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Included Free Accessibility Features

Canna4blind Medical Cannabis Community. Accessibility Features. These are the different accessibility modes that are available here on the website. There are a lot of other options under each different mode so you can adjust the appearance of the website to your liking and comfort. Epilepsy Safe Mode. This mode enables…Continue readingIncluded Free Accessibility Features

Website Features

  Member Features. These are the features that you get entirely for free! Please note that these are the basic features you get when you first sign up. There are ways to get custom badges, titles Etc. Those methods are lined out on the website. Vendors or sellers also have…Continue readingWebsite Features

Get involved!

Participate in the discussion forums, find a group you would like to network with or just be a member of and talk. There are lots of things that can keep you busy.

You can easily list your business for free, or almost free. You can even have me build you your own Standalone website for no upfront fees, a 30-day trial. And support directly from me and WordPress documentation. You may even make your own groups and attach a forum exclusively for that group.

  Howdy again! MedCanna here to help you understand the Executive Money Back Guarantee. <h3> the money back guarantee is just what the name implies. You have no risk for 30 days. Here’s how it works:</h3> Once you take ownership of the website, and your membership is started, you will…Continue readingExecutive Guarantee

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greetings and welcome!
thanks for stopping by to visit!

My name is McKanna. I’m one of the voices that speak for our blind and visually impaired members. Made and copyrighted by the founder of Canna4blind Medical Cannabis, you will find us all over the website. Some of us will start automatically, and some of us won’t. But no worries, if you don’t want to listen you can always hit the pause or stop button. that button will always be at the top of the article being read. All text on the website is also screen reader friendly, including all of the forums.

our founder is blind himself, so he knows how important accessibility is on the internet. The Blind and Visually Impaired have been left far behind in technological advances. We are here to do our small part in helping accessibility along.

unfortunately, due to security measures, you will have to register a free account on the website to fully access all of these features, including most content. please don’t stress out, all your info will be safe and it only takes a couple of minutes at the most to register. thank you for listening and will see you in the website! May God bless!

Listen on for more details on what I do and all of the accessibility features available here on the website.

About Us.

Expanding the horizons for accessibility on the web.
the disabled have been left far behind on the internet. I know this for a fact, because I am blind. The accessibility features on this website contains not only a screen reader and a lot of audio files for the Blind and Visually Impaired, it also includes modes for Disabilities such as ADHD, add, dyslexia, motor function disabilities and even and epilepsy safe mode! all of these features can be found in a drop-down at the very top of the website. You will find more details on these modes at the end of this statement.
the audio files have a simple play and pause button that you can control. Some of the audio files will start automatically, and others will not. If you want to listen or stop the audio, just click the button.
the mission of this website is to provide and maintain cannabis information such as research studies, real life stories, strain descriptions Etc in a format that is easily accessible to those with disabilities. at the same time, to provide a seamless experience for those that are not disabled in any way.
another valuable service that we provide is the ability to find the products that you need right here on the website using our shopping center. This includes dispensaries, MMJ doctors, growing supplies and more. what you will find in reality is a community of like-minded people that want to either learn or share their experience with others. Registration and membership for the basic site for patients and customers is 100% free and always will be.

~~~Services For Businesses~~~

we offer listing services for dispensaries, growing Supply distributors, and any other cannabis-related business. The you can either get a regular listing for free, or choose one of the almost free packages. you can even have me build you a stand-alone website for your business with no money down and a 30-day free trial! the Prices range from 100% free to $99 per month with no up-front fees. the application process is very simple, straightforward and only takes a few minutes to complete. After that, it’s just a matter of waiting for me to approve your application. This is usually done within 24 hours.

if that’s not enough, fuel features for patients and customers, and networking features for businesses. Why not start your journey today? Just register on the site registration page and see what you can do, not only for yourself but for others as well. See you in the website!

C4B Founder

Canna4blind Medical Cannabis Community.