similar taste with undertones of diesel fuel. Moose and Lobsta provides a very intense high that starts in the head and quickly spreads through the body and limbs, and can be beneficial in treating pain, anxiety, depression, and loss of appetite.
Morning-Gloryhybrid4.9Creative,Energetic,Happy,Aroused,UpliftedCitrus,Pepper,LimeMorning Glory by Barney’s Farm is a sativa-dominant hybrid steeped in fundamental genetics. Morning Glory is a cross of Afghani, Hawaiian, and Skunk, and inherits flavorful terpenes from each parent. This strain’s aroma has been described as spicy with notes of lemon and sandalwood. The plant grows fat, resinous colas ideal for extraction while the overall plant structure remains manageable. Morning Glory’s stimulating physical effects and conversent mental state make it a perfect cut to enjoy amongst friends. 
Morning-Starhybrid4.3Uplifted,Euphoric,Creative,Happy,EnergeticOrange,Berry,BlueberryA very potent strain of cannabis, Morning Star provides an uplifting and mind-expanding high.  Sweet and expansive smoke, THC content as high as 24%.
Mossadindica3.8Euphoric,Focused,RelaxedSweet,Lemon,EarthyMossad is an indica-dominant strain bred by Terraform Genetics, who crossed a Conspiracy Kush male with the Kosher Kush female. This San Fernando Valley strain may express one of two sets of characteristics depending on the phenotype. The first (dubbed Mossad OG) takes after its OG heritage, with frosty and dense buds that exhibit a unique calyx structure. Its aroma is a sweet and herbal mix of rose and sage, and its effects will leave you feeling mellow and relaxed following a slightly energetic cerebral buzz. The second phenotype (referred to as Mossad Kush) inherits more characteristics from Conspiracy Kush, boasting a hashy, earthy aroma accented by sour lemons.
Mossimo-Ogindica4.5Euphoric,Focused,Relaxed,Sleepy,UpliftedHoney,Lemon,PungentMossimo OG is an indica strain that compaeted in the 2014 L.A. Cannabis Cup.
Motavationindica3.9Relaxed,Creative,Sleepy,Giggly,EuphoricPungent,Sweet,FloweryMotavation, first bred by Magus Seeds, is an indica-dominant hybrid strain that combines genetics from Sensi Star and Warlock. While its name may suggest a boost of energy and focus, don’t let yourself be deceived: Motavation typically locks you to the couch in a blissful state of relaxed happiness. However, many consumers do report cerebral engagement conducive for creativity, but whether or not you have the energy to make anything of it is another story. This mostly indica cannabis strain has a sweet, fruity and floral aroma that is accented by a sour chemical smell, and patients report Motavation’s success in treating anxiety, muscle spasms, pain, and insomnia.
Mother-Tonguesativa4.4Happy,Creative,Euphoric,Giggly,EnergeticEarthy,Lemon,SweetMother Tongue is a vibrant 70/30 sativa-dominant strain bred by JinxProof Genetics. A cross between Afgooey, Watermelon OG, and JOG Kush, Mother Tongue exhibits a wide range of flavors from sweet melons and berry to spicy, earthy coffee with hints of citrus. Bright hues of red, pink, and purple stretch from the buds to the leaf tips in an inviting display of color. A perfect daytime companion for productivity, Mother Tongue provides a clear-headed and thoughtful buzz coupled with deep physical relaxation. 
Mother-Of-Berriesindica4.6Relaxed,Happy,Creative,Sleepy,TinglyBerry,Blueberry,SweetMother of Berries, or M.O.B., is an indica strain from Maine that provides a deeply relaxing experience that transitions well into restful sleep. Carrying the legacy of its Blueberry parent, Mother of Berries lives up to its name with its unmistakable blueberry fragrance. Its chunky buds are wreathed in interweaving hues of purple and green, which are obscured under a dense blanket of crystal trichomes. With effects that are more mellow than jarring, Mother of Berries is suitable for both novice and seasoned consumers alike.
Mothers-Milkhybrid4.4Relaxed,Happy,Sleepy,Euphoric,UpliftedEarthy,Vanilla,SweetMother’s Milk is the sativa-dominant hybrid of Nepali OG and Appalachia. This potent strain smells of powdered milk and delicate earthy terpenes and is layered in a coat of sparkling trichomes. Its effects possess tranquil sedation that is also heady and functional, lending itself to either activity or relaxation. Indulge in Mother’s Milk to help curb minor physical pain, muscle spasms, and depression.  
Mothers-Finestsativa4.4Aroused,Happy,Uplifted,Creative,EnergeticLemon,Sweet,PineMother’s Finest, brought into existence by Sensi Seeds, is a 70% sativa-dominant strain with heavy Haze genetics. Named after Frank Zappa’s band Mothers of Invention, Mother’s Finest is a masterfully crafted hybrid that captures both the desirable sativa buzz and the resin-heavy traits from a Northern Lights ancestor. This Jack Herer cousin typically forms spear-shaped buds that carry more weight and density than your archetypal sativa. Its aroma is sweet and tangy with earthy undertones that provide a smooth, complex flavor profile. Mother’s Finest typically undergoes a long flowering period of 8 to 10 weeks, but plants expressing an indica-like phenotype will finish flowering earlier. This sativa is also suitable for outdoor gardens in warm, sunny cli